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CIA Declassifies Thousands of UFO Documents Ahead of UAP Report

CIA-UFO-docs - CIA Declassifies Thousands of UFO Documents Ahead of UAP Report

Last year, Senator Marco Rubio created a stir in a June 17 Select Committee on Intelligence report. The Senator from Florida requested a detailed analysis from Navy Intelligence’s “Unidentified Aerial Phenomenon Task Force.” 

Thanks to that request, the task force’s existence went public. Also, we learned of Rubio’s request for a report from the director of naval intelligence.

That request was attached to the Intelligence Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2021. After signing the Act, the report would be due within 180 days. So, the report should come out roughly in June 2021.

36 Alien Civilizations in the Milky Way?

The timing of Rubio’s request was interesting since it came a day after a new study suggested 36 intelligent alien civilizations could be active in the Milky Way. 

If communicating civilizations could survive for a century, hundreds of civilizations could live on Earth-like exoplanets. However, if intelligence arose and soon died out, it would be a bad sign indeed for us on Earth. 

Researchers from the University of Nottingham published the study in The Astrophysical Journal.

See some criticism about the study from the SETI Institute:


‘Advanced Aerial Threats’ Attached to COVID-19 Relief Bill?

When Donald Trump signed a $2.3 trillion COVID-19 relief bill on December 27, it included the Intelligence Authorization Act. Thus, Rubio’s request for a report on “Advanced Aerial Threats” was official. Within 180 days, the Central Intelligence Agency, the Pentagon, the FBI, and other spy agencies would need to comply.

The agencies would submit their report to congressional intelligence and armed services committees and update them “on unidentified aerial phenomena (also known as ‘anomalous aerial vehicles’), including observed airborne objects that have not been identified.”

Details of UAPs Over Restricted Airspace

Notably, the committee requested many specific items, detailed by KPIC News:

  1. A detailed analysis of unidentified aerial phenomena data and intelligence reporting collected or held by the Office of Naval Intelligence, including data and intelligence reporting held by the Unidentified Aerial Phenomena Task Force
  2. A detailed analysis of unidentified phenomena data collected by: a. geospatial intelligence; b. signals intelligence; c. human intelligence; and d. measurement and signals intelligence
  3. A detailed analysis of data of the FBI, which was derived from investigations of intrusions of unidentified aerial phenomena data over restricted United States airspace
  4. A detailed description of an interagency process for ensuring timely data collection and centralized analysis of all unidentified aerial phenomena reporting for the Federal Government, regardless of which service or agency acquired the information.
  5. Identification of an official accountable for the process described in paragraph 4
  6. The identification of potential aerospace or other threats posed by the unidentified aerial phenomena to national security, and an assessment of whether this unidentified aerial phenomena activity may be attributed to one or more foreign adversaries 
  7. Also: Identification of any incidents or patterns that indicate a potential adversary may have achieved breakthrough aerospace capabilities that could put United States strategic or conventional forces at risk
  8. Recommendations regarding increased collection of data, enhanced research and development, and additional funding and other resources.”

As you can see, the report must contain information on UAPs regardless of which agency or service collected the data. Furthermore, it must detail any known technologies that countries like China or Russia may be using.

2,700 Pages Dating From the 40s to 90s

Now, the CIA has released thousands of PDF documents dating from the 40s to the early 90s. However, it seems unrelated to Rubio’s request, though many news sites reported it as a response.

Following the release, the Black Vault made the redacted documents downloadable in searchable PDF format. It contains data from a CD-Rom obtained from the CIA by the privately run archive’s John Greenewald Jr. 

In some cases, documents are entirely blacked out. Interestingly, they remain blacked out even though some date back to the 40s.

“We’ll never know the truth. Why is that? If there’s nothing to this topic, why is it that this top always yields weird discoveries like, ‘Oops, we lost it?'” says Greenwald. “‘Oops, we shredded that material. We can’t find it.'”

Thus, it’s a story Greenwald has become accustomed to for over two decades.

Unrelated to the UAP Report?

John Greenewald Jr. released a video marking the occasion. (See below) Since the early 80s, it’s the biggest release of UFO-related CIA documents. 

As noted, Greenwald says the release isn’t related to the UAP report required within 180 days. 

“There’s absolutely zero connection to that,” says Greenwald Jr. “This release was not a surprise data dump by the CIA.”

Within a couple of days of release, over 1.7 million people requested the files, a record in over 25 years for the Black Vault.

“It has been an incredible ride to see the response to this,” said Greenwald.

Therefore, public interest in learning more is overwhelming.

Heavily Redacted Pages, Some Interesting Highlights

Although there are many documents, Greenwald believes more remains private.

“Time and time again, US agencies want to give the illusion that they are being fully transparent and they are releasing everything they have on a particular topic; In this case: UFOs. But that is not true.”

In some cases, we learn some interesting tidbits of information.

In one case, a document notes that “interplanetary aspects and alien origin not being thoroughly excluded from consideration” are used. However, the CIA stated it wanted no connection to reports about the UFO subject. (see the video around 1:01:00 below)

Tabloid Fodder

On another document from a Ukrainian newspaper in 1993, there’s a sensational excerpt from a tabloid.

“As reported by the authoritative magazine, Canadian Weekly World News, US Intelligence received a 250-page file on the attack by a UFO on a military unit in Siberia. The file contains not only many documentary photographs and drawings but also testimonies by actual participants in the events. One of the CIA representatives referred to this case as “a horrific picture of revenge on the part of extraterrestrial creatures, a picture that makes one’s blood freeze.”

Thus, the tabloid filler seems to be included to throw off true researchers. By inundating the public with garbage, they can quickly lose interest.

The Tip of the Iceberg?

Despite the redactions and filler material, Greenwald believes that overall, the volume of documents reaffirms UAPs could be “a big national security threat.”

Although there are thousands of files, it’s just the “tip of the iceberg” with an “amazing history and story to be told,” he says. However, these documents aren’t going to provide “the smoking gun.”

“The potential threat behind UAPs is palpable. When you look at documents, when you look at cases within the US government, you can see, going back decades, how much of a threat there could be,” he says.

Hopefully, we’ll learn more when the UAP report comes out sometime over the summer. Given the history, it’s perfectly reasonable to assume the public still won’t get the full picture.

UFOs Flying Over Uranium Mines in 1952

See the Black Vault video with some of the more interesting pages below. At around 53:00, Greenwalt discusses a UFO diagram from the 1952 Belgian Congo. Witnesses saw metallic flying saucers about 15 feet across with flames coming out around the rim. 

The UFOs were flying over uranium mines, taking off 700 feet in seconds, or 932 mph. At times, they flew a few feet from the treetops before taking off.

Certainly, there was no technology of this kind in 1952.

See The Black Vault video below:


Featured images: Screenshots via YouTube/BlackVault