Massive, 12,000-Year-Old Underground Tunnels Stretch From Scotland To Turkey

There are countless, extremely ancient underground tunnels and chambers that stretch across the European Continent. These massive, 12-000-year-old underground tunnels are the product of ancient man which was far more advanced and knowledgeable than what mainstream scholars are willing to accept.

Are these tunnels the ultimate evidence of a lost culture inhabiting Europe?

Over 12,000 year ago, ancient people from Europe started building massive underground tunnels across the entire continent. No one knows why or how these tunnels were made, but they are among the most incredible features attributed to man thousands of years ago. In fact, over 10,000 years ago, ancient man was capable of erecting some of the most fascinating ancient structures known to man. Evidence of that is Göbekli Tepe.

Archaeologists have discovered in modern-day Germany thousands of underground tunnels that date back to the Stone Age. These tunnels spread throughout Europe, from Scotland to Turkey, leaving researchers puzzled about their original function.

What was the purpose of these enigmatic tunnels? Were they used as tombs?

Where they giant chambers used for religious rituals? Or were these tunnels intricate hideouts meant to offer protection against predators? Or is it possible that 12,000 years ago, ancient man created these tunnels as a protection for a global cataclysm?

Throughout Europe, archaeologists have begun exploring the numerous tunnels.


Many researchers, among them German archaeologist Dr. Heinrich Kush, believe that these megalithic tunnels were used as modern-day highways, allowing the transition of people and connecting them to distant places across Europe. In the book Secrets Of The Underground Door To An Ancient World (German title: Tore zur Unterwelt), Dr. Kush states that evidence of massive underground tunnels has been found under dozens of Neolithic settlements all over the European continent. These tremendous tunnels are often referred to as ancient highways.

Interestingly, many of these large tunnels still exist today across Europe, and researchers are just beginning to locate and unearth them.

Dr. Kusch states that ‘Across Europe, there were thousands of these tunnels – from the north in Scotland down to the Mediterranean. They are interspersed with nooks, at some places, it’s larger, and there is seating, or storage chambers and rooms. They do not all link up but taken together it is a massive underground network.’

In his book, Dr. Henry Kush professor at the Karl-Franzen University in Graz, along with his wife Ingrid analyzes the intricate network of tunnels located in the region of Styria, in Austria, whose purpose remains a profound mystery.

Tunnels across Europe

So far, there aren’t any explanations about the tunnels function which satisfy researchers. However, there are radiocarbon tests performed on organic material found in the tunnels that date back thousands of years.

Many of the so-called chambers are connected to places of interest or ancient settlements. Tunnel entrances are sometimes found near old farm houses, near antique churches, and cemeteries, or in the middle of forests. These tunnels were built by people who knew exactly what they were doing. The builders of the tunnels were extremely knowledgeable and created the tunnels in such a way, that these gigantic subterranean highways survived tens of thousands of o years.

In fact, the ancient builders created a zig-zag building method which allowed the tunnels to support extreme weight.

Similar tunnels to those found in Austria and Germany have been discovered all around Europe. In fact, there are traces of subterranean tunnels in Spain, Hungary, Turkey, England and even Bosnia. However, no one has been able to explain how or why these ancient tunnels were built.

Some experts firmly believe that the extensive network of tunnels was a way devised by the ancient to protect themselves from the dangers of the outside world. Many researchers believe the tunnels were used as modern highways, allowing people to move freely across the continent in times of war or epidemics.

However, there are some researchers who believe that the network of tunnels in Europe is only a small discovery that will eventually lead towards a vast underground world waiting to be discovered.

However, it is surprising to understand –at least from a mainstream point of view—that people created these giant, intricate tunnels tens of thousands of years ago. While mainstream archaeologists firmly promote the belief that 10,000 years ago, ancient man was extremely primitive, incredible discoveries, like Göbekli Tepe, which is believed to be over 12,000 years old, the Pyramids of Giza and Stonehenge demonstrate that our ancestors possessed extremely advanced techniques, technologies and means that ultimately allowed them to erect some of the most important and unbelievable structures around the globe.

The discovery of the vast network of underground tunnels clearly indicates that ancient man did not spend his days hunting animals and gathering fruits thousands of years ago, but was dedicated to engineering works that required enormous intellectual resources and design.

However, these tunnels aren’t only exclusive to Europe. In fact, there are numerous ancient cultures around the globe which mention the existence of similar tunnels, leading to the underworld.

According to the Macuxi Indians of the Amazon, a vast network of tunnels connects our world to mysterious chambers located under the surface.

The Macuxi Indians are indigenous people who live in the Amazon, in countries such as Brazil, Guyana, and Venezuela. According to their legends, they are the descendants of the Sun’s children, the creator of Fire and disease and the protectors of the “inner Earth.”

Their oral legends speak of an entrance into Earth. Until the year 1907, the Macuxies would enter some sort of cavern, and travel from 13 to 15 days until they reached the interior. It is there, “at the other side of the world, in the inner Earth” is where the Giants live, creatures that have around 3-4 meters in height.

Check oot some images from the Book: Tore zur Unterwelt




Further reading material:

Tore zur Unterwelt (German) Hardcover – 2009 by Heinrich Kusch Ingrid Kusch (Author)

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      1. To hide from the Giants, who preyed upon us… They were cannibals!

  1. The ancient Indian scriptures mention that there are seven worlds above and seven worlds below to our earth such as patala loka (the nether world), naga loka (the world of snakes) etc. which are inhabited by different types of souls.

  2. There’s no way to date these tunnels reliably. They could be much older than 12ky, and they probably are. For what they were used will forever remain a mystery.

  3. How did the tunnelers know not to tunnel into a lake or river or aquifer or chasm, under a volcano or loose bedrock? So many dangers inherent in tunneling, I can’t see how the logistics supported these highways.

      1. No, I did not assume. I was merely directing the question to acknowledge a more advanced peoples that had the know-how NOT to hit water. Your answer is a thumbs up for me.

        1. I apologize, I forgot that the word “assume” is often taken with offense. None was intended.

  4. I have no idea how long these tunnels are in one peace. They’ll have tons of material to evacuate out of these tunnels, an incredible amount of work!

      1. Sorry for my slow response time. The questions i asked can only have one answer: they were not primitive, cause they did it. How much manpower, knowledge and energy would it need to recreate these tunnels today? I think that can be calculated. The answer could show that we are the “primitives”.

  5. I dont think man was primitive and he was put here in Gods perfect form which means we didn’t evolve from anything. But there could have been the giants of the nephilim back in those times and they could have built those tunnels.

    1. Does anyone know if there are similar tunnels under the Australian continent?

  6. Great article, thanks! Like to see an article on the many laser precision made tunnels that were found by De Beers in South Africa when they were digging their own vastly inferior mining tunnels. I believe it was at the 3,000 feet level.

  7. Why “unearth” them? We will probably need them again…at the rate we’re going…..

  8. Does anyone know if there are similar tunnels under the Australian continent?

    1. I don’t recall anything like that in Australia, although, there are tunnels in the eastern U.S and many in the northwest, such as in Mount Rainier. Also, from the Crazies to the Pryors, (mountains) at least 120 miles, as told in the book by Chief Plenty Coups of the Crow Indians. It was wriitten over a hundred years ago.

  9. I just found that tunnel is connected to my toilet.. sorry guys if you were hit by massive p**p

  10. These people followed the movement of the stars, planets, and other heavenly objects. They had prior knowledge of impending cataclysmic events and built the tunnels to both save human life and preserve their culture.

  11. There were civilizations pre Sumiran on this earth. They destroyed themselves or were destroyed by weather. There are a few ancient sites one in Northern India and Pakistan that is radioactive. Another is in Saudia Arabia.

  12. The Nephilim built them to survive Noah’s Flood. And they did. Probably some of them still living down there.

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