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The megalithic site of Baalbek: Stonework of the Gods?

How would you explain ancient mankind quarrying, transporting and putting into place supermassive rocks that weigh over 100 tons, let alone 1000 tons? At Baalbek, we find perfectly fitted 1,500-ton stones forming a foundation not even a huge Roman temple could encompass. Our own science and engineering today cannot explain …

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7 for 2017: This is what Nostradamus predicted about 2017

A chemist and apothecary named Michel de Nostradame publishes an almanac titled The Prophecies. He writes more than a thousand four-line poetic verses called “quatrains,” verses that seem to predict the future. ‘Nostradamus –as he is famously known– began to have visions at a very early age. He would stare into a bowl with water and while …

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An unidentified OBJECT is hurtling Towards Earth

The object—still to be identified— will make its closest approach next month, and experts are still unsure what exactly it is. Astronomers say that the mystery object appears extremely DARK and unreflective. In addition to that, scientists state that the object has an unknown origin. As it turns out, a mysterious …

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