UFO Hunters: Massive Alien Fleets seen by NASA satellites orbiting the Sun

According to UFO hunters, and based on numerous satellite images, massive alien fleets are flying in ‘tactical’ formation near Earth and through the inner solar system towards the sun. Some researchers have even come forward claiming that our sun may act as some sort of massive Stargate, used by super advanced alien civilizations to travel across the cosmos. 

The ‘alarming’ discovery has been made by UFO hunter Streetcap1, who analysed images of the sun captured by NASA’s SOHO (Solar and Heliospheric Observatory) Satellite.

The SOHO satellite is, in fact, a joint project between the European Space Agency and NASA. The observational satellite is located in a halo orbit around the Sun-Earth L1 gravitational point an keeps an eye on our solar system’s star nonstop.

According to Streeetcap1, the alleged image captured by cameras on board SOHO show a MASSIVE alien fleet of UFO’s flying past Earth, heading towards the sun.

“I have seen too many ‘UFO fleets’ now to be in any doubt that this is a reality,” wrote the UFO hunter.

According to Streetcap1, the intimidating armada of alien spaceships appear to be traveling in a regular and highly ordered group of formations, which are indicative of a highly organized military fleet.

“They are flying in small group formation which might suggest military craft,” Streetcap1 explains. “I have seen too many ‘UFO fleets’ now to be in any doubt that this is a reality.

UFO Hunter Scot Warring from UFO sightings daily commented on the images:

“This UFO fleet was caught by Streetcap1 of YouTube. It is an awesome find,” he writes in the latest update to his blog UFO Sightings Daily.

“I have seen thousands of SOHO sun photos, but never one like this,” he continues. “Here we see fleets of ships in groups of two, three and even four. This is a fleet, which is not a good sign.”
“For a flee  this size to be passing Earth, something big is about to happen,” Waring writes. “Yes, you can bet money that they know we are here, but they are so technologically advanced that we are no threat to them. Thus, they ignore us. We see 60-80 ships here that the SOHO image caught. Many more it didn’t catch.”

The debate continued on YouTube among hundreds of users who left their comments on the video.

“It’s like a space battle..”

“Incredible; but why…?


“But they are huge how do you explain [this].”

In the distant past, numerous weird objects have been spotted near the sun, visible on SOHO satellite images.

While UFO hunters are convinced these are interstellar starships from elsewhere in the universe, skeptics argue that we are looking at malfunctions in the images. Processing errors and dead pixels present in some of the images.

UFO hunters, however, do not agree.

In the past, researchers have wondered about the numerous anomalies present near the sun and have ventured out to ask whether it is possible that our sun is a massive Stargate.

This video below by Nassim Haramein supports the idea that the sun acts as a massive portal or Stargate.

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  1. I’m 50/50 on this one. It looks a lot like lense flare and given the repeating nature of it i’d say it’s a possibility. The click bait on this site really ruins the whole experience. There is so much of it that it slows down the browser

    1. I would have to agree on the 50/50 part…I don’t click here. With that said, the SOHO at the LaGrange Point is aimed solely at the Sun and is outfitted with several different filters and detection instruments. Since onboard cameras are fitted with digital “anti-bleed” circuits, they aren’t perfect and therefore some pixels do produce “bloom” and lens flare (as rickd stated above) due to orbital movement and minute adjustments the satellite has to make to stay on target. Therefore I am a bit skeptical a fleet of aliens are massing at the sun, a stargate. Perhaps they are Mercurians and it’s time for their celestial homecoming.

    2. Finally someone else who says the clickbait slows the browser right down.AT ANCIENT ALIEN CODE.DO SOMETHING OR YOUR GONNA LOSE A LOT OF PEOPLE,INCLUDING ME.

  2. Our sun has a black hole in it… and you can see it for yourself. r = 2GM/c^2 = 2Ghv/c(log) where v = 0 (thanks again to Susskind for reminding me to log the volume). Solve a Schwarzschild metric for 2Ghv/c(log) using the information of a black hole. This information is found in the destructive interference of star light, including that from our sun. This is the 5th dimension of our universe. Hopefully a million Einsteins can destroy the root of all evil, before greed and stupidity destroy us. I just got a sturdy desk and chair from a thrift store, time to hit the maths. Good luck.

  3. Oh please. Anyone with basic science schooling or advanced as in my profession can see through this ridiculous false news. The math given for a black hole is cut-and-paste amateur hour rant. And the photos are fake…metadata in the video can prove that if one has the training, basic IMINT and/or GEOINT as examples.

  4. Every ten years you UFO chasers say the same things, and you never go anywhere but a circle to nowhere. The Nasa Military cooperatives ARE THE ALIEN SHIPS, why can’t hobbits wake up in this matter after 50 years. The ignorance of you mind is unfathonable.

  5. Every ten years you UFO chasers and new ufo chasers say the same things, and you never go anywhere but a circle to nowhere. Nasa-Military cooperatives ARE THE ALIEN SHIPS (IFO Identified Nasa Military Ships). Why can’t you wake up in this matter after 50 years. The UFO’s culture of ignorance is unfathomable.

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