Have UFO hunters found the ruins of an alien city on Mars?

If these images are authentic, it would be possibly the most important discovery yet in the exploration of space – a UFO hunter claims NASA has found evidence of a “city on Mars.”

The image taken on Mars depicts what many UFO hunters claim to be the ruins of an alien structure and the doors and even windows are visible.
The image taken on Mars depicts what many UFO hunters claim to be the ruins of an alien structure and the doors and even windows are visible.

Yes, we are all familiar with the thousands of images beamed back from NASA robots on Mars. Some of them, like the pictures here, are somewhat strange and do not seem to be just ordinary rocks. Other miages are nothing more than Pareidolia playing tricks with our mind.

Is it possible that these new images actually prove the existence of ruins on Mars? According to Ufologists, the answer is yes, and there is more to Mars than we are being told.

In the last couple of months, shocking discoveries were made on Mars that forever changed how we look at the red planet.

We have discovered that Mars has oxygen present in this atmosphere and that in the distant past, the amount of oxygen present on Mars was ideal for human respiration. However, scientists have also discovered anomalous spikes in methane on Mars, they have found liquid water on the surface of the red planet, and they know that in the distant past, Mars was basically just as Earth is today.

All of the above discoveries make it very possible that in the distant past, Mars was inhabited by an Alien species. In fact, this theory is backed up by Dr. Brandenburg who has a Ph.D. in Theoretical Plasma Physics from the University of California and who believes that in the distant past, a Martian civilization was wiped out by another hostile alien race from elsewhere in the universe. Dr. Brandenburg warns that our civilization could face the same faith.

Scientists believe they’ve found powerful evidence of lost civilizations on the red planet and in fact, they believe they may have discovered a nuclear signature in the Martian atmosphere that matches that of Earth after a nuclear test.

According to scientists, there are very large traces of Xenon-129 on Mars and the only process that we know that produces Xenon-129 is a nuclear explosion.

If a terrible cataclysm did really occur on Mars in the distant past, then it more than obvious that we will (and are) finding a sheer amount of ruins o the surface of Mars.

While there are numerous images from Mars that are nothing more than natural geological formations, there are dozens of images from Mars that cannot be rationally explained.

Speaking about the discovery on Mars, Scott Warring from ufo sightings daily com said: “I found a photo on the NASA site, but the original is only 4kb in size.

“For those who don’t understand digital sizes, this thing is so small that it could be an app icon on your cell phone – fingernail size.

“So, I was wondering why? Why would they want to make such a small photo when all the other photos were 280kb or more in size?

“I took the photo and enlarged it and found that along the ridge of a hillside were dark structures with windows and doors.”

According to Warring, during several years of researching NASA images and archives, he has found the ultimate evidence of alien structures on both Mars and the moon.

While these theories remain nothing more than just that, theories, many people firmly believe we are not being told the entire picture about the moon and Mars.

Whether or not these images are proof of Alien structures on Mars is as always, up to you.

Original image: NASA

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  1. the powers that be would never openly admit to any structures that have been built on any of the places in space that we have sent spacecraft to if they did it would be Orsen Wells war of the worlds all over again the media would do there usual irresponsible sensationalism which would stir up some folks into a panic mentality

  2. What if Mars is where we originally came from and that knowledge was lost? What if we are just repeating the same process on this planet and will eventually destroy it like we did mars, and all for the profit of a few individuals

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