Top Scientist states: Humans wouldn’t stand a chance if Aliens invaded

According to a statement from Dr. Kaku, who is an advisor on the Discovery channel’s Curiosity series, the human race wouldn’t stand a chance if Aliens came to Earth and attacked us.



Aliens which could be over a million years ahead of our technology could wipe out mankind in seconds if they were to invade our tiny little planet.

Top scientists Dr. Michio Kaku believes that there could be life out there in the cosmos, even though we ‘still’ haven’t discovered it yet. Scientists-superstar Dr. Kaku claims if other intelligent beings existed in the universe, they would not be bothered by mankind. This statement comes soon after NASA has informed the world they have discovered over one hundred Alien planets.

“Either the aliens don’t bother with us because we are simply too primitive or if they do invade, it will be like Bambi vs Godzilla”

Dr. Michio Kaku

What happens if we do encounter a hostile, advanced civilization in space? Hollywood gets it all wrong.

“Hollywood assumes the aliens are maybe 100 years advanced than us and only if we had a secret weapon would defeat the aliens.


“They could be a thousand, a million years more advanced than us. Realize the universe is 13.7 billion years old – they could have weapons we couldn’t even conceive of.”

Dr. Kaku firmly believes that the only way humans could repel an Alien invasion is for us learning how to adapt to their technology. Basic techniques if you look at it actually.. adapt and survive.

He added: “Look at how the Barbarians eventually defeated the Romans. The Barbarians didn’t have a secretive weapon by which they defeated Caesar and the Romans – they learned the technology from the Romans.

“We would have to probe them (aliens) to find out how advanced they really are. Do they have nuclear weapons? Or do they have a new generation of weapons we cannot even conceive of?

“However, if on the other hand they do attack we have to be prepared for the fact they are going to overwhelm us in the opening shots of a war.

“I think for the most part alien civilizations that are a million years ahead of us have had a million years to sort out racial, sectarian and religious differences among themselves. For the most part, they are going to be peaceful.

“We do have to plan for the day a few of them might be hostile.

“If we are faced with a common enemy in outer space it would help to unite the Earth.”


However, Dr. Kaku isn’t he only scientists to believe humans couldn’t stand a chance if an alien invasion occurred. Not long ago, Professor Stephen Hawking released a statement saying that if Aliens came to our planet, the outcome would be similar to when Europeans conquered America.

“If aliens ever visit us, I think the outcome would be much as when Christopher Columbus first landed in America, which didn’t turn out very well for the Native Americans.”

While Hawking may very well be correct, let’s not rule out the possibility that this scenario has not already taken place.

Paul Hellyer, former Canadian Minister of National Defense has openly stated that “4 known alien species… have been visiting Earth for thousands of years.” This testimony has been corroborated by Phil Schneider who was very vocal about his experiences with other alien species while working in underground bunkers for the U.S. government.

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  1. Okay lets just lay down, and die, then!


    Evaluate which sections of our infrastructure is critical to their success.

    Redesign, modify these identified priorities to ensure we are necessary
    to the infrastructure operation.

    Power the planet with human excrement, generated electricity, is one idea.

  2. There ARE no other aliens in our small universe only Demons and God will not let them destroy man. We are the center of our universe and we do not spin nor are we a globe. All those photographs Nasa releases are composites because man cannot go beyond the outer boundary of our universe ie The Van Allen Belt. The firmament is above the boundary which is water and that is why our sky is blue.

  3. If they attacked us they’d do it from space. We wouldn’t stand a chance. Neutron bombs would wipe us out and leave the buildings. They may even have anti-matter bombs. The easiest thing for them to do would be to direct a comet to smash into the earth.

  4. I dream of future…today I saw large cylinders about the size of planes hanging in the sky and was bursting one by one…I think I dreamt of an alien invasion

  5. What if they don’t want to attack us? Maybe they come in peace. Doesn’t mean they are being altruistic necessarily, they may want to contact us and give us selected pieces of their technology so we align with them and help them in interstellar politics (and possibly in interstellar wars).

    Or what if they are hostile but don’t want to kill us? Maybe they want slaves? Sure they can make sophisticated AI but what if there is just something they find appealing about having organic slaves? Or they might force us to upgrade cybernetically and organically and then make us their slaves? Or they want us for food? Or maybe they want us to be like sheep and they cut off all our hair everytime it grows in so they can make it into clothing. If that were the case they might even allow us to live fairly comfortable and without having to do any real work (besides sitting still for our regular haircuts) so long as we don’t try to escape.

    Or they might invade us because they believe it is the “green man’s burden” to civilize us, and might even decide to give us some degree of autonomy or even a short-lived occupational regime that leads to a nominally independent puppet government.

    I don’t know why ET is always portrayed as either being completely benevolent and peaceful or as wanting to destroy us. Interactions between human groups (and between humans and other species) are vastly more complicated than that. Why not expect the same variations when it comes to ET?

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