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The ‘faked moon landing’ and other bizarre moon-related conspiracy theories

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Conspiracy theories are a dime a dozen these days, and most people have at least one they believe in. From the moon being made of cheese and the Twin Towers going down in flames on 9/11 after planes crashed into them to crop circles and more, there are often good reasons why the conspiracies make the rounds as believable theories.

Probably some of the most prevalent conspiracy theories abound about the moon, a topic that’s regained some fuel since the 50th anniversary of the Apollo 11’s landing on the moon recently passed. However, some of the most infamous theories just have bizarre reasonings behind them – here are some of the most prevalent.

The Alien conspiracy theory and random things on the moon

Amid an elaborate NASA coverup, aliens allegedly live on the moon. And Scott C. Waring, self-proclaimed UFO expert and author of the website ET Database, claims to have proof in various photos and videos. He also claims that NASA has since deleted the files proving aliens exist on the moon. He’s made dozens of claims, such as finding alien cities, and wreckage proving alien civilizations lived there some millions of years ago. The most bizarre about this claim that he made in 2013 is that he says the “moon is not real.”

According to the report:

“The evidence that NASA deleted is not just a UFO, but is also 100% evidence that the moon is not real, but actually an alien space station.”

Waring claims that the moon isn’t real because it is instead a huge alien space station disguised to look benign. Just recently, he claimed that he found various structures hidden inside craters that appeared blue and purple in color. However, the images are highly zoomed and processed.



Other random objects supposedly found on the moon includes one found by Richard Hoagland, who claims a photo contained shards of something that “no geological phenomenon” could explain. So it must, of course, be alien in origin. However, this image was also highly processed, and the original photo showed a light spot.

The moon is just a big cheese wheel

It’s more than obvious that the moon is not made of cheese, but this has become a popular myth that’s retold time and time again – and has been for millennia. In fact, one of the earliest known citations of this myth dates back all the way to the 1500s in a book of famous quotes by the author called, “The Proverbs of John Heywood.”



If the moon were made of cheese, we’d know it by now. With the manned moon landing, the umpteen thousands of photographs, video, and images from various satellites – including the Chinese module that landed on the dark side of the moon, we know for sure it’s not made of cheese. Besides, do you really think there are a big cow and a dairy manufacturer “big enough” to make it out in space?

The theory that the moon will turn green (or is green cheese)

This is a variation of the “moon is made of cheese” conspiracy theory. But, as it turns out, the word “greene” was used, which refers to the age of the cheese, and not the color. Recently however a rumor went around that it would turn green – in color. According to the report:

“The planets aligned and caused an eerie glow.”

According to the rumor, the moon was supposed to turn green in 2016 on April 20 and May 29, and it would have been the first time it did so since 1596. But, it didn’t.

A full moon causes us to go crazy

Popular myths related to full moons range from the “it could have a correlation” to the downright bizarre. For example, some people who work in the medical industry say that emergency rooms are busier during full moons, including the increase in birth rates, suicides, and epileptic seizures. Other people believe that crimes are committed at an exponential rate during full moons, or that people just generally become wilder.

There is no statistical data to back up any of the claims, but people tend to believe them anyway.

Supermoons cause natural disasters

In spite of data to the contrary, people tend to believe that more natural disasters happen during supermoons than at any other time. They believe this because of the way supermoons orbit the earth. They orbit closer, which is what makes them appear to be so large on the horizon. As a result, their gravitational pull tends to be stronger – this is what causes the tides to change during this time.



However, there is zero evidence that natural disasters are increased according to all the USGS data compiled on the rumored phenomenon.

The “moon landing never happened” conspiracy

Probably the biggest conspiracy theory of all is that the moon landing was faked. Some people think it was completely staged, and filmed in a closed set. Even former United States military officers believe the landing was faked. Bill Kaysing, a writer for a NASA rocket manufacturer and former U.S. Navy officer, wrote a book about his “inside knowledge of a government conspiracy to fake the moon landings” in 1976. Many of today’s conspiracy theories about the landing come from that book, according to the report.



According to those who believe the conspiracies, some photos show many anomalies in the film that prove the landing was faked. Such as the U.S flag that the astronauts planted flying in the wind when there wasn’t any. Or that there were footprints left (without water) by the astronauts but not by the lunar module itself. Or that there aren’t any stars visible in the photos.

Legitimate conspiracy theory explanations

However, as seemingly legitimate these questions are, there are also legitimate answers. For example, NASA sewed a metal rod into the flag so it would fly that way. And you don’t need water to make footprints because friction can cause the same effect – not to mention that the lunar module had its weight more evenly distributed, so it wouldn’t have left prints as the astronauts did. Oh, and you know how when you stargaze in the middle of the city, but only see a very few? This is because of the “washed out” effect from city lights. This is the same effect the sun had on the stars in the background of the photographs that made it appear there weren’t any.

For all of the theories that abound, the most prevalent are those about the moon landing and aliens. NASA, of course, refutes all the claims, but it makes you wonder why the organization would delete photos or video of anything, especially after someone makes those claims. Could they be hiding something? Or are the collective imaginations of millions just running wild with conspiracy theories?

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