Has NASA accidentally found an Ancient Sumerian Statue on the Surface of Mars?

Another extremely mysterious discovery has apparently just been made on the surface of the red planet. According to UFO hunters, what appears to be a head of a mysterious statue has been seen in one of the images captured by the Curiosity rover currently exploring the red planet.

Previously, NASA’s Curiosity rover and its companion on Mars, Opportunity have taken a number of really strange images on Mars. From seeing Domes on Mars to a statue and what appear to be entire structures buried under the surface of the red planet, we have seen countless mysterious images from our neighboring planet that defy explanation.

While many of the findings on Mars can be dismissed quite easily, there are some findings that defy every logical explanation. This is the case of the image we can see in this article, an image that apparently defies all explications and looks like an Ancient Sumerian Statue often seen in Ancient Mesopotamia on Earth.

Optimized-MArs mysterious statue
Image enhanced by Martine Grainey

In the mysterious image, Ufologists believe we can clearly make out the face of the statue, two eyes, a nose, a mouth and the typical cone-shaped beard we see in nearly all Ancient Sumerian Statues on our planet.

Ancient Astronaut theorists believe that the Anunnaki colonized both Mars and Earth, and this belief could possibly be backed up by the fact that the Sumerians had a number of myths about Mars, including that the Anunnaki colonized Mars and used the red planet as a “pit stop” for Earth. So if these “gods” that came from the heavens, actually did colonize Mars in the past, is there a possibility that we today may find evidence of structures on the Red Planet? Such as pyramids, columns, statues, etc..

If the Anunnaki were on Mars, it is inevitable that we today will find evidence of their civilization on the Red Planet. What we know for sure is that in almost every image sent back by NASA’s rovers exploring the red planet, a strange structure is identified. Some people might say that it’s in our nature to imagine shapes and forms, but there are just some images that have objects that no one can explain, one of them is the image seen in this article…

Optimized-Capture (2)

Researchers have identified multiple references in the cuneiform tablets that are believed to be the records of the mysterious Anunnaki and according to researchers, there is proof in those tablets that the Anunnaki have history on Mars.  According to the modern day translation of Sumerian and Babylonian origin myths, a cataclysmic event did, in fact, occur on the Red Planet, an event that sounds remarkably similar to ancient Mesoamerican myths about a feathered serpent that devastated Mars. A comet or asteroid crashed into the red planet and caused a catastrophic chain of events that turned Mars into an isolated and inhabitable world.

Is it possible that this time, the Curiosity rover has actually found a mysterious statue on the surface of Mars? And is it possible that this strange statue, in which we can easily make out  eyes, nose, mouth and a cone-shaped beard has some sort of mysterious connection to the Ancient Annunaki and Ancient Sumer?

While many will remain skeptical about this discovery and many others that have been made on Mars, there is enough evidence to support the theory that Mars was habitable and inhabited in the distant past. The discovery of an ancient Martian atmosphere, liquid water flowing on the surface of Mars today, Methane spikes and biologically useful nitrogen all point to the possibility that Mars has a past that is mysteriously connected to life on Earth.

The RAW NASA image can be found here. Image Credit NASA/JPL

Image enhanced and edited by Martine Grainey


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  1. I would be surprised to find that this new found item is caused by a naturally occurring action, unless that action, was done by a sculptor.

  2. Your article makes a mistake when referring to the people who found this “anomaly” on the Martian surface. These people aren’t UFO hunters. They’re not looking for UFOs, but are analysing anomalies on other planets and astral bodies. And the credit should go to an English lady, called Martine Grainey.

  3. why do you troll FB taking the enhancement and photo research of others without so much as a thank you?
    the gal that did this one is REALLY upset with you, expect trouble. most webhosts will pull you for copyright infringement or plaigiarism complaints. just saying

      1. yeah, said the pseudoanomalist plagiarist.
        promote some more faked items and swipe others stuff.
        Cut more watermarks off and not give a cent of your ad royalties to the actual publishers of the work you foist Ian, then deny it all. you’re pretty much a snake.

    1. I know exactly what I’m talking about, in this case it is you that is ignorant, whether willfully or in attempts to hide plagiarism. This site plagiarizes others. So much so as to remove watermarks off of the pictures they’ve foisted from others’ sites.

  4. Nobody cares if you SHARE, because it’s important to get the word out, BUT, NASA didn’t discover it, and the person who DID find it and DID enhance it so that YOU could write an article about it is Martine Grainey, of Bournmouth, U.K., and she deserves recognition and CREDIT for doing so in your article.

    1. It was intact discovered and enhanced enough to see what is really there along with many many other breathtaking undeniable findings by Martine Grainey.

  5. You should give credit Martine Grainey as she discovered and enhanced the anomaly!

  6. In this report, no mention is made of the area or size of the “face” in the photo. Is it feet, yards, miles or inches? There are some things in this photo that appear to be ruins, with stones placed atop another and partially buried. But these can easily be misinterpreted by the untrained or inexperienced. And no one can deny this is an anomaly, but a face? I’m not convinced. I remember the last time they thought they found a face on Mars. Hmmmmmm.

    1. Hi John. I am Martine Grainey, the finder of the anomaly and the first thing I noticed was that if they had done their homework, they would have seen that, like so many of the anomalies we find, the ‘head’ is very small – actually no more than 6 inches from the top of the head to the chin.

      1. Hi Ivan,
        Firstly.. thank you for having credited me with the find, . …and believe it or not, I really am a very “reasonable” person. 😀 Which is probably why this happens so frequently to me!

        Believe me, there is no way I would have deliberately ignored a message from you. Why would I do that? To be fair and honest, I have only just searched through my ‘filtered’ mail and found your reply for which I am most grateful, I had in fact already compiled a letter to you beforehand but it bounced back to me saying the address was invalid. I tried to send again late last night (UK time) but with no success. Most probably my mistake as I was so tired ! So I was going to copy and paste it here into your forum when I saw your comment here.

        I apologise for the way that others may have put their responses across to you regarding this matter and am aware that they were only defending me because of their awareness of this happening more frequently of late. I am also very aware there is a ‘middle man’ supplying work like mine to unaware groups like yours.
        I know its unlikely, but I’m sure you can imagine I would be very very grateful to know who is being unscrupulous enough to be supplying my finds to different outlets after having cropped off my name and wateremarks.

        I expect you know that our Mars groups have never saught – or seek any financial gain for our work other than to show what is being hidden by TPTB and bring forward the day of disclosure about life on Mars.
        In fact, Im actually a great fan of your site and have saved many reports from it on several subjects that enthrall me. I especially like the clarity and presentation of the texts and images.

        I am also very pleased that you appreciate my work and thank you for your compliment.

        May I wish you and your readers a very Happy and Prosperous New Year too,

        Martine Grainey
        Creator of Martian Genesis and group member of the United Family of Anomaly Hunters.

  7. Just once, I would love to see a martian picture that clearly and irrefutably shows a face, or some form of writing. Even if that day comes, it will probably be lost in the jumble of posts like this that show nothing more than unusual lighting.

      1. Sorry Martine, this could all be explained by lighting. If for example I took a picture of the Christ the Redeemer statue, or the Statue of Liberty, there would be little question that we are looking at faces. But this? No, it’s not even close. It’s interesting but until we can get a clear and irrefutable picture of something that is unquestionably artificial, then all we are looking at is a lighting anomaly, which is what this is.

        Make no mistake, I would love to find something artificial on Mars aside from Earth probes to the planet. But it doesn’t do anyone any good to make believe that something is there when it can be explained as something far simpler.

  8. Hey look at NASA’s rock collection worth billions. So sad that they are wasting money that could be use for Mental Health.

    1. Without NASA’s research and space exploration, you would not be typing on your computer. The irony is palpable.

  9. Well, i see allot of stuff on this picture that may or may not be of natural origin. Only a game of light and shadows? Shurely not, i have a very trained 3D vision capability. Look in the lower left quarter of the picture, all natural stuff?

  10. Well done Martine, it’s defo a Sumerian statue for sure I can see it as clear as day ignore those naive none believers, you can’t educate morons

  11. Are you people serious? Are you actually saying that ancient Sumerians once lived on Mars?

    Please tell me this is an Onion type of site.

  12. The reason Mars has no atmosphere is because the planet is dead. A cataclysm would not have caused the planet to die. It might obliterate life on the planet by interfering with it’s atmosphere. The planet is dead because it’s involatile and not located within the goldilocks zone. The temperature within the goldilocks zone is hot enough to keep planet earth’s interior warm, producing gases, shifts on the earth’s crust, atmosphere and H2O which cool the earth’s surface enough for life to exist on it’s surface. It’s suspected that Mars might have at one time been located within the goldilocks zone if the Sun’s flares were bigger than they are now. If the Sun is compared to a campfire that sometimes bursts into flame and subsides and then bursts again, then it’s feasible to assume that Mars was at one point in time, like earth situated within the goldilocks zone and indeed capable of sustaining life. The Sun is dying too and planet earth will cool down to such an extent that it too will die, as has Mars. Perhaps the next planet to sustain life will be Venus because this planet will one time be located within the goldilocks zone. If the Sun does not die to quickly, Venus might produce atmosphere and water. How long after this stage planet Venus will produce life can’t be speculated. And perhaps the production of atmosphere and water is about as far as Mars got to before having an opportunity to produce protein molecules. Perhaps the Sun’s flares were already subsiding. There are numerous videos on You Tube for you to refer to if you are curious about there ever having been life on Mars. The possibility of planet Earth at one time colonising Mars is almost assured.

  13. would have to see more pics from different angles before we could make any assumptions, remember the face on the moon…not really a face, just shadow play

  14. As much as I would love to see actual evidence, I doubt this qualifies. It’s interesting to be sure, but it doesn’t survive scruti.

    The absence of any more of the “relief”, or other “artifacts” in the picture. While artwork from those cultures does have a precedent of deep 2D reliefs on flat stone, they did full body carvings primarily. Having only a head, doesn’t match up. Even if the “wall” broke away, would should still see parts of it in the picture.

    If the wind in the area were strong enough to push them around and out of an area this large, your see more erosion.

    But the rest of the rocks found in the picture are similar in shape, angular, and choppy; aparts from a few that oddly look like they were molten at one point. Look at the upper right portion of the original photograph.

    Combined with Pareidolia and the fact that were looking for anything that might give a clue; it just presents more doubt than certainty. I’d be interested to see if there are any more photos from the same area from different angles.

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