The Top Secret Document Written by Oppenheimer and Einstein on Aliens and UFOs

The idea that planet Earth has been visited by beings not from Earth is a concept that has been around for many years. If we look back at history, study and analyze ancient texts from cultures all over the world, we will find that many describe “Gods”, ‘heavenly beings’...

Official Navy Images Reveal UFO Encounter In The Arctic Sea

The incredible images of Unidentified Flying Objects in the Arctic originated from the USS Trepang, SSN 674 in March 1971. The following case was made available thanks to John Greenewald from "The Black Vault" who in turn received the incredible images from researcher Alex Mistretta. The photos here displayed are evidence...

Lake Baikal – the 25 million year old lake and its mysterious UFO encounters

Have you heard about the great Siberian Lake Baikal? It has always been a mysterious place where numbers UFO sightings have been reported. It is one of those places where you wouldn't want to end up alone at night. Its reputation as one of the deepest lakes is reinforced...

Black Knight Satellite

Our universe is a fascinating and mysterious place. Populated with planets, stars, meteors and other celestial bodies, it's a never-ending source of wonder. Even with the technological revolution, we know very little about what's going on in outer space. Are there some kinds of aliens or other life forms...

NASA’s Bill Nelson Pushes for Scientific UFO Research 1 Month into Office

Bill Nelson, 78, the former Florida senator and spaceflight veteran, became the NASA Administrator on May 3, 2021.  One month later, Bill Nelson has directed NASA to study UFOS (or UAPs). Notably, the push comes as a much-anticipated UAP report is due to Congress. In 1986, Nelson flew on the 24th flight of the...

UFOs Outstrip Our Arsenal by 1,000 Years, Says Navy Witness Sean Cahil

In 2004, Sean Cahil, retired US Navy Chief Master-at-Arms, was aboard the USS Princeton when radar picked up extraordinary Tic Tac UFOs. "The technology that we witnessed with the Tic Tac was something that we would not have been able to defend our forces from at the time," Cahil said...

Veteran Combat Pilot Alex Dietrich Describes Tic Tac UFO Encounter

Retired Navy Lt. Commander Alex Dietrich, a veteran combat pilot, gave an eye-witness account of a Tic Tac UFO. Dietrich spoke to Anderson Cooper about what she saw off the coast of San Diego in 2004. At the time, she was on a routine training mission off the USS Nimitz aircraft...

Harry Reid: We May Be Close to Finding Out Truth About UFOs

Former Senate Democratic leader Harry Reid continues to call for leading with science when studying UFOs. Originally, he says he "never intended to prove that life beyond Earth exists." However, he has "no problem with that," if the science proves otherwise.  As a June UAP report is due in days,...

Government is Ignoring and Blocking UAP Report Efforts, Say Officials

In June, a public UAP report on unidentified aerial phenomena is due as requested by the Senate Intelligence Committee. However, multiple current and former government officials say military and spy agencies are "blocking or simply ignoring the effort," reported POLITICO. Sen. Marco Rubio requested the UAP report, which is required to provide "a detailed...

Transmedium UFOs – It’s Time to Let the Public Know the Truth

YouTube Video Here:   US Navy warships in restricted waters near San Diego were surrounded by swarms of transmedium UFOs. There, some 100 miles at sea, the crew spotted an assortment of strange vehicles in July 2019. Notably, they were too far at sea to be attributed to known drone...

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