The Four Biblical Magi Were Guided by a UFO, Claim ‘Experts’

The Magi or referred as the (three) Wise Men or (Three) Kings, were, according to the Gospel of Matthew and Christian tradition three distinguished individuals who visited Jesus after his birth, bringing with them gifts of gold, frankincense, and myrrh.

They came from the East to Bethlehem have been the subject of debate for researchers and historians for decades. Several researchers investigated the traditional story, passed on from generation to generation teaching innovative and exciting conclusions.

But were there three or FOUR wise men?

According to reports, there are indications that suggest in addition to the well-known three wise men, Melchor, Gaspar and Baltasar there was a fourth person by the name of Arbatan. Proposed in a 19th-century story by Henry van Dyke and backed up by astronomer Mark Kidger from the ESAC – the European Space Astronomy Centre, the fourth Magi called Arbatan, was lost along the way and never arrived at Bethlehem

To Kidger, the lost fourth Magi and his disoriented path have cosmic and historical sense, suggesting that a week before the moon was in conjunction with the star that was Arbatan’s reference it reduced its brightness… However, there are different versions.

According to an article written by Marguerite Theophil on

In the mountains of ancient Persia, lived Artaban, whose study of the planets and the stars led him to predict the birth of the King of Kings. He sold his house and every possession and purchased a large sapphire blue as a fragment of the night sky, a flawless ruby redder than a ray of sunrise, and a lustrous pearl as pure as the peak of a snow mountain at twilight — which he intended to carry as tribute to the King. He then set out for Jerusalem where he had arranged to meet up with three other wise men, or Magi, to find the newborn.

After many weeks of difficult travel and frustrating delays, one night, he saw a man lying on the road. His haggard face, pallid skin and laboured breathing, bore the mark of the deadly fever. But, as he turned to leave, the man begged for help.

Artaban hesitated. If he lingered to minister to a dying stranger even for an hour, he could miss his three friends. But if he left now, the man would surely die. He turned to the sick man and carefully attended to him, leaving with him all that he had left of bread and wine, and his store of healing herbs.

“I have nothing to give you in return,” said the grateful man, “…only this: our prophets have decreed that the Messiah will be born in Bethlehem, not in Jerusalem. May the Lord bring you in safety to that place, because you had pity upon the sick.

… He arrived at Bethlehem with his remaining ruby and pearl offerings, but it was three whole days after the three other wise men had found Mary, Joseph and Jesus, and had laid gifts of gold, frankincense and myrrh at the baby’s feet.”

In conclusion, we make reference to the Gospel of Matthew where the Great Magi were mentioned for the first time. They are cited as “Magi who came from the East,” but nowhere else in the Old Testament are they cited nor is their exact number, age, appearance, name or attire described.

A mysterious UFO?

The mysterious nature of the star that guided the three or better said for Magi also raised various theories including the strangest of them all which suggests that the star that guided the Four Magi could have been a UFO.

Ufologist Reinaldo Rios ensures that certain texts of the apocryphal gospels such as the following one indicate a clear otherworldly origin:

Apocryphal Gospel of James: “Upon arrival at the grotto they stopped (refer to Joseph and the midwife), and behold, it was shaded by a luminous cloud. (…) Suddenly, the cloud began to withdraw from the grotto and shone in such a great light that our eyes could not resist. This, for a moment, began to decline until it appeared the Child “.

“And at that time that the star, which they saw in the east, went back to guide them until they reached the cave, and landed on the mouth of it.
Then the magicians saw the child with his mother Mary and brought gifts of their treasures of gold, frankincense and myrrh. ”

What we read in the Apocryphal Gospel of James is, according to Rios, is the ultimate evidence that points to an otherworldly presence in ancient times. Furthermore, Rios suggests that the presence of “Angels” indicates the unmistakable presence of Aliens during the birth of Jesus.

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  1. Then was virgin Mary seduced and molested by an alien ? Rubbish. Christian mythology maker were just copying the gospel of lord Buddha who preceded Jesus by some 500 years and had the same story about his birth excluding the molestation part. You mean to say that jeses was an illegitimate son of What a myth.

    1. Keep in mind that there is probably NO such thing as “The virgin Mary” when the bible/scrolls were interrupted the word used was ” Young woman” and in translation there was no word for that other than the word Virgin …. in use for the word young woman….so the word Virgin Mary was NOT the word first used… was only translated from young woman to virgin…..So Mary was as ORIGINALY WRITTEN … A Young Woman

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