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The Hopi Star Children Here to Restore a World Out of Balance


Many Native American tribes like the Hopi, Zuni, and Navajo believe extraterrestrial beings visited Earth. Often, we see depictions of Star Beings on ancient petroglyphs. 

Lesser known are the stories about Star Beings, who mated with human women, and the Star Children. After raising the children to the age of six, the people from the sky returned. Then, all traces of the Star Children disappeared. However, in other cases, Star Children remained to live their lives as tribal elders.

Hopi Star Children Left Behind

According to Brian Burkhart, a professor of American studies at California State University:

“The stories of Star Children are quite common in native culture. There can be quite a variety of forms of that sort of thing as well. But typically, there’s a star and a human being joined together and a child is born from that union,” Burkhart says.

When the child reached age six, the tribe knew the visitors from the sky could return for them. If not, they would sometimes become tribal elders, even at a young age.

According to author Logan Hawkes, who wrote Ancient Aliens of the Americas:

“…some Star Children are left behind to become interwoven into the tribe. A lot of them later in life become elders, even at a very young age. And, that’s because they are believed to carry the ability or the knowledge to heal the Earth,” says Hawkes.

See Burkhart and Hawkes below via HISTORY:

Koyaanisqatsi: A World Out of Balance

According to the Hopi legend, the Star Children are here to repair the Koyaanisqatsi, which means a world out of balance or “life of moral corruption and turmoil.”

“The Hopi believe the Earth is out of cantor. It’s not balanced any longer, and it’s the Star Children who live among the Hopi who advise even the elders on how to put the Earth back into balance again,” says Hawkes.

The Arrival of the Blue Star

One day, the Star Children will prepare people for the arrival of the Blue Star, a house in the sky, and the Kachina, a spiritual messenger. For Ancient Astronaut theorists, it’s a reference to the return of the extraterrestrials.

The Hopi name for the star Sirius is “Blue Star Kachina.”

According to a Hopi Elder named White Feather of the Bear Clan, the Blue Star is a “dwelling place in the heavens” that crashes to Earth. Afterward, the Kachina, the Saquasohuh, will remove his mask during a sacred dance in the village plaza.

Immediately, the arrival of the Kachina will mark the end of the Fourth World.

Ancient Origins notes the Kachina is “analogous to angels in the Christian religion.” Following this event, a period of war, destruction, and purification will lead to the beginning of the Fifth World. Then, the survivors will finally live in peace and harmony with Mother Nature. 

The Hopi Origin Story

As you may know, the Hopi and other Pueblo peoples believe they emerged from life underground. Then, when it was safe to go back to the surface, they met Maasaw, the planet’s caretaker.

At that moment, the caretaker instructs the people to care for the Earth, a gift to humankind. 

Thereafter, the tribe dispersed across the planet to find the “Center Place.” Interestingly, as the tribes migrated in different directions, they left a spiral petroglyph behind to mark where they traveled.

As they cared for the planet, they were to watch for a great sign in the sky. When the tribe saw the symbol, it would mark the Center Place. One day, they arrived in the American Southwest after seeing a bright light in the sky.

Now, awaiting the Blue Star Kachina, it seems as if the cycle will repeat, or perhaps has yet to happen in the future?

See the story illustrated by PBS below:

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The Hopi Prophecy Rock

Vernon Masayesva, Hopi Elder, discusses the Prophecy Rock, a petroglyph near Oraibi, Arizona.

“The predominant population of the races have embraced a materialistic path,” says Masayesva. “It has no heart. It’s all science and technology.”

When the Hopi emerged from the ground and entered the Fourth World, the farmer Maasaw taught them to follow the spiritual path.

“On that Prophecy Rock, the material path ends abruptly,” says Masayesva. “The spiritual path just keeps going.”

Interestingly, the petroglyph features three circles, but one remains incomplete. The Hopi elder says the incomplete circle represents World War III, which has already begun.

“So Maasaw’s path is now being disrupted by the warfare that’s going on, and now by global warming that mankind are creating.” 

Now, he says that there is still hope for a better future.

“I believe the path of science and technology can still be intertwined with the mystical path, a spiritual path, mythical path,” he says. “I think it can be intertwined as they were intertwined from the beginning when science and mythology was intertwined and they separated.”

You can see Elder Grandfather Martin Gashweseoma discuss Prophecy Rock below from KnewWays:

The Sacred Nature of Water 

As we reach the end of the Fourth Age, the elder says he sees hope in the form of sacred water, an indestructible living spirit. 

“We’ve been doing this for thousands of years. We believe water reacts to our energy, to our emotions, to our prayers.”

Today, he believes water is the bridge to unite science and technology with a harmonious way of life if used “the right way.” Instead of letting technology control our lives, people must come together as one race to restore harmony and love.

“Now I think, through water, water is the bridge…it will bring us back together again and I see a lot of hope in that,” he says.

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Starseeds in an Eternal Cycle

To receive enlightenment, humans must understand that it’s a fact that we are connected to every living thing, the cosmos, and the universe. We are all Starseeds and what we think and do affects everything.

Today, our cynical, materialistic world teaches us to mock such notions as naive or foolish. However, the wise realize the truth: what we do to the Earth, every life form, and each other matters.

Interestingly, Masayesva says that the recent advances in understanding the quantum world are “what Hopi always taught. We are part of the hydraulic cycle. We are intertwined with nature.”

Although Western science holds that we’re separated from nature, from water, Masayesva says we are “a very important part of that cycle.”

When we die, we go to the sixth direction, the cosmos sea, home of the Cloud People. Perhaps, another dimension?

After a period of rest, we return to the sea and the neverending cloud cycle.

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See Hopi elder Vernon Masayesva discuss the messages from the Ancients below:

Featured image: Composite of screenshots via YouTube/HISTORY

Conventional Thinking Proved Wrong About Sound Waves

Sound Waves

In February 2019, three researchers at Columbia University published results of an experiment showing that sound waves can carry gravitational mass. Through the experiment, they found that sound waves can generate a “tiny gravitational field.”

“The calculations show that sound waves carry a tiny negative mass, which means that in the presence of a gravitational field, such as that of the Earth, their trajectory is bent upwards. Esposito and colleagues found that sound waves also generate a small gravitational field,” the study stated.

For years, physicists believed that sound waves could carry energy but didn’t think waves could carry mass. However, the researchers found evidence that “conventional thinking was wrong,” noted Phys.org.

Quantum Field Theory and Sound Waves

Using quantum field theory, the team found that sound waves moving through superfluid helium carried a small amount of mass. Mathematically, they proved it happens though they didn’t directly measure the mass carried by a sound wave.

“More specifically, they found that phonons interacted with a gravitational field in a way that forced them to carry mass along as they moved through the material. In this new effort, the researchers report evidence that suggests the same results hold true for most materials,” reported Phys.org.

A phonon describes the behavior of sound vibrations at a very small scale.

Following the news, the researchers suggested ways to conduct further real-world testing. One possibility would be to use devices that detect gravitational fields to study earthquakes. As the quake sends sounds through the planet, the devices could detect “billions of kilograms of mass” carried by the sound.

In 2020, scientists created an algorithm to detect signals from earthquakes that deform gravity, changing the density of rock for a short time. These changes in gravity send out signals at the speed of light, making it possible to detect quakes before the destruction begins.

See how earthquakes create waves inside the planet from National Geographic:

The Sound Wave Anomaly

A year before the study, the same team introduced the theory that phonons have a negative mass and, therefore, a negative gravity. 

Strangely, phonons seem to defy gravity, rising upward instead of falling down.

“It turns out that under certain conditions with sound waves, sound waves can actually start to rise, rather than fall,” says string theory co-founder, Michio Kaku. “And, this is an anomoly, but yes, it seems to be consistent with the laws of physics, that certain vibrations instead of falling down, can actually fall up.”

Sound to Levitate Stones

For Ancient Astronaut theorists, the study immediately suggested ideas of how ancient people managed to move massive stones long ago. Perhaps, they were using sound waves and vibrations to move the stones with relative ease, after all.

Ancient stories suggested sound was part of the equation, and people constructed monuments with an apparent goal of amplifying a certain frequency. For example, Newgrange in Ireland, the Pyramids in Egypt, or the underground Ħal Saflieni Hypogeum in Malta.

Just maybe, sound waves were partly how Merlin constructed Stonehenge?

Such a fanciful story would sound familiar to Abu al-Hasan Ali al-Mas’udi, the Herodotus of the Arabs. Before 947 AD, al-Mas’udi recorded lore about how the ancients created the pyramids.

First, they placed a magical papyrus underneath the edges of stones. Then, they struck the stones with a rod of metal, and the stones started to float along a path of similar metal rods ever so gently.

Sidenote: Perhaps the papyrus was related to magnetic fields and superconductivity? In the quantum levitation experiment below, a crystal sapphire wafer coated with an extremely thin ceramic layer becomes cooled. Thus, it becomes a superconductor and levitates above a magnetic field.

Today, in ancient depictions around the world, we often see god-like beings holding thin metal rods in dramatic poses.

For example, in Egypt, we see the ever-present Was-sceptre. Across the globe in South America, at the Gateway of the Sun, Viracocha, and a host of winged beings each hold rods above an enormous 10-ton gateway, seemingly to nowhere.

See the Gate of the Sun below from KuriaTV:

Moving Small Objects with Sound

By studying cymatics, harmonic frequencies, and quantum field theory, we could be getting closer to understanding how the ancients moved giant megaliths. Certainly, today’s engineers would have difficulty if they attempted to replicate many ancient sites.

Through sound experiments, one can move sand particles in precise geometric shapes. And, one can levitate small objects like Ping Pong balls.

In 2016, researchers found they could levitate 2-inch polystyrene balls with high-frequency sound waves. To do it, they constructed a tripod of ultrasound transducers.

“At the moment, we can only levitate the object at a fixed position in space,” Andrade told Phys.org. “In future work, we would like to develop new devices capable of levitating and manipulating large objects in air.”

See the experiment from ScienceAlert:

The Secrets of Sound Waves

At the time of the Ping Pong experiment, Business Insider suggested one day researchers might “generate Star Trek-style tractor beam devices.”

Perhaps, one day soon, we will discover (or rediscover) the technology to move objects with considerable weight.

In the meantime, the former director of National Intelligence, John Ratcliffe, disclosed on Fox News that the government had observed UFOs that can break the sound barrier without a sonic boom. Clearly, conventional thinking about sound waves is changing fast.

Possibly, we may unlock the secrets of sound waves within our lifetimes?

See more from Ancient Aliens on the secrets of vibrations and higher dimensions below:

Featured image: Newgrange by gosiagarkowska2  via Pixabay, Pixabay License with screenshot via YouTube/ScienceAlert

2020: ‘The Year of UFO’ as Reports Doubled During the Pandemic

UFO sightings

UFO sightings in New York doubled last year, particularly in the Hudson Valley, long a hot spot for sightings. The National UFO Reporting Center recorded 300 sightings in New York in 2020, versus around 150 the previous year.

Meanwhile, over 7,200 UFO sightings were reported nationally, up 1,000 from 2019, reports the NY Times.

Sightings have been so frequent that UFO enthusiasts say they have turned away from local UFO meetups. Virginia “Cookie” Stringfellow, 75, shared her story about being abducted by aliens in Ontario, NY. Now she says out-of-towners are showing up in droves to join the meetings.

“I have to turn away people,” said Stringfellow, 75. 

More Eyes Watching the Skies

Ufologists suggest the dramatic increase is likely due to more eyeballs on the night skies, not an increase in UFOs. The rise in sightings coincided with March and April of last year when lockdowns were in full effect.

Since the coronavirus, New Yorkers have relocated to the Hudson Valley area, the Catskills, and the Adirondacks. There, with far less light pollution, they can see the sky and notice moving lights and objects.

Chris DePerno, assistant director of the New York State branch of the Mutual UFO Network, said that city transplants were reporting aircraft flying in acrobatic ways. DePerno is a retired police detective.

“They come up toward the Hudson Valley, it’s beautiful up there, you get clear skies and then all of a sudden you see this thing zipping through the sky, that stopped on a dime, goes straight up, takes off again, stops, comes back — we’re talking incredible speeds,” said Mr. DePerno.

With more people at home, there is more time to ponder what’s happening in the sky.

“With the Covid thing, more people are looking up,” he said.

Most UFOs are Identified 

Although there are more UFO sightings, the National UFO Reporting Center’s NUFORC director, Peter Davenport, says most of those can be attributed to ordinary things:

  • Drones
  • Birds
  • Bats
  • Satellites
  • Airplanes
  • Blimps

In a few cases, the UFO report remains unidentified. However, even though more reports are coming in, the proportion of unidentified objects remains the same, says Davenport.

2020: The Year of the UFO

A famed journalist who frequently reports on UFOs, George Knapp, reported, “The year of the pandemic was also the year of the UFO.”

Knapp pointed to the “most detailed analysis of American UFO sighting reports ever assembled” by UFO researcher and author Cheryl Costa. 

The UFO Sightings Desk Reference records a national spike in reports during the pandemic. Amazingly, the data covers UFO sightings broken down by city, county, state, shapes, types, sizes, time of day, and more.

As you might expect, in March and April of 2020, sightings were the highest at 1305 and 1603, respectively.

Costa detailed the US cities where sightings were the highest.

“Phoenix is the number one city. Okay, second year in a row. New York City is number two,” Costa said. “I never used to count New York City’s five boroughs. I attended the counties. Now we’re counting them as a full city. Las Vegas is number three for sightings. Los Angeles is number four. Number six is Portland. San Diego is number 10. Houston is number 11 in the country, Albuquerque 13. Sacramento number 21 in the country. 23 is San Francisco. Fresno was 43. And Lubbock is up to 75.”

Interestingly, Costa says she’s seen a drop in reports of Triangle UFOs, Cylinders, cigars, and fireballs. However, there has been a rise in “circles, spheres, changing UFOs, disk UFOs, tic tac UFOs, teardrop, and Saturn type UFOs.”

Strangely, she found a seasonal change in reports for the various UFO shapes, which she notes are not necessarily alien spacecraft.

You can see Knapp interview Costa about her incredibly in-depth data on unidentified flying object sightings across the country here.

TikTok UFO Videos

Along with the rise in UFO reports nationally, there has also been a trend for UFO videos on TikTok, a short-form video app. In September 2020, videos were particularly popular, reaching millions of views and showing up on users’ For You suggestions.

In one video, the user @withinthewild showed a group of people pointing and watching UFOs that sparkled in the sky.


In at least two TikTok videos, people saw multicolored UFOs near Boston.

In another video, user shanabran shared a video of UFOs which he claimed had “just landed next to my job” near Boston.

People More Likely to Report Sightings

Unlike in the past, more people are likely to come forward. Although people reporting UFOs have always been ridiculed, now, the subject is not as taboo. 

After the Pentagon declassified videos of unidentified aerial phenomena, UAPs seen by Navy pilots, UFOs have become mainstream news. 

Stringfellow says the news has encouraged people to talk about their sightings.

“Because of the Pentagon being outed, there is more news now, there is more reporting now,” said Stringfellow. “People aren’t so afraid to say, ‘Oh, jeez, I was in the woods now, or I was by the lake, and this thing came down.'”

Recently, the former Director of National Intelligence (DNI) John Ratcliffe appeared on Fox News to suggest UFOs have been observed breaking the sound barrier with no sonic boom. Furthermore, he made it clear that sightings are more common than previously disclosed. 

Meanwhile, a public UAP report is due, a joint effort from the current secretary of defense and national intelligence director. Details of the report should disclose a detailed analysis of unidentified phenomena data from the Central Intelligence Agency, the Pentagon, the FBI, and other spy agencies.

Overall, it seems the subject of UFOs has gained significant credibility, resulting in less social stigma for those who have experienced the phenomena. 

Davenport says he’s encouraged to see the change.

“It’s encouraging to many of us in the field of ufology that the government is willing to confirm that they are aware of these circumstances, that they are conceding that people are reporting these events,” said Davenport.

In the past, he says the government seemed to have believed “that people like me are just crazy — and we’re not.”

Most Americans Believe in Intelligent ETs

2020 Ipsos poll found that “just under half of Americans believe UFOs exist and have visited the Earth.” The results found that people are roughly split on whether aliens exist, regardless of age. 

In a related poll, Ipsos found that the majority (57%) of Americans think there are intelligent life and civilizations on other planets. However, only 45% believed in UFOs that visited the Earth.

Belief in UFOs and alien abduction is so prevalent that one Florida company, The St. Lawrence Agency, sold 6,000 “alien abduction insurance” policies by 2019. In the UK, a British company called Grip sold more than 37,000 alien-based policies by the year 2000.

Featured image: Hudson Valley by allexangry via PixabayPixabay License with UFO by Peter-Lomas via PixabayPixabay License

Sky Woman: The Overlooked Iroquois Influence on America

Iroquois Sky Woman

Today, the Iroquois (Haudenosaunee) culture teaches kids from birth about the Sky Woman, Mother Earth, and Grandmother Moon. The tribes instill a deep abiding respect for women who continue to uphold the Tree of Peace. 

What’s seldom taught in American classrooms is how the Iroquois Constitution, the Great Law of Peace (Gayanesshagowa) influenced our democracy and Constitution. Moreover, their way of life influenced the fight for women’s equality.

Thus, the Iroquois played a vital role in establishing our system of democracy. Today, atop the Capitol Dome, a statue inspired by Native Americans stands overseeing all, like a Sky Woman.

The Statue of Freedom

Since 1863, a bronze sculpture of a woman wearing a fur-trimmed robe has proudly stood atop the U.S. Capitol Dome. She’s called the Statue of Freedom, created by American sculptor Thomas Crawford. Sadly, the sculptor went blind and died suddenly at age 44, shortly after completing the plaster model from Rome, Italy. 

On the statue’s pedestal, the Nation’s motto, E Pluribus Unum, “out of many one,” is written. On his deathbed in 1857, Crawford named her America. However, she came to be known as Freedom Triumphant in War and Peace.

After many design changes, Crawford settled on a headdress influenced by “the costume of our Indian tribes.” Atop her head, there is a nine star-studded Roman helmet with “an eagle’s head and a bold arrangement of feathers.” Some see the eagle as a reference to the ancient Annunaki, often depicted with an eagle head on a human body.

Ironically, a master craftsman and slave named Philip Reid helped cast the 20-foot tall statue dedicated to freedom. Fortunately, the year of her installation on the Capitol Dome, Reid was a free man. In 1862, President Lincoln signed the Emancipation Proclamation. So, Reid went into business for himself as a plasterer. (see video below)

The plaster model for the statue is at Emancipation Hall in the U.S. Capitol Visitor Center. 

See more from Today I Found Out:

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The Iroquois Constitution

America’s way of life owes inspiration to the Iroquois’ unwritten democratic Constitution, as well as ancient Greco-Roman times and other influences. 

Since the 16th century, the Iroquois Confederacy, a group of Six Nations, has been governed by its principals. The tribes included the MohawkOneidaOnondagaCayugaSeneca, and Tuscarora. In the past, the tribes lived across New York and Canada.

The Tree of Peace

After warring with each other for decades, the Six Nations came together to live in harmony between 1570 and 1600. An Oneida story called The Tree of Peace discussed how the leaders put their weapons aside under a giant White Pine tree

Afterward, a governing Great Council of chiefs began meeting together in a longhouse. By oral tradition, the leaders planted a white pine after founding the Great Law of Peace. Today, this practice of planting peace trees continues.

For example, in 1988, Jake Swamp, a Mohawk chief of the Iroquois Grand Council, planted a pine that stands near the First Bank of the United States in Philadelphia. 

At the ceremony, Chief Swamp said:

“Many years ago, man depended on his own judgement and strayed away from the original instruction, giving birth to greed, jealousy, warfare and destruction.” 

The Chief called for a return to humanity’s roots, for “when the creator made the world, he intended people to always live at peace with one another.”

White pine
image via nationalparkservice, nps.gov

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Benjamin Franklin and the Iroquois 

Much earlier, at the Albany Congress between June 19 and July 9, 1754, Benjamin Franklin presented his Plan of Union, a federation of 13 British colonies and alliance with the Six Nations chiefs.

It was the first official attempt to “develop inter-colonial cooperation among the colonies,” notes American History Central.

Franklin hoped to secure the Iroquois alliance for trade, treaties, and land purchases and unite the colonies against French imperial forces and their Native American allies. 

In attendance, representatives of the Indian nations and colonies listened as he discussed the Iroquois. Franklin chided the colonists, who often wrongly considered Native Americans as ignorant savages.

‘It would be a strange thing,” Franklin said, “if six nations of ignorant savages should be capable of forming such a union, and yet it has subsisted for ages and appears indissolvable, and yet a like union should be impractical for ten or a dozen English colonies.” 

After Franklin introduced the plan, commissioners who attended the Congress adopted the final version on July 10. However, King George II and the colonial governments rejected it. Nevertheless, the document would later influence portions of the Constitution.

Peace Turns to War

Over two decades later, the Continental Congress attempted to make peace with the Iroquois, claiming to want peace.

According to the National Park Service:

“In July of 1775, the Continental Congress prepared a message for a meeting in Albany, NY with the Iroquois Nation of New York, requesting that the powerful Iroquois Confederacy remain neutral in the war between the colonists and Great Britain. Part of their message reads, ‘Brothers! We live upon the same ground with you. The same island is our common birthplace. We desire to sit down under the same tree of peace with you: let us water its roots and cherish its growth, till the large leaves and flourishing branches shall extend to the setting sun and reach the skies.'”

Unfortunately, as we all know, there would be no alliance or peace. Soon, the colonists claimed Iroquois land and many were killed and forced to depart for British Canada to survive. Nevertheless, the ancestors of the tribe continue to teach about living in peace and harmony with each other and nature.

Resolution to Recognize Iroquois Contributions

In 1987, at the 200th anniversary of its Constitution, Resolution 331 was introduced in the House of Representatives. The resolution formally recognized the Iroquois contributions to democracy.

“Whereas the original framers of the Constitution, including, most notably, George Washington and Benjamin Franklin, are known to have greatly admired the concepts of the Six Nations of the Iroquois Confederacy.”

Notably, the resolution states clearly that the Iroquois’s democratic principles became part of the Constitution.

“Whereas the confederation of the original Thirteen Colonies into one republic was influenced by the political system developed by the Iroquois Confederacy, as were many of the democratic principles which were incorporated into the Constitution itself.”

Congress approved the resolution introduced by Representative Morris K. Udall in October 1988.

The Sky Woman and North America

In Iroquois culture, women have long enjoyed equal status to men, owing to beliefs such as the Sky Woman.

One version of the Iroquois creation story tells of a floating world where the immortal Sky People lived. A luminous tree gave light to the island.

As the story goes, the Sky Woman’s husband became enraged when she told him she would give birth to twins. In his rage, he ripped out the tree, creating a hole. Sky Woman fell to Earth through the hole but was rescued by animals. A Little Toad gathered mud in its mouth, which the other animals spread across the land.

On the blue planet, creatures of the seas already existed, and birds rescued Sky Woman, who stepped onto North America, which appeared like a giant turtle. From there, she created the stars, Moon, and Sun.

Giorgio A. Tsoukalos explores Sky Woman’s story on the In Search of Aliens, “The Founding of America.” A question asked is how the Native Americans could have known that North America resembled a turtle before the outline was known.

Turtle Island

Image via Facebook/Ollin.caInspiring Young Minds to Learn 

Creation and Destruction

Later, Sky Woman’s twins, Sapling and Flint, began creating other lifeforms on the planet. The twins had a rivalry, and Flint tried to conquer all of Sapling’s creations.

While Sapling created nurturing, beneficial life for humans, Flint was destructive. Thus, he created everything harsh: winter, thorns, and monsters, which Sapling drove underground.

In the end, Sapling and thus life on Earth won out. Defeated, an angry Flint went to live in a volcano on Big Turtle’s back.

Without the animals, Sky Woman may have perished, and today the Iroquois hold respect for all living things. It’s a way of life that modern society is finally beginning to recognize and appreciate. 

Notably, Sky Woman’s story bears similarities to other creation stories, such as the Cosmic Tree of Life and World Turtle. Today, many indigenous tribes still call North America Turtle Island, and the White Pine is the symbol for the Iroquois Constitution.

Below is another version of the story via New World Histories:

Women’s Equality and the Iroquois

In the Six Nations Confederacy, women had an equal say to men in government and family life. If men were disrespectful to their marriages, they could be divorced, and the woman could keep her property and children.

Furthermore, Iroquois women had equal responsibilities in spiritual ceremonies and controlled the land, which they cultivated.

Moreover, the Clan Mother led the women in choosing the tribe’s Chief (sachem) to represent them on the Grand Council. In matters of war, the women had an equal say and could withhold food to men who went against their wishes.

Women’s rights suffragettes like Susan B. Anthony were amazed to learn about the equality that Iroquois women held. Suffragette Matilda Joslyn Gage wrote articles about the Haudenosaunee in the New York Evening Post and other New York papers. Thus, they inspired a generation of people to strive for women’s equality.

Below, Brenda LaForme, Cultural Interpreter at the Iroquois Indian Museum in Howes Cave, NY, discusses women’s roles in the Haudenosaunee culture.

As she notes, if a Chief abused women, the women in the tribe could remove him from power, an act called “dehorning” the leader. Today, women in the tribe help ensure survival and cultural ways, always upholding the Tree of Peace.

Image by Annaser via Wikimedia Commons (CC BY-SA 4.0) and by dbking via Wikimedia Commons (CC BY 2.0)

Venomous Humans Could Evolve Due to Common Ancestor with Reptiles


Scientists have learned that venomous humans could one day become real. The headline elicits the response, “Aren’t they already venomous?” For example, watching politicians talk, one gets the idea that malevolent reptilians may be in government positions today. At this point, who would be surprised?

But seriously, it goes back to our ancient past, when humans and reptiles shared a common ancestor. 

Today, there are thousands of venomous animals, both reptiles and a few mammals. For example, shrews and some moles are venomous. Unlike many venomous snakes, mammals have venom that is watery, dilute, and profuse. 

“… salivary tissue of most mammals produce large volumes of very dilute mixtures, while snake venom glands produce highly concentrated mixtures of diverse toxins,” the scientists from Japan and Australia wrote.

After the scientists studied thousands of genes associated with venom production, they discovered that the same genes and physical mechanisms were at work in saliva glands and venom glands.

So, while humans currently don’t secrete venomous proteins, in time, we could do so. However, snakes are far more highly evolved in that regard, with potent venom used sparingly.

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Human Bites – Already Dangerous

Even without venom, a human bite is dangerous, as you may have learned the hard way as a child. The Mayo Clinic states a human bite may be more dangerous than an animal bite due to bacteria and viruses always present in our mouths. 

Often, people bitten by a person will require a tetanus shot. So, the need to evolve venom seems a redundant step.

On the other hand, there are ample ancient stories of human-snake hybrids, and the word “venom” may be derived from Venus, the Roman goddess of love. (Greek Aphrodite) Her charms to arouse became synonymous with poison.

The Latin venemum, meaning “magical charm, potent drug,” later became “deadly substance, poison.”

“The ‘poison’ meaning appears in Old French in the form venim, which Middle English borrowed as venim or venom. Oh, Venus, you wily goddess you. Makes you wonder just what she’s thinking in that seashell pic,” writes Merriam-Webster.

As we all know well, some may already be poisonous in the art of love.

Venomous Humans That  Hibernate

Recently, scientists also learned that humans might have the capacity for hibernation as well. In the distant past, early human beings probably hibernated, according to research into their fossilized remains. It all goes back to our mammalian ancestry.

Thus, Neanderthals once hibernated alongside cave bears to avoid harsh winters. However, that doesn’t mean they were particularly good at hibernation, as evidence by signs of seasonal malnutrition and disease.

Today, doctors can induce a state of torpor while patients undergo surgery. In the future, our capacity to hibernate may make it possible for our species to escape Earth on long voyages into space. It’s a subject of 1968’s Sci-Fi classic, 2001: A Space Odyssey, that recently drew attention due to monoliths appearing all over the place.

We Owe Our Spines to Ancient Mud Gulpers

When you consider how humans are distantly related to other species, it makes you wonder what other traits we could evolve? After all, we have many distant relatives. Going back further, we trace our ancestry to creatures lurking in the oceans.

Some people owe their spines to these creatures, while other people are apparently still working on it. You just know it’s the spineless folks who are more likely to become venomous.

Millions of years ago, creatures that looked like the Roomba of the seas moved about on the seafloors. Armored bottom-dwelling fish called osteostracans (meaning “bony shields”)  gulped mud with no jaws some 400 million years ago. Inside, they had a primitive bony internal endoskeleton.

Thanks to those humble beginnings, scientists think we developed bones and vertebrae, serving like batteries of energy that made it possible to slither onto land awkwardly.

Moving about in shallow waters where ocean waves crashed, bones possibly helped them withstand the surf.  As an added benefit, the resulting energy reserves allowed them to explore and eventually move to land. From there, evolution led to amphibians, reptiles, birds, and venomous mammals.

See the osteostracans from PBS Eons below:

Earliest Distant Relatives

Going back even further, you can see a simulation of what may be one of our earliest recognizable ancestors, Pikaia gracilens, an extinct small chordate animal from the Middle Cambrian period, “time of ancient life.” It looks like a gliding eel with a primitive forerunner of the backbone called a notochord, a flexible supportive rod. 

The period from over 500 million years ago marked a burst of evolutionary changes called the “Cambrian Explosion.” 

It’s all a bit humbling but also a critical lesson in how all species are very much interconnected and dependent entirely on each other. May we learn this lesson before we evolve into venomous humans.

Featured image by SarahRichterArt  via PixabayPixabay License

Opening Up a Can of Wormholes into Unexplained Phenomena

Wormholes Loch Ness

Wormholes could be real, and humans could travel through them, as shared by mainstream Popular Mechanics recently. At the same time, mainstream news is regularly reporting on UFO phenomena. 

It seems like a paradigm shift is happening for people who have long been interested in UFOs and the unexplained.

What are the implications when these subjects, long derided and ridiculed by skeptics, are now mainstream news? It seems like virtually anything is possible now, despite constant skeptics, cynics, and naysayers.

After a year of hiding from a pandemic, that’s a welcome feeling. Perhaps, we can emerge into a new year of possibilities, heralded by the appearance of monoliths worldwide.

For example, consider what it truly means if traversable wormholes are real with your imagination.

Opening Up a Can of Wormholes

For years, mainstream scientists have suggested that if wormholes are possible, they would be impossible or fatal to enter.

In 2015, physicists from Spain created a wormhole tunneling magnetic fields. Unlike an Einstein-Rosen bridge through spacetime, it was a realization of a futuristic “invisibility cloak,” reported Scientific American.

By 2019, The New York Times reported that scientists from China proposed a way to test if gravity could travel by wormholes. By studying black holes and compact stars near them, they hoped to find signs gravity was leaking through, tugging objects on the far side of a wormhole.

Recently, in March 2021, Popular Mechanics shared the news: “Human-Safe Wormholes Could Exist in the Real World, Study Finds.” International researchers published two new studies suggesting ways to prevent wormholes from collapsing, allowing objects or people to go through unharmed.

Theorists had suggested one way would be to “fill the wormhole with an exotic form of matter that has negative mass.” However, such matter, as far as we know, hasn’t been found. Instead, the researchers suggested, “a wormhole that forms in five-dimensional spacetime also known as the Randall-Sundrum model.”

So long as the wormhole remained clear of stray particles, people could theoretically go in them.

“If particles that fall into the wormhole scatter and lose energy, then they would accumulate inside, contributing some positive energy that would eventually make the wormhole collapse back into a black hole.”

In other words, you go first because any dust could collapse the whole thing. If you survived the trip, you could cross the galaxy in less than a second. On the other hand, thousands of years would be by for those you left behind, extreme time dilation.

See more from Event Horizon:

Falling Down the Wormhole

Although we now can say that wormholes are possible, we don’t yet know how to generate one. Therefore, we don’t know how it would affect people or objects if they went through. Perhaps there is a way to control time dilation that remains undiscovered? 

For example, in 1895, Nikola Tesla claimed to have witnessed the past, present, and future with a time machine. By manipulating magnetic fields, he claimed he could alter time and space.

All the time, scientists are learning more about magnetic fields. For example, researchers from Italy have learned how to create and cancel magnetic fields from afar. So far, the process requires using a special arrangement of wires and electric current. But, perhaps one day they will find out how to manipulate magnetic fields remotely in space? Then, maybe they could discover how to generate a wormhole.

If wormholes allow beings from thousands of years in the past to emerge into the present, what would we see? Perhaps, we might see a plesiosaur swimming in Loch Ness, for example? That’s precisely what Giorgio Tsoukalos suggested in his 2014 In Search of Aliens series.

Natural Wormholes 

Tsoukalos spoke with Dr. John Brandenburg, Professor of Physics at Madison College, about the Loch Ness. Due to high levels of quartz and the deep tunnel-like structure of the lake, perhaps it could open a wormhole?

“You have enormous electromagnetic fields being generated. That means we can create, perhaps, a traversable wormhole,” said Brandenburg.

Brandenburg suggests something like the Casimir effect may be taking place in the water channel, stabilizing a wormhole through a locally mass-negative region of spacetime.

Casimir plates by Emok via Wikimedia Commons (CC BY-SA 3.0)
Casimir plates by Emok via Wikimedia Commons (CC BY-SA 3.0)

Plesiosaur Sightings Across the Globe

If the unique Loch could open a porthole, would it allow ancient creatures or UFOs to emerge from a different time or galaxy? 

Would that explain why people keep seeing a dinosaur swimming in the murky waters? Across the ocean in Lake Champlain, people see Champ, another plesiosaur-like creature. The Abenaki and the Iroquois in the area have long told stories about the serpent-like creature. 

The Abenaki name it the Gitaskog. When Europeans arrived, sightings continued until modern times. In 1977, Sandra Mansi took a photo of Champ, which looks unmistakably like a plesiosaur. In the series, Tsoukalos learns the photo is confirmed real. However,  others say it was merely a photo of driftwood. (See for yourself below)

See the Mansi photo in the video from Ben G Thomas:

On the show, they asked if perhaps Lake Champlain could be connected deep under the ocean to Loch Ness. In the ancient past, the landmasses were closer together, but now, perhaps a tunnel connected the lakes, allowing sightings of the same creatures.

Perhaps the animals remain elusive because they exist only momentarily, like a snapshot into the ancient past. 

Wormholes Connections to Other Phenomena

If we put aside skepticism for a moment, could similar anomalous zones and bizarre sightings be connected to transient wormholes? Perhaps they are only possible under certain circumstances, such as where energy fields are channeled in a particular way?

Or, is it possible such locations are more common than we know?

If so, could we apply that concept to boat and airplane disappearances in the Bermuda Triangle? Could other mysterious sightings of UFOs and alien creatures be connected to wormholes? For that matter, could it explain the sightings of apparitions also?

What other places on the planet might there be areas where energy fields could open wormholes?

Perhaps, the ancient pyramids of Egypt? Like the Loch, the pyramid and many ancient standing stones have high levels of quartz due to the use of stone like granite, which can be up to 60% quartz. Were such locations portholes as many Ancient Astronaut theorists and the Outlander series suggest? It’s outlandish to consider, but also not impossible.

Reports of time dilation and inter-dimensional gateways have been reported in various human-made structures like the Woolwich Foot Tunnel Anomaly in London. Meanwhile, in declassified FBI documents, stories about interdimensional humanoid beings traveling at will to Earth are found. 

Now that the mainstream acknowledges UFOs are real and wormholes are indeed possible, it affects how we see all these stories. Although it’s healthy to remain skeptical, it seems like the mainstream could be entering a new realm of possibilities.

Featured image: Wormhole by Genty via PixabayPixabay License with plesiosaur by Rebecca Thompson via Flickr (CC BY-NC 2.0)

Massive Lava Tubes on Mars and the Moon Could Shelter Astronauts


Lava tubes on Mars could provide shelter for astronauts, according to a new study. Earlier studies have suggested the same could apply to the Moon.

An Army Intelligence Officer and Combat Veteran turned Ufologist and Astrophysicist, Antonio Paris, and other researchers have published a study suggesting astronauts could live in relative safety underground on Mars. 

Astronauts may arrive on Mars sooner than we think, with missions beginning in the 2030s. However, human survival would be impossible without shelter from cosmic radiation. Unlike Earth, Mars has no atmosphere to protect life. 

In areas where the ground has caved in, scientists have seen expansive structures that could serve as “ready-built” homes, reported BGR. 

Enormous Lava Tubes on Mars and the Moon

There is evidence of enormous lava tubes near Mar’s surface up to 1,000 times wider than lava tubes on Earth. In some cases, the tubes could be longer than 25 miles, reported CNN in 2019. Here on Earth, similar structures range from 33 to 98 feet in diameter. They can be found in Hawaii, Australia, Iceland, and the Canary Islands. 

Furthermore, the Moon may have lunar caves that reach one kilometer in diameter. To give you some idea, this would be large enough to hold the tallest buildings on Earth. A study coauthor that year suggested all of Padua, Italy’s city center, could fit inside a lava tube on the Moon.

Lava Tubes on mars
Image via YouTube/NASA

Moreover, the study authors suggested astronauts could access lunar lava tubes and that they might hold water ice reservoirs.

“Lunar tubes on the moon and Mars could be longer than 25 miles, according to a new study using satellite images, radar data, spacecraft observations of features called skylights belonging to collapsed lava tubes, and digital terrain models of lava tubes on the moon and Mars,” reported Ashley Strickland.

Scientists discovered the lava tubes after spotting “skylights,” holes that revealed the caverns beneath. In the distant past, asteroid impacts created the skylights, revealing the recesses beneath.

Unlike on Earth, low gravity conditions may prevent the huge caves from collapsing. Since the tubes provide shelter from micrometeorites and Radiation, they could serve as niches for hosting life.

Since 2012, the European Space Agency’s CAVES and Pangaea programs have trained astronauts how to explore underground caves safely.

See more about how these lava tubes form from NASA:

Martian Caves Could Block 80% of Radiation 

In recent years, Paris and the researchers studied analogous lava tubes on Earth in Mojave, CA, El Malpais, NM, and Flagstaff, AZ. After taking radiation measurements inside and outside the tubes, they compared the findings to what is known about Mars. 

“It’s not a perfect comparison since we don’t know the exact properties of the lava tubes on Mars, but the researchers suggest that Martian caves could block over 80% of the radiation coming down from space,” reported BGR.

Although radiation would remain higher than on Earth, it could make long-term missions possible.

The Hellas Planitia on Mars

As part of the recent study, Antonio Paris and the other researchers chose to focus on the Hellas Planitia in Mars’ southern hemisphere. 

Its name translates to “Greek plain.” NASA notes the area is “one of the largest impact craters in the solar system.”

Recently, scientists found evidence of an ancient river system in the area. In 2017, the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter found strange “squiggles” on the surface, possibly the “result of this dry ice breaking apart into blocks.”

“The crater inside Hellas has been filled with material, which may be related to volcanic activity on the basin’s northwestern rim. It also might be related to the presence of water and water ice. However, there is evidence elsewhere that the ground here is rich with ice,” states the NASA website.

At the Hellas Planitia, there is less cosmic and solar radiation, reports Popular Mechanics. 

Paris believes the site may be ideal for astronauts to seek shelter. Also, he says the lava tubes would be an ideal spot to search for any signs of ancient microbial life.

Today, NASA’s Perseverance Rover is exploring the Jezero Crater, north of the Martian equator. So, it won’t be exploring the Hellas Planitia, unfortunately. In the meantime, Paris is hoping to travel to the Moon. 

As an interesting (and bizarre) sidenote, recently, former Israeli space security chief Haim Eshed stated there has long been “a secret underground base on Mars, where there are American and alien representatives.” Notably, Eshed was head of Israel’s space program for nearly 30 years and is a three-time recipient of the Israel Security Award.

So, who knows what might be down there in the lava tubes on Mars and the Moon?

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More about the Hellas Planitia via Amaze Lab:

Featured image: Image by Pexels via PixabayPixabay License

The Waubonsie Stone in Chicago: An Ancient Altar for Sacrificing Babies?

waubonsie stone

Chicago is home to a 3000-pound red granite boulder with a strange face carved on it. It’s called the Waubonsie Stone, (also spelled Waubansee) “probably the first so-called statue” in Chicago’s history, according to the Chicago Tribune in 1976.

Once, the huge stone sat at the river’s mouth near Fort Dearborn, constructed in 1804. Once, it stood about a half-mile walk from Lake Michigan near the Michigan Avenue Bridge.

For centuries, (at least) the site was an important travel and portage route. 

Like many megaliths, people suspect the Waubonsie Stone could be anywhere from hundreds to thousands of years old. It features a large face with closed eyes, an open mouth, and a pronounced short stylized beard.

On the top of the stone, a four-inch-deep basin suggests horrific sacrificial purposes. However, others suggest it was merely a Native American device for grinding grain.

It’s the subject of America Unearthed, Season 3, Episode 9, “The Blood Stone.”

Host and forensic geologist Scott Wolter travels to Chicago after a tip from Indiana resident Scott Mastores, M.D. There, the two men go to the Chicago History Museum to see one of the oldest relics found near the city.

When they arrive, they learn that the stone is in secret storage.

Seeing the Waubonsie Stone

Peter Alter, Archivist at the Chicago History Museum, meets the two men.

Alter shows a photo of the Waubonsie Stone sitting in the side yard of a Chicago lawyer Isaac N. Arnold.

Isaac N. Arnold, Waubansee, Waubonsie stone
The stone at Isaac N. Arnold’s side-yard after the Great Chicago Fire. Image via YouTube (see below)

Arnold was a lawyer who became a representative in Congress and a close friend of President Abraham Lincoln.

At his home, the carving sat among a memorial after the Great Chicago Fire of 1871 destroyed Arnold’s home. (Sadly, Lincoln memorabilia included) After his death, Arnold’s daughter donated the Waubonsie Stone to the Chicago Historical Society. 

Then, Alter agrees to take them to see the Waubonsie Stone in person, but first, they have to agree to secrecy. The stone has high “historical value.”

“I can take you to see it, but you can’t tell anyone where it is,” says Alter.

Like many artifacts in the museum, he notes it’s “worth a lot in historical value,” Alter says.

Indeed, Frank Joseph, the editor of Ancient American magazine, once said the Waubonsie Stone could be among the most valuable artifacts “in the pre-Columbian history of North America.”

They travel to see the stone in a secret location.

Made Into a Drinking Fountain?

Today, the Waubonsie Stone weighs about 3,000 pounds. However, Alter says the someone cut the stone around 1914.

“When the museum took possession of the stone somewhere around 1914, several feet were lopped off the bottom,” said Alter.

“They cut it off?” said a shocked Scott Wolter.

“Well, yes, it’s something that wouldn’t happen today in a museum. But the owners of the museum wanted to make it into a drinking fountain,” said Alter.

“That is every historical archivist’s nightmare, is cutting an artifact,” says Wolter.

Sadly, it seems the staff cut a hole in the top of the stone so that water would come from the mouth. Thus, one of Chicago’s oldest artifacts once served as a drinking fountain “for the benefit of school children.”

If only they knew the stone was once possibly used for horrific purposes?

Waubonsie Stone drinking fountain
Waubonsie Stone drinking fountain, via YouTube

Mysterious Triangular ‘Mooring Holes’

Although it appears the museum staff created a hold to make a drinking fountain, other holes appear older. Wolter notices two “rounded triangular holes” on either side of the Waubonsie Stone. 

“I’ve seen stone holes like this before. Hundreds of them have been found on rocks along lakes and rivers in the Upper Midwest and on the East Coast,” says Wolter.

Waubonsie Stone holes
Waubonsie Stone holes via YouTube

Generally, these stone holes or “mooring stone” holes are four to five inches deep. On the Waubonsie Stone, they are about two inches deep.

Perhaps, someone once tied ships to the stones using the holes? To create such a precise hole, one would need a chisel and hammer, suggests Wolter.

In the distant past, were these stones used to fasten ships? If so, white explorers supposedly didn’t find the Chicago Portage linking Lake Michigan to the Mississippi River until the late 1600s. However, Native Americans had been using the area for centuries.

Who Carved the Waubonsie Stone?

Today, nobody knows for sure who carved the Waubonsie Stone. Its historical value is apparent, yet it seems largely ignored. However, a conventional tale was often told for an explanation.

“Many people believed that the stone was carved by a soldier from Fort Dearborn,” said Alter. “And, because Waubonsie visited the fort a lot, the soldier supposedly carved the face of the Chief.”

However, there’s no documentation about the anonymous soldier, as Alter readily admits. A book from 1881 called Chicago Antiquities by Henry H. Hurlbut is a source of the story.

At the Historical Society, text on a wall accompanying the stone once held the soldier story was the official version.

Interestingly, Hurlbut’s text suggests the stone used to be standing with a large portion buried.

“The red-granite boulder, Hurlbut tells us, hitched a ride from “the far North…upon a cake of ice to Chicago, in the days probably when the prairies were formed”–that is, it was deposited by a glacier thousands of years ago during the last ice age. The rock ended up on the south bank of the Chicago River near the lakeshore; it originally was eight feet high but was buried three feet below the sandy surface,” states the Chicago Reader.

Of course, the stone face bears little to no likeness whatsoever of the Chief. It would take a great leap of logic to claim otherwise. In fact, other historians long called the stone the “Stone of Sacrifice and Death,” suggesting it was created for darker purposes long ago.

Which explanation is more likely?

Chief Waubonsie and Waubonsie Stone
Chief Waubonsie and Waubonsie Stone, via YouTube

An Ancient Standing Stone in Chicago?

Wolter notes that the Waubonsie Stone must have been originally standing. Thus, it’s a Standing Stone, similar to megaliths found around the world. 

“This stone, if it was upright like we think, as it’s described in this document, then could be ancient,” says Wolter. “We’re talking potentially thousands of years old, erected by man.”

Unlike many such megaliths, this one features a face with closed eyes and an open mouth. The men notice the face is similar to a Death Mask, created to honor and remember a famous person.

Death Masks and Baby Sacrifices

If the Waubonsie Stone is a Death Mask, then what culture carved it? Today, we can only speculate, but there are many ideas.  

Some suggest the ancient Mississippian Culture must have carved the stone. Nearby, the Mound Builders flourished from 1000 BC to 1300 AD., and their largest site was Cahokia, in downstate Illinois.

Sometimes, they created clay pottery featuring human heads and faces. Another suggestion is that the Aztecs traveled to the area long ago from Mesoamerica. 

However, there are so far no proven links between the Mound Builders and the Aztecs or Maya. And the Mound Builders didn’t create other stones similar to the Waubonsie Stone. If they did create the sculpture, why would they carve it in the Chicago area?

Another idea is the ancient Phoenicians from the Mediterranean arrived in the area thousands of years ago. Maybe, they were the ones who were mining copper around northern Michigan as part of an ancient Copper Culture?

Altars from the Mediterranean bear carvings with a striking resemblance to the Waubonsie Stone. As author Brad Olsen points out, the Phoenicians created Tophets, large sacrificial alters. Olsen says the Waubonsie Stone’s bowl-shaped recess is approximately sized to fit a human child.

“As grisly as it sounds, Scott, I think it’s indicative of child sacrifice on the banks of the Chicago River thousands of years ago,” says Olsen.

Were the Phoenicians sacrificing babies in the Chicago area in the distant past? 

The ‘Sea Market Altar Stone’

South of St. Petersburg, Florida, someone discovered a stone carving like the Waubonsie Stone, the show claims. It’s called the Sea Market Altar Stone. Both stones have a large impression on the top, seemingly used for sacrifices. 

Judging by their resemblance to each other and Tophets, Olsen believes the Phoenicians created both objects. By sacrificing someone or something on the altars, they may have been trying to bless their journey back across the ocean.

Sea Market Altar Stone
Sea Market Altar Stone via YouTube

An Egyptian or Phoenician Relic Found in Michigan?

Next, Wolter travels northwest to Colfax, WI, to talk to Wayne May, publisher of “Ancient American.” May claims to hold an Egyptian-style Ushabti funerary figurine. These small statues were placed in burial mounds. 

May claims he purchased the Ushabti from a woman after her husband passed. The man supposedly found the figurine in a mound along the Des Plaines River north of Chicago. Since the Phoenicians copied Egyptian art, Wolter is convinced it’s more evidence they were once in the area.

If the story is true, it certainly confirms there were artifacts from other parts of the world reaching the Chicago area long ago. Either through trade or direct human arrival, the influence in North America is there.

Egyptian Ushabti
Egyptian or Phoenician Ushabti via YouTube

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Other Explanations

Both Wolter and May came to believe the evidence points to the Phoenicians carving the Waubonsie Stone. 

“As reprehensible as it may be, those Phoenicians may have sacrificed babies on the Waubonsie Stone,” said Wolter. 

By making sacrifices, they hoped to have a safe crossing back to their homes in the Middle East.

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However, there’s no definite proof. Perhaps the sacrifice would be attributed to some other culture known for sacrifices like the ancient Druids? Also, the Vikings arrived 500 years before Columbus? Could they have some connection? Some have noted the rounded triangular holes are similar to those of Viking mooring stones.

On the other hand, the face bears a striking similarity to the giant faces carved by the mysterious Olmec of Mesoamerica.

Of course, Ancient Astronaut theorists will have their own ideas. Maybe, the face represents the bearded Anunnaki?

Despite all of the possible explanations, the Waubonsie Stone remains a total mystery. Perhaps, rather than sitting in a warehouse, it’s time for experts to look at it with renewed interest? (and seriousness) If that were done, it’s possible the stone could radically change conventional timelines. As we see with some other artifacts, that may be why it tends to remain in obscurity.

See the America Unearthed, Season 3, Episode 9, “The Blood Stone” below:

Featured image: Screenshots via YouTube/HISTORY

Many More UFOs Worldwide – Defying Explanation, Says Former DNI

image 1
Many More UFOs Worldwide – Defying Explanation, Says Former DNI 19

A report on UFOS, “Advanced Aerial Threats,” or unidentified aerial phenomena UAPs was set into motion as part of the COVID-19 relief bill signed by Donald Trump in December last year. There in the bill, the Senate Intelligence Committee’s Intelligence Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2021 contained a comment to request the official report.

“The report shall be submitted in unclassified form but may include a classified annex,” the committee wrote.

Now, the report is fast approaching, possibly by June 1, 2021. Even Snopes has confirmed the impending unclassified report, a surreal moment for Snopes.

Already, Trump’s former Director of National Intelligence, (DNI) John Ratcliffe, is making waves about what may be included. Ratcliffe appeared on Fox News with journalist Maria Bartiromo. There, he revealed that UFOs have been recorded breaking the sound barrier without a sonic boom. But, that’s not possible, right?

Moreover, he confirmed there were many more UFO sightings than publicly known. Suddenly, after decades of dismissing talk of UFOs, the Washington Examiner and mainstream news sites seem to suddenly be taking them with more seriousness.

Again, it’s a surreal moment to see UFOs’ mainstream news coverage, almost as strange as UFO reports to begin with.

More UFO Sightings Than You Think

When the UAP report comes out in June, it will include updates by the Pentagon, the Secretary of Defense, the Director of National Intelligence, the CIA, and other spy agencies.

Ratcliffe says he wanted to declassify information regarding UAPs before he left office but wasn’t able to declassify it “quickly enough.”

According to the former DNI, the reports may include unexplainable sightings from Navy and Air Force pilots and satellite imagery. So far, only some of the sightings have been declassified.

“Frankly, there are a lot more sightings than have been made public. Some of those have been declassified,” said Ratcliffe. 

Thus, if what he’s saying is true, then the government has known about far more sightings than revealed in the three confirmed authentic Navy UAP videos we’ve saw last year. 

And, it would seem the government may have evidence far beyond the questionable material released in the thousands of files recently declassified by the CIA.

No Explanations for UFOs 

The UFOs “frankly engage in actions that are difficult to explain, movements that are hard to replicate that we don’t have the technology for, that are traveling at speeds that exceed the sound barrier without a sonic boom,” he said.

Surely, traveling beyond the sound barrier with no sonic boom would be a game-changer. Although such technology doesn’t seem possible for human-made aircraft, we recently discussed Navy’ UFO Patents’ capable of such aerial feats. For example, one patent visible to the public is for a High-Frequency Gravitational Wave Generator.

Although Ratcliffe says the government experts look for plausible explanations, including the possibility that foreign countries may have advanced tech, he confirms:

“There are instances where we don’t have good explanations for some of the things we’ve seen. When that information becomes declassified, I’ll be able to talk a little bit more about that,” Ratcliffe continued.

Worldwide Sightings Picked Up by ‘Multiple Sensors’

 A visibly shocked Maria Bartiromo pressed Ratcliffe to elaborate on where the UAPs were seen. Then, a seemingly amused Ratcliffe confirms the sightings have taken place all over the world.

“When we talk about sightings, the other thing that I’ll tell ya is it’s not just a pilot or just a satellite or some intelligence collection. Usually, we have multiple sensors that are picking up these things.”

Repeating himself, Ratcliffe seems to be preparing us for what may be in the June UAP report.

“So, again, some of these are just unexplained phenomenon, and there’s actually quite a few more than have been made public. So, I think it’ll be healthy for as much as this information to get out there as possible, so the American people can see some of the things that we’ve been dealing with,” said Ratcliffe.

At this point, Ratcliffe’s grin seems to speak volumes.

Can This Year Get Any Weirder?

After taking it all in, a stunned Bartiromo said, “Wow. Ok, well, that is pretty extraordinary. We so appreciate that.”

“Can this year get any weirder?” she continued with a hand gesture. “Pandemic. Shutdown. UFOs,” she said.

Yes, we can all agree that events from 2020 to 2021 have thus far been dramatic and beyond belief.

See the exchange in its full from Paradigm Shift UFO Channel:

A Different Form of Life?

The Washington Examiner noted that another former member of the US intelligence community recently spoke out about UFOs.

“Former CIA Director John Brennan said on a podcast with US economist Tyler Cowen in December that the videos from Navy pilots ‘are quite eyebrow-raising when you look at them.'”

In one regard, Brennan went further than Ratcliffe, pointing that the activity might be connected to a “different form of life.”

Brennan also said he thinks “some of the phenomena we’re going to be seeing continues to be unexplained and might, in fact, be some type of phenomenon that is the result of something that we don’t yet understand and that could involve some type of activity that some might say constitutes a different form of life,” wrote Daniel Chaitin.

Former Intelligence and Space Chiefs

Now that former Intelligence Chief Ratcliffe speaks openly about unidentified aircraft, it seems likely that the June UAP report could contain important information. 

On the other hand, given the history of UFO coverups and the recent highly-redacted CIA document dump, it wouldn’t be at all surprising if the report was underwhelming. After all, we know it will have a classified annex.

At most, we might learn that UFO sightings are widespread and fly at speeds exceeding our aircraft. On the other hand, perhaps we’ll learn something incredible after all? Perhaps, UFOs are capable of travel from other worlds?

Recently, former Israeli space security chief Haim Eshed made jaw-dropping claims that former President Trump knew about a Galatic Federation of ETs working with the US government in an underground base on Mars. 

Eshed believed Trump “was aware of the extraterrestrials’ existence and had been ‘on the verge of revealing’ information but was asked not to in order to prevent ‘mass hysteria.'”

Now, we really would have a paradigm shift if the mainstream media confirmed anything remotely like Eshed’s claims. Could what we learn cause hysteria or instead usher in a new age of potential space travel? (Or both?)

As Bartiromo said, “Can this year get any weirder?” We’re about to find out.

Featured image: Screenshot via YouTube

German Cave Reveals Clues About the First Domesticated Wolves


Scientists have found new important clues about the first domesticated wolves and dogs.

A small cave in Germany contained numerous ancient canine fossils. They could point to a possible origin of all modern dogs. However, researchers stress this remains open to debate and further evidence.

Dogs are considered the oldest domesticated animal in human history well before humans transitioned from hunter-gatherers to agriculture around 10,000 years ago.

Gnirshöhle Cave

A small cave called Gnirshöhle in the Hegau Jura region of southern Germany contained a wealth of canine fossils. Some date back to between 17,000 and 12,000 years old.

Thus, they predate other ancient canine fossils found in Europe by 3,000 years.

Scientists conducted DNA analysis on the fossils, which included dogs, wolves and fox remains. The fossils revealed clues about the animals’ diets. Humans were apparently feeding the canines a low protein diet.

Dr. Chris Baumann of the University of Tübingen said:

“We linked the morphology, genetics, and isotope characteristics, which led to the discovery that the examined bones originated from numerous different genetic lineages and that the new genomes sequenced from the samples cover the entire genetic range from wolf to domestic dog.”

Previous studies have found domesticated canines in two places: Asia and Europe. Eventually, dogs from Asia migrated with humans, largely replacing the western domesticated wolves.

Researchers discuss the study below:

Early Site of Domesticated Wolves

The study suggests that the Hegau Jura was a “potential center of early European wolf domestication.”

“The current research is unable to end this debate, but the genetic diversity discovered in southwestern Germany does suggest the early humans who live there tamed and reared animals from various wolf lineages,” write Science Alert.

By studying the dog and domesticated wolf haplotypes, the authors traced the last common ancestor. Amazingly, this ancestor existed 135,000 years ago in the Pleistocene. Could this suggest a possible “upper limit” for the first domestications?

Experts have long suggested that the first dogs may have diverged from wolves as long as 100,000 years ago. However, it’s generally agreed the first domesticated dogs emerged about 16,000 years ago in Europe and Siberia, reports Science Alert.

Obviously, there’s a big stretch between 100,000 and 16,000 years. Thus, much remains to be learned about domesticate wolves.

Siberian Wolf Hybrids

So far, the oldest found fossil considered a possible dog ancestor comes from Siberia and dates to 30,000 years ago. 

Found in a cave in the Altai Mountains of Siberia, the fossil resembled a wolf’s teeth with a shortened dog’s snout, a hybrid wolf. DNA analysis found the skull most closely resembled Tibetian MastiffsNewfoundlands, and Siberian Huskies.

However, scientists suspect the Siberian dog might have gone extinct due to advancing glacial periods 26,000 years ago. Thus, independent domestication elsewhere may have ultimately led to the dogs we know today. On the other hand, a Siberian animal could have migrated instead of going extinct.

In 2019, a Siberian man found a perfectly preserved Ice Age wolf head in the permafrost of the Arctic region of Yakutia. The head was 40,000 years old and may have been a subspecies that went extinct along with the mammoths. Judging by the head, it may have been 25% bigger than today’s wolves.

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Dogor the Prehistoric Puppy

Also in 2019, researchers exploring Yakutsk, Siberia found a perfectly preserved 18,000-year-old puppy. 

Scientists were baffled by the specimen, which they named Dogor. Interestingly, DNA tests could not show whether the animal was a dog or a wolf. 

“We have a lot of data from it already, and with that amount of data, you’d expect to tell if it was one or the other. The fact that we can’t might suggest that it’s from a population that was ancestral to both – to dogs and wolves,” researcher David Stanton told CNN.

Due to climate change, more prehistoric creatures are being found in the permafrost all the time.

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Oldest Undisputed Dog Fossil

The oldest undisputed dog fossil dates back to 14,000 years. It’s called the Bonn-Oberkassel dog found near Bonn, Germany. In 1914, workers found a grave that contained a puppy, a woman, and a man. It was the oldest known grave where humans and dogs were buried together, dating to the Paleolithic.

Analysis of the grave indicated the puppy was well-cared for. Thus, it became one of the first examples of early pet-human bonding.

Evidence suggests humans were caring for the sick puppy for weeks, which may have died from canine distemper.

Ancient Singing Dogs

Recently, we shared the story about the rediscovery of wild New Guinea Singing Dogs. Although considered extinct, DNA testing revealed the dogs were surviving in Papua New Guinea. For years, residents considered them feral strays. Hiding out in the rugged highlands of the island, they remained elusive.

New Guinea Singing Dogs are cat-like and sing with vocalizations compared to whales.

The dogs have genomic variants different from all other dogs today. Singing Dogs could be relatives of Australian dingoes and Asian dogs that humans brought to Oceania around 3,500 years ago.

New Guinea Singing Dogs may share a common ancestor with the Akita and Shiba Inu breeds.

As you can see, the story of how domesticated wolves led to modern dogs is highly complex. As you might expect, given our bonds today, ancient humans and canines developed tight bonds in many places.

Now the question is, did people first domesticate wolves, or did they decide to tame us?

Featured image: Image by Thomas Bohlen via Pixabay, Pixabay License

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