10 Google Earth images which you are not allowed to see

While Google Earth is a tool available to everyone, not everyone can see everything on Google maps. In fact, there are several places which have been CENSORED by Google, so no one knows what’s exactly there.

Since the release of Google Maps, people have basically stopped using printed maps for anything. Google maps is freely available on a large range of devices, meaning that nearly everyone who has a mobile-phone, tablet or computer can access worldwide maps in a matter of minutes.

Along with Google maps, Google Earth has allowed millions across the globe to visit destinations around the globe from an aerial view. Google Earth and Google Maps have allowed researchers to uncover hidden structures, monuments, and traces of lost civilizations.

But, since Google Earth and Google maps are basically available to anyone, anywhere, it has become a risk when it comes to national security. You wouldn’t want your ‘enemies’ sneaking around studying your strategic points, would you?

In order to protect specific places from terrorists or people who ‘don’t have good intentions’, Google has blurred and blacked out numerous locations which are considered as top-secret or have been tagged as unavailable to the general public.

Curiously, while many places are blacked out from the maps, places like Area 51—the place where alien tech is allegedly being tested—aren’t blurred out.

In this article, we give you 10 places you are NOT allowed to see on Google Earth.

For example, if you take a look at North Korea, you’ll be able to see the country on Google Maps, you won’t come across streets, highways, or images of specific towns or cities in the country.

This is due to the political alignment of the country, and the fact that the government of North Korea wants to keep things as low ‘key’ as possible.

While other countries are visible on Google, there are specific places that are not. One of them is the Marcoule Nuclear Site located in France. If you type in the name on Google maps, it will take you there in a matter of seconds, however, to the right part of the Nuclear Site, you’ll see a great amount of distortion.

Check out the remaining places in this awesome video posted below. Enjoy!

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