20 Facts about the Black Knight Satellite

The Black Knight Satellite, close-up image.
20 facts about the Black Knight Satellite

20 Facts about the Black Knight Satellite. The Black Knight wiki.

This “Artificial Satellite” has caused major media interest since the late 50′s, and it has become one of the most talked about objects in space. First thought to be an Russian spy satellite, the Black Knight satellite has gripped the interest of millions worldwide. 

If you find our article about the Black Knight satellite too long, here are some interesting facts about this mysterious object:

  1. According to monitoring agencies around the world, The Black knight satellite has been transmitting radio signals for over 50 years now.

  2. The US and Soviet Union have shown particular interest in this “unidentified space object”

  3. Rumors are that it was Nikola Tesla the first man to “intercept” a signal from the black knight satellite in 1899 after building a high-voltage radio device in Colorado Springs.

  4. Since the 1930′s Astronomers worldwide have been reporting strange radio signals which allegedly come from the “Black Knight”.

  5. In 1957, Dr. Luis Corralos of the Communications Ministry in Venezuela photographed it while taking pictures of Sputnik II as it passed over Caracas.

  6. The story of the Black Knight made its media debut in the 1940′s when the St. Louis Dispatch and The San Francisco Examiner wrote about the “Satellite” on May 14th 1954.

  7. The Time Magazine wrote about the Black Knight Satellite on the seventh of March, 1960.

  8. In 1957, an unknown “object” was seen “shadowing”  the Sputnik 1 Spacecraft. According to reports, the “unidentified object” was in Polar orbit.

  9. In 1957, the United States nor the Russians possessed the technology to maintain a spacecraft in Polar Orbit.

  10. The firstPolar-orbitingg satellite was launched in 1960.

  11. Polar orbits are often used for earth-mapping, earth observation, capturing the earth as time passes from one point and reconnaissance satellites. This would put the Black Knight in the category of an observational Satellite.

  12. In the 1960′s the Black Knight satellite was located once again in Polar Orbit. Astronomers and Scientists calculated the object’s weight to be over 10 tons which would be at that time the Heaviest Artificial Satellite to orbit our Planet.

  13. The Black Knight’s orbit was unlike any other object orbiting Earth.

  14. The Grumman Aircraft Corporation gave much importance to this mysterious “Satellite”, On September 3, 1960, seven months after the satellite was first detected by radar, a tracking camera at Grumman Aircraft Corporation’s Long Island factory took a photograph of the Black Knight satellite.

  15. The Grumman Aircraft Corporation formed a committee to study the data received from the observations made but nothing was made public.

  16. In 1963, Gordon Cooper was launched into space. On his last orbit, he reported seeing a glowing green object in front of his capsule in the distance moving towards his Spacecraft. The Muchea tracking station, in Australia, which Cooper reported the object to, picked up this Unidentified object on Radar travelling East to West.

  17. It was the Ham Radio operator who apparently  decoded a series of signals received from the UFO Satellite and interpreted it as a star-chart centered on the Epsilon Bootes Star System.

  18. According to the decoded message, the Black Knight satellite originated from the Epsilon Bootes Star System 13.000 years ago.

  19. On August 23, 1954 the technology magazine Aviation Week and Space Technology released a story about the Black Knight Satellite that angered the Pentagon who were trying to keep the information secret.

  20. NASA has released official images which apparently show the Black Knight Satellite.

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  1. exactly what ive been trying to say we haven’t even been out of are solar system not to even mention the galaxy there are millions of gallixies out there and your trying to say we are the only living creatures out there? its just ignorance

    1. First of all, NASA is a CIA operated organization. Have you ever heard of disinformation? Our space programs are disinformation? A cover to keep new sciences, that would advance Earths energy and health advancements. Remember, there are to many humans on Earth. Why give us longer lives, more poverty, and more famine? The other sciences can continue at a FAST PACE UNDERCOVER, while we limp along with slow discoveries, pretending for example: curing cancer? Now why would those wanting to control population find a cure for Cancer. They are almost perfectly controlling the population by not curing cancer.

  2. No one will ever take you seriously when you use the term ‘UFO’ as much as you do and in the context that you do. UFOs exist… UFOs are “Unidentified Flying Objects”…. doesn’t have to mean that aliens from outer space are flying them.

    Ever think that the government is trying to hide it’s high tech flying machines? Maybe that’s what they are keeping secret. You would want another country to gain knowledge about a high tech weapon the U.S. gov’t is working on, just to satisfy your need to know things.

  3. Where did these “facts” come from? On what basis do you call them facts?

    1. Because they CAN’T..
      Why? That is controlled by some other species or maybe it is a life form observing us from above…
      I have only 1 thing sure about on BKS
      BKS has a high magnification device use to observe us from that point to the ground
      As stated above the Facts… The BKS is from the Epsilon Bootes Star System 13,000 years ago..
      Do you think it’ll go here for no reason?
      All things happening in this world are connected…
      Everything is connected…
      Even the trash that you throw away is connected to your life somehow…
      Every Action has a corresponding reaction…
      Well… this is just my opinion…
      Now it’s up to you if you’ll believe me or not…
      I dont care anyways… 🙂

      1. Except there’s only one person to ever have “decoded” the message. And he’s a science fiction writer. And he’s Scottish, so these facts are clearly flawed anyways. And he got the information second hand. And then later withdrew everything he said. Because he realized the data he received was flawed. And so you’re wrong about everything you just said.

        1. Don’t pay attention to her (if it’s really a girl). Justine’s just rambling random things trying to sound interesting. The way she started talking philosophy out of nowhere cracked me up xD

          1. STFU. Yr just insulting him because yr a butthurt little bitch.

        2. TO CLAY your obviously a racist biggot who doesnt deserve to have an opinion. you’re lucky my big scottish fists aren’t making your bones into pudding

      2. If it was real we would of docked with it years ago and taken it for ourselves your an idiot.

        1. How exactly would you propose that we dock with and take a 10 ton object in a highly eccentric orbit? Magic? The only way we’ve figured how to get stuff out of orbit is to let it fall to earth. Without heat shielding it would likely take out a city.

          1. we landed a probe on a comet…..i am sure if it was worthwhile we’d land a probe on something orbiting earth…..

          2. No it easier, it actually in orbit. If it couldn’t be bought down to Earth we would have built a in orbit platform like the ISS to study it or sent up the shuttle to study it. The shuttle could also have been made a bigger craft to retrieve such a object as well.

          3. May be they already have, may be the ISS was secretly build around it. May be that explain all the UFOs seen from the ISS.

          4. Maybe I’m 800 years old. Logic tells us both maybe’s are ridiculous.

          5. I happen to know you’re only 799 years old, so you’re lying ;’)

          6. I recall reading somewhere that the BKS orbital speed is still far to high for our current technology to match let alone apprehend. Docking of course is a highly unlikely manoeuvre as it has probably nothing matching anything our current space vehicle have. This isn’t a James Bond movie where anything can dock and secure anything up in orbit. Nope, this is definitely alien and it has been placed there for a specific purpose; and placed there many, many, years ago before we had any form of mechanical or electrical propulsion here on earth. It is there to watch and report, but to whom and to where? that is the hypothesis in this equation…

          7. There is zero evidence that it’s alien – ZERO. If it was it would be so technologically advanced it would call ALL the shots. It would be pointless to worry about it. If it had bad intentions there is nothing we could do about it.

          8. so a non alien object is sending out radio signals, what do you suggest? Its a natural phenomenon?

          9. Look at humanity. Do you think humans are calling the shots? Why do you think government is so full of shit? Humanity is alienated from the inside, lol.

            whatever the black knight is all i know is it wants to be seen.seems to exert hope also.

          10. Bullshit. You seem to know how an orbit works right? I’d say it’s kinda similar to rotational mechanics. lets take the equation for centripetal force, F=mv^2/r, Now I’ll lay down a educated guess and say that in order for an object to remain in orbit, it’s centripetal force must equal its weight. Obviously in an eccentric orbit that isn’t entirely the case but it should be close enough.

            Now if it has a mass of 10t, then at its position relative to earth it will weigh comparably less than 98000 Newtons, and the further away it gets, the less it will weigh. THEREFORE the required centripetal force to keep in in orbit will also reduce. now lets think about this; F = mv^2/r. The larger v is, the larger the centripetal force is, that is why we have whats called an exit velocity. if it was travelling faster than the velocity WE use to get stuff OUT of earths ORBIT, then logically speaking it would have gone home to Alderaan by now.

          11. This is true. You can read here from a witness account that the craft is not a sattelite and has a very stable flight. Can maneuvre any angle and possibly has morohing cloaking or 4 dimensional capabilities. It calls itself a sattellite yet there is for certain intelligence behind it. It is no hoax and as real as the air i breathe.

            it is time humanity woke up

          12. how do you know that someone hasn’t? Governments are not in the business of giving out information.

          13. Landing a probe on a comet is hard but it’s also on a fixed trajectory. This is entirely different. It took a long time to figure out how to dock our spacecraft with the MIR and they wanted us to. The BKS is not granting us permission and then there’s the assumption that we could. As far as I’ve read we know nothing about it’s structural make-up other than its shape. It may not have a docking port with any configuration we’re even remotely familiar with. It makes better sense to leave it alone. It’s not harming anyone that we’re aware of.

          14. If it was real there be a unparalleled race during the cold war to retrieve, vast sums of money would have been spent by the Soviets and the US to retrieve it.

          15. Charles, just how big do you think a 20,000 pound object is? You make it sound like it’s the size of a city. That’s just plain stupidity. A C-130 aircraft weighs 75,800 lb. That’s more that 3 times the size of the so called BKS, and 1/4 the size of a 747. So if the BKS actually existed,and was made from lightweight materials, it would probably be 1/2 the size of a tractor trailer rig.

          16. i have been reading the comments on this BKS,and i agree with u Leigh Gresko,others make it sound like some huge mega structure,what did they say the weight was 16 tons,that’s nothing!!

          17. We have TV satellites up there that wight 5-15 tons and we maneuver them quite well… nothing to it.

      3. More specifically it is technologically impossible for us to remove an object of this mass from orbit short of pointing it to the ground… alleged intelligent control aside… it’s up there until it isn’t.

        1. If it was a real object, there would have long ago been a race by the Soviets and US and given the prize other nations to receive that satellite and bring it down to Earth for study. It would be technologically difficult but far from impossible. An given the prize tens of billions of pounds would have been spent on making it possible.

          1. you guys just dont understand how governments work truly.
            and i say IF it really was such an object as the claims here claim (transmitting radio messages, etc) and lets say russia would establish contact with it, the greedy notoriously scamy government would just freely release information? nope they would hide it as strategic advantage not only russia but every government the very essence of government means to scam you and use you remotely, i bet this black knight satelite is transmitting “fuck the police coming straight from the underground” songs to them and they cant shoot anything at it for 50 years LMAO

          2. You’re absolutely right. The government would keep it completely classified for many, many reasons. The media would also not be allowed to report on it, either because they’re paid out, they’re too scared.
            Knowles you certainly have a very idealistic view on our government, and that’s exactly what they expect of you, congratulations.

          3. If any government is greedy and scamy it is U.S government not Russia.

          4. every nation under a rothchild central bank is broke and crippled. good thing for russia is,… the rothchild contracts run out 2016. Bad thing for the US is,… they’re the homebase of that scam system, so you guys will be the ones that will be forced to sink with this ship.

          5. The Aliens land and strut off their satellite drinking Pepsi. What a commercial!

          6. It is not a satellite!!! And it moves unlike anything we have crafted. Closest i can say is it moves in four dimensions.

      4. Fuck them ignorant fucks they act like if they dont see it in a movie its not real smdh

        1. we must all come to the realizeation that anything is possible,just because we haven’t invented it doesn’t it’s impossible.

      5. Justine
        Interesting that you say that the BKS has a high magnification device use (sic) to observe us”… where have you got this information, given that no human has so much as touched the BKS, let alone opened it up to analyse it? Its really not cool to make stuff up and present it as fact. We call this *** IMAGINATION ***

        1. very good point…. except for every scentific advance made in the 20th century was made using and imagination. now your point for not stimulating imaginations for use of propaganda is just but, DO NOT CONDEMN PEOPLE FOR THINKING

          1. Mind you that the so called “imaginations” are developed from known theories and the hypothesis has to be developed; tested through tangible evidence before it becomes a theory or a law. I understand science is very boring for most, so it’s understandable that you guys are upset. You can keep wishing and hoping what you imagine is true, but the reality is in the end, it’s imagination if you cannot test it.

          2. you forgot observation. Hypothesis are developed from observation and once tested can become theory.

          3. science tells of the big bang as if it’s fact, yet it can’t be tested. though they will stay say it’s science. don’t try to bs with your simple comments either, i an a neuroscience researcher.

          1. We call it Maize! Thank you for purchasing this lovely bottle of Mazola Corn Oil.

        2. Read point 11 it talks about observation. And if they have the type of tech to send a satellite that far then yes it probably does have a high powered magnification device.

          Just a quick theory but have u considered that the satellite monitors earth and ufos flying into orbit respond or examine us based on information it sends back to the Epsilon Bootes Star System like when we observe nature thats what they are doing to us. Like I said quick theory.

          1. Nobody says it’s fact, that’s why its called a …gasp…theory…unlike religious dogma where fantasy is taken as facts.

        3. I have observed the craft as close as a helicopter in atmosphere. It rotates across all axis during flight, seems to morph even transform. Seems four dimensional. Hovered like a helicopter thought it was one at first the it started flying upside down even spinneing. At some points even morphing. I have seen strange things since then like a plane barely clipping a flat thought it was going to hit. And planes with extremely concaved and pointy wings even silverish in colour. But the black knight is no satellite. Has probably four dimensional technogy. Is more thang likely sentient a living being/person inside or even is the craft.

      6. controlled by some other species?? Oye – you forgot to wear you tin foil hat 😛

        1. how can you have a conclusion , and if you i am sure that your head is empty !!

  4. I think this is a satellite used by the time travellers to facilitate their com devices.

    1. Looks surprisingly like a english phone booth. Dr Who confirmed

      1. But… the Doctor flys a police box. Maybe it’s our universe’s Doctor!! Squee!!

  5. You are wrong about that. Every tiny bit of spacejunk is monitored, so it doesn’t collide with active satellites. They don’t “hang” up there, most of it is still orbiting at incredable speed.

    1. No, you are wrong. It’s impossible to monitor every bit of space junk and NASA doesn’t even try.

      1. Yes the do track objects,The current system has the ability to track about 20,000 objects (basketball size or bigger) and lockheed martin will build a new Space Fence that will detect, track and catalog over 200,000 orbiting objects, down to the size of a base ball.

      2. LOL, “They don’t even try” You bet your ass they do… because they have thousands of projectiles zipping around the planet at hypersonic speeds. You bet your sweet ass they monitor objects in orbit. And if they didn’t then they would be the single dumbest space agency of all time. lol, seriously

        1. Maybe they aren’t the “single dumbest” space agency of all time? (like their is so many of them?) But, they sure treat us like we are actually dumb enough to believe everything they say, or don’t say. Do you believe everything they say? How many space agencies are there again? Another thing, about you guys who don’t think either the U.S or Russia had that tech. back then How do you know? You seem to forget, by the time the public or mainstream government jokers we call media learn about something, anything. They have already been doing it for 15 to 20 if not more years.

      3. my mom has worked for NORAD for forty seven years (bless her heart) and they track paint chips smaller than your finernail and have been since the 80’s, because if you run into a chip of paint @ 25000 mph its gonna cream your billion dollar space shuttle sorry but your not thinking about the whole picture

  6. The guy who “decoded” the transmission from the satellite was a Scottish writer, not a Ham-Radio operator. And he got his data from Norwegians, not Australians. And he later retracted everything he said after he found that his hypothesis was based on flawed data. The 13,000 year old story was later supposed by science fiction writers. Don’t propagate myths if you’re not going to present all the facts. That’s not journalism, that’s lying by omission.

    1. Ok 1.bks is real?
      2.it’s transmitting a signal?
      3.What’s the problem with receiving said sig?
      4.has any space agencies taken a sample of it or are planning to?

          1. Where is the evidence that rainbow farting unicorns aren’t real? Attempting to prove a negative is an exercise in futility. Science doesn’t work that way.

  7. I want to access the data, decode and read it to see what it is receiving, transmitting, storing, sorting and relaying. I’m not sure how that’s possible, but should make it a goal.

  8. This is such bullshit. Almost every single point you’ve made has been debunked and disproved many times.

  9. You know anything that orbits our planet will fall into it in time nothing stays in orbit forever so i find this whole story to be fucking nonsense. The space station will soon be crashing into our oceans in a matter of years that is why we have stuff falling to the earth and often. You cant make this shit up did you flunk science class to

    1. …and how long has it been in orbit?…Oh thats right you dont know.
      If it emitting radio waves it has power, if it has power it can maintain orbit, pay more attention in school tomorrow.

      1. you have made your point against all those ‘intelligent’ guys in this discussion.

    2. No, but apparently you did…. the Moon has been orbiting the earth for about 4 Billion years and is moving AWAY from the earth at about an inch and a half a year. Just because our artificial satellites don’t stay where we put them doesn’t mean it’s not possible.

  10. you’ll forgeting something the size of the object tells us its somewhere near 10 tons ….Tesla …. one of ….no the greatest mind record recieveing radio waves from it in 1899…. doesnt really matter what the us or russia was doing back in 1899 we where not luanching ten ton opjects in to orbit we hadnt even learned to fly …. it wasnt till 1903 that the wright bros had thir first flight / glide .. this object is up there ….. is it emitting radio waves idont know ….is it what all these comments say it is ….idk ….. but i do know if the inventer of nearly every thing we use today says he noticed it being there in 1899 i believe him …..we have no idea what secrets tesla decided not to share and kept to him self ….but understand there isnt a day go by that everyone of us uses one of his inventions , some of us 100;s of them / day … you …..if u have the time and the patiance be able to find and trck its orbit ….many young back yard sky gazers have track the orbit of many satilites ….so it cant be hard to do

    1. what is the evidence that you exist. BTW your comment and this news does exist.

  11. 13,000 years old, according to WHO, exactly? And where is any proof of this claim?

      1. Never have I seen so many “facts” include the caveats: “apparently”, “rumors have it” and “according to some guy”. Facts are easy to come about nowadays “apparently”.

      1. Ugh…. The picture? Something is definitely up there. And since a satellite denotes something that orbits another – it exist.

  12. In all honesty in light of actual facts… That being, there is an object in a highly eccentric polar orbit that hasn’t been identified. radio transmissions and sputnik sightings aside… Since this thing has been spotted, and tracked by radar predating our modern space-age. It is likely a captured satellite. Astronomers believe that both of the moons of Mars (Phobos and Deimos) are both captured asteroids. It would fit the profile…. eccentric orbit, oddly shaped… seems like the most likely NON-UFO explanation. If it really HAS been around since the 50’s it’s definitely NOT a thermal jacket or other man made space junk. It could be an alien device… but that isn’t the most plausible or likely explanation.

    1. or or it could just been a asteroid captured by Earth gravity. Far more reasonable answer.

      1. I will be the first to admit I’m no physicists but I presume it all depends on the angle it came in from, if it came on the same plane at earth then it would enter into a orbit around the equator. How ever if it approach from top/northern into a down direction into the solar system I presume it could be captured by the earth gravity an put into a eccentric polar orbit. I more than willing to be correct it.

    2. yes , you are right one,

      According to monitoring agencies around the world, The Black knight satellite has been transmitting radio signals for over 50 years now.

      The US and Soviet Union have shown particular interest in this “unidentified space object”

      Rumors are that it was Nikola Tesla the first man to “intercept” a signal from the black knight satellite in 1899 after building a high-voltage radio device in Colorado Springs.

      Since the 1930′s Astronomers worldwide have been reporting strange radio signals which allegedly come from the “Black Knight”.
      In 1957, Dr. Luis Corralos of the Communications Ministry in Venezuela photographed it while taking pictures of Sputnik II as it passed over Caracas.

      The story of the Black Knight made its media debut in the 1940′s when the St. Louis Dispatch and The San Francisco Examiner wrote about the “Satellite” on May 14th 1954.

      1. You do realize that simply repeating unsourced and unverifiable rumors is nothing approaching factual, right? Which monitoring agencies around the world have said that the BKS is transmitting radio signals? The typical hobbyist nowadays has a good deal greater ability to scope out radio signals than monitoring agencies 50 years ago. Why haven’t any of those hobbyists shared the BKS signal with the rest of the world?

        “The US and Soviet Union have shown particular interest in this “unidentified space object””

        According to whom? Are you just going to take the word of an unattributed block of text on the internet? I’d suggest brushing up on your critical thinking skills if you do.

        “Rumors are that it was Nikola Tesla the first man to “intercept” a
        signal from the black knight satellite in 1899 after building a
        high-voltage radio device in Colorado Springs.”

        And rumors are that I can survive a fall from low earth orbit, but I don’t think I’ll ever find out if those rumors are true. Much like the author of this article, you seem to be confusing rumors with facts.

  13. This is clearly full of bad lies and I will explain why.

    So, first we will examine the logic behind using radio signals. While they do move at the speed of light and are great for what we do now. It however would be a poor method of commutation over vast amounts of space. By the time the supposed alien species would get the data they recover from it would be highly outdated and likely no longer relevant. Even worse for them if they do not have the technology to at-least match light speed in their travels which more than likely they would not.

    Now you may be saying “But NuclearShadow they are pointing the signals to us not themselves!” Right… but where is the logic in that? 13,000 years… let me just put you into perspective of where humanity was at around then. We only domesticated horses 6,000 years ago. It would be 1,000 more years until we started farming. Our global population was likely around 4 million, that’s right a meager 4 million imagine taking the population of Oregon and scattering them across the globe. Why does this matter? Because why would they set up a satellite broadcasting the same signal endlessly to a planet with no one to receive it? Our very existence as a species wasn’t even cemented yet and again we didn’t even know how to farm 13,000 years ago. Our greatest accomplishment 13,000 years ago was for the first time becoming the clear best hunters on the planet as this is when we started driving many predators extinct. I doubt aliens who travel light years in space would be impressed by hunting techniques so much that they would bother.

    Lastly lets look at the message itself. It’s basically a “we are here” kind of message. Now, even if they did somehow predict correctly that we would eventually create radios and that our species would even survive that long which takes a huge leap to even assume this. What good does this do us? It’s not like a species that discovers radio signals as a method of commutation is going to be ready to shoot out into space to the point of traveling light years anytime soon. Also why the hell would they want us to know their location? If they were even aware of humans at the time what they would have saw is barbaric savages that were brutal even to our own through waring tribes and internal disputes. Which we very much are still today to a degree. The entire process would be completely illogical.

    So no, this isn’t some alien device. It’s not something giving off radio signals to us. The entire thing would be absolutely worthless waste of resources if it was. Based on radical assumptions by a alien species all to give a message that we can do nothing with and with our violent tendencies would only be a possible threat to their invitation to the party that we would be beyond fashionable late for.

    1. people like you n me have been walking this earth for around 200,000 years and you reaaaaly believe we only domesticated horses 6k yrs ago??

      maybe you can explain the 32k yr old city (Dwarka) found under water off the coast of India

      when the last ice age ended, sea levels rose 130 metres and seeing we love to live on the coast, much of what was, is now under water

      what intrigues me, is the fact that humanity only partially remembers the last 6k yrs of our 200k yr history

      imagine a fully functional 200 yr old man, that could only remember the last 6 years of his life,,,,, doesn’t makes sense

      1. Maybe because they’re no written documentation to go by whether it be stone or other forms of documenting.

        I’m pretty sure 13k years ago they were more concerned with surviving and getting there next meal then writing down what they ate that gave them the shits for the day.

        1. when there were biggest libraries on earth burnt or looted , what the document you want to be survived , by the way , do you know what is the age of ‘Rigveda’ .

      1. Yes, how amusing of me to have a mind that is based on rationality and not delusions.

        1. I couldn’t tell you what a hypothetical advanced species would be using. But we could safely rule out primitive methods as they wouldn’t perform at a adequate level of being relevant for such tasks. These wild claims are rather easily debunked with simple logic.

          Personally I think those that attach to this idea of alien visitation or in this case constant alien monitoring and surveillance is a plea for relevance. The idea that we would even be worth looking at to such a advanced species. So much that people who believe things like this article will twist things into making that so. Like the idea of them using radio waves instead of a more reasonable solution to intergalactic commutation.

    2. Have you considered that maybe they just wanted to mess with our limited knowledge? Just asking….

      1. Well at-least your explanation isn’t anymore ridiculous. from the nuts who are serious about it here.

        1. What the method is primitive ? how do you sew clothes by sword ? do you know the purpose of every action of ‘advanced beings’ or even ‘primitive beings’ ? science doesn’t know all the things abut Flies. what is your method to eat and giving your kind shit ?

    3. Maybe they are just observing us, I mean, lets just say the aliens and us humans are the only intelligent lifeforms in the universe, the aliens that were already very advanced might be amazed that there is other life, and sent a satellite to monitor and observe us, I mean that would make huge headlines in alien newspapers, they might even have david attenborough styled documentaries on us.
      Also we can’t apply what makes sense to us to aliens. If there were aliens, maybe for entertainment they look at a wall, maybe when they get depressed they are more productive. Maybe they don’t have entertainment, or don’t feel emotion. It doesn’t make sense to question why an alien does or doesn’t do something because it probably has nothing in common with humans.
      I don’t really believe in aliens I just thought I’d bring up some points.

        1. Except he completely failed to address my actual points and thew out a highly unlikely hypothetical and then got further destroyed by my reply.

          1. Ohh . learn by comment of Zorion, and become destroyed completely , best of luck !!

          2. Except he sits there making claims of these things without even citations for sources.

            This would be no different than if I said “1984: Mecha Godzilla found by Egyptian archaeologists”

          3. It seems a big problem with your IQ, I have a tool named ‘google’ , please just try it , by the way you haven’t reliable sources to prove things “We only domesticated horses 6,000 years ago.” like this and scientist also don’t know many things in the universe like the role of ‘junk DNA’ .

          4. It seems a big problem there with your IQ, I have a tool named ‘google’ , please just try it , by the way you haven’t reliable sources to prove things “We only domesticated horses 6,000 years ago.” like this and scientist also don’t know many things in the universe like the role of ‘junk DNA’ .

          5. Have you ever heard about Vrihada Vimana Shastra or Agastya Samhita , or Rigveda just google it !!

      1. That guess still makes no sense though. The claim of the age of it is too old to make sense to watch humans. Again at that point we didn’t even have agriculture. At this time we were at our most primitive hunter gather stages our intelligence wouldn’t clearly stand out from the rest of the animal kingdom to a advanced space traveling species. Your position is way too flattering to us.

        You also didn’t solve the issue of radio signals which this claims it uses as its method of transmitting not being fast enough to be worthwhile if deep space travel was occurring. This is why the SETI program is worthless even if something someday heard our message it will be so ancient that it will no longer reflect the modern times, by the time they replied or came here would be a even more immense amount of time. This ” Black Knight Satellite” would run into the same issue.

        Furthermore you don’t seem to have a understanding about how sending and receiving even work. If it’s broadcasting a signal to us like the article claims than it is not receiving anything back at all until modern times when we ourselves made equipment that can send out such signals. So for 13,000 years they would be receiving nothing. And again what they do receive would take immense amount of time for them to get. Much more than the 13,000 years of hoping we someday take advantage of electromagnetic waves.

        1. They would probably monitor other animals as well, not just humans.
          Okay and I think I have misunderstood something. Is the Black Knight satellite trying to read human radio signals? Or is it just there to monitor us with a video camera or something.

          1. Monitoring would be impossible with such a method. Imagine for a moment we are both in the same room. If you were the only one speaking to me and I had no method of sending any form of response back to you, you wouldn’t call that a discussion right? As it would just be you talking to me the entire time. Well this is what would be occurring with this Satellite (until we discovered uses for electromagnetic waves) It would be the Satellite doing all the talking not listening.

            This is what they are claiming this satellite is doing for 13,000 years. Is sending some signal to Earth with no possible way of being picked up until very modern times. The entire thing makes no sense, It’s easily debunked and just a myth.

          2. It’s not about tech, what are you not getting here? I’ll try to reply to you like you were a child as a last resort.

            If John and Jane are passing a ball they are playing catch.

            But if John is only throwing balls at Jane, John is pitching and Jane is catching. John will never catch a ball during this act.

            The satellite is the”pitcher” throwing radio signals at a world that couldn’t even receive it 13,000 years and also never gets any “balls” thrown back. It doesn’t matter how tech advanced it would be it would need to catch to get information.

            Do you understand now?

          3. What if they threw the radio signals harder? Like, strapped an engine with diesel and nitros to the radio signals

          4. By god… you’re right! If they just adjusted the photonic frequencies with a diploid resonator and bounced it off the curvature of the Earth the data could be sent and received!

            No but really the entire claim is trash and there is no way around it. whoever originally made this up clearly didn’t even have a basic idea of how radio signals work.

          5. Probably. To be honest I didn’t really think to much of it. I found it interesting, made some guess with my basic knowledge, and went from there. Okay but one more retarded guess. What if the aliens made one of those wormhole things, and sent the radio things through that? Dat culd werk rite?

          6. Wormholes are theoretical and what you see on science fiction shows about them are not reality based. We have no evidence whatsoever to suggest they even exist. If one existed so close to Earth to be used in such a manner if it even could be we would be able to detect it easily. So no they cannot be using that.

            Also it wouldn’t even make sense. Again if this satellite’s functions were real (which it is not)all they would be capable of with that function is catching their own radio broadcast not collect information again pointing to my pitcher example.

    4. i have found one of the dumbest person on earth who believe civilizations started 6000 years ago , ha ha ha , you made day.

      1. I made no claim that civilization started 6,000 years ago. Learn to read.

        1. And what is this, isn’t it a judgmental sentence , please tell me , aren’t you claiming by a sentence like this ,

          “We only domesticated horses 6,000 years ago. “

  14. Why couldn’t it be true. Because you said so? And what clearance level do you have that makes you such an expert?

  15. INDIA
    1 (W): Vehicles that could revolve around the earth (i.e., satellites):
    “Their fuel is drawn from the air in a very simple and cheap way. The motor is something like a modern turbine: it works from one chamber to another and does not stop or stall unless switched off. If nothing happens it continues to function. The ship in which it is built could revolve as long as it liked around Earth, only falling when the parts of which it is made wereburnt up.

    2 (W): Philosophers and scientists who orbited the earth “below the moon and above the clouds” are spoken of in the ancient Surya Siddhanta.

    Giant satellites made of shiny metal and turning about an axis are described in detail in ancient Sanskrit texts, right down to their dimensions and interiors, as well as smaller craft that fly between them and the earth.

    3 (W): Two “modern” rockets emitting rays at the rear, a box like a loudspeaker and a “copy” of a Gemini capsule—are engraved on a copper chisel unearthed at Ur.

    4 (W): Pictographic texts describe three related objects on display in Sippar: the golden sphere (command module?), the “GIR” (a long arrowshaped object, divided into several compartments) and the “alikmahrati,” meaning “advancer that makes vessel go” (i.e., a motor, or an engine).
    Together they look very much like a three-part rocket ship.

    Another explicit sign is the combination of two words “DIN” and ‘GIR.” When joined together to form the word “gods,” the tail of the finlike “gir” fits perfectly into the opening of the rocketlike “din,” which exhausts fire from its tail.

    5 (W): A clay vessel 8½ inches high portrays a kind of “space capsule”on which motor and exhaust are clearly recognizable.

    6 (W): A painting discovered in the niche of a room under Rome’s Palatine Hill, in 1961, portrays what appears to be a rocket. It stands on a launching pad. From it run guys or cables; behind is a tall wall, resembling a counterblast wall.

    7 (S): Excavations have uncovered clay figurines of people clad in peculiar “space suits”, with helmets entirely covering their heads. On the helmets are representations of something like slit-type glasses, breath – filters, antennae, hearing aids and even night-sight devices.

    8 (W): The Mahabharata describes “two storey sky chariots with many windows, ejecting red flame, that race up into the sky until they look like comets…to the regions of both the sun and the stars.”

    9 (W): Another ancient description mentions “a circular chariot of gold, measuring 12,000 cubits in circumference and able to reach the stars”

    10 (W): Other references speak of:
    • Pushan sailing in golden ships across the ocean of the sky
    • Garuda (a celestial bird) carrying Lord Vishnu in cosmic journeys
    • Aerial flights “through the region of the sky firmament which is
    above the region of the winds”
    • The Ancients of Space Dimensions.

    11(O): Maori legends tell of flying machines and journeys to the moon.

    CHINA, 3rd cent. B.C.
    12 (W): Chuang Tzu, in a work entitled Travel to the Infinite, relates atrip he made into space to 32,500 miles from the earth.

    13 (W): Ancient Buddhist books speak of “iron serpents which devour space with fire and smoke, reaching as far as the distant stars.”

    14 (W): The three levels of a pyramid in the Hsing Nu capital commemorated three historical periods in the remote past: the pre-space travel era, the time when men were able to visit one of the heavenly bodies, and then afterward when they came back to earth and lost the power of space travel. It was here that there reposed on the altar a “stone brought from the moon”.

    15 (W): The Epic of Etana (4,700 years old) supplies us with very accurate descriptions of the earth’s surface from progressive altitudes— descriptions which were not verified in our own era until the high-altitude aerial flights of the 1950s and the first space shots of the 1960s.

    The description of this ancient space flight depicts exactly what happens when man leaves the earth (the concept of the round earth which becomes small, due to perspective as distance increases, and changes into particular colors).

    16 (W): The Book of Enoch says that in space “it was hot as fire and cold as ice” (where objects get hot on the side illuminated by the sun and icy cold on the shaded side) and “a dark abyss.”

    17 (W): Engravings of cylindrical rocketlike machines, which are shown climbing skyward, were discovered on a pyramid which suddenly emerged from the floor of Lake Kun-Ming during an earthquake.

    18 (W): Lucian pictured the moon as a body like the earth which could be reached in 8 days and wrote a “fiction” (?) of a moon trip.

    19 (W): “Desolate, cold and glassy”: In the year 2309 B.c. the engineer of Emperor Yao decided to go to the moon. The “celestial bird” provided him with information on his trip. He explored space by “mounting the current of luminous air” (the exhaust of a fiery rocket?).

    Hou Yih flew into space where “he did not perceive the rotary movement of the sun.”10 (This statement is of paramount importance in corroborating the story because it is only in space that man cannot see the sun rise or set.)

    On the moon he saw the ‘frozenlooking horizon” and erected a building,
    “the Palace of Cold”.

    His wife Chang Ngo likewise flew to the moon, which she found a “luminous sphere, shining like glass, of enormous size and very cold; the light of the moon has its birth in the sun,” she declared. (Chang Ngo’s moon exploration report was correct. Apollo II astronauts found the moon desolate with a glasslike soil—and parts of it even paved with pieces of glass. Most of the moon, at any given time, is in the throes of extreme cold. It plunges to minus 250 degrees Fahrenheit at midnight.)

    The ancient Greek scientist Empedocles had also declared that the moon was made of glass. Such precise knowledge implies on-site inspection of the moon in the remote past.

    20 (W): A story from this same period states that an enormous ship appeared on the sea at night with brilliant lights which were extinguished during the day. It could also sail to the moon and the stars, hence its name, “a ship hanging among the stars” or “the boat to the moon”.

    This giant ship which could travel in the sky or sail the seas was seen for 12 years.

    21 (W): “The Shi Ching” book says that when the Emperor saw crime and vice rising in the world, “he commanded Chong and Li to cut off communication between the earth and the sky—and since then there has been no more going up or down.”

    Is this not a clear indication of the cessation of space travel in the past?

    22 (W): Sanskrit documents discovered by the Chinese at Lhasa are claimed to contain directions for building interplanetary spaceships. Flight to the moon is mentioned (though it is not stated whether this was undertaken or just planned). The Chinese have stated that certain of the data were being studied for inclusion in their space program.

    23 (S): Relics on the moon? Reports have been made concerning strange messages on the surface of the moon.
    • An object shaped like a sword near the crater Birt
    • Strange cross formations in the crater Eratosthenes and at Fra Mauro
    • Angular lines in the crater Gassendi and seven spots in the shape of the Greek capital Gamma on the floor of the crater Littrow
    • Two giant sets of letters under Mare Serenitalis, to the left of Mare Tranquilitatis, which read: “PYAX” and “JAW”—black letters, easily discernible
    • Strange tracks running right up the wall of a crater.

    If such geometric constructions were found on earth, speculation would rage as to the men who left them.

    Not every discovery has been announced by NASA—and exploration has scarcely begun. Already NASA has run out of budget for further moon visits. It is by no means impossible that future astronauts will discover objects or installations showing that other human beings came to the moon in the distant past.

    24 (S): It was July 20, 1969, the occasion of the first moon landing. During the last reconnaissance flight around the moon, preceding the landing, one of the astronauts made an unexpected announcement: he had just seen the contours of what seemed to be some sort of seven-story

    What was it that he saw? Might it have been the “Palace of Cold”? Why did they subsequently delete this from rebroadcasts? (But it was too late. We had already heard it.)

    If there is a single, ancient, long-abandoned edifice on the moon, if there is a single object indicating earlier intelligence, if there is still one recognizable rock drawing to be found, then just think what such a find would do to our conventional history.

    But wait! News is now filtering through—not from the moon, hut from 40 million miles away on the small planet Mars.

    25 (S): A Soviet scientist who defected to the West claims that photographs taken by an orbiting satellite clearly show the ruined temples of a civilization—on the planet Mars!

    The 58-year-old scientist was a high-echelon member of an elite team that has worked together since 1961 when Vostok I carried Yuri A. Gagarin as the first man in space.

    But Russia’s growing emphasis on the development of a nuclearized “Star Wars” satellite system in space prompted him to flee Russia. He now lives under an assumed identity in Switzerland.

    He reports that several years ago, a Soviet satellite was launched for Mars. It reached that destination in 1982 and has been orbiting the Red Planet ever since.

    Its sole purpose was to beam photographs and other data back to a manned satellite orbiting Earth. The task was accomplished with incredible success.

    The photographs are computer-enhanced and in full color. The detail they show is far beyond anything produced in America. And there is no mistaking what they reveal.

    The city scanned by the satellite’s camera is three times the size of Moscow and it is ringed by wide boulevards, one inside the other and linked together by smaller avenues, like the spokes of a cartwheel.

    The temples must have been huge. Most are in ruins, as though crumbled by a tremendous Marsquake. But some still support slate-grey domes that measure two to four miles in diameter.

    The Soviet Union will never admit to this incredible discovery because it would reveal too much of their technological progress.

    End of the story? No, not quite. On February 4, 1985, the Melbourne, Australia, Age reported the belief of thirty U.S. scientists that two photographs sent back from Mars in 1976 by the Viking spacecraft indicate the existence of an ancient civilization.

    Richard Hoagland, science writer and member of the group of scientists known as the Mars Investigation Group, said the photos show what appear to be four huge pyramids lined up symmetrically with a face.

    Dr.C. West Churchman, a professor at the University of California at Berkeley, said there are too many details pointing to the possibility of an extinct habitation on Mars.

    What then, I ask, is the real truth about our past? Have we been to Mars

    1. I read a similar story. Siting weapons markings. I see you have traveled?

    2. oh dude , i have got a breathe , i have got a single genius in this stupid discussion , hat’s off to you , salute you !!

    3. Hey Zorion , please get the name of these amazing books from ancient india , Vrihada Vimana Shastra , Agastya Samhita , and Rigveda , thanks a lot buddy .

  16. the “ham operator” was not the only one to decode the signals. as stated above there was another association that also studied the signal etc. they just did not release their findings.
    also, why bother “getting it” IF it has been there for 13,000 yrs, what difference does it make now to go and get it. not to mention, if the rumors are true, all our governments are working with alien races anyhow. so again what does it matter? our own governments are observing us as well soooo…..
    we are not alone, we never have been, and it is unreasonable to think that. what is out there is far too vast for us to assume that we are the only intelligent life forms that exist.
    and Justine is right, we are all connected. whether or not we are consciously aware of the effects, everything we do affects everyone and everything.

    1. Sure bro , Justine was never stupid as some genius commentators described him .

  17. Ahem..
    A 10ton piece of satellite ‘debris’ on a non-trackable orbit around our planet?
    And it is NOT in NASA’s huge database of threatening space junk (see Satview.com)? They can track stuff in ELO and GEO down to baseball size today.
    And they MUST, due to the danger of these loose cannons floating around up there, threatening real satellites, the ISS etc. If they could not track this 10ton monster they could stop all their projects right now.

    Jeez, what is wrong with you people? Quoting old nutcase Tesla (19th century) and crude 1950s Sputnik era ‘evidence’? And some SciFi novelist’s tale of decoding some dubious signals?
    We can pinpoint any radio signal from space with high accuracy these days, we can take ultrahigh resolution photographs of anything up there, we land on comets, have flown out of our solar system, hit a tiny mirror on the moon by laser light within 2inches, can analyze the spectrum of extrasolar planets several light years away. And cannot see or follow this Black Knight satellite cruising right over our heads??
    BKS is BS.

    What kind of orbit should this satellite be in? If as irregular as quoted it certainly would have crashed down (as all satellites will, sooner or later) within some decades.

    Stop reading Jules Verne or watching Boyd Bushman video clips on YT, Pay attention in school, study science and use common sense instead!

    1. Well, if it is of alien origin, as presumed, it would be be entirely feasible that it could “disappear” for periods of time and maintain a stable orbit and trajectory. Your limited mental capacity seems geared towards Earth-based technology. We’re talking about a potentially extraterrestrial satellite. So, quite being so narrow-minded.

      1. What do you mean ‘it would be entirely feasible’. No, it definitely fucking wouldn’t. Do you know what physics is? Well, physics helps us predict what’s possible and no amount of alien technology can accomplish the impossible, THAT’S WHY IT’S CALLED THE IMPOSSIBLE.

        1. Flying was thought to be impossible. Going to the moon was thought to be impossible. So many things thought to be impossible , happen so shut the fuck up, also you have no idea what alien tech is capable of so your statement is flawed

          1. Don’t forget radar minimizing materials that man can make now.

          2. They have 50 years to find solutions to that problem. With the vast resources at the command of the Soviets and US I think they would have developed methods to track it.

        2. Devils advocate:
          The world was thought to be flat at one point
          Flying was also thought to be impossible

          1. Clearly it never was thought to be impossible, you only have to look at birds to see that it possible. An people from Ancient greeks to Da vinci dreamed of doing it an in the case of Da Vinci invented machines to try and achieve it.

      2. Why would it disappear and reappear? What would be the point? Why is their zero evidence of any attemptions by the Soviets or the US to capture this thing. Why hasn’t agencies declare a rough orbit it in as a no go zone?

    2. Wow. You’re really quite corroded if you believe what you stated above. Do the damn research before you comment. Do you believe everything you are taught in school? Instead of letting others tell you what is true and what to believe, you would do much better in doing the research yourself. Our schools teach a bunch a BS and have an agenda, much like our government.

  18. Northrup Grumman did acquire signals from the so called black knight which was translated into algorithms or binary code where they tried to break down the communicative pattern in relationship with any form of language patternised system, including now which pertains a cryptic holographic CPU which is not compatible with any we have , but the satalite has been copied in the way of aerodynamics and stealth , they’ve also determined the satalite is relaying information ie incoming and sending as though still operating,it is considered 13 thousand years old because of the orbit its in , polar shift, I’ve also heard that downloaded data from this satalite was achieved.

  19. Would you please supply reference articles/documentation to the purported 20 facts? It strains credibility to just snap off random hearsay. Each fact should be verifiable and linked.

    I can say fairies and vampires exist. Yet if I don’t offer proof who is to believe me?

  20. why dont they just shoot it down or tow it further out? lol #thinkingoutloud

  21. Approximately 24 thousand years ago a species of alien from the planet that orbits Zeta II Reticuli had a problem to solve. The amount of waste they accumulated had to be dealt with swiftly because fecal matter from these creatures would begin to emit poisonous gas after a period of 32 hours. It wasn’t lethal to them but it wreaked havoc on their sanity (particularly the females) because it would induce vivid hallucinations causing them to undress and shake crazily. Normally they would bury it and forget about it since these creatures are naturally quite filthy but the 3rd wife of the Benevolent Supreme Overlord Ushhakatar-ikkti proved super-bitchy and demanded the doo-doo be disposed of because she got sick of hearing the ground squish whenever she went outside. Plus she hated wearing the hideous mask to counter-act the poison (she later pioneered the equal rights movement for the females of Z2R). She threatened that if he didn’t find a way to get rid of the filth she would never again let him record her while she gave him nookie… And so…

    A giant frozen hunk of reptile poo orbits earth because they thought it would be hilarious watching humans shake uncontrollably. Russia shot nukes at it causing a piece of debris to break off and fly toward earth which crashed in Tunguska. It laid dormant until recent temperature fluctuations caused it melt. The gas seeped into our atmosphere and it spread. Little is known about the Russian space team other than they were all mysteriously killed not long after the mission either by the KGB or CIA. To this day nobody talks about it. This is where twerking comes from, it appears their plans have come into fruition. Top scientists from Area 51 stated that If the piece of debris would have been any bigger the potency would have been lethal to humans as it attacks the central nervous system it would have caused twerking episodes so violent that the parties involved would have died painfully from broken backs. Some have postulated that this was a nefarious plan for human extinction — to wipe out all the females so that the males would have no means to reproduce but I have no time for conjecture, ONLY FACTS! Spread the news, fight the power.

    1. A particular brand of higher comedic thought that alas waned toward the end….but…it would beat the heck out of that John Travolta movie Battlefield Earth!!

    2. What the HECK were you smoking when you wrote this?! It must have been totally primo s**t! Care to tell us what it was? 😉

  22. It might just be some ancient probe, which happened to end up here because its control system suffered entropic failure. Probably isn’t FTL capable because it would be placed in another star system by spatial folding (aka coaxial drive) and send its observations back using an entanglement link based on pairs of diamonds.

  23. It could and it couldn’t be alien. I personally like to believe its alien. I’ve noticed comments saying why don’t they go and get it? And if it is alien, and those aliens are still around, would you want to risk starting a war? It could be there to study us, or it could be there to watch over us. A race might have used it to protect us from whatever threat is out. We don’t know. For all we know it could be ours, time travelling or alernate realities. Or perhaps other humans, as we could be scattered throughout space. On a more realistic note, it could just be some spy satellite someone placed up there and since someone found it evidence was planted to make it look like it has been there was years. I prefer to believe we have guardians angels floating up there watching over us, after all if it is alien. They haven’t wiped us out yet, so they clearly aren’t there to harm us. Unless they are Reapers waiting to harvest us (yeah being a little geeky there!!) Or it is just fake, but I hardly doubt that. I can be wrong but eh

    1. Let us not forget that meteorites have repeatedly crashed into Earth in the past spelling utter devastation and extinction. If these were not stopped from hitting Earth in the past why should we expect something alien up there to do just that in the future should the case arise?

      1. Don’t know. Unless the satelite is the one that sends it to us?! If it is protection, perhaps the thing doesn’t protect us from natural threats but only technological. Te aliens may live by the rule of ‘let nature take its course and not to interfere with it’ Or just remains of something that hasn’t been used in years. We won’t know because whatever gets discovered about it will never get told to us.

  24. Okay, I’m wondering something…. What if this has some kind of connection to the noises heard around the world? The trumpet sounds and what not….Just a thought….

  25. Tesla claimed that another life form, more advanced, was sending telepathic messages explaining how to build all his different inventions including how to send electricity through the air like radio waves

  26. Maybe it is a real alien satellite put there to protect us and to relay information to the caldrons in the Ural Mountains that were set up to shoot down anything that can harm earth. Maybe??? SMH.

    1. One question. “WHY” do people say an “Alien” anything is here to “HELP” us? How would we know if they are friendly or not? Huh?

  27. 20 “facts”? Facts require evidence. And #3 flat out states, “Rumors are that it was Nikola Tesla….”.

  28. This is another strange mystery that is under constant secret investigation.

  29. It’s just a space blanket, but human imagination can create really amazing stories.

  30. this website: hey! here’s some facts #3 clearly says its a rumor WTF!!!
    and 80% of these are not directly about the black knight

  31. we are not the first generation who reached to this point in science field.. 1000s of years ago people had high technology.. some of the Egyptian ancient art shows that they had electricity and they used to produce electricity from some kind of plant.. similarly there was a king (Zul Qarnain) who had conquered the world, he was so keen to know more about the solar system and then in Holy Quran its mentioned that he found how actually the sun set is and he saw the black hole. He also builded the wall filled with melted metals to cover the Jogeg Mogeg and stop them from entering the cities. So it means there were science and advanced technologies 1000s of years ago but they were been destroyed…

  32. It’s nonsense. They get people talking about UFO’s when they don’t want you to really know what’s going on. The CIA once accidentally released a memo that it’s good when people get obsessed with the JFK assassination or UFO’s because it diverts their attention and energy from actual things. If it’s anything mysterious it’s a secret US military platform/Spy satellite. Space weapons would be against treaty obligations so you can see why they wouldn’t want people to know about it – but Aliens is talk that goes nowhere and sucks people in.

  33. You can’t physically get it cause it defies Earth’s laws of science. Humans aren’t advanced enough to understand the technology incorporated into the black night! The 3,6,9 will give u all the answers u need.

  34. pretty hard to call something fact when almost every sentence says “allegedy” or “rumored”

    1. “Wha’ hump?” Igor, Young Frankenstein, dir. Mel Brooks, circa 1974.

  35. The European Space Agency, yes, there is one, launched a ten year mission to land a spacecraft on a comet that was millions of miles away and moving at 40,000 mph and they actually did it. Let’s face it, if the USA or the Russians wanted to, they could land something on this object and see what it is.

    1. Yeah, or even get better photographs of it. I mean it would be far easier to get high definition photos of an object then trying to land on it

  36. Perhaps God Himself put it into orbit when He created the earth? So it might not be alien, but rather divine.. Remember the when devil was to tempt Christ? He took Him to a high place or precipice to show Jesus all the glories of all the cities of the earth in the last of the three temptations… When he said, “all these cities I will give you if you bow down and worship me..”, and Jesus said, “Get away from me Satan for it is write that thou shalt worship the Lord your God and serve Him only.. or something to that effect… Then again the devil might have also created this satellite… Remember, also that the beast, the fake messiah- the anti-Christ, will come and he would deceive many even the elect if that were possible…
    What better way for a demon spawned servant devil to fool people than if he were to make his entrance using the black knight?? Then he could use his demonic powers to float down from the Black knight to earth… Be wary and do not be deceived… What ever the purpose of this satellite we as humans could not know… Of course it could also be “wormwood” the mountain that falls to strike the head waters of the Tigris and the Euphrates…

  37. So my question is, why would it be there? If somebody is watching us using it, then they’d know we have capability to go and observe it closer or even take it down for research. They’d stop us if they didn’t want us touching it. Maybe this unseen earth stalker wants us to grab it and check it out? Maybe they want us to show we’re intelligent enough for such endeavors.

    Now, if it was to monitor us, I don’t think they’d be hostile over us being curious, as that is inevitable. We’d eventually go after it no matter what, they would know that. So they wouldn’t put it there, expecting us to not poke it with our 30ft pole.

    1. We can’t really base anything of what humans would do and apply that to aliens. Maybe being curious is seen as being hostile in some regards. If aliens do exist, I doubt they are similar in any way to humans. Except for the fact they are bound by the laws of physics.

  38. So, why haven’t we gone and visited this space station? It’s not like we haven’t spent a ton of time up there farting around. No one can tell me our gov’ts don’t have any interest in it. I gotta call bs on that. They have been all over this thing and just aren’t releasing the info. Remember Bruce Willis and the 5th element? Maybe the 500 years is up in Sept.? 😉

  39. Why not just capture the satellite with a TR-3B Large. You just need a intertial dampening or gravitic drive, capture, invert the field, and bring it down…. pretty simple. Honestly though, they would have brought it down long ago if they wanted to…. but for some reason its been left alone, again for good reason(s).

  40. We have placed our own satallites in orbit around other planets so why is it so hard to believe that another species hasnt put one in orbit around ours?

      1. What would be the motivation to orbit a probe around a planet four light years (or likely much, MUCH farther) away? Thirteen thousand years ago (IMS) we were still using stone tools. So far as I recall, we hadn’t even invented farming of domesticated any animals. What would a civilization in another star system get out of studying our benighted and wholly non-exceptional little mudball?

  41. The BKS is really just debris from the weather balloon crash in Roswell,NM that was launched from Area 51, you all know that place that does not exist.(according to our goverment)

  42. The BKS has no doubt been studied, perhaps probed, and examined with every kind of radio, laser, and other miscellaneous technology (some of which we don’t admit even exists of course) many times. I believe the Governments of the world know far more about this BKS than they will ever admit publicly. You can also bet that the majority of the info we have (disclosed or not) has brought us to believe that a.) this BKS is benign and cannot harm us, b.) the BKS is not something we can or should attempt to destroy. c.) the BKS may have a nemeficial purpose such as destroying large meteorites or astroids before they can get thru our atmosphere and do much damage on the earth.

  43. I Thought About Jumpin In Here…But…Slingin Poo…And The …I’m Right-Your Wrong-Go Fuck Yourself Attitudes Is ‘WAY’ Out Of Hand…So…Keep Pounding On Them Keyboards Endlessly…This Conversation Set The Bar…Extreamly ‘LOW’…Hahaha…! Wow

  44. Are there any (newly discovered) additional facts regarding Black Knight. All of the points cited relate to discoveries between Tesla’s reception of a radio message (?) in 1899 down to info from the early 1960s? Such an enigmatic object certainly would have continued to attract interest since then.

  45. “According to the decoded message, the Black Knight satellite originated from the Epsilon Bootes Star System 13.000 years ago.”

    Unless the alien culture uses our exact concept of time (minutes, hours, weeks, years) and….it’s highly unlikely that the age can be determined in such a way. I hardly think ET follows our exact calendar…lol

  46. We have received signals from it, have we tried SENDING A SIGNAL TO IT?!.

    1. Im sure somebody has probably tried. If its truly there and they can even track it.

  47. We got a signal from IT,when are WE gonna SEND IT A SIGNAL?!.

  48. 3. Rumors are that it was Nikola Tesla the first man to “intercept” a signal from the black knight satellite in 1899 after building a high-voltage radio device in Colorado Springs

    Rumours are facts now?

    1. No, but Tesla was always ignored for his high imaginations as bizarre fantasies though , he is challenge to everyone on the earth.

  49. how can you think like that , it is stated above that the object has been reported for more than 100 years, how can one think like that , tell me , how many satellites had been projected before 1930 or 1940 or even before 1900’s :
    According to monitoring agencies around the world, The Black knight satellite has been transmitting radio signals for over 50 years now.

    The US and Soviet Union have shown particular interest in this “unidentified space object”

    Rumors are that it was Nikola Tesla the first man to “intercept” a signal from the black knight satellite in 1899 after building a high-voltage radio device in Colorado Springs.

    Since the 1930′s Astronomers worldwide have been reporting strange radio signals which allegedly come from the “Black Knight”.
    In 1957, Dr. Luis Corralos of the Communications Ministry in Venezuela photographed it while taking pictures of Sputnik II as it passed over Caracas.

    The story of the Black Knight made its media debut in the 1940′s when the St. Louis Dispatch and The San Francisco Examiner wrote about the “Satellite” on May 14th 1954.

  50. Really… .. ham radio operators decoded transmissions… what utter bull… what use would be any observable electromagnetic (and that’s all ham radio operators are able to intercept lasers would be pointed away from earth and not visible) communications be worth if the information takes over 200 years to reach its destination? Does anyone believe that an civilization that was able to sent a probe over the distance of 205 light years would use any coding and method that could be intercepted with Ham radio technology? Really? bwahahaha.. come on guys, get real.

    1. When you speak to a 3-year-old kid, what language do you use? Do you speak like a kid or do you use Shakespearean English? Similarly, when the Alien probe was communicating to Earthlings, they would be using a language that we can understand. Humans on Earth evolved yesterday. Remember, when we were in kindergarten, we learnt the alphabets and thought we have conquered the world. Similarly, what we call as Advanced Technology, might actually be very basic technology for the Aliens.

      1. If you read the book Ra the law of one you will see how they speak.

  51. I actually saw this craft! It seems sentient in motion! Observent and reactive and moves in 4 dimensions it appears. It morphs!!. I have posted this response on youtube.

    After two weeks of encountering the craft in broad daylight suburban neighbourhood i googled “black transforming ufo” youtube video eerily mimicked exactly whaf i saw. It was so surreal like i was watching youtube directly from memory. So i responded on the video. It is true! It emitted a halo of light and excended to space. One point looked like an alien bee. I felt a degree of fear. Yet the halo gave a suggestion of hope. Seemed to be seeking communication as a human initiator of extra terestrial craft the past 3-5 years it knew to appear to me specifically i.e not a random encounter.

    Contact me if you have questions. Just look up if you want to explore. Look outward to our society and better our way of life for redemption please. I am sending this to get the message out to the public

  52. I cant stand that the governments treat us all like idiots. We should be demanding more answers and yelling that we are not buying bs about thermal blankets. Its time people knew the truth

  53. Maybe this satellite bears some relation to the ancient abode (Mount Olympus) of the ancient Greek Gods; the which would reveal the plain truth behind the ancient myth and perhaps also provide leads to the whereabouts of the mysterious city of Atlantis.

      1. Myth remains just myth unless proved otherwise through scientific research and/or archeology. Thus the discovery of the mythological city of Troy passed into the realm of archeology once it was actually proved to exist through excavations based on details derived from the mythological account. Perhaps science will one day reveal the existence of the as yet evasive Planet X referred to in the Sumerian writings. Such references in connection with ancient Gods may one day become better understood and appreciated as science and technology advances further.

  54. If that is what it is then it is indeed very sophisticated; considering that it has been emitting radio signals for quite some time.

      1. I have no direct proof. I was simply going by contents of the article and related blog. With all the conspiracy theories going around nothing can be excluded until proved otherwise,

  55. Aliens flying around in little round aircrafts and jamming anal probes all up people’s butts… If they have such advanced technology and are so much more advanced than us, AND… Actually have warp speed capabilities, can you even imagine their weaponry? If they were out there, and they could reach us.. I’m sure they would have made it known by now.. I call BS on all accounts….. Lol

    1. Pretty ignorant and counterintuitive argument in my opinion. It’s statistically impossible for their not to be some form of alien life out in the universe.

      And maybe your point is the exact reason they have not made themselves known. because they are so much more advanced than us, in every aspect (technologically, biologically etc..). This would mean if you measured the amount of effort it would take “them” to keep themselves “under the radar” in any form of mathematical terms, it would be indistinguishable from zero.

      I am also by no means claiming I am right and you are wrong, I am just counter expressing my thoughts on your comment 🙂

    2. Why do we assume that Aliens are out there to kill us all? You may be right that they might have advanced weaponry and advanced technology in everything. But perhaps, they are also very high on the intelligence curve to not kill everyone else for greed. We humans have a lot to evolve. We were born just yesterday, and we think we are the most advanced species on Earth. We are just work in progress.

    3. Maybe they don’t contact us bc they have no reason to bc of how far behind we are in things. Do we try to communicate with insects?

  56. ufo come out from the bottom of sea, that we know little about ,and they come shopping food and energie ,they are scared that we destroy their market place like ass hole , and they go back and forth to the moon be cause living on the moon stop the aging process cause by moon and earth attraction ,like sea tide,and cell developing thought time,so living on the moon you just follow the ride and minimize the effete .if you bitch about this comment ,like every body usually do ,just imagine how good the weed is good these day. lololololo.

    1. That is what a self assured (confident) person or country would do

      we are neither. Our masters know this fact.

    2. Why would we? And if it is of intelligent extraterrestrial origin that could potentially be a HUGE mistake.

      1. “7. The Time Magazine wrote about the Black Knight Satellite on the seventh of March, 1960.”

        There’s no such thing as “The Time” magazine. Like Montiorm said, made up bullshit.

        1. On the contrary ValjeanLafitte a quick search of ” Time Magazine archives March 1960″ will take you right to the article. You should do the search yourself before you criticize the validity of others comments.

      2. If you were a Californian, you would know simply by jumping on your trampoline so you could get a close up look at the thing. Best done at midnight….please wear a helmet….safety first Los Angelino’s….safety first.

  57. Perhaps this piece of technology disables us to “hear” signals from outer space and replaces it with this space noise. Perhaps the other intelligent alien races don’t want us to expand beyond the Earth. Maybe we should stay here and don’t poke into things we don’t understand, such as this satelite and everchanging universe.

    1. we should be able to listen to outer space from a high altitude satellite and that would make Black Night non problematic

    2. When we quit building progressively more and more powerful methods to destroy others. then we have an argument – but as long as we are intent on killing everyone who sneezes in our direction – or – looks at us in a suspicious manner, WE HAVE NO REASON TO COMPLAIN.

    3. So we shouldnt even bothering trying to progress an evolve?! Wow! Its that type of mentality that holds us back from it.

    1. This Black Knight Satellite sounds like a California creation. Some crazy Californian strung out on drugs and LSD seeing things in the night sky and hearing beeping sounds. All Californians are drug crazed nut jobs and this “satellite” proves my point.

    2. theres websites that track it.. and its onyl 150 miles up.. you can see it when its over your area..

  58. THEY know (NOTHING…) !
    It is political ignorance and paranoia only.
    “IF” it was important – we would have shot it down A LONG TIME AGO.

    1. I think what we’re looking at is a blanket that they lost on a mission, but if it was an alien craft don’t you think shooting it down would provoke an attack? Not a good idea.

      1. NO (not one) alien has shot at us, used a club to beat us, a knife to stab us or ever uttered a single word against us –
        We have shot them down, chased them around the skies and in the process some of them have died. Have they ever retaliated?
        We (BIG “WE”) (Most of us at least) are afraid of them so we shoot what we fear – without knowing “why” we fear them.
        My opinion is that (they LOOK different) and (they are OBVIOUSLY different) therefor we fear them.
        WE shoot anything that is different.
        Elephants, Lions, stray dogs ….. (and Aliens).
        Maybe some day we will become a more advanced species and will stop fearing everything and start trying to understand our fear of the unfamiliar.
        BOO !

        1. The late Philip Schneider would beg to differ. Please web search “Philip Schneider Dulce war” and learn the history of this particular DUMB (Deep Underground Military Base) and the horrifying experimentation done on abducted humans by….well…just research his (and others) well vetted statements. He was suicide-ed (murdered) shortly after sharing his experiences in public conferences. Others have been given life sentences for their whistle blowing on the highly secretive, unacknowledged Dulce, New Mexico DUMB.

        2. Ingram, just “how” do you “know” what has happened regarding “Aliens”? Not everyone just shoots an unknown because they are afraid. You watch too many sci-fi shows…

  59. Just got home from spending 10 months with the greys .great sex and partying out of this world .im a little hung over and they went for more beer but when they get back its gonna be awseome.

    1. Oh boy! This joke bever gets old! Ha… Oh wait… There it goes…

    2. Meh – Vorlon make better lovers. but Klingon women, now…nights you will never ever forget, despite multiple concussions…..

  60. For the federal bureaucracy to be a supposed government of, by, and for us, the political elite caste running it sure like keeping information to themselves…like we’re not entitled to know what they know or why they do what they do. The BKS mystery is just one example. I’m of the opinion that their little “keep away” game is wearing thin.

  61. ‘According to monitoring agencies . . .’ , der, like, who?
    ‘US and Soviet Union (RIP) have shown particular interest . . ‘ what the entire countries’, a bloke in a bar? who? what? when?
    Rumours are . . (I’m sure it said 20 facts at the top)
    ‘Astronomers worldwide’! who!?*@*!! – ‘alledgedly’!?! Aaargh!!

    17/ 18 – unfact – denounced by its own author, but lets not let that get in the way of THE FACTS.

    Fluffy thinking, please try harder 1/10

    Anyone seen my blanket?

  62. Objects in polar orbit ultimately pass over every spot on Earth. Even a near-polar orbit would take an object over pretty much the entire surface of the planet.

  63. I have seen many posts about radio signals transmitted from “black knight”, not one post about radio frequency. Must be BS.

    1. Do you really think our government would make the frequency know. If it’s true is most likely classified. If it’s true.

      1. That my friend is the “Interstellar Medium and the
        Spin-Flip Transition” decay frequency. This transition emits a cosmic radio wave of wavelength 21-cm or frequency 1420.405 MHz, easily detectable by modern spectrometers.
        Somebody familiar with Astrophysics is HOAXing everyone ignorant enough and people wishing to “call home” as ET said, so they can fulfill their comic book fantasy and communicate or meet aliens. Want to meet aliens go to a border crossing they have plenty..

    2. I agree Chet Lund, if it was real everyone involved would have sent the freq’s to everone on Earth within 72 hours, but there is nothing.

  64. “The story of the Black Knight made its media debut in the *1940′s* when the St. Louis Dispatch and The San Francisco Examiner wrote about the “Satellite” on May 14th *1954*.”
    That was a hell of a long decade…

  65. So Far
    All we have is suppositions made by NON professionals
    and people who don’t actually have any facts.
    I’m sure that if this was from outer space civilizations
    we would have captured it and brought it down to earth
    to study it – (or hold it ransom).

    1. Cant even trust these government it may already be in their possession….these little stories n old pics are just distractions

      1. yes.. Just have to look at the correct time BUT that changes because its course can change from equatorial to polar on a moments notice. Someone has to be controlling it for it do make changes like that.

        1. MAYBE, there is more than one and we are seeing a different patrol route when it changes.

    1. William Nelson, That’s what I want to know and the orbital coordinates across the sky for central USA, using the galactic coordinate system.

  66. Jesus is GOD!!! Jesus died on the cross as atonement for OUR sins then lived again. Simply BELIEVE ON HIM while you live and you will be saved from hell. No longer condemned to hell as punishment for our sins, we are FORGIVEN! Believe on Jesus Christ now!

      1. Should you choose to believe in Jesus RIGHT NOW, or wait? Oh of course you dont HAVE to do it right now. You only have to do it right before you die. So… as long as you know when youre going to die, youre good to go. But… i guess if you dont know when youre going to die, you should do it ahead of time. The difference is quite dramatic between going to heaven where there is no more tears and you get to see and speak with GOD, versus being in hell for all eternity where the smoke of those burning in hell fire rises up forever.

        1. So are you saying that the BKS is Jesus preparing for his return? I’m sorry but it is people like you who make it hard for the rest of us Christians to not be looked at as zealots and nut jobs.

    1. Quit posting off topic crap. If you have nothing to contribute to the discussion Shut the Fuck up!

  67. I thought a NASA retired scientist stated that it was a cover for the space station that got away from the astronauts when it was being removed. If it was it should no longer be there, no signals ever and should have either burned up by now or be gone. Seems easy enough to confirm they knew it’s position, it’s either still there or it’s not and why was that not in the top 20 questions?.

    1. its up there still about 150 miles up right now.. you acn look up websites that track its movements and when its over your area you can see it..

    2. OK, so a cover from “the space station”, which one? The Salyut? The Skylab? The Mir? The ISS? And how did it get back to the 1930s? Time machine? You don’t seem to know many “facts” yourself.

    3. A cover giving off radio waves? I doubt that anymore than a car dor doing the same.

  68. so let me understand something here we can get detailed photos of Mars and Galaxies and star configuration but we see no better photo of the BKS seems wierd no fly bys by upper limit craft we have well just seems we should be able to know what the frequency is for the radio signals with all the smart hackers and radio geeks in the internet or dark net hmmm bears consideration

    1. steven caldwell. don’t forger Hubbel it should be able to read Made by Mattel on the ID tag.

  69. We can’t even get a clear picture of the Apollo rover or other items left over from the moon landings.

  70. lol only a few of those are facts, and barely so. The most factual ones have nothing to do with the object.

  71. Like how none of the “facts” include the theory that it’s just thermal blanket

    1. Well thermal blankets don’t move like that and are not light and radio wave emitting. Except the one on my bed during the Winter.

  72. An ‘unknown astronaut’ in ‘his own creation and design’ craft!!! Even better story than BKS.

    1. racelinecentral, Marvel Comic book fantasy. You posted that to see who would belive it, didn’t you. LOL

  73. How did they link the radio signal to the visual object? Just because both had the same name doesn’t mean they are one and the same. The two may be different things. In that case the mystery is not that exciting.

  74. All kinds of conflicting information here. Just what I would expect from a bunch of idiots.

  75. Regardless of where it began, a small child can easily see this black nite is no more a satellite than NASA’s space shuttle. It is in fact a space ? likely either being controlled remotely or by advanced non human artificial intelligence. My theory.

  76. Thats where I left it….smuggled it after the Kessel run a long time ago in a galaxy far far away.

  77. Considering the original image of the so-called Black Knight was taken in 1998, and was part of a much larger set that is easily found online that clearly shows it to be simple space debris, this is absolute goddamned fucking bullshit, and you dumb cunts that believe otherwise need to fucking kill your life wasting, useless selves.

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