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Here’s how you can build a replica of Nikola Tesla’s ‘Spirit Radio’


Now you can build a replica of the mysterious radio that freaked out Nikola Tesla who built it nearly one hundred years ago with the following instructions.

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“Physics, extends beyond what is scientifically known today,” Tesla communicated. “The future will show that what we now call occult or the supernatural is based on a science not yet developed, but whose first infant steps are being taken as we speak!”

Nikola Tesla created  so many things that its hard to keep track of them all. Among his weirdest inventions is the so-called ‘Spirit-Radio’ which uses a simple crystal radio circuit connected to a computer sound-in jack, which eventually generates all sorts of weird sounds, picking up all kinds of electromagnetic sources.

“My first observations positively terrified me as there was present in them something mysterious, not to say supernatural, and I was alone in my laboratory at night.”
– Nikola Tesla 1901

“The sounds I am listening to every night at first appear to be human voices conversing back and forth in a language I cannot understand. I find it difficult to imagine that I am actually hearing real voices from people not of this planet. There must be a more simple explanation that has so far eluded me.”
– Nikola Tesla 1918

Wha some call science, others call supernatural phenomena, but the truth is that a thin line seems to divide these two meanings.

So, If you wanna give it a try, and create one by yourself, here are the instructions on how to make it according to Instructables.

YouTube video

List of Materials

1- Small Jam Jar, (Mason Jar) with large mouth

1- 3 1/4 inch dia Plexiglas (or polycarbonate) cover lid, 1/8 inch thick

1- C1 – 60/160 pf Variable Capacitor (ComtrolAuto #VAR160-1)

1- Extension Shaft and Knob for above (ComtrolAuto #ExtKnob-1)

1- L1 – 680 uh Ferrite Loopstick Antenna (ComtrolAuto #LSA680-1)

1- D1 – Germanium 1N34A Diode (*Allied Stock#: 935-0301) $2.16 ea

1- C2 – .001uf Capacitor (marked 102) (*Allied Stock#: 507-0822) $.21 ea

1- R1 – 47k Resistor (*Allied Stock#: 296-6641) $.05 ea

1- Chassis Banana Jack Red – (*Allied Stock#: 528-0158) $.53 ea

1- Chassis Banana Jack Black – (*Allied Stock#: 528-0159) $.53 ea

2 – (or more for each antenna) Banana Plug (*Allied Stock#: 528-0302) $1.21

2 -3.5 mm Mono Chassis Jack (*Allied Stock#: 932-0260) $1.16

a few inches of 20 gauge hook-up wire solder

1- Audio Patch Cord, 1/8 inch plug ends

Total Cost less than $30.   For additional information: http://www.instructables.com/id/Spooky-Tesla-Spirit-Radio/step1/Parts-List-And-Schematic-Diagram/

YouTube video

YouTube video