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The return of the Anunnaki

The Anunnaki are believed to be the creators of Man. These mighty Gods left Earth in the distant past, saying that one day, they shall return to Earth. Curiously, if we look at ancient cultures around the globe, most of their Gods—Creator Gods—left Earth and promised to return one day. …

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The full Roswell ALIEN interview

In 1947 an alleged alien ship crashed in the New Mexico desert. Witnesses reported not only the presence of the UFO but also several wounded and dead aliens. This video shows the full Roswell Alien interview. Considered by many ufologists as the most important event in the history of UFOs, the …

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Scientists use mathematical calculations to PROVE God is REAL

It seems that Scientists have supposedly confirmed the existence of ‘God’ after ‘proving’ a mathematician’s theory which suggests a ‘HIGHER POWER’ exists. According to two scientists, they may have proven –once and for all— that there is a –holy- force out there, after confirming complex mathematical equations. Around 1941, Mathematician …

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