10 mind-boggling images of the Kailasa Temple that prove ancient man had advanced technology

It seems that it has become a custom for mainstream scholars to discredit ancient cultures around the globe. Numerous ancient sites point to the fact that ancient civilizations that lived on Earth thousands of years ago were extremely advanced and sophisticated. Proof of that is yet another ancient site that cannot be replicated with ease, even today, in the 21st century.

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The enigmatic Kailasa Temple at the Ellora Caves in Maharashtra, India has fascinated researchers and tourists for centuries. It is a breathtaking construction that points out that thousands of years ago, ancient cultures were far more advanced than what mainstream scholars are crediting them for. Everyone is trying to understand how the temple was built, cut out of the rocks, without the use of ‘modern’ technology.

The temple symbolizes Mount Kailash, the home of Lord Shiva, one of the most important ancient Hindu deities. The Kailasa temple is the 16th from a total of 34 caves which were literally excavated out of the surrounding rock. Mainstream scholars indicate that the ancient caves were built sometime around the fifth and tenth centuries AD, but many others disagree suggesting the caves are much older.

Many researchers believe that the builders of the Kailasa temple used a vertical excavation method in order to achieve what they did. They started at the top of the original boulders and worked their way downward carving out one of the most fascinating ancient temple complexes on the planet. But how did they do it? What did the ancient builders of the Ellora caves use to excavate and build? Mainstream scholars indicate that the caves were built with the use of hammers, chisels, and picks, thousands of years ago.

According to H.P. Blavatsky, many of these ancient temples date back much longer than what scholars today believe.

M.K. Dhavalikar, a notable Indian historian, and archaeologist, author of the book ‘Ellora’, suggests the shrines and the Kailasa temple were not excavated at the same time but are the result of a construction process that belongs to a number of different periods.

There is a perforated window in the west wall [of cave 15, a Hindu cave] on which is engraved a Sanskrit inscription in the Brahmi script of the eighth century. It is, however, incomplete and much of it has been damaged due to weathering. It gives the genealogy of the Rashtrakuta dynasty, from the founder Dantivarman (c. 600-30) and records the visit of Dantidurga (752-7) to the cave. It can, therefore, be placed in the middle of the eighth century. — Ellora, pp. 36-7 *Ellora, M. K. Dhavalikar, 2003, p. 7. (Source)

“This, of course, only proves that the caves existed in the 8th century and were engraved at that time with this inscription. Again, “There were inscriptions on pillars [in cave 33, a Jain cave] which are now mostly worn; a few letters that have survived suggest that the cave may have been built at around the ninth century” (ibid., p. 96). (Source)

But, whoever built these fascinating caves thousands of years ago surely had more than just ordinary hammers, chisels, and picks, like many ancient cultures around the globe who erected some of the most complex and extraordinary structures in the history of civilization, that still cause sensation among archaeologists who are unable to explain how such structures were built at all.

Take a look at these fascinating images of the Ellora caves and judge for yourself if ancient cultures had more than ordinary hammers, chisels, and picks thousands of years ago.

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Ellora ancient caves


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  1. In their zest to prove themselves superior to any other country / Race, the Britishers, the last foreign rulers of India; DISTORTED the History, not even her, but the world Over!!!!
    According to them, nothing really Advanced could existed , say about 3000 BC~~~~ 🙁
    Using this as a yardstick [ No Country standing against them, as in probability them being Ruled by the Britishers ] they wrote History to suit themselves!!!! @#%^&&#@*^^%
    The worst, specially in India is, that either The Archeological Survey of India [ASI; Founded by the Brits, of course ] is Still toeing the lines of Britishers!!!!!
    Not doing Anything to Rectify the error! SHIIIISSSHHHHHHHHHHHH
    My PAIN is that In spite of India being one of the ‘Oldest Continuous Societies of the World’; having VERY rich things to give the World at large; there is not even ONE SINGLE University offering any Course on Ancientology / Ancient Indian History!!!!!
    The last major excavations taken up by ASI was around 1950 AD!
    Anything done / excavated after that has been Promptly covered up again, after recording their Findings…… 🙁
    Now, Coming to Kailasha Temple, it was built by Aliens, PERIOD!!!!
    Probably at the same time that Pyramid at Giza was built!
    Incidentally, just as there is no major Rocks to be found near The Giza Pyramid, to undertake the construction; there is no Malba [Waste Rock ] to be found anywhere near Kailasha Temple!!!!!!!
    Wonder of wonders, the amount of Rock excavated in building the Pyramid at Giza EQUALS The Rock extracted at the time of Building The Kailasha Temple!!!!!
    The rest I leave to the imagination of the reader~~~~~~~~~

    1. India became her own independent nation in 1950..Now that the old man is gone(Britain) isn’t it time your scholars decided to toss the tripe the Brits decided it be for your nation? and write Ancient History as it should be. Your version wouldn’t put me to sleep.

    2. Hyper nationalist retard spotted. It is not 32000yrs neither was pyramids that old. This temple was commissioned by king Krishna 1. Then where did u get this 32000yrs number ? Stop embarrassing Indians with such retarded comments.

  2. Further, The Roof of The Central Dome [ With 4 Lions standing on all four sides ] when seen from Google is a BIG ‘X’!!!!
    Meant for?

    1. In my opinion, this temple as stated above was probably begun in a much earlier time (…”many others disagree suggesting the caves are much older.”)
      10,000 years ago seems to keep popping up for ages of monuments….the Great Pyramid, the Sphinx etc. and as such, the Earth was in the Age of Leo. Perhaps the Lion was the “animal of the day” when these ancient structures were being built.

      1. Agree with you fully!!!! (y)
        Deliberately I kept the period uncertain!
        According to me, Both Kailsaha Temple and Pyramids of Giza were built around 32,000 years ago, when Aaadmu / Adam / Manu was created; so as to keep a track of Humans on Earth~~~~~~~

  3. Many things in the article that do not add up looking at the photo’s. It didn’t show the ancient Sanskrit that is “alleged” to be in some obscure place,perhaps high on top of a Vimana. I don’t have anything against Western civilization, as i would prefer it over the options.
    It is the “Scholars” who had written the foundations for Western Civilization to propagate it who strike a bone in me. If i could afford it, i would like to organize a hand picked, a select group of scientists,each scientist would be representative of each of the many disciplines within their individual fields of study. I may even pick them from different parts of the world. Every scientist will be compensated for their work after their tour.
    At the beginning of each of their tours, every scientist would be given a large set of questions,all questions,all answers are to be incorporated somewhere into well worded thesis that will be due within a week from the end of their “minimum” one day tour of the Kailasa Temple. To me it would be interesting to read the differences between each thesis. then write a book.

  4. Sometimes this make it more complex than the Great Pyramid. I can understand transportation of huge rocks but lifting a part of granite mountain . That seems improbable . It’s time the Indian scientists and archaeologists use the Vedas as a real historical document and not just myth. Remember Shilpa Shastras had explained perfect symmetry and scientific techniques . They are not based on the Greek Model of Science but it doesn’t need to be It has all the architecture mentioned right there and still archaeologists and scientists disregard them as myth. Remember the oldest universities were in India . So much material is lost but still the main ones are alive.

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