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Fox News Host Tucker Carlson doesn’t believe Trump’s answers about UFOs


Controversial Fox News’s Tucker Carlson appeared on the History Channel’s Ancient Aliens program on November 22 to discuss UFOs and his prior July interview with President Trump on the matter. Carlson says he doesn’t know what to believe about UFOs himself but also says, “he knows [B.S.] when he sees it.”

According to the Inquisitr:

“At the time of Carlson’s interview, the U.S. Defense Department had recently briefed Trump on a series of sightings by Navy pilots of objects in the sky that they could not identify. The objects appeared to be moving at ‘hypersonic speeds,’ according to the Fox News report on Carlson’s interview with Trump.”

The ‘biggest story in news?’

In conversations with British journalist and former British Ministry of Defense UFO investigator, Nick Pope, Carlson appeared to question if Trump was telling him the whole truth about UFOs. Carlson also suggests the Pentagon, in particular, may be withholding evidence. Pope met with Carlson on August 29, 2019, according to the show.

“I just believe it’s clear that there’s been deception around this question from the U.S. government, the Pentagon specifically,” said Carlson. “And I think it’s important to find out more.”

“If there is real evidence that this planet is being visited from other planets or solar systems, or even if there are aircraft whose behavior we can’t explain, why is that not the biggest story in news?”

Carlson directly asked Trump about UFOs and got a direct answer, which is one of the first times in history any reporter has so directly approached the subject with a U.S. president. (see the interview below)

When Carlson asked Trump if he believed the government possessed UFO wreckage, Trump replied, “I don’t assume it’s correct.”  Trump noted that he did not consider himself a “believer,” but left the possibility open, saying, “you know, I guess anything is possible.”

Carlson doesn’t buy Trump’s answers

When Pope asked Carlson what he thought of Trump’s answers about UFOs on the Ancient Aliens show, Carlson indicated he didn’t entirely believe what Trump said.

“I thought his response was odd, to be honest with you. I thought it was odd.”

“In what way?” asked Pope.

“He said, you know I’m not interested in that topic at all. I’m not interested in that topic, and I don’t think there is anything there. I didn’t believe him when he said that, to be honest with you,” said Carlson. Pope reacted with a surprised expression as if taken aback.

“It was funny because [Trump] nodded his head and then said, ‘No,'” noted Pope.

“That’s exactly right,” agreed Carlson.

“The President, like most people in power, is uncomfortable conceding that he’s got questions,” said Carlson. “I mean, it’s much easier to say, ‘Nah! There’s nothing there, it’s a weather balloon,’ because there is this stigma attached to asking questions.”

Carlson’s ‘impression’ on BS

Carlson then said he isn’t sure what he believes about UFOs himself, but “knows [B.S.] when he sees it.”

“Do you think he knows more than he’s letting on?” asked Pope. “Or do you think, as some people say, even the President doesn’t know?”

“My impression was that the President does know more than he said.”

“Do you think the public want to know?” asked Pope.

“Let’s be honest: The people keeping this information secret at the Pentagon believe the information is so terrifying to the public that it would be contrary to the national interest to reveal it. I mean obviously,” said Carlson.

The problem with lies

In another part of the show, Carlson explained that he believes keeping the truth from society has big problems for any government.

“You get societal breakdown after a while when the people in charge lie because it makes it impossible for people to accept anything, any explanation at face value, and it corrodes the bonds that connect the government to its citizens, so I think it’s very likely that we’re going to learn more,” said Carlson.

Alleged insider information

The Fox personality also reiterated his prior claim that a reliable source gave him a tip about possible UFO “wreckage” held by the government.

“I’ve heard this from someone who I think is knowledgeable on the subject that there is physical evidence that the U.S. government is holding, um, that, you know, would tell us a lot more – about what these objects are,” Carlson told Pope on the program.

In the July interview, Carlson gave more details:

“We spoke to a U.S. government credible, non-crazy government official who said categorically flat-out, the U.S. government has wreckage from a UFO; didn’t say it was extraterrestrial. It was an unidentified flying object, and the U.S. government has material from that aircraft, whatever it is,” said Carlson.

“That’s an amazing claim. How would the President not have heard that, assuming it’s true?” Carlson asked Pope.

Is something big happening?

Pope responded that Trump inevitably must have asked the Chairmen of the Joint Chiefs if there is a threat and what threat society may be dealing with.

“He will have asked for all information on this and will be trying to figure out what to do,” said Pope. “I mean, he has said himself, something feels a little bit different about all this with the U.S. Navy and the radar operators now coming forward. So there is something different and important and big happening.”

Pope went on to offer the President his help with additional research and briefing, suggesting he knows former Intelligence officials in the U.S. administration who could provide more information.

Confirmation on ‘Trump’s watch?’

In another stunning moment, Pope suggests that confirmation of extraterrestrial civilizations could happen very soon, thanks to new technologies such as advanced radio telescopes. Could “Disclosure with a big D,” as Pope calls it, be right around the corner?

“Whatever happens with UFOs, this may happen on President Trump’s watch. We may get, with the current radio telescopes, certainly with the next-generation telescopes; We may get absolute confirmation that there are other civilizations out there, and therefore this might happen on President Trump’s watch.”

A historic announcement?

“He’ll be the one who has to make the announcement, and what a historic announcement that would be. ‘My fellow Americans, people of the world, we are not alone,'” Pope continued.

Pope said he was glad Trump was “open-minded” about UFOs because “Who knows what the future will bring.”

See Tucker Carlson talking with President Trump as well as analysis from former British Ministry of Defense UFO investigator, Nick Pope:

A CIA report released to the public in 2007 documented that President Reagan and President Carter claimed to experience UFO sightings. The study, which you can read yourself online, admitted there are “documents” claiming proof of UFO wreckage at Roswell, New Mexico. However, the study states, “most if not all of these documents have proved to be fabrications.”

You’ll notice that they say “most” documents…

You can see Tucker Carlson’s appearance on Ancient Aliens, Season 14, Episode 21, “Countdown to Disclosure” on the History Channel.

Featured image: Screenshots via YouTube