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Woman believed to be a reptilian alien faces murder charges after her boyfriend ‘asked her to kill him’

eye-465438_1280 - Woman believed to be a reptilian alien faces murder charges after her boyfriend ‘asked her to kill him’

A Pennsylvania couple broke away from an alien/reptile, Christianity-based “cult” led by a woman who believed she was the “Daughter of the Most High” and the “granddaughter of King David.”

Days later, Barbara H. Rogers, 43, shot her boyfriend, Steven Mineo, 32, in the head. She claims he asked her to pull the trigger. He was overcome with stress as the followers of the self-described prophet, Sherry Shriner, attacked the couple for leaving the group, according to Rogers.

Shriner believed that reptilian humans, the New World Order, aliens, the elite, the US government, and NATO were working together to end the world. She warned Mineo that his girlfriend was a “Vampire Witch Reptilian Super Soldier” who was trying to kill her and who would harm him. She claimed that she had seen Roger’s reptilian eyes and teeth appear in her pictures, signs she was possessed and had super strength.

“When the demon manifested in her, if it was the demon or a lizard, if she had both, a human’s no match for that kind of supernatural strength,” Shriner said.

On Monday, Rogers went to court to face murder charges in Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania. Police say Rogers shot Mineo in the head at a home near Tobyhanna in July of 2017.

According to NJ.com:

“Rogers reportedly told police that Mineo was upset with members of Shriner’s following, and had asked to be killed. She also told police that Mineo said Shriner was ‘reptilian’ and pretending to be human, according to a police affidavit obtained by the Associated Press.

In the opening statements of the trial, the prosecution says the night of the shooting, Rogers, and Mineo went to a nearby bar until 2 a.m. She claimed they were not drunk, but later that night they practiced shooting his gun in the woods around their home at his suggestion. Then they went back inside, where Rogers claims Mineo held her hand on a gun as he pointed it at his head. Then she claims he told her to pull the trigger.

In a call to 911 at 2:25 a.m. on Saturday, July 15, 2017, Rogers said:

“My boyfriend had a gun. He told me to hold it here and press the trigger. Oh my God, he’s dead!”

RogersMineo - Woman believed to be a reptilian alien faces murder charges after her boyfriend ‘asked her to kill him’
Barbara H. Rogers with Steven Mineo via Facebook

She claimed she didn’t know the gun was loaded and says it was an accident, but the prosecution says it was murder. Rogers could have avoided killing Mineo. He was shot in the forehead at close range, possibly directly against his head, according to court records.

Rogers declined to accept a plea deal from the judge to accept third-degree murder charges.

The couple’s falling out with the Sherry Shriner followers began in April 2017, when Shriner noticed a Facebook post by Rogers. In the post, Rogers talked about having a craving for raw meat and steak tartare. Shriner and her followers immediately saw it as a sign that Rogers was not human but a reptilian alien.

“This is the best thing ever with cut up minced garlic,” Rogers wrote. “I just crave raw meat all the time for some reason. I know some are grossed out by it. But its a delicacy for me.”

Shriner said she tried to warn Mineo about his girlfriend, but Mineo was offended. After all, he had purchased “orgone” from Shriner, a superpowered substance she claimed would ward off reptilian humans. If Rogers were a reptile, then surely the orgone would have protected him.

“’Orgone kills them,’ Mineo wrote of the mystical substance that supposedly destroys reptilians. ‘The heavenly father knows that she’s not a reptilian. We’ve been friends for a long time and I always supported you. Out of all due respect, I do take offense to this.’”

The dispute started a rift with the Shriner group, and afterward, Mineo decided he would expose Shriner as a fraud. He uploaded videos to YouTube, in which he claimed: “Sherry Shriner Supporters Are Mentally Sick.” In his final video, four days before his death, Mineo said angry Shriner followers were attacking them.

After Mineo’s death, Shriner created a new video explaining she did not believe she was leading a cult, and that she had tried to protect Mineo.

“I warned Steve Mineo she was a Vampire Witch Reptilian Super Soldier… and now he’s DEAD because he wouldn’t listen.”

SherryShriner - Woman believed to be a reptilian alien faces murder charges after her boyfriend ‘asked her to kill him’
Sherry Shriner via Facebook

According to Rogers, her boyfriend believed it was Shriner who was a reptile.

“The Defendant explained that the cult centers on ‘Aliens and raptures’. Recently they became upset with Shriver. The victim believed that contrary to her appearance, Shriver was actually ‘reptilian’.”

The Daily Beast reported that Mineo was the second person from the cult-like group to be killed at a young age. Five years before Mineo’s death, 22-year-old Kelly Pingilley died after swallowing 30 sleeping pills. Shriner claimed that a “NATO death squad” killed Pingilley because she believed in the god Yahuah.”

Pingilley had given up going to college to work as a transcriber for Shriner’s radio show Aliens in the News. After going on expeditions with Shriner to save the world from the New World Order, Pingilley committed suicide at an isolated wildlife park. Hunters found her body the next morning. She wore a pendant of orgone.

“One week before her death in December 2012, Pingilley said the apocalypse was near. Yahuah had shown her a strange symbol, which foretold invasion by an alien race that would eat and enslave humans, she wrote.”

Pingilley’s brother said he worried his sister may have suffered from undiagnosed schizophrenia. Shriner said that Kelly had been trying to kill her on orders from the Obama White House, but Kelly had refused to carry out orders.

“’Obama is on the march folks if you’re not with him and the Alien New Age you’re against them,’ she warned in the dark eulogy. ‘They have their lists, and they’re going to work on them… Kelly’s death is a wake-up call that they are after Yah’s people.’”

Steve Mineo posted Shriner’s bizarre eulogy to the Truth Seekers Blog on behalf of Sherry Shriner. A few years later he would denounce the group and end up dead himself. Mineo had been a follower of Shriner since 2004.

In January 2018, social media posts suggest that Shriner passed away. Her followers have suggested her death involves conspiracy theories after her work to expose Vice President Pence.


Featured images: Screenshots via Facebook, Reptilian eye via Pixabay