The Black Knight Satellite: Space Junk Or 13,000-Year-Old Alien Tech?

The black knight. Credit

The Black Knight Satellite, a 13,000-year-old Alien Satellite?

Space Junk or alien “Satellite”, the black knight as it’s called today– has been around for quite some time now. It has been identified as an Alien Satellite and even though there are images of this object, many remain skeptical about its purpose and origin.

The discovery of the Black Knight Satellite is perhaps one of the most (in)famous space objects to orbit our Planet. This “Artificial Satellite” has caused major media interest since the late 50’s, and it has become one of the most talked about objects in space. First thought to be a Russian spy satellite, the Black Knight has gripped the interest of millions worldwide.

According to monitoring agencies around the world, The Black knight has been transmitting radio signals for over 50 years now.

The USA and Soviet Union have shown particular interest in this “unidentified space object”. Since its discovery this satellite has interested countries such as Sweden and enthusiasts worldwide. One of them is a Ham Radio operator who apparently had decoded a series of signals received from the UFO Satellite and interpreted it as a star-chart centered on the Epsilon Bootes Star System and that the Black Knight  originated from this System 13.000 years ago. (The Epsilon Boötis is a double star in the northern constellation of Boötes. It has the traditional names Izar and Pulcherrima. The star system can be viewed with the unaided eye at night, but resolving the pair with a small telescope is challenging; an aperture of 76 mm (3.0 in) or greater is required. — Wikipedia)

But according to many, this discovery was made much earlier than we thought. Rumors are that it was Nikola Tesla the first man to “intercept” a signal from this otherworldly satellite in 1899 after building a high-voltage radio device in Colorado Springs. After Tesla’s discovery in the next 30 to 50 years the signal was being intercepted more frequently until it was apparently “decoded”. Since the 1930’s Astronomers worldwide have been reporting strange radio signals which allegedly come from the “Black Knight”.

In 1957, Dr. Luis Corralos of the Communications Ministry in Venezuela photographed it while taking pictures of Sputnik II as it passed over Caracas. The strange thing was that unlike the Sputnik one and two, The Black Knight Satellite orbited Earth from East to West. Sputnik one and two orbited West to East using Earth’s natural rotation to maintain orbit.

The story of the Black Knight made its media debut in the 1940’s when the St. Louis Dispatch and The San Francisco Examiner wrote about the “Satellite” on May 14th, 1954. The Time Magazine wrote about it on the seventh of March, 1960. Here is what they said about it.

Three weeks ago, headlines announced that the U.S. had detected a mysterious “dark” satellite wheeling overhead on a regular orbit. There was nervous speculation that it might be a surveillance satellite launched by the Russians, and it brought the uneasy sensation that the U.S. did not know what was going on over its own head. But last week the Department of Defense proudly announced that the satellite had been identified. It was a space derelict, the remains of an Air Force Discoverer satellite that had gone astray. Read the complete story by visiting the Time Magazine website.

The Articles of 1954:

St. Louis Dispatch and The San Francisco Examiner, Article about the unidentified satellite
St. Louis Dispatch and The San Francisco Examiner articles about the unidentified satellite.

On August 23, 1954, the technology magazine Aviation Week and Space Technology released a story that angered the Pentagon, who were trying to keep the information secret. The short article stated:

Pentagon scare over the observance of two previously unobserved satellites orbiting the earth has dissipated with the identification of the objects as natural, not artificial satellites. Dr. Lincoln LaPaz, expert on extraterrestrial bodies from the University of New Mexico, headed the identification project. One satellite is orbiting about 400 miles out, while the other track is 600 miles from the earth. Pentagon thought momentarily the Russians had beaten the U.S. to space explorations.

Interest in the Black Knight was higher each year, in 1957, an unknown “object” was seen “shadowing”  the Sputnik 1 Spacecraft. According to reports, the “unidentified object” was in Polar orbit, at that time The United States nor the Russians possessed the technology to maintain a spacecraft in Polar Orbit.  According to our research, the first Polar-orbiting satellite was launched in 1960.

Polar orbits are often used for earth-mapping, earth observation, capturing the earth as time passes from one point and reconnaissance satellites. This would put the Black Knight in the category of an observational Satellite, the only question here is, who placed The Black Knight in a polar orbit and for what purpose?

The Object continued to amaze Astronomers World Wide. In the 1960’s the Black Knight was located once again in Polar Orbit. Astronomers and Scientists calculated the object’s weight to be over 10 tons which would be at that time the Heaviest Artificial Satellite to orbit our Planet. The Black Knight’s Orbit was unlike any other object orbiting Earth, as it was moving twice as fast when compared to any other man-made Spacecraft.

There are also several reports that the Grumman Aircraft Corporation gave much importance to this mysterious “Satellite”, On September 3, 1960, seven months after the satellite was first detected by radar, a tracking camera at Grumman Aircraft Corporation’s Long Island factory took a photograph of the Black Knight. At that point, people all over the world started identifying the object in the sky, which could be seen as a red light moving at higher speed compared to other satellites in an East to West orbit. The Grumman Aircraft Corporation formed a committee to study the data received from the observations made, but nothing was made public.

In 1963, Gordon Cooper was launched into space. On his final orbit, he reported seeing a glowing green object in front of his capsule in the distance moving towards his Spacecraft. The Muchea tracking station, in Australia, which Cooper reported the object to, picked up this Unidentified object on Radar traveling East to West. NBC reported this, but after Cooper had returned to Earth, the Reporters were not allowed to ask Cooper about the unidentified object. The official explanation given to Coopers sighting were “high levels of carbon dioxide, which caused hallucinations“.

The Black Knight has been a topic of interest all around the world. Until today, most of the “official” information on the mysterious object is kept safe and away from society. No one has answered some of the most simple and logical questions to ask, who placed that “satellite” in Polar orbit? To what purpose?

Is the Black Knight an Extraterrestrial satellite sent to Earth to study the Human race? Did the Satellite attempt to communicate with the human race? Have we ignored attempted communications? One thing is for sure; The Black Knight remains as one of the most mysterious objects to orbit our planet. Is there a connection between this (in)famous space object and ancient mankind’s achievements?

Let us know what you think and post your comments below.

Here are the images of the Black Knight and links to the RAW NASA images.

Official image:
Official image:
Official image:
Official image:
Official image:
Close-up of the Black Knight. One of the strangest objects orbiting our planet. Image Credit NASA.
The Black Knight Satellite, close-up image.
The Black Knight Satellite, close-up image. Image credit NASA.
The Black Knight Satellite in Polar Orbit. Image credit NASA.


Check out the official NASA images of  “The Black Knight” by visiting these links:

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  1. E.T. phone to earth. “Hello, do you guys deliver to another sysrem cause if so I’d like to order three large cheese pizzas with pepperoni on top. While your at it some cheesy bread and just add on light speed delivery and make it snappy.”

  2. Well… I’m not sure, according to “official” statements this object is just “Space debris”, but then again the stories that have been around since the 1930’s tell that the object is “transmitting” some sort of signal. So there you have two sides of the stories. People who are more “open minded” will say; guilty until proven otherwise, meaning that until this “myth” isn’t cracked and a conclusion given, the story will remain in the air. People who want to believe its ET will believe it and others will just consider it as Space Debris.

    1. Well according to many “Skeptics” this is just Space Debris, and thus its not “worth it”. Launching a mission and so on and so on… But the question is still in the air, is it true that Tesla intercepted a transmission from “The Black Knight”? Is it true that others intercepted transmissions? And was it in polar orbit when “we” did not have the technology yo place a satellite in polar orbit…

      1. So… it is clearly artificial, in that it appears to be mechanical — if it were simply space debris, then how would mechanical debris/junk have gotten into orbit around Earth *BEFORE* any satellites were put into orbit by the US/Russia, etc. — explain that?

        …and btw there’s a marked difference between
        an open-minded skeptic in search of the TRUTH,
        and a *DEBUNKER* claiming to be a skeptic,
        but setting out from the start completely intent upon debunking the topic regardless of any truth, facts, contradictions, or unexplained aspects of said topic.

        (In many cases where facts or data cannot be easily explained away to a satisfactory degree, these debunkers desperately and pathetically resort to character attacks on proponents, discoverers, believers, etc., trying to have these people viewed as fools, gullible, crackpots, as they believe that this somehow invalidates data — which it absolutely does NOT – facts and data, regardless of by whom they were collected, speak for themselves).

        1. Brilliant. But a perfectly “open-minded” skeptic wouldn’t be “skeptical” at all. They would be humble or restrained. They would show restraint in not jumping to the easiest conclusion before a thorough investigation. Skepticism contains the potent bias of “doubt” and is thus biased — contrary to the precepts of scientific method.

          The real problem with scientists (and, in fact, any humans) is ego (the heart of selfishness). Ego thinks it’s right and will get nasty. When scientists descend into self-indulgent ridicule, it gives all of science a bad name.

          But ego is not restricted to any one human activity. Egotistical debunkers abound in nearly every field. Take 9/11, for instance. NIST scientists lied about WTC7. They drylabbed their results. Taking the average collapse rate hides the fact that WTC7 went through a period of perfect free fall for 8 floors. And steel never, ever offers zero resistance to collapse, unless there was controlled demolition. Why would NIST scientists commit such fraud?

          Why bring this up? It only goes to show that we have to be careful not to fall into bias of any kind, even when supposed experts are telling us how to think.

          1. as asked before in this whole story give us teh frequency it transmits on and we can find out our self, but no one gives the frequency.
            Give us the blody frequency it transmits on, so we can analyse it our self, or did it run out of battery power suddenly???

      2. Good points. But doesn’t this tell you something about the imperfection of being a “skeptic?” Restraint and humility are better (unbiased) paradigms for investigating. Skepticism contains the potent bias of “doubt.”

        It’s quite possible that all of these “Black Knight” stories are actually about more than one object.

    2. I truly believe this is an “Extra Terrestrial” satellite! I believe that all major nations have some sort of idea about what this object truly is… and that it is DANGEROUS! That is why no attempts have or ever will be made to either bring this object to earth or make contact with it in orbit. I personally believe that if left alone, the “Black Knight” is harmless, but if tampered with it will bestow an awesome power of which we have never before seen. The “Black Knight” is exactly what the name implies… a “Knight” which protects the precious earth and when the time is appropriate it will take action to preserve what it protects. If a chance for nuclear war were to surface, it will be then that the “Black Knight” will finally engage us or our leaders (If it hasn’t already). The Government keeps a vast deal of important knowledge from us and I believe the “Black Knight” to be one of the Governments secrets!

      1. What you have stated is pure conjecture. There have been zero studies on the Black Knight, therefore, you cannot state anything as fact.


  4. you say it orbits in an irregular way, yet the article says it is orbiting normally. Can you explain this?

  5. “The USA and Soviet Union have shown particular interest in this “unidentified space object”. Since its discovery this satellite has interested countries such as Sweden and enthusiasts worldwide. One of them is a Ham Radio operator who apparently had decoded a series of signals received from the UFO Satellite and interpreted it as a star-chart centered on the Epsilon Bootes Star System and that the Black Knight originated from this System 13.000 years ago. (The Epsilon Boötis is a double star in the northern constellation of Boötes. It has the traditional names Izar and Pulcherrima. The star system can be viewed with the unaided eye at night, but resolving the pair with a small telescope is challenging; an aperture of 76 mm (3.0 in) or greater is required. — Wikipedia).”…. A ham radio operator? Seriously? Decoding and “interpreting” a starmap from a transmission from space? Let me know when this article actually begins to take on a mature scientific tone… Sheesh…

    1. Let me know when you begin to take on a mature scientific tone. Why so negative? Even though the tone of this article may not be of the “high caliber” that you are accustomed to, the person who wrote it I am sure put a decent amount of effort into it… and I am also quite positive that he is proud of what he has written. Why must people like you ridicule others (as if you are so perfect… Oh, I bet you are a professor at Harvard or Yale too). Even though the article isn’t quite as scientific as it could be, to me it is pretty interesting and I am pleased with it. This article achieved it’s purpose and held my attention and intrigued me. I am sorry you do not feel the same way and I also believe that if you did not like it you should have just said so without trying to invoke a feeling of sadness into the person who wrote the article!!!

  6. Whether we ever made it to the moon or not, we have done a spectactular job of orbiting earth. If such an object ever existed it would have been intercepted by now and brought back down on one of the shuttle missions. Case closed. If it ever did exist, It doesn’t exist anymore. at least not as a sattlite.

    1. yes because its so easy to move an object thats mass seems to be of 10 ton… if the object is up there and yes i agree in a way if it hasnt been touched by us… we already know why its there

      1. the space shuttle was capable of bringing up an object with a max weight of 26.8 tons to low earth orbit and 14 tons to polar orbit so it could certainly pick it up however depending on the shape of the craft it probably couldn’t take it back to earth

        1. What’s the max equipment load of the Space Shuttle on return-to-Earth missions?

          Also, the last thing we want to do is interfere with the thing. We should be in complete and total observation mode right now. Seeing if it’s active or some sort of space debris. Something that must be taken into consideration is that if this is indeed an “Alien Satellite”, it very well could have been impacted by a natural satellite or other debris within our solar system.

      2. Yea… space shuttle can handle it – the weight that is

    2. If it is still active, interception may have been attempted, and failed. The case isn’t closed, your mind is.

      1. Or on those long duration X-37B flights by the Air Force, there’s a possibility that they could have intercepted it for a long term analysis flying right next to it, and possibly rendezvous with it for testing of the external material it’s made from.

    3. bullshit my friend has a you tube post he calls a ufo i seen hundreds of times i dont believe in ufo so i always argued with him that …anyway thats what it is thats the shape i have been looking at just look at youtube ufo in san jose ….ive been stumped on what the hell it could be all this time i dont think the thing is alian its not 13,000 years old …its got to be a failed satalite that belongs to one of us but sure enough thats it .

      1. Inflatable with framed interior to avoid pancaking effect as it gained altitude. Friend releases thin balloon skin around plastic tent poles inflated with helium…other friend keeps eye out for it to rise from a moderate distance..begins to film…defends it as ‘not a balloon because it didn’t pancake’….Boom.

        1. a structure you describe wouldn’t pancake in a vacuum… it would increase in size as it gets higher, eventually exploding in space, not imploding

      2. It sure is a thing,you never saw “paranormal” occurences in your real life so you cant say that it is empty,so please,dont do shit talk like here.
        Maybe some1 of you were severaly awoken in 3:33 AM by unidentified things like floating head without a body with pentagram on it.


        1. absolutely not i live two blocks away from this nut head and know him personalty he doesn’t have the ability to change it and i have seen the original video taken and still on the camera…thats why i know of this video ….i didnt find on you tube he showed me in his house on camera

          1. and your off your rocker bud im a normal american born i ca live in san jose and yes i am not all that great with grammar or what but am a normal working person who doesn’t believe in aliens invading earth and pacing stuff in peoples butts…all i saying is i have been for two years trying to find a normal explanation for what my friend filmed and well except from all the hype am saying that that thing fits very well and is made of this planet .

          2. haha. All ya gotta do Lilith is realize that this thing was in orbit BEFORE had the technology to launch satellites into outer space. We saw it before this. Then realize that when we finally did go up into space we could only “spin with the Earth” (from west – east). This thing goes opposite of that, east to west, so its using some technology that we have no clue about to go against the “current”. All of this, and it goes twice as fast as our satellites can. Un-real. Propaganda call its “space junk” left over from a satellite… but this is untrue because it had been in orbit since BEFORE we ever even traveled into space.

          3. Well.. you need to maintain a certain speed to orbit… So.. It may be going faster, but that would only be because it is higher up. If it was going to fast it would just leave orbit and venture out to space. So if it is not a ship and is a satellite it should be maintaining its speed.

          4. if they had wanted to invade, then they would have done exactly that thousands of years ago when we were more malleable. they probably wonder when we are going to grow up enough (as a society) to be open to contact. we are still at the ‘shoot now, ask questions later’ stage, which is a clear indicator that we’re not mature enough. to live in denial that these things exist is also an indicator. just because neither you nor your family are part of the abduction agenda does not mean that it doesn’t exist. it just doesn’t exist for you. if this device is of terra, then it isn’t of any civilization that currently exists.

      4. You saw that, and couldn’t come to a rational explanation? There is only one rational explanation. The thing is hovering, with no visible propulsion mechanism. It is emitting light intermittently from several different areas. Its obviously metallic. Now um lets engage brain. Its not anything you have seen before. It doesn’t use any know propulsion and its not a bird. Getting it yet? The only rational explanation is that its a UFO. Simply by definition if nothing else.

      5. whatever it is yo can immediately tell the vid isn’t fake I am not an expert but I have a degree in media art and graphic animation and this is definitely raw footage

        1. ty sir this was taken by my friend hes the one in the video with the shaky hand and the original footage is still on the cam corder he was using …i just wish to know what it is …im really not trying to say its anything ….just not sure what it is ….i have seen 1,000 times and every copy produced online of it ….. even the clear and shakeless ver some one did still doesn’t make clear what we are looking at ….my friend has the camira on full zoom so i wonder is most what we are seeing digital glitches ? being in media art can u tell what the light images with the 4 black lines are is this just pixelation disturbance ?

          1. well anyway it moves like a balloon it fits the shape of a balloon ,….it does seem to me anyway to spin counter clock wise and repeat the same glare over and over i hate to say it but it fits every characteristic of a shinny balloon

      6. Okay for starters I’m not that good with a video cam but i can at least hold it still enough to not have it jump all over the place…..FAKE

    4. I don’t remember any of the Shuttle missions going into polar or east-to-west orbit. How could a Shuttle mission catch something that would be going 17,000 mph at right angles (if in polar orbit) or relative 34,000 mph if going in the opposite direction?

      If this object is real, and if it is the same object in each sighting, then it would have to be a guided object in order to change orbits. But then again, there could’ve been different objects, each in its own orbit.

      But, if the object(s) is(are) real, then it’s possible they were under powered flight and not “coasting” orbital flight.

  7. A probe of some sort? Reminds me of Star Trek where they would send a probe to survey an unknown planet.

    1. only problem with that is the speed at which radio waves travel the signal would still not have left the milky way even after 13k years….oops i maybe wrong there….The distance a radio wave travels in one second, in a vacuum, is 299,792,458 meters (983,571,056 ft) which is the wavelength of a 1 hertz radio signal. A 1 megahertz radio signal has a wavelength of 299.8 meters (984 ft).

      1. The speed of light in a vacuum very likely travels at substantially different speeds, and Not one constant speed as previously thought; just as light changes speed depending on the medium it’s travelling through.
        It’s a fact that the ‘vacuum’ of space is not completely void of matter, and it’s also a fact that light is affected by gravity.

        It makes sense then, that light travelling through different areas of space will be affected by differing amounts of gravity due to massive bodies around it: (1) light moving in space within a solar system will be affected by the sum of mass from all of the planets, sun, etc., in the vicinity – (2) interstellar space will have exponentially less gravity acting upon light travelling through, there being much less matter around, and (3) intergalactic space would have several times less gravity than even interstellar space, because of the extremely low density of any matter over such an expanse.

        So if light is affected by gravity caused by massive objects, which changes between different regions of space,
        theoretically, light should be able to travel at *immensely increased speeds in interstellar and intergalactic space, as compared to its speed within our solar system, because there is very, very little gravity due to massive bodies acting upon it —
        and within our solar system is where we are limited to making dependable observations and measurements at present.

        When we are able to physically travel to interstellar/intergalactic space and take measurements/perform experiments, we may very well see light being able to travel possibly thousands, or even hundreds of thousands of times faster than light travels in our solar system…

        This would warrant a totally different perspective on the lengths of time it would take for signals and even craft to travel throughout space.

      2. You assume, Lilith, that the probe uses radio (electromagnetic radiation) for communication. But what does wavelength have to do with the discussion? That has nothing to do with the discussion.

        And what does leaving the Milky Way have to do with anything. If Black Knight is from another star system, that system might be one of hundreds of billions of systems within the Milky Way. In fact, it could be from Alpha Centauri, next door.

        When survey ships were sent in the 16th century, they didn’t have radio. They went, they surveyed and they returned, carrying the information with them all the way.

  8. Well for starters, if this thing was really orbiting at a speed faster then the visible I can catch from earth, we don’t have that tech in space to keep up. Not to mention that if this thing can be 13,000 years old, it could’ve just been sent from there planet at the time 1 year or so. Theory of relativity, one year in that span for the satellite to reach us could’ve been 13,000 years here. Evermore, if this thing is been here for that long, we don’t know the time from wherever it came from, we don’t know the advancements in tech

  9. and biology. For all we know, they could’ve past all means of dying and could’ve become immortal. We don’t know but one year or even a day for this species could be thousands of years for us. This satellite can’t be caught by humanity right now with the current tech but give us a couple decades or centuries and I’m sure we will get it by then.

    1. The moon was said to have came about when another planet crashed into earth and broke off a piece.

      1. Many people say many things-

        there are no answers fro the origin of the moon…

        only questions and arguments.

        Earth’s Moon is huge-

        compare it with those of mars.

        It is unlikely that such an object just “broke off” and floated into a perfect orbit that is EXACTLY the same duration of time as its


        The commonly used term “dark side of the Moon” does not refer to “dark” as in the absence of light, but rather as the unknown, as until man was able to send spacecraft around the Moon,
        this area had never been seen.

        While many misconstrue this to think that the “dark side” receives little to no sunlight, in reality, both the near and far sides receive (on average) almost equal amounts of light directly from the Sun.

        However, the near side also receives sunlight reflected from the Earth, known as “earthshine”.

        Earthshine does not reach the area of the far side which can’t be seen from Earth.

        Only during a full moon (as viewed from Earth) is the whole far side of the Moon physically dark.

        The word “dark” may also refer to the fact that communication with spacecraft can be blocked while on the far side of the Moon, during Apollo space missions for example.

        1. It wouldn’t just break off a nicely rounded bit of rock, what could have happened in order for the moon to exist was that Earth and another small planet/large metoer hit each other sending rock and debris out into space, then over hundreds of millions if not into the billions of years, gravity pulled the rock together, earth could have had rings around it that gradually collected together to form the moon.

          1. If two bodies collided and broke apart at a slow rate there would still be a tremendous amount of heat created during both the breakup and fusing into their respective bodies. A slower collision that didn’t spread debris out to form rings. It’s been well documented on video’s by the crews of the space station and shuttle’s that an form of a liquid wants to form into a spherical shape in space. So if both the Earth and moon where liquefied at the time then yes they would have formed back into spherical shape.

    2. Wasn’t there something about the moon ringing like a bell and craters that seemed bottomless?

  10. WOW! I’ve seen pictures of this object before, but just passed them off as misidentified natural or human made satellites. First time I’ve actually read an article on this anomaly!!!!

  11. wow…..i never realized people can be so closed minded and oblivious. im guessing we are the only intelligent life form in the universe too?

      1. Come on, Don. I think Brian was being facetious for effect.

        I would agree with you, in most cases. Such superlatives are usually only used by weak minds burdened with muddy thinking.

        Calling people “fool,” is also frequently used by weak minds. And when you use “only,” you were also descending into a similar superlative, which, as I have already shown, is not always the case.

        Perhaps we can help our fellows without insulting them or using ad hominem logical fallacies. I hope this helps.

  12. one of them looks like it has propulsion (if i surmise that it was its relative back) and the other one looks like a claw

  13. Looking at the shape it resembles the models found in the Mayan temples. Flight was once possible on this earth before the Atlantian’s fused into other cultures. If this is a surveillance system from 13,000 years ago the time would fit history. It would answer how the pole caps came to be charted as accurately as they are in the Piris Reis Maps and many other points of significance during history before Genesis.

    However I remain sceptical that any object could maintain a course for 13,000 years at such a low altitude with out being bombarded with rock and knocked off course or even pulsated out of the way through magnetic variations. But one thought, if the Atlantians were able to fly through some mechanism that uses the lay line flow of the earth, then it is reasonable that the energy powering this craft and keeping it stable in orbit is a technology we have not yet discovered.

    1. I thank if the Black Knight is real, that the Egyptian Pyramid are 13,000 years old too!! I thank that the Pyramids worked with the Black Knight to make electric from a wireless energy system!! I also thank there were more than one satellite at that time!! Nikola Tesla was also working on a wireless energy system, could that be how he got a signal?? Not a radio signal??

      1. well theres a pyramid off the coast of cuba 2k ft under water and and entire city that was once above water they think it could be upto 50k years old

        1. did you read what I wrote:”IF THE BLACK KNIGHT IS REAL”!!!!!!!!yes, the pyramid under water could be 50k, the Egyptian pyramid could also be 50k years old too!!!they both could be part of a wireless energy system!!!! you can not carbon date rock or metal, so they donot realdy know how old they are!!!!

          1. @rocketman481:disqus , I believe that you misunderstood what Lilith Filth was saying. I took what they wrote as a comparative agreement. Meaning that anything is possible like for example The Black Knight is thought to be 13,000 years old, and the objects/places they mentioned were much older, then it’s safe to assume that 13,000 years compared to the other is completely plausible that some “ancient civilization” was indeed able to launch satellites, That is how I interpreted their comment. I sincerely believe they were agreeing with you due to the fore mentioned and the theories now that man has been around a lot longer than originally thought and is possible they surpassed our level of technology and eventually succumbed to some type of mass extinction or whatever reason there is no record of it.

          2. Well after reading some of the other comments posted by Lilith Filth I may have been wrong with my prior analysis of their statement, if I am wrong I sincerely apologize,

        2. Lilith FILTH!??! Could you have picked a more “flattering” blog name?

          1. she’s a singer in the band cradle of filth.
            their first album “the principle of evil made flesh” is probably the greatest dark metal album ever

          2. Their songs with Dirty Harry were good, even from a non dark metal perspective

      2. Makes sense that the Black Knight would be a satellite receiver and transmitter for wireless energy. Thanks.

    2. Clearly this is a craft built by the watcher angels to monitor all demonic entities that are trapped on the earth until the final days of anti-christ.

      1. I want two of what ever your on dude, your tripping ball,s dude! Wow…

      2. We are all imagining something we tend to believe. Let’s go step by step. The first question to answer is What really is this object?

        1. These latest pictures show an insulation blanket dropped on a shuttle spacewalk, they have nothing to do with the older ‘Black Knight’ tales. The site poster knows this and thinks you’re too dumb to check up on him.

      3. I know your either trolling on or drugs, but seriously why would a supernatural angel need a machine to track things? They can probably teleport and fly why would they need a tracking thing?

    1. And your proof?

      Using bad language rarely adds to the discussion and all-too-frequently indicates a weak mind. I will assume that’s not you. Would you care to add something more valuable to the discussion — something lucid and profound?

      1. You’re so full of crap! Using bad language doesn’t decry intelligence. When I see crap about something like this so called “extraterrestrial Satellite” I have EVERY right to call (bull shit) on it. People wanna spout extraordinary claims there needs to be proof. If there is no proof then people have a fucking right to call bull shit on that claim. And that’s what I did! Go to hell with your judgment on me!

  14. no..this thing is bigger and more heavy than the shuttle,,,why would you think they could just stop it and throw it in the back??i cant believe americans are so dumb,,,this thing is reported to weigh in excess of many tons,,,,and in very fast orbit,,,no,,u cant just get it,,,so,,what was the frequency that the ham radio picked it up at,,,i want to find it on my ham radio,,,,that would be prooof enough for me,,,any one know what the frequency was or is of this thing,,,???

    1. Why do people lump ALL Americans into the same “dumb” group. Then I found this:

      Discussion on
      Ancient Code

      UFO collided with a Boeing 757 belonging to Air China

      Steven Vanpotter • a month ago
      come on,,,its obviously swamp gas hit the plane,,,,idiots,,,,haha,,,,i love when idiots call others idiots,,,,haha.

      Out of the 4 comment I read from you on here, you shit on everyone. So troll on troll. And be careful what you say about America The dictator that runs this country will blow your ass sky high. LOL

    2. “very fast orbit”. How can you have a “fast” orbit? Yes, you could say that objects in orbits of larger radii are in fact going faster, but with each altitude above earth is also a corresponding velocity that is required to remain in orbit. If an object is below said velocity it will crash in to earth. If above, its orbit will become increasingly elliptical until it is sent off into space.

    3. Americans dumb? Don’t you have a monarchs rump to kiss? ..Even if I knew I wouldn’t tell you..Stick your ham radio where the sun doesn’t shine you poofter..

    4. Funny how you never got a answer about the frequency. It’s hard to find the whole truth on the internet :-).

    5. Except that’s not how things work in space. When rendezvousing, both crafts will have the same relative velocity. NASA could determine the velocity of the BKS, and have the spacecraft match velocity and inclination. This is partly how we’re able to dock crafts at the space station. Also, weight is irrelevant in space. Hence the discussion to study the object while it is still in space.

      Catching up to and studying the BKS would be difficult, but not impossible.

      And I’m an American.

  15. Nostradamus is quoted as saying ”Mankind will discover a machine in space that was sent to us by the watchers!”

  16. The most logical answer to this is in an amazing new book titled Ztingar

  17. So. how did they determine this object is 13,000 years old? This is very interesting.

  18. A few posters on this website are saying that if the object was real then a shuttle mission would have brought it down to Earth. Those who believe that probably did not read the entire article because one of the anomalies is that the object is in an east to west orbit and all our shuttle launches were west to east. Even if the object were small enough to stow on a shuttle, if the object is orbiting east to west and all our shuttles orbited west to east, capturing the object would have been a near impossible task to pull off because even if you could slow down the object to a stall you would need time and resources to evaluate the object closeup, how you could safely secure it in the shuttle bay all the while realizing that the objects orbit would then rapidly degrade which would require the shuttle’s orbit to degrade as well. Theoretically, its a physical possibility but in all likelihood an extremely inept, risky, and dangerous exercise. A better theory would be to somehow attach a manned or remotely operated vehicle to the object, study it, and then attempt to bring it to Earth or maneuver it to the space station and examine it there.

      1. Accurate only if you disregard the ability to launch a shuttle east to west, or the ability of the shuttle to “turn around” and match velocity once in orbit. The shuttle does not have to travel west to east, it is just easier to “drive around” everything up there when it all is going in the same direction and not hurtling at you.
        The reason our satellites and space craft orbit with the Earth’s rotation is for the geostationary ability, not because it is the only way we can make them stay up there.
        An added advantage is the signal between Control and satellites last much longer when traveling in the same direction instead of the opposite direction (hours versus minutes).

    1. People always neglect the far more simple option to all the evidence of ancient technology that is about. That this isn’t man’s first technological civilization.

      Provided this story of something orbiting earth is true then it could simply be a piece of technology which survived from a previous technological civilization.

      1. possibly they are finding civilizations dating back further and further the whole idea that we are cave men 50k years ago has to be re looked at since now theres evidence of great stone building dating back possible this far

        1. Even the Aborigines have known history 50 K years back so yes this is absolutely a possibility in my book. Some sources say that we are the fifth civilization on mother earth. So yea, I do agree with your comments.

          1. I am sure I, as well as many others would prefer you not to call Aboriginal Australians “Aborigines”. If this was a misunderstand please disregard the comment.

          2. No one gives a tin shit what you want to be called. Stop being so sensitive.

          3. No wonder the aliens abandoned us to our own lot….. 13,000 years post this “satellite” and we still haven’t learned to respect each other.

          4. there is absolutely nothing disrespectful in the word aborigine. it’s basicly the same as “native”.

          5. @Dmdjois:disqus
            Ahh poor, sad you, how dare those people no longer tolerate racists and jackasses using offensive language to refer to their group? If this oppressive PC culture isn’t nipped in the bud, it’s going to result in us having to show respect for people who don’t look like us.

          6. this is plain stupid. the term aborigine is in no way a negative, it means original inhabitants.

          7. Better than “Indians”…

            at least “aborigine” is correct as a generic word!

   of the original or earliest known inhabitants of a country or region.

            2.aborigines, the original, native fauna or flora of a region.

          8. @doncorneo:disqus

            Ahh poor, sad you, how dare those people no longer tolerate racists and jackasses using offensive language to refer to their group? If this oppressive PC culture isn’t nipped in the bud, it’s going to result in us having to show respect for people who don’t look like us.

          9. stop repeating your inane illiterate sillyness. aborigine is NOT a bad word at all ! YOU are the one insulting them if you think that is a bad word! it’s like saying, the word Australian is an insult, ding dong.

          10. thanks, these nitwits on here are illiterate so they get offended at good words.

          11. Good words?

            The Netwits?

            They don’t


            Like all these critical “people”
            (and I use that word EVER so loosely!)
            are all that polite,anyway…

            Thank you,

          12. All this pc crap is doing nothing but causing more tension and hate. Drop the pc garbage and stop being offended by harmless words you stupid idiots!

          13. @doncorneo:disqus

            Ahh poor, sad you, how dare
            those people no longer tolerate racists and jackasses using offensive
            language to refer to their group? If this oppressive PC culture isn’t
            nipped in the bud, it’s going to result in us having to show respect for
            people who don’t look like us.

          14. Oh, I am so sorry that your life has to revolve around what someone calls you instead of how you perceive yourself. I did not realize that you would not exist at all if it was not for how others perceive you.
            I am a red-headed-step-child (though I an red-headed, I am not actually a step child) and I embrace it. It helps set me apart from others, making me I do not get offended by the term. I have grown to point I do not get offended by words, or others opinions. My life does not revolve around what others think of me.
            If words have to “tolerated”, than you need to reevaluate your sense of self worth. Those people can not live your life for you, so why do you care what they think of you?
            Call me whatever you want, it is nothing but an opinion of a person who I could care less about.

          15. how is the term aborigine offensive? it isn’t. it means, original inhabitants. native stock. buy a dictionary and stop talking please.

          16. Aborigines are what they call themselves here in Australia. Aborigine spelled with a capital letter is their name, without the capital the word simply means native inhabitant.

          17. somehow i doubt you are an australian aborigine, and if you were, you ought to know that aborigine is NOT a derogatory term. It means original inhabitants. if you weren’t illiterate you would know this.

      2. Hard to tell what went on but there was a technology that is beyond what we are being told that existed before. The Smithonian Institute has gone out of its way to hide this technology and the giants that have been found all over this world in every continent

        1. That comes from all the academics trying to support Darwin’s theory and make all history fit that theory. They are so entrenched in their Darwinism that to expose the truth would make most of the mainstream archaeologists and historians look so foolish they’d rather hide the truth than look like the closed minded fools they’ll be proven to be.

    2. During satellite captures the object’s velocity isn’t changed until after it is secured inside the shuttle’s payload bay. A retrograde mission for the sts probably could have been possible, but might have dropped boosters on land depending on inclination.

      Also, regardless of intelligence force, no man made object has had anywhere near enough energy to change orbital inclination that much

    3. But they still can give it try to go closer and to take a better pictures, right? If they want they do.

    4. Actually the shuttle could be launched in the same direction as the object, or could easily be “turned around” to make the object once it is in space.
      Also, the only reason our satellites rotate with the Earth is for the geostationary ability, not because it is the only way we can do it. You can not “park” a satellite or space craft if it is going in the opposite direction of the Earth. With everything traveling in the same direction there is far less chance of things colliding with each other (which is the same principle used for airport runways).
      Come tin-hatters, this is not rocket science, but common sense.
      If the object exists, then the World’s Governments already know everything about it.

      1. Actually, I think discussions about how to get shuttles into orbit opposite the Earth’s rotation -might- qualify as rocket science 🙂

        1. Too true, but that is due more to lack of common sense than actual scientific knowledge.
          Sorry about late response.

          1. Launching in a direction opposite the rotation of the planet means you’ll need a lot more fuel to achieve orbit.
            Since you start on the ground, you are also rotating with the earth. So you have to expend fuel to cancel that velocity, since you want to orbit in a direction opposite the rotation.

            Once you figure out how much additional fuel is required to do that, double it. This must be done because launching with the rotation meant that you got to use that velocity as a boost to orbit. So you need fuel to cancel the rotational velocity, plus fuel to achieve the rotational velocity that you got for free going the other direction.

            If you can fit all that extra fuel in your tanks, then you can launch for a retrograde orbit. Good luck.

            P.S. The Black Knight was also reported many times to be in a circum-polar orbit, going south-north-south instead of east or west like an equatorial orbit. Polar orbits require immense amounts of delta-v.

  19. To the people asking why this object hasnt been retrieved yet, has it occurred to anyone the object might be armed or have other means of avoiding being approached to closely such as duh maybe just zipping out of the way??

    1. really if the dam thing was armed we would of blown it out of …? space /….lol

      1. ^ Idiot… American “logic” at its best ^_^

        If it were armed in any way, that would indicate it was built by entities far more advanced than our present civilization, and could have offensive, defensive, and evasive capabilities — you don’t think there could be potentially devastating consequences if we were to attack it?

        1. I could see the consequences now:

          Somewhere on Suydran C:
          Technician: “Sir, our probe has detected another hyper aggressive species that is becoming capable of space flight”
          Commander: “Do we have confirmation that this is not simply a natural impact from debris?”
          Technician: “Yes sir, the carbon based dominant species for Probe UIT195 has most certainly violated Article 973 of the Galactic Convention”
          Commander: “Well, we can’t take any chances. The last thing we can afford is a primitive, aggressive species becoming a space faring race.”

  20. This article is complete garbage. Who tested and dated the object to 13,000 years ago?

  21. I don’t know about the rest, but I’m not buying that “13.000 years old object from some other star system”. Someone just up and decided the transmissions he received meant that, but there’s no evidence for that. We don’t even get to know who this fellow is.

    What I’m saying is, the article shouldn’t be named like that, it’s misleading.

  22. if it doesn’t exceed the weight of 25 tons (25.000kg), then a Space Shuttle shouldn’t have any issues transporting it from orbit to earth.

  23. this is REAL so yall folks who dont believe in aliens/ufos are stupid you just cant understand no wonder you dont believe

  24. The German A-9?A-10/A-11/A-12 could, if it was built, put 10 tons in orbit. NAZI satellite. maybe a station.

  25. Hmm, anyone ever hear of Halo? Well, i sadly have. And the Humans once had an interstellar civilization, and would have stopped an enemy that would destroy all intelligent life, The Flood. But the forerunners made us into a primitive society again. And thus, maybe a spacecraft from a 15,000 year old civilization?

    1. Marduk will be back in the year 3440 A.D.!! Zecharia Sitchin the (12th planet)!!

  26. Repeating a request by another, anyone know what frequency it transmits
    on? I’d really like to hear what it’s transmitting. Thanks.

  27. as advanced as we are now, we should have already brought it down. America should bring it down somehow before any other country does because if there is ancient tech on it ,what happens if some other country gets it first.

    1. I agree, they are just to nosy to pass up that opportunity, they probably already tried but it wouldn’t let them.

    2. u think?if our gov’s have so many resourses and tech compared to us, u think its because they where destined to became rulers or do they have advantages, maybe prohibited knowledge to split the seas?maybe they dont even need to study what they allready know.tesla claimed to receive signals from it, well he got bankrupted and got his labs and work aprehended, why?only because he was tryin to create “wireless” energy?thats only my pov, there’s billions more out there.peace

      1. this so called news is connected to tesla to give some buzz to so called story nothin else
        and tesla go off grid whn he show to world how he can make radium from mobilen ……. and gov didnt like that news

    3. you tell me how ?
      private corps rockets have max lvl cca 200km up there
      nasa not far from there so how if object buzz there on 600+

  28. Hey, I just wanted to ask a few questions :
    Where are the sources in this document ? The photos althought is ther any proof that they are all of the same objtect ?) are ok but, who dated this object and how ? 13000 years ? just a hunch ?
    In the comments, some say it is rotating in the opposite direction of earth rotation, again how do you know and on what bases did you get this information ?
    Last annoying remark, some say things about the size or mass of the object, but the article says that there is no information about its, and there doesn’t seem to be of its trajectory either.
    Please someone give me credible sources !

    1. well you have source of that satelite from like 1200+years ,look painting and that strange object up there (could be that object was lower and go up when rockets start shoot there so go more up where no one can tuch him but ?)
      on walls of old buildings you have that etc etc
      so 100% it’s up there ,but present tech (and future couse nasa now do war tech not space …like they ever have any space tech beside first first supercomputer (do you know that first vector (3d) program is made by nasa-… wonder why .. )
      cant move inch from cca 300km by sea lvl

      rocket need atmosphere to push ,after 300 km there no atmosphere = no push

  29. maybe the object in the NASA images can be the propulsor module ejected during the ascencion… in the last images is possible see the fire of him reentrance on atmosphere…

        1. well i know what nasa knows ,,they know that they need more $ for x-projects still to be finished are ,mach 4+ plane/drone ai for it,and there is next gen of drone f24 f37 or what will be there names

  30. This is just scary to think about because what if we are being studied by an alien race.

    1. @ Butter, how do you know it’s not one ours? There is a lot of hidden history kept from us on purpose. Civilizations have risen and fallen over the centuries and whenever there is war, history is re-written by the winners and old books are burned. Some will say we couldn’t have possibly had technology on this scale in the past but when you think about it, a highly technological society is the easiest to erase. If we had a planetary disaster today and continents were flooded or shifted about, how much of our technology would last after say,10,000 years or more? If our surviving descendants happen to find a CD for example, and if it’s covered in rock or coral it would not be recognizable just like the antikytheria mechanism. There are lots of old temples and pyramids we should not have had the technology to build but yet they are here. There are a lot of possibilities.

      1. true!!take noah for example, he could re-write all history to give him glory or other prespective of him to all mankind.a lil bit of ego would work its way, plus there are lots of info in the “bible” that he made some bad choices/actions/, course he ain’t perfect, no one is, but why him tho 😉 lot of misinfo out there, but much more true info with surreality surrounding, will we ever know anything for sure?
        all i can say is we aint getting nothing from our “leaders” neither from ourselves if we continue like this:”i belive in ufo’s, i dont, we came from reptilians, we came from monkeys”. . .we gotta put all ours effords in this one.peace

  31. the black knight is there this much i know whether or not it has sent signals we can’t know for sure as the damn world govenment is hogging all the most intresting facts we ever had now on hearing of the black knight my first thought was is it hostile but just thinking about is i don’t see how cause if it was hostile we would not be here right now as we were weaker then we are now and that would have been the perfict time to end us but as Nostradamus wrote “in the heavens man will discover a device sent to us by the watchers” there is life out there and not all ofit is hostile but only time will tell what we are dealing with. space junk, man-made, alien or a device sent back through time i don’t know but if we knew everything life would be boring

    1. The fact that the world government is hiding the most interesting facts as you say, should tell us all something right there. This is not something they want to get out.

      1. is it hard to go to some planetarium and ask can they move telescope to that so called orbit and you will see it ,,normaly nothing there beside comm satelite in low orbit

  32. very true.I agree. The safest things is to go there , study the blackknight And take highest resolution pictures.

  33. 100trillion years old ancient hitech super satellite ultraadvanced hitech ancient civilizations arnold bihira coronado .

  34. 100trillion years old ancient ultrasuper advanced hitech super satellites arnold bihira coronado.

  35. Obviously an old spaceship left by the Nibruians. Or the Annunaki as they called themselves here on earth. Probably used to hull away gold from earth. And now, it’s use to spy on us.

    The US Govt knows better than to try and shoot it down. They met with the Nibruians on the Dark side of the moon and was told to never go back.

    Hence, we never went back.

    1. hull gold where ? and gold ?? why would some race that have tech to fly in space need gold ?

  36. This is bogus if we had a UFO satellite orbiting earth all these years im sure someone would have gone of there to retrieve it . This post is a insult to anyone with a brains intelligence.

    1. lol not quite, what would u do in the case it its to heavy too retrieve?plus, our gov’s keeps so much from us. . .dont be a square

  37. I see so so many claims yet so few sources backing anything up, the images provided are most likely authentic as they as proven originate from a fairly legitimate source(NASA), but what I’m observing on these photos does not resemble anything that would be a practical shape for essentially anything for orbital/close-bound planetary operations regardless of origin, it looks to me like a sheet of torn off material from a decoupled module or a thermal blanket- space debris is a very logical explanation, besides at the speeds this thing is supposed to travel at; if the claims are true; would make it nearly impossible to catch on camera, a bit like using a standard camera taking a snapshot of a rifle bullet using only your reflexes, What that means is that it traveled the same direction as the photographer. Further that it was said to orbit at 400/600 miles is directly out the window as the photos where taken at below 220 nautical miles. The connection made between the images provided and the newspaper sources does not make sense more than fabricated with an agenda to induce mysteriousness and to further enhance the excitement of the story as a whole. If this object is indeed transmitting any kind of signal I would love to have a source to it as well or instructions on where to point my transmitters to obtain it on my own + frequency range, as well as approximate coordinated of the apoapsis/apogee and periapsis/perigee of these objects. I’m not too interested in this topic on it’s own, but i felt I needed to reply as I’m usually pretty annoyed at when a person or organization makes a bunch of claims to later leave any sources backing up anything, in the academic and the scientific world, claiming without proof is essentially equal to lying.

    TL;DR Summary(In caps so it’s easy to notice):



    Side-notes(mostly directed at the other participants in the commenting field);

    Some you guys in the comments section are hilarious, one superlative claim after another, yet again without the slightest hint of any proof or source. I’m not trying to offend anyone here(no really), but I really haven’t laughed this much since I stumbled across the “continent of Mu” spectacle. Giant sandstone pyramids used as a wireless electrical transfer device? Are you even trying? If I had all the time in the world I would passionately debunk so so much, but due to my limited free time all I have left is this post and a steady palm gently applied to my face.

    My wish to you all is be more skeptical about everything, there’s always someone somewhere trying to trick or scam you in life, the only way to avoid it? Find the facts from a massively reputable source(that would lose massively on consciously lying) or learn it all from the ground up yourself. Space is really interesting, if you have the skill-sets and determination for it, become aerospace engineers, get hired by ESA, SpaceX, NASA, you name it, and you’re a lot closer to the definitive truth than the vast majority here are currently. I’d love to be alive whenever our species do meet an extraterrestrial being, Chances are unfortunately that they are either too advanced or too primitive or even too far away to care at all to find out about our petty existence.

    The standard cliche appearance of an “alien”(the “Grey” or the “green martian”) looks a lot like what I’d imagine a human would somewhat look like in a few million years based on predicted continuous habits and evolutionary developments, coincidence?

    UFO’s aren’t necessarily anything but “Unidentified Flying Objects”, please stop abusing the term. They could be anything from optical phenomena, a new piece of secret experimental military equipment/craft, a bird , a Klingon bird-of-prey or just an illusion in the mind of a high junkie, It’s a UFO as long as it is , if something is confirmed to be of extraterrestrial origin it wouldn’t be unidentified, right?

    There’s lots of organizations that keep track of thousands of satellites, space debris and close-bound bodies of mass, surely at least one of them would have been able to spot the BKS on a monthly basis either visually or by the use of established telemetry?

    Oh well, time for me to be productive again. Good luck all.

    ~Ms.Lavender, DHS-A51b

    PS: To the guy talking about pyramids;
    There’s pyramids all over the world because that’s really the simplest achievable way of piling huge quantities of rocks in one organized spot, done in nearly all cases to display religious or spiritual power and oppression, what does this have to do with at all with extraterrestrials? It’s been proven and proven yet again it’s fully possible for people to build them, why the constant disbelief in Sapien abilities?

  38. It does look like space junk! some leftover from a rocket or something!

  39. So umm… if these are natural objects, how did we miss learning about them in astronomy class? That means the Earth has not one but three Moons!!

  40. hard to believe. But still interesting. The images are real?

  41. one word:HUBBLE? The telescope can venture far off with extraordinary footage,but can’t get a clean picture of this? cmon….

    1. in the way they could search for the malasyan airplaine. . .they only show what they want.

  42. The NASA picture links are real, so that being said it does bring up many questions especially if its been brushed under the rug by governments. Further study or questions answered is needed.

  43. I find it interesting that the author mentioned how the Ham Radio Operator found the signals charted out to Epsilon, yet later discovered that the data he had based it on was flawed, and at no time did he attribute the recordings he found with The Black Knight. ( “Man and the Stars: Contact and Communication with Other Intelligence”. Retrieved 10 March 2014.) Courtesy of Wikipedia.

    The common NASA theory is that it is a discarded EVA blanket. Perhaps it was used during a space walk.

  44. Well my conclusion to this article, is that the claim this object is orbiting in oposit direction is false, or the NASA photo’s do not belong to “the black night”.

    Take a look at frames 66 and 68. As shown in more detail on the NASA website, there is 21 seconds in between these two shots.

    frame 66: GMT Date: 19981211 (YYYYMMDD) GMT Time: 201704 (HHMMSS)
    frame 68: GMT Date: 19981211 (YYYYMMDD) GMT Time: 201733 (HHMMSS)

    Given that “the black knight” orbits in oposite direction, at twice normal orbital speed, how come the object doesn’t appear to have moved that much in this 21 sec timespan?

    Greetings Mark

  45. The brookings report by American academics essentially theorised that the scientific, professionals, and intelligent people of this planet would be hardest hit and go into denial if and when advanced life contacts us, or is revealed. This is due to the fact that advanced intelligence makes obsolete everything and can solve our issues and failures we are now struggling with. Third world countries would benefit the most. Because spiritually advanced intelligence goes hand in hand. Compassion that is lacking in our primitive and barbaric civilisations has continued to threaten and destroy the harmony of more natural and harmonious cultures. Our super powers are now out of control, threatening to increase wars and division to create New World Total Control. UFO.s have been observed all over the world. Military officers and intelligence speak of the cover up. Including astronauts who come forward and the myriad of experts and scientists. But academics, professionals and corporates with vested interests all work hard to squash the fact that intelligent and greatly advanced races exist. Next you will be saying free energy and Tesla don’t exist. Knowledge of free energy has been around for at least a century and we are still living with 18th century technology. I think our greatest minds are far ahead than that. Its a pity many of them and their inventions disappear. Justifying and de-neighing what is in front of us, is simply creating greater harm and allowing those who benefit from our stupidity to continue their rape of us and the world.
    An object that can be traced to the 1950’s before we put things up there, rotating in an opposite trajectory than is natural and maintaining a speed that keeps it in orbit. Its advanced, someone is sending us a message and we have to stop fighting, mature and except the consequences of someone far smarter than us, that may have some good advice. And we are not dead yet, so suffice to say, they are properly not dangerous. Yet our super powers have powers of mass destruction. Arms, drugs and warfare not to forget disease are all killing us everyday. We are not advanced as some people would like to think. Our planet is dying and disease along with bio weapons are increasing. Biology and science has a tipping point where there is no way back. So we may not have a choice, as these watchers may interfere without our consent to save this planet. We may be too insane to realise our true circumstances, and like a child we will be protected and taken from harms way until we can mature to look after ourselves and this earth.

  46. Seriously??? OK everyone let’s say it together… SPACE DEBRIS… Most likely some kind of light gauge aluminum foil shielding or fabric… Geez guys are you all really so desperate to be enslaved by the Alien Overlords? That comes in 2017! ALL HAIL THE MIGHTY CTHULHU!!!!! YWHWH is an alien overlord. All praise the Demiurge!

  47. 1 300 YEARS OLD?????????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  48. Religion points to outside lifeforms as the reality we call heaven, more than we allow those with faith to believe. Jesus “ascended” into the kingdom of heaven. Be in the Earth, not OF the Earth, The kingdom of God descends from heaven like a bride to her groom, elias takes to a firey chariot, it comes like lightning from east to west, etc…. This is just brushing the surface. I could propose every passage in a way that proves heaven was envisioned as being among the stars through most of prophecy. We each must find whats right for ourselves tho.

  49. If we are to believe what technology is at NASA’s disposal one would think they would have salvaged this thing .

  50. This is for those. Who’s seeks the truth! In very little. Words is like that!in 60s there was. A moon program right,and’t. Know is that it was not for the moon at all!!!moon steps are fake . But the program was to dock in orbit with.another (alien ship)that wasn’t. Alien at.all. See pictires of what. Is called ancient mona lisa in network!! Thi is it! This is what they.dont want you and I to know! But I know it,I know much more, but government. Will not allow. This information, because. How you think about that ancient egyption. Have a shuttle????? Thats why the pyramids. Are so wonders of engineering! And. Puma punku,and etc…. So this is miising link between ancient hystory and ours… Have a nice day.everyone!

  51. “In 1963, Gordon Cooper was launched into space. On his final orbit, he
    reported seeing a glowing green object in front of his capsule in the
    distance moving towards his Spacecraft. The Muchea tracking station, in
    Australia, which Cooper reported the object to, picked up this
    Unidentified object on Radar travelling East to West. NBC reported this
    but after Cooper returned to Earth, the Reporter were not allowed to ask
    Cooper about the unidentified object. The official explanation given to
    Coopers sighting were “high levels of carbon dioxide, which caused hallucinations“.” This paragraph is fiction from start to finish and the website can’t provide any documentation — Cooper himself denies the story, and the alleged NASA ‘explanation’ is pure fantasy, as is the ‘NBC report’, according to veteran NBC space reporter Jay Barbree, who was there.

    1. and next thing you need to do is to see how far that radad can scan ? is it 120miles ?
      so it’s low flight and debree ……

      1. The first step is to realize the Cooper encounter on Mercury-9 in 1963 was a Frank Edwards radio hoax. There’s no other evidence for it, not a stitch.

  52. How many times and how often has the government and media lied to the public? Let that question be your guide when you speculate about the black knight.

  53. I can’t believe you people believe this crap. The dates don’t match the history.

  54. Just who determined this thing is 13K years old? Did I miss something? Telsa claimed he picked up a signal in 1899 but there is no evidence it came from this craft. NASA says it’s a thermal space blanket. Travelling twice as fast as anything else in the opposite direction as anything they put out there? Correct me if I’m wrong but isn’t a polar orbit considered north to south and this article says it’s traveling on a east to west trek. My guess this thing is not as old as people claim, it’s probably part of the “star wars” thing Reagan was asking for many years ago. We had several space shuttle missions that were classified military top secret so who knows what our government has been up to. There were a lot of things put into orbit in the 50’s (that did not come to light till the 60’s) that were government top secret also.

    1. People got signals from it saying it saying it was from Epsilon Booted star system 13.000 years ago

      1. what ppl ? do you have source wit hname of one that decode ailen signal ?
        you can’t decode our signal that is compatible to radio reacivers (viasat) and someone decode alien is like that movie when they upload mac virus on to alien mothership ….lol

      1. First of all pull your head out of your ass and and stop acting like a dumb fuck, secondly no one knows anything about that Satellite, 13000 is just an estimation and has no fact base to it either, thirdly for all anyone knows it could have been there since before humanity walked on earth and has been watching the progression… and if that is the case when that thing reactivates humanity is in trouble, so really all that attitude does nothing for you at all

        1. I wish I could set fire to your balls, so morons like you would stop spreading like the plague.

  55. Reports speak of 2 satellites of presumably alien origin:out of which only one is apparently longlasting and is informed to be on a ‘polar ‘orbit to which it was’ moderated’? from a East-West alignment originally.It is not confirmed that this satellitic transmission was the one intercepted by Tesla or was it from the other of which nothing is heard now.
    How was it hypothesised by Duncan that trhe satellite originated from the environs of the bigger of the double star Izar or Epsilon Bootes? Is Izar confirmed to have orbiting planets to give some credence to the origin: whether from the transmissions from Black Knight deciphered or ‘other’ scientific means.Does Izar possess an ambience for one of its farther planets to theoretically hold a civilisation? Is Black Knight still in a polar orbit or has it reversed?The scientific community must come out with objective explanations and NASA MUST open out. Joseph Titus

  56. OK whatever it it’s been up there a long time.Has it harmed you?,or me?,I don’t think so .Let it float around up there forever.WE are TOO DAMN STUPID!!to make any attempt to communicate with it so why even waist any time on it.OBVIOUSLY if it wanted to mess with us,there nothing we can do about it.I have a novel idea,let’s try to TAKE CARE OF OUR OWN MESS OF A PLANET,and forget about stuff that we can’t do anything about anyway.

    1. ok little sheeple stick your head back in the sand your not needed here

  57. Obviously if the United States felt this object was a threat they would have shot it down the US Air Force has missiles made out of the same material the Space Shuttle is made out of that can go through the atmosphere and hit this object and blow it up

      1. That thing disappears at will and shows up somewhere else later. They’ve tired to get super close to it ( and maybe without us knowing about it – had intentions of astronauts going to check it out up close and to photograph it in detail ) However – the few times we’ve tried to follow it or get Intelligence on it – it vanishes… So it is beyond super intelligent. I think the consensus today by all world Military’s is – they’re freaked out by it and also afraid of it – should they destroy it – what would be ramifications of such an act – would it be a disaster for Humanity? Unknown answers.

    1. So let me get this straight. A 13,000 year old Romulan Warbird was destroyed by America’s ballistic satellites back in 1899, but it managed to eject a space blanket with Wi-Fi capability before it landed on mountain top and spawned an evil overlord who has the hits for blondes. This leads to one man sticking his head in a hole to hide while another guy lights his testicles on fire to prevent propogation of the human species.

      Am I getting this all correct?

  58. normaly couse they (nasa)post low flight debree pics ,to show how they can fly high in to space

  59. do you even know what ufo mean ?

    example .you toss some cotton ball in ait ,it’s for me ufo till i find out that is cotton ball

    so area 51 is military base = you will never find out what is there ,so all is ufo from there even cesna plane so shut up and read bit more

  60. It looks like the bow section of a Romulan Warbird. Maybe it’s debris?

  61. If it were debris in such a close orbit wouldn’t its orbit have degraded by now? Almost like its independently keeping itself up there. I’m intrigued by this.

  62. The Black Knight’s orbit was unlike any other object orbiting Earth, as it was moving twice as fast when compared to any other man-made Spacecrafts. Orbital speed determines the height of the orbit, so if it’s moving faster that just means that it’s orbiting at a different height.

  63. The subject matter is interesting, but the writing is not very good. Why
    are so many words randomly capitalized? Words like satellite, polar
    orbit, planet, world wide, astronomers, east, west, human, etc. are
    common nouns. They don’t merit capitalization. The writer should invest
    in a copy of The Elements of Style or go to one of the many free grammar
    web sites to learn these fundamental rules of writing.

    you’re going to deliver an important message, don’t sabotage it with
    sixth grade grammar. Educated readers are likely to discount the
    content, no matter how factual, merely because they figure if the author
    can’t even write, how can we trust that he got his facts straight?

    Not trying to be mean, just realistic.

    1. THANK YOU! It took me much longer than it would have if not for my inability to avoid correcting almost every other word and misuse (or lack of) commas.

      1. There should be a comma after “misuse” and again after “of.”

        1. You don’t add a comma within parenthesis, troll. You’re commenting on a post from 4 months ago. You need a life.

  64. American exceptionalism? What a joke! If anything, this article proves what exceptional idiots some Americans are.

    1. And just where in this land of idiots do YOU reside? Or are you an illegal jumping back and forth whenever you need money?

  65. Wouldn’t the 1954 news articles put the debut in the 50’s and not the 40’s as the column asserts? And how long it took to get here from it’s launch point would add much more to it’s age than 13,000 years…unless they had warp drive or something as fast.

  66. What would you do if you had time traveling technology and many gaps in your world’s history?

    Send a person back in time to witness the history is dangerous for both timeline and person, he/she could step on a roach and unleash a misfortunate serie of events that lead into the greatest liar and racist man to became president of the states, that would be a mistake. So let’s say NO to sending people.

    We need an impartial observer that records all changes in history without intervention.

    A machine!, a satellite, an eye on the sky with the single purpose of watch and record, unable to change anything; It gotta be stealth, equipped with some degree of AI to evade dangers of space and avoid detection. If spotted by primitive humans, they may think it is a demon, a god or an “Alien” craft, but who cares what they think!

    Lets send this satélite back in time…. 10? 20? 50 thousand years.

    All we have to do now is to retrieve the satellite and access it’s database, 50 thousand years of global history at our disposal, so that’s how they builded the pyramids eh? cleaver! look at all that green on Antarctica 40k years ago!

  67. Their is not any way to even try to date just how long the “Black Knight” has been in orbit over our planets poles, Humans from Planet Earth had nothing to do with it being in orbit! When the USA had the shuttles in operation,why did we never get close to intercept it or at least to check it out? Could we not use the technology found it the craft
    for mankinds benefit??? NASA is either Stupid or Scared!

  68. I got a photo capture of “BLACK KNIGHT ” flying while taking photos of the SUN from my Balcony Flat 14 [Fourteen] Masham House 10 Kale Road Erith DA18-4BN London Great Britain UK on Wednesday 8th August 2018. NOT ONE BUT TWO. AND GOOD CLOSE UP PHOTOS I WAS LUCKY CAPTURE

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