25 Images taken at exactly the right moment

Photography is truly a wonderful art. While most photographers prepare to take the perfect image, sometimes the best shot is captured in a second, a reflex, a moment that goes by without thinking, planning.

Most of the time luck must really favor you to snap the perfect image resulting in either a hilarious or disastrous photograph, sometimes even both.

Most of these images were not taken by professionals, but by ordinary people who happen to be at the right place the right time.

These images are proof that sometimes, the best photographs that were captured are the ones that were never actually meant to be taken.

This image shows a colossal Cumulonimbus over the pacific ocean as the airplane circles around it at 37000 feet while traveling to South America.

Clouds from above
Image credit: Santiago Borja Lopez

This image was probably taken at the most perfect moment. But wait, most of these images were. Is that an alien creature? Nope, just luck and time on the side of the person who snapped the image. Epic!

Is that an alien
Image Credit: Imgur

Check out the hybrid alien creature, man-woman looking horse. 😛

Another image taken at the right time shows an optical illusion as if we were looking at a person with the head of a horse. Or perhaps the other way around?

The Horse Man
Image Credit Vladimir Levin

This has got to be the BEST photobomb EVER. Is that shark smiling a bit? Like if it was just about to say: KOOO-KOOO, look behind you.

Shark behind ya
Image credit: funfever.blogspot.com

Wait until you see it. 😀

Image Credit: funfever.blogspot.com

An SU-27 fighter crashes into a crowd July 27 at an air show in Lviv, Ukraine, killing 83 people. Prosecutors blamed pilot error and poor planning, saying organizers should not have allowed stunts over spectators.

Image Credit: Oleg Nikishin / Getty Images

Yup, that’s a three-pointer.

Perfect image
Image Credit: funfever.blogspot.com

That moment when a seagull ruins your ‘Im Flying-Titanic moment’.

Whoa there bird
Image Credit: funfever.blogspot.com

Two planes from the Zelazny aerobatics team collide during a performance at an air show in Radom, Poland, as a third plane in the maneuver, left, passes by unscathed. Both pilots in the collision died, but there were no injuries reported in the crowd.

Image airplane
Image Credit: Darek Redos / AP

What an awkward moment.

Image Credit: funtim.com

This little fella is loving his time at the beach. You can’t blame him, can you?

Image credit: webburgr

Nothing to see here, just an alien swimming. 😛

alien swimming
Image Credit: imgur

Look! It’s a giant bird! Or was the little guy just showing off in front of the camera?

Its a giant bird
Image credit: thechive.com

This cat knows how to move.

Image Credit: perfectlytimedphotos.com

Is this the most aerodynamic cat EVER?

Cat flying
Image Credit: Pinterest

Lucky shot? Or perfectly timed shot?

Perfect timing
Image Credit: digitalsynopsis.com/

That’s just a really awkward image… What was she thinking? That’s not how you eat a Hot-Dog, ehm… sausage.

Image Credit: funfever.blogspot.com

Poor fella, you can see on his face how he feels.

that face
Image credit: Pinterest

This is one really scary image.

Image Credit: Jérémie Bergerioux

A really curious monkey. But, who could blame him?

Curious monkey
Image Credit: Adde Adesokan

Image Credit: Steve McGhee

Look, everyone, the MERMAN is real!

Image Credit: Nick Kelly

A passenger in another plane snapped this photo of Air France Flight 4590 as the Concorde trailed flames during its takeoff from Paris on July 25. Moments later, the supersonic jet crashed, killing all 109 people on board and five more on the ground.

tragic event
Image Credit: Toshihiko Sato / AP

Safari is AWESOME. Don’t you think?

Safari cool
Image Credit: Pinterest

There’s a Cat-Pillar.

Image Credit: Reddit

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