Archaeologists Uncovered ‘Vampire’ Killed Three Times In Mystery Ancient Ritual

In Brief: British Archaeologists have discovered a ‘Vampire’ skeleton that was speared as many as NINE times after death in an Iron Age + burial site near modern-day Yorkshire. The warrior, aged between 17 and 25, may have been killed as many as three times, say experts.

It is considered one of the most bizarre prehistoric human burials ever discovered in th the United Kingdom.

Image Credit: BBC.

Archeological excavations have revealed two prehistoric human burials in the county of Yorkshire, United Kingdom, dating from the Iron Age, or to be more precise, from the third century before the birth of Christ.

One of the skeletons is believed to have belonged to a warrior thought to have been killed in a bizarre ritual over fears he could come back from the dead.

As explained by The Independent, archaeologists have revealed that one individual – a warrior believed to have been between 17 and 25 years old – may have been “killed” twice, or even three times.

Archaeological investigation has shown that the skeleton of the ancient warrior, was most likely stabbed by nine spears after his death. 

He is believed to have also received a lethal blow to the forehead delivered by a wooden weapon.

But experts cannot agree on the exact reason the ancient Iron Age warrior was massacred.

Archaeologists believe that there are at least three explanations for this type of killing.

According to the first explanation, although the individual was a warrior, he may have died from natural causes.

It is possible that his tomb had been deliberately dismantled to carry out a ritual with his body that would give him the privilege of dying like a warrior, reason why the body was stabbed by nine spears.

Another explanation suggests that even after his death people were afraid of him.

In many parts of the world, archaeological and folkloric evidence was found that there had been a tradition where some corpses were systematically speared by sharp objects o “neutralize” them.

In addition, these objects were not subsequently extracted from the body of the victim and remained there for eternity.

The third explanation, somewhat wilder, argues that the individual was placed into the ground still alive, and was then ritually murdered.

As for the second individual that was found in this burial, it believed that the body belonged to a person who died in his sixties or seventies.

This individual was bizarrely buried in his chariot, along with two ponies that had once pulled it. 

Archeologists say that the animals were most likely placed into the ground alive, and then killed and positioned to look as if they were in motion.

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