15 Facts that prove the Great Pyramid of Giza was built by an extremely advanced ancient civilization

While many questions remain unanswered about the Great Pyramid of Giza, we still remain perplexed by the complexity and precision of this incredible ancient structure.

Researchers have yet to answer numerous enigmas about the Great Pyramid, enigmas that prevent us from solving the puzzle surrounding this mysterious antique construction that has baffled researchers, historians, and tourists alike. Interestingly, the great pyramid is the only remaining structure of the 7 wonders of the ancient world.Pyramid Egypt

It remains a profound mystery the fact that the Great Pyramid of Giza was built with such precision, how people managed to quarry and transport huge blocks of stone and incorporate them creating the pyramid is a mystery that no one has been able to properly explain. The fact that The Great Pyramid is the most accurately aligned structure in existence and faces true north with only 3/60th of a degree of error is something mind-boggling.

Not only is the Great Pyramid one of the most accurately aligned structures on Earth, there are numerous other details about it that are even more incredible.

In this article, we go through twenty points about the Great Pyramid which are the ultimate evidence that this incredible ancient structure was built by an ancient civilization that was far more advanced than what mainstream scholars are willing to admit.


The Great Pyramid of Giza, a monument like no other

 The numeric value of 144,000: A key role in the Building process of the Pyramid

It’s fascinating to read about the numerous details and studies on the Great Pyramid of Giza, but there are many ‘unknown’ details about the Pyramid that are not mentioned in history books and schools, these points are indicative of a far more advanced civilization which participated in the planning and construction of the great Pyramid, evidence of that are the numerous complex mathematical formulas incorporated and used in the construction. Interestingly, the outer mantle was composed of 144,000 casing stones, all of them highly polished and flat to an accuracy of 1/100th of an inch, about 100 inches thick and weighing approx. 15 tons each. It is believed that the numeric value of 144,000 plays a key role in the harmonic connection that eventually determined the exact size of the structure. (source) (source)

The Great Pyramid shined like a star. It was covered with casing stones of highly polished limestone

The Great Pyramid of Giza was originally covered with casing stones (made of highly polished limestone). These casing stones reflected the sun’s light and made the pyramid shine like a jewel. They are no longer present being used by Arabs to build mosques after an earthquake in the 14th century loosened many of them. It has been calculated that the original pyramid with its casing stones would act like gigantic mirrors and reflect light so powerful that it would be visible from the moon as a shining star on earth. Appropriately, the ancient Egyptians called the Great Pyramid “Ikhet”, meaning the “Glorious Light”.  How these blocks were transported and assembled into the pyramid is still a mystery. (source)

The Great Pyramid is the only Pyramid in Egypt with both descending and ascending inner passages

The fact that the Great Pyramid of Giza is the only one in Egypt with descending and ascending inner passages is a fact that cannot be overlooked when comparing it to other similar structures in Egypt. While the reason behind it still remains a mystery, it is evident that the Great Pyramid was the most unique structure built in ancient Egypt.

Aligned true North

The Great Pyramid of Giza is the most accurately aligned structure in existence and faces true north with only 3/60th of a degree of error. The position of the North Pole moves over time and the pyramid was exactly aligned at one time. Furthermore, the Great Pyramid is located at the center of the land mass of the earth. The east/west parallel that crosses the most land and the north/south meridian that crosses the most land intersect in two places on the earth, one in the ocean and the other at the Great Pyramid.

The only 8-sided Pyramid in Egypt

This is a fact unknown to many people. The Great Pyramid of Giza is the only Pyramid discovered to date which in fact has eight sides. The four faces of the pyramid are slightly concave, the only pyramid to have been built this way.

The centers of the four sides are indented with an extraordinary degree of precision forming the only 8 sided pyramid, this effect is not visible from the ground or from a distance but only from the air, and then only under the proper lighting conditions. This phenomenon is only detectable from the air at dawn and sunset on the spring and autumn equinoxes, when the sun casts shadows on the pyramid. (Check out the above image)

The Value of Pi represented in the Great Pyramid

The relationship between Pi (p) and Phi (F) is expressed in the fundamental proportions of the Great Pyramid. Even though textbooks and mainstream scholars suggest that the ancient Greeks were those who discovered the relationship of Pi, it seems that the builder of the Great Pyramid predated the ancient Greeks by quite some time. Pi is the relationship between the radius of a circle and its circumference. The mathematical formula is:

Circumference = 2 * pi * radius (C = 2 * pi * r)

According to reports, the vertical height of the pyramid holds the same relationship to the perimeter of its base (distance around the pyramid) as the radius of a circle bears to its circumference. If we equate the height of the pyramid to the radius of a circle than the distance around the pyramid is equal to the circumference of that circle.

The celestial connection

While many believe there is a direct correlation between the constellation of Orion and the Pyramids at the Giza plateau, many people are unaware of the fact that the Descending Passage of the Great Pyramid pointed to the pole star Alpha Draconis, circa 2170-2144 BCE. This was the North Star at that point in time. No other star has aligned with the passage since then.

Orion and The Great Pyramid

The southern shaft in the King’s Chamber pointed to the star Al Nitak (Zeta Orionis) in the constellation Orion, circa 2450 BCE. The Orion constellation was associated with the Egyptian god Osiris. No other star aligned with this shaft during that time in history.

The Sun, math and the Great Pyramid

Twice the perimeter of the bottom of the granite coffer times 10^8 is the sun’s mean radius. [270.45378502 Pyramid Inches* 10^8 = 427,316 miles].  The height of the pyramid times 10**9 = Avg. distance to the sun. {5813.2355653 * 10**9 * (1 mi / 63291.58 PI) = 91,848,500 mi} Mean Distance to the Sun: Half of the length of the diagonal of the base times 10**6 = average distance to the sun Mean Distance to Sun: The height of the pyramid times 10**9 represents the mean radius of the earth’s orbit around the sun or Astronomical Unit. { 5813.235565376 pyramid inches x 10**9 = 91,848,816.9 miles} Mean Distance to Moon: ] The length of the Jubilee passage times 7 times 10**7 is the mean distance to the moon. {215.973053 PI * 7 * 10**7 =1.5118e10 PI = 238,865 miles } (source)

The Great Pyramid and planet Earth

The weight of the pyramid is estimated at 5,955,000 tons. Multiplied by 10^8 gives a reasonable estimate of the earth’s mass. With the mantle in place, the Great Pyramid could be seen from the mountains in Israel and probably the moon as well (citation needed). The sacred cubit times 10**7 = polar radius of the earth (distance from North Pole to Earth’s center) {25 PI * 10**7 * (1.001081 in / 1 PI) * (1 ft / 12 in) * (1 mi/ 5280 ft) = 3950 miles }

The curvature designed into the faces of the pyramid exactly matches the radius of the earth. (source) (source)

Not for mummies

The Great Pyramid of Giza was erected, according to mainstream scholars, to serve as the eternal resting place for a Pharaoh. Contrary to the mainstream theories, no mummy has ever been discovered in the Great Pyramid of Giza. This important fact provides much needed space to theorize about the possible use of the Great Pyramid of Giza which, as we can see, was not meant to serve as a tomb.

When it was first entered by the Arabs in 820 AD, the only thing found in the pyramid was an empty granite box in the King’s chamber called the “coffer”. (source)

Built in harmony with the galaxy

According to reports, on midnight of the autumnal equinox in the year when the builder of the Great Pyramid finished its construction process, a line extending from the apex pointed to the star Alcyone.

Alcyone is the brightest star in the Pleiades open cluster, which is a young cluster, aged at less than 50 million years. It is located approximately 400 light years from Earth. (source)

It is believed that our solar system revolves around this star accompanied with other solar systems much like the planets in our solar system revolve around the sun. How the ancient builders of the Pyramid have such advanced astronomical knowledge still remains a mystery.

The Ark of the Covenant and the Great Pyramid of Giza

A detail that was unknown to me until not long ago is that the volume or cubic capacity of the Coffer in the King’s chamber is exactly the same volume to the Ark of the Covenant as described in the Bible. Interestingly, The granite coffer in the “King’s Chamber” is too big to fit through the passages and so it must have been put in place during construction.

The mysterious coffin in the Great Pyramid

If the great coffin wasn’t meant to house the remains of a Pharaoh, then what was its real purpose? The coffer was made out of a block of solid granite. This would have required bronze saws 8-9 ft. long set with teeth of sapphires. Hollowing out of the interior would require tubular drills of the same material applied with a tremendous vertical force. Microscopic analysis of the coffer reveals that it was made with a fixed point drill that used hard jewel bits and a drilling force of 2 tons.


Have I missed something, or got something wrong? Let me know!

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  2. Agree with you Mustafa on the melanated builders – Arabs did not arrive in that region till the 8th century AD. This is Africa despite people trying to suggest otherwise. Not sure about the aliens from Nibiru though.

  3. Don’t sell the ancients short. They were very intelligent and quite capable of these feats. Your ideas are from a delusional mind that is incapable of grasping what you are not able to do. What utter feldercarb!

    1. Oh Steven, our resident psychologist? How would you know the writers mind is delusional….incapable of grasping….and since you seem to know the honest truth about the pyramid, then write it down, do an article, make a speech. But until you’ve done that, I don’t really think you have a leg to stand on calling anyone else delusional. From their perspective, YOU are the delusional one.

      1. Ouch! You certainly put me in my place.Do you work for Ancient Aliens or some other show filled with nonsense? Will you pay me a salary or at least for a paper if were to write one? Maybe I could get actual Egyptologists and anthropologists to co-author some papers to shed some light on this. Wait, they did. Many over the years in fact. I must have touched upon a tender spot with you on this subject. Are you one of those nuts who doesn’t believe that the pyramids were built by humans? It’s so far :advanced” that mere mortals could not have been capable of erecting such a structure? Try getting a degree and get back with me. Maybe then we can have an intelligent conversation. Ivan (the writer) is an idiot and it appears so are you
        The pyramids are not tombs? Indeed!

        1. Who are you calling an idiot Steve? Who do you think you are? You haven’t read the article yet you come here like some ‘tough guy’ thinking you are cool cause you have the balls to insult people on the internet? I wonder if you would have those same balls If I were standing right in front of you… Would you call me an idiot, even though you have no idea who I am?

          That makes me understand that you are a complete fool.

          Im not gonna stay quite and let people like you (who have nothing else better to do than troll on the internet) insult me, the readers or anyone else on Ancient Code. If you do not like the content here than I suggest you avoid visiting the website in the future.

          1. I most certainly read your bs article. Expect criticism when you post this ridiculousness on the internet. You are an idiot and I would most definitely tell you that face to face. Do you even have a higher level of education than that of a middle schooler? You certainly do not act like it or show it. So please do tell of your background. I would be more than happy to tell you mine. I have a degree in forestry, concentration in forest fire science. This is a real degree in a real science. I also have a degree in Geographic Information Systems (GIS). Again this is a real science. I attended a couple of community colleges in addition to Colorado State. Now if you really want to debate your fallacies concerning Egyptian pyramids bring it on. But I will always call out bs posted on the internet. And that is exactly what your article is, bs

          2. Well, I hope that you avoid Ancient Code in the future.

            My education and degree are none of your business, and all the degrees on this planet won’t help you, since obviously you wasted your time getting those degrees as you jump on the internet trying to make a point whilst insulting others, so while you go on naming your degrees I can only say Steven, you can pay for school and you degrees but you cannot buy class, education or knowledge.

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            Having that said, I don’t have anymore time to waste on people like yourself.

          3. I cannot buy an education or knowledge? You are absolutely correct. It takes time, commitment, studying, exams, etc to get an education and knowledge. I have done these things, with a GPA to prove it. You on the other hand must be lacking. Did you get you education from the history channel, which is filled with garbage such as what you posted? Prove me wrong and provide me with some sort of an idea as to your education. Prove me wrong that you are not just another nut case who thinks they have solved the riddle of how the Pyramids were constructed and for what purpose. Are you a Ben Carson follower, who believes the pyramids were used for grain storage? Your attempt to berate me was amusing to say the least

          4. What are you trying to achieve? he wrote an article, some people will find it interesting, some wont. He wrote it based on what he found and what he believes to be true, and is also widely researched and many similar articles stating similar things are around…Just because u have a degree it doesn’t men u should start lording yourself over everyone intellectually, and in fact they’re both most likely smarter and more humble than you ever will be. The lack of humanity is incredible, its just an article, get over yourself and stop trying to give yourself an ego boost by insulting other people, with shit and repetetive insults…

          5. Not one ounce of logic in this logorrhée…
            Totally inept and empty. Wasted.

          6. Not for your contrasting belief of this article but for the manner in which you degrade people of a different opinion without answering a very valid question posed to you above, a question which would have possibly led to an adult conversation (you chose instead to throw insults around) you are quite simply arrogant.

          7. Yes I am. But I know bullshit when I see it. Some have these delusions that ancient man had no grasp of mathematics, architecture, and science. You all sell out our forefathers short. They were highly intelligent and were able to figure out many complex problems. The Egyptians did build the pyramids after many millenia of trying to perfect their skills. There was no advanced civilization that did this, only contemporaries of the time

          8. so what is your opinion (I am not a highly educated person) on how they shaped and drilled materials? From what I know (not lots) the Mohs scale says they should not have been able to do certain things with the tools we ‘know’ they had

          9. Even if you have a degree doesn’t make you right. Everyone has their opinion to how this came about and I don’t have a degree in anything but I can certainly think for myself and I believe after reading so many books on all these sorts of contentious issues that the builders of the pyramids were not of this earth and used highly advanced technologies to move blocks and align them to the nth degree. It is a logical conclusion that normal men could not have built this monument – in fact it is laughable that anyone would believe it was so at a time when we didn’t even have the sort of instruments capable of building a monument so huge. Our society has been kept in the dark for so long about archeological evidence that has been hidden because those in power did not want the world to know such things that might upset the world view and we couldn’t have that. In my opinion if it is worth anything to you as I don’t have any degree to speak of, is that u my dear are either in on the “hidden truths” or you are a paid troll trying ur hardest to debunk every comment that gets written by intelligent people on this site and that’s my 64 years of observation😄

        2. I’ve got a degree from MIT. You know, the school that only admits idiots? Believe me, my common sense alone is enough to spar with the likes of you, I don’t need a piece of paper to deliberate the facts about the Great Pyramid not being a tomb. Tell me, exactly whose mummies were discovered in there? Why is the Great Pyramid full of unexplained chambers, shafts, passages and rooms…some stacked one upon the other only 3 feet high…why was it covered in white limestone casing but no other pyramids in Egypt were? If Cheops truly did build the only 8-sided pyramid in existence and had the know-how and engineering prowess to pull it off on this the most extravagant pyramid in the world, did he only build teeny tiny pyramids for his son and a princess with zero extravaganza? But I digress…you know not the minds of anyone but yourself. Your opinion on who is grasping at what is nothing more than pseudo intellectualism at best….keep grasping. Good day.

          1. I question the validity of your claim that you went to MIT. When did you attend? What was your degree in? These things are verifiable, such as mine are. Put up or shut up.

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          3. Just as I suspected, all claims, no proof to back them up. Went to MIT? I call that bullshit. Forestry degree from CSU is a bullshit degree? At least I have one jackass. I’ll loom upon this conversation fondly when I am out on a fire line. Keep this in mind, for people to believe any of your delusions one must be creditable. You sir are not. Good day.

          4. You are a legend my man. Keep writing these articles regardless of whom ever disagrees with them. I’m sorry, I’m just another one of the sheeple that’s dumb by comparison. However, I hold all this info in high regard and would like to see these ideas proven, not for point scoring, but simply for the information.

        3. They are not tombs. You are correct Steven. And intelligent. Maybe.

    2. So what do you make of all those facts about the great pyramid?
      The fact that it mathematically squares the circle, has the golden ratio, lightspeed, mass of the earth and moon, distance to the sun, Pi, Phi, polar circumference, equatorial circumference, dead center in the earth’s largest land mass and so on…
      Was it a mathematical feat or not? Does it show highly advanced knowledge in a time when we are not supposed to be aware of this or not?
      It is quite striking that there are no decorations of any kind in the great pyramid.
      The pyramids in my opinion were never built to serve as tombs but rather had a religious or spiritual function.
      What are your thoughts?

    3. Sure Steven. You know. Debate then instead of pontificating. .

  4. Not a single one of these “facts” proves anything. Not one single causal connection can be drawn from any of the supposed pieces of evidence put forward, nor can the validity of any of these pieces of evidence even be trusted as there isn’t a single, verifiable peer-reviewed source or citation in the entire article. This is pseudo-science fantasy bullshit. Extraordinary claims require extraordinary proof and this article has proven nothing.

    1. The only thing this proves is that the Egyptians did NOT build the Pyramid of Giza with their hammers and chisels. If you’ve ever been on the Giza Plateau and viewed these structures for yourself, you would know.

    2. Nor does any of the other ancient egypt theories. A theory is just an educated guess which holds true until proven wrong. Many of these the facts in this article can easily be checked as they are based on measurements and basic physics. The dimensions of the pyramid for example and the fact you can only cut granite with something with a Mohs harndess value of above 7 such as tungsten or diamond. Many simple calculations also cast doubt on the currently accepted theories such as the timescale in which the great pyramid was built. National geographic says it’s made from 2.3 million blocks and took 20 years to make indicating it took only 2.5 minutes to quarry, transport, shape and place each block using only man-power and hand-tools, which obvioulsly sounds rediculous. Even if you’re using 100,000 people, these people have to be co-ordinated, highly focussed on the task and highly skilled to build to such precision. In modern days it’s hard enough to co-ordinate a team of 10 builders to put together prefabricated machine-made materials, bricks, I-beams etc. The ancient egyptian builders suposedly did it all from scratch. Clearly we’re missing something…

      1. Exactly.
        The arrogance of the classic Egyptologists glutting any questioning beyond their silly religious dogma is incommensurable…

  5. I think the great pyramid was and still is a multifunctional structure….all the calculations that make it up where it is located i think whichever civilization made it knew the earth’s crust moved so we have poleshifts which may have been happening at regular intervals then….this highly intelligent civilization devised a way to slow the process which could be the main reason of it’s true north alignment which would indicate any movement of the pole as we now see it has….the pyramid was made to last as long as mankind if it’s true purpose was known then it would have been maintained n in peak condition but most of these knowledge might be known n hidden….these are just my thoughts call me crazy

  6. It was probably dead-nuts on true north when it was built (who knows how long ago) but continental drift would certainly shift it slowly over time.

  7. No Ivan, I don’t think you got anything wrong, your article was well written and very informative. While doing some research, I came across some data that you might be interested in. The text is referred to as the “Law of One.” In it, “Ra” said he built the Pyramids using sound frequencies, and he is not of the human race.

    1. In the tenth sumerian tablet it talks of the great pyramid and who built it.
      It tells us that it was Ningishzidda that built the pyramid. Then the sphinx was constructed in his honour with his image. Which greatly offended Marduk, who later became known as Ra.
      Because the pyramid was constructed in the region designated to him.
      Unfortunately we only have Mr Sitchins, work as a frame of reference to go by that im aware of.
      So i would gladly love to read this text “Law of one” to get a different prospective of which was previously unknown to me. So thank you William for that.

  8. 360/(3/60)=7,200. What if the 3 60th of an error wasn’t an error after all..?

    72 is the number of years that it takes for the earth to progress one degree in the axial precession, and the number is included in countless of ancient megaliths and texts.

  9. wht happns to yur space prspctvs n view tht our unvrs may b as a domed-plane…?

  10. From the article: “It has been calculated that the original pyramid with its casing stones would act like gigantic mirrors and reflect light so powerful that it would be visible from the moon as a shining star on earth.” There’s the answer to why the Great Pyramid was built, to be seen from space, so that it would guide space travelers to their destination on Earth. The Pyramid, together with Mt Sinai, formed the base of a guide path for spacecraft landing on the huge platform at Baalbeck. The control room was located in Jerusalem, on what became the Holy Mount. It was all built after the Flood, which wiped out the previous configuration, which occurred circa 10,500 BCE. The missing capstone, and the missing contents of the granite “sarcophagus”, along with empty slots lining the ascending passageway, contained devices that sent out signals that also helped guide the spacecraft, before the Pyramid Wars took place. During the War, the losing side took refuge in the Pyramid. They surrendered after a siege. Their leader was tried for murder, and imprisoned in the Pyramid. Fortunately for the leader, the real murderer was discovered. The question then became, how to get him out of the sealed part of the Pyramid he was in? The solution, for those that knew it’s design, was to go down the descending passage to the bottom, and tunnel up through the material of the Pyramid, to behind the seals. What remains to be seen, is what is called “The Well”, today. An anomaly that can not be adequately explained by conventional science. Zacharia Sitchin’s books, The Earth Chronicles, explain it better than I can, if you want the whole story.

  11. Why don’t we restore the Great Pyramid at Giza and see what it can tell us instead of we telling it what it does, looked like, etc…

  12. “White” people made everything on Earth, since forever and until forever. The end, no discussion.

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