5 mind-boggling Moon mysteries that science cannot explain


With a diameter of about 3,476 kilometers the Moon is a quarter the size of Earth, all other moons in our solar system orbit their planets around the equator, our moon does not, and there are lunar rocks that have been found to contain PROCESSED METALS such as Brass, Uranium 236 and Neptunium 237.

Simply put, Earth’s moon is one of the most mysterious objects in our solar system. It is considered a ‘weird’ celestial body due to its numerous physical qualities which scientists are unable to explain, and due to the fact that it is the most unique object in the solar system, incomparable to any other moon found to date.

In fact, the moon is so unique that Dr. Robert Jastrow, the first president of NASA’s Commission of Lunar Exploration called the moon “the Rosetta Stone of the planets.”

To get an idea just how weird the moon is, we only have to take a look at a quote by Robin Brett, a scientist from NASA who stated, “It seems easier to explain the non-existence of the Moon than its existence.

But what makes the moon so weird?

It’s big. In fact, it is huge. With a diameter of about 3,476 kilometers the Moon is a quarter the size of Earth. Except for Pluto and Charon, this is the largest known proportion between a moon and its parent body among the numerous objects of our system.

It has a weird orbit that’s so unique scientists have not been able to find it anywhere else in the solar system. It turns that all other moons in our solar system orbit their planets around the equator. Our moon does not, and orbits Earth at an inclination of five degrees. The moon has a precise altitude, course, and speed, allowing it to “function” properly in regards of planet Earth. Simply put the Moon should not be where it is currently.

The Moon is almost an Earth. The composition of our natural satellite is similar to that of Earth, unlike most other moons. Who are clearly different from their parent planets.

If the above details did not catch your attention, there’s more.

There are some lunar rocks that have been found to contain PROCESSED METALS such as Brass, Uranium 236 and Neptunium 237. These elements have NEVER been found to occur naturally. Uranium 236 is a radioactive nuclear waste which is found in spent nuclear and reprocessed Uranium. More interestingly, Neptunium 237 is a radioactive metallic element and a by-product of nuclear reactors and the production of Plutonium.

These mysterious lunar characteristics have led Mikhail Vasin and Alexander Shcerbakov from the Soviet Academy of Science to write an article in the 1970’s about the moon called “Is the Moon the Creation of Alien Intelligence?”

Furthermore, Dr. Harold Urey, Nobel Prize winner for Chemistry said he was “terribly puzzled by the rocks astronauts found on the moon and their Titanium content. The samples were unimaginable and mind-blowing since researchers could not account for the presence of Titanium.

In other words, our Moon does not share any characteristics with other moons found in our Solar System. If that isn’t strange enough, consider that from any point on the surface of our planet only one side of the Moon is visible.

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    Psalms 89:37 – It shall be established for ever as the moon, and [as] a faithful witness in heaven. Selah.

    Psalms 8:3 – When I consider thy heavens, the work of thy fingers, the moon and the stars, which thou hast ordained;

    Acts 2:20 – The sun shall be turned into darkness, and the moon into blood, before that great and notable day of the Lord come:

    Isaiah 30:26 – Moreover the light of the moon shall be as the light of the sun, and the light of the sun shall be sevenfold, as the light of seven days, in the day that the LORD bindeth up the breach of his people, and healeth the stroke of their wound.

    Genesis 1:14 – And God said, Let there be lights in the firmament of the heaven to divide the day from the night; and let them be for signs, and for seasons, and for days, and years:

    Luke 21:25 – And there shall be signs in the sun, and in the moon, and in the stars; and upon the earth distress of nations, with perplexity; the sea and the waves roaring;

  2. REVELATION 6:12… And I beheld when he had opened the sixth seal, and, lo, there was a great earthquake; and the sun became black as sackcloth of hair, and the moon became as blood;

    1. If you live in Australia you see blood red moons all the time it’s nothing but a trick of the light with dust haze

        1. You’re the one with the lovely Ruby slippers and you call me a sicko?

  3. All of this would have to be predicated on the answer to the question, did man go to the moon? Look at the first interview of the first astronauts that “went” to the moon.Do they look and act like men that went to the moon?

    1. How are men who went to the moon supposed to act? How would YOU know? How would anyone know unless we ran the experiment? We ran the experiment several times in 1969-1972 and got consistent results; so consistent that the last trial was cancelled to save the expense of building another Saturn V to launch Skylab.

      It’s called the Scientific Method.

      1. No one has been to the moon. The moon is a light, created by God and placed, along with the sun and stars, WITHIN the firmament. Man does not have the ability to reach the moon.

        1. Try forcing me to teach children a lie and you’ll to have discovered for yourself the true meaning of abuse.

          1. Nothing veiled about it at all.
            You’d meet the fate of the pedophiles, because you are almost as bad.

          2. You’re almost as bad because you suggest force of government to require children to buy your lie, for little more than personal satisfaction of knowing you diverted them from what is good.
            A pedophile shares the same mentality.
            Jesus said in Matt18:6 “But if anyone causes one of these little ones who believe in Me to stumble, it would be better for him to have a large millstone hung around his neck and to be drowned in the depths of the sea.”
            The biggest difference being you might not have a millstone coming, but you ought to get an oar.

          3. If I appear to you as a total dick, it begs the question as to why you are half-cocked.
            If you’re gonna have a battle of wits, try to arm yourself somehow.

          4. Are you a pedophile?
            better think long an…nevermind.
            keyword: Think.
            You can’t.

          5. Ha! The one that ridicules is now offended and calling people dicks…

          6. Wow…
            I’m sorry to hear that.
            Most people had a rubber duckie when they were kids.

            I would hate to see what you were forced to play with in the tub when you were little.

          7. Marines? lol
            You gotta do way better than that.
            The time you were blessed with my interaction certainly taught you more than you’ve displayed.
            I tried to show you the way.

            As yet another example of wit for you to learn from, just so you know, for your benefit alone, and no one else’s…
            We shall address your overused term “whack job.”
            You seem to be enamored with it.
            You might be happy with your current position, but have you ever heard of a blow-job?
            It might pay you better and it would get you off your feet.

            I offer this joke example in the interest and betterment of my fellow man.
            Due to indecipherably confused gender, I cannot state whether this covers PonyriderOfTheOblateSpheroid or not)

            …now ride off little pony…

          8. What they seem to forget the book was written by man and over several centuries has been modified beyond belief by those involved not one of the religions has left there scriptures intact.. But as we all know man is corrupt and greedy the books where and still are nothing but a best selling fabricated story

          9. Even the father of modern cosmology, Copernicus, said that his THEORY was not to be believed… that it was only a theory. Now who is the whackjob?

          10. He only said that to cover his A$$ from the catholic church.

        2. retarted brainwashed american…. no wonder everyone calls you stupids

          1. Better check your spelling before calling someone “retarted” and “stupids”…

        3. Hey pony should we confuse them with more facts? Like how when the moon gets hit by a meteorite it rings like a hollow bell? Etc

          1. Plus two on one is so not fair to you. You think there stories would have taught them the value of playing fair but I guess not

          2. Have you ever been witness to anything hitting the moon? Ever? The moon is a light.

          3. Explain the meteor impacts and why it rings like a bell when it does

          4. My gosh you’re really reaching for straws now Gelthanic. When have you ever heard the moon ring like a bell. Maybe you shoudn’t ever post a comment like that again.

        4. Oh my… now you say there are satellites… have you seen one lately? I have a high powered telescope… there is nothing left on the moon because they NEVER went to the moon.

          1. Wrong. It’s not 239,000 miles away… you have believed what you have been told. Now go outside and look at the moon… does it really look like it’s that far?

      2. You really haven’t a clue, do you. Watch the interview. Did they see the stars, or did the not see the stars? How exactly did the camera that remained on the moon track the trajectory when the LEM took off to reunite with the capsule, how was Aldrin’s voice heard over the din of a 10,000 lbs thrust engine right under his rear end, why was there no blast crater from the landing, how is it there was no moon dust on any of the LEM”s foot pads from the landing. There is scientific method and common sense. Are you not able to look this stuff up yourself?
        And again, how would YOU act if you had been to the moon? I’d be pretty damned excited.
        Also in passing, look up the NASA video that talks about going to Mars, but, BTW, as the commentator explains (a NASA engineer) they have to figure out how to safely go through the Van Allen belt! Seriously? Shouldn’t there be hotels on the moon by now? I don’t want to be mean spirited, but please, don’t be naive. An answer to any of the questions I have raised would be appreciated.

        1. All your questions have been answered elsewhere on the net. Don’t have the time to educate you.

        2. Allow me.

          “Did they see the stars, or did the not see the stars?”

          -Which interview are we talking about here?

          “How exactly did the camera that remained on the moon track the trajectory?”

          -The cameras were pre “programed” to tilt upward at a specific rate, being activated remotely from Earth. Notice on the Apollo 15 video, the tilting mechanism failed, and the LEM rocketed out of view. On the Apollo 16 video, the rover (which carried the camera equip) was parked too close to the LEM, resulting in the camera not tilting upwards fast enough to capture the full ascent. The video you are speaking of, finally worked correctly on the Apollo 17 mission.

          “how was Aldrin’s voice heard over the din of a 10,000 lbs thrust engine right under his rear end?”

          -The LEM did not have an air lock. The inside of the LEM was essentially a vacuum. Sound does not travel through a vacuum.

          “why was there no blast crater from the landing?”

          -The surface of the Moon is covered with a few inches of dry moon dust. The loose moon dust was blown away, leaving harder (damp?) moon dust below. Think of dry sand vs. wet sand when it comes to building sand castles. Dry sand has no strength, and is thus, easily blown away, where as wet sand has enough strength to hold its shape even when exposed to strong wind.

          “how is it there was no moon dust on any of the LEM”s foot pads from the landing?”

          -All the loose moon dust was blown away from the LEM. The dust did not settle back down onto the LEM, because there is no air on the moon to slow down the flying dust, like there is here on Earth.

          “I’d be pretty damned excited.”

          I bet they were excited, but I bet it is hard to hold a smile for a week straight.

          I’m not sure which NASA video you are referring to, but I’ll do my best. As for the Van Allen belts, the health risks of radiation comes down to exposure time. The Mars astronauts would be spending a much longer time in space than the Apollo astronauts, thus more care must be taken to protect them from space radiation.

          I hope this answers your questions.

    2. ” look up a documentary called ” A Funny Thing Heppened on the Way to the Moon”
      It has footage showing them faking part of a mission.

  4. Awesome verses! Don’t forget Isaiah 66:23 “…from one New Moon to another, and from one Sabbath to another shall all flesh come to worship before me”

    Ezekiel 46:1-3, Psalm 81:3, 104:19 and Amos 8:5; all tell us of worship days! There is our calendar in the sky! The Creators calendar! To find the true Sabbath day, the 7th day on His calendar! find more truth at worlds last chance dot com

  5. The moon is a light, created by God, along with the sun and stars (luminaries) and placed within the firmament. The moon is local… it is not 236,000 miles from earth, but rather 3000 – 4000 miles at most. Wake up!!! We have all believed a lie. The Copernican model of the solar system and ever-expanding universe hide the true creation that God made. The earth, flat as on a plane, covered by a dome (firmament), with the sun, moon and stars contained within, is all that God created.

    1. Awesome Jake…and it’s immoveable too…! Chronicles 16:30, Psalm 93:1,104:5, 19:6!!!

          1. I assure you, my thought processes are much more complex than your attempt to ridicule others… in which you fail miserably.

          2. Better pat yourself on the back there buddy… ’cause nobody else is going to do it. If all you can do is ridiclule, then your not doing much are you?

          3. Well, your fine job is substandard.
            If you ain’t gonna present pertinent argument points, the next qualifying criteria would be humor, and so far, you ain’t funny either, but I am trying to wait… just to see…

  6. The Bible says the earth is a sphere. Isaiah40:22- “It is he that sitteth upon the circle (compass, sphere) of the earth, and the inhabitants thereof are as grasshoppers; that stretcheth out the heavens as a curtain, and spreadeth them out as a tent to dwell in:”

    Also of note is the referrence to the heavens as a “curtain” and a “tent to dwell in”.


    1. A circle has nothing to do with a sphere… God’s abode is above the waters that are above the firmament. The firmament was created on the second day of creation. The land mass and oceans sit on a plane, encircled by a ring of ice that contain the oceans. The firmament creates the “living space” or expanse of heavens above us. Revisit Genesis, then research flat earth.

      1. Isaiah 40:22 is just as well understood to mean sphere as it is circle.
        Apologists dealing with this issue often cite Isaiah 40:22 with the explanation that Hebrew, having no specific word for sphere, indicates here a spherical earth.

        And the Hebrew word ‘dur’ does not define a sphere or ball any more than the word used in Isaiah 40:22 for ‘circle’ does. In Isaiah 29:3 we find ‘dur’ used in this way. “And I will camp against thee ROUND ABOUT, and will lay siege against thee with a mount, and I will raise forts against thee.”

        Dur does at times indicate a ball or sphere just as the word used in Isaiah 40:22 does. It depends on the agenda of the reader, or the practical knowledge that man has found to be true that provides the meaning.

        Then there is the issue of Genesis 1:10;
        “And God called the dry land Earth; and the gathering together of the waters called he Seas: and God saw that it was good.”

        By itself this verse tells us virtually nothing about the nature of the earth and seas. In fact, this verse is so ‘matter of fact’ that someone might read into the text either a flat earth or a round one. Genesis 1:10 does not indicate in and of itself a flat earth.

        While you may have good reason to refute whather man has flown to the moon or not. Surely, you do not refute the fact that man flies in airplanes, right? So just ask a pilot if the earth is flat or not. The means he must use to navigate a flight path must take into consideration the curvature of a spherical earth. The same for ships sailing the sea.

        It seems empirical evidence trumps your so called “Biblical” evidence. Because the Bible does not say the earth is flat. That is something you read INTO the text.

        I guess the question is; Why would you want to do that? It makes no difference as far as salvation is concerned, right?


        1. Actually, it make a lot of difference as far as salvation is concerned. Billions of people on this earth think and believe that there is no creator, no God, just like the godless people we experience in these discussions. They think the earth is happenchance, as in Big Bang. If they knew the true nature of this created earth, maybe they would examine their lives more closely and come to know God.

          You seem to be well indoctrinated into explaining the spherical earth. I suggest you go back and study the six days of creation. Draw on a piece of paper what is described in the first four creation days. Draw it exactly as it is described. Consider that the sun, moon and stars were not created until the fourth day. If there were no sun, moon or stars, what did the earth revolve around? Where was the expanse of the “universe”? The sun, moon and stars are all within the firmament, not outside the firmament. Be honest with yourself during the exercise and ask God for discernment. Research flat earth. There is a lot of information our there. Watch the sun, moon and stars. Be observant. May God bless your effort.

          1. SteveM,
            For the Christian it makes no difference whether they believe in a flat or spherical earth. They are saved because they have trusted in Christ. Not a flat or spherical earth.
            Unbelievers go to hell no matter what they believe about the earth’s shape because they reject Jesus.
            “And God said, Let there be a firmament in the midst of the waters, and let it divide the waters from the waters. (This means the heavens are between these waters.)
            And God made the firmament, and divided the waters which were under the firmament from the waters which were above the firmament: and it was so. (Same as vs6)
            And God called the firmament Heaven. And the evening and the morning were the second day. (The firmament is Heaven so of course the sun,moon, stars will be there)
            And God said, Let the waters under the heaven be gathered together unto one place, and let the dry land appear: and it was so. (This sounds like a single continent appearing, right?)
            And God called the dry land Earth; and the gathering together of the waters called he Seas: and God saw that it was good.” (Exactly what we see today. With the exception of the single continent being made into several now. Which is a result of the flood in Noah’s day.)

            So where is the flat earth proof in this passage? Sorry, I’m not seeing it:-I
            You know why? Because it isn’t there.

          2. If you look at it objectively there is no God. I feel sorry for the deluded masses wasting their lives on this bronze age nonsense. You’re delusional in the extreme

          3. There wasn’t a bronze age either… man you are a little thick between the ears.

          4. Coming from a guy who thinks the earth is flat I’d say your insult carries little weight

    2. You think Ed’s post is nice because he said the earth is a sphere? Now who is the whackjob with the crazy comments?

      1. No…
        Ed’s post is nice because it provides comfort for those who would rather believe a lie, than be disturbed by truth.

  7. I’m sorry Pony…no offense intended when the weight of evidence is in our favor! Ancient civilizations, explorers and currently nasa, Pilots, Engineers and Architects even know it’s flat! The truth has only been covered up for a few centuries! So please stud the matter for yourself, because truth shall not be deleted!

    1. I don’t mind offending PROTOS. You say oblate spheroid? You are behind the times. Neil Tyson DeGrasse, the shill for all cosmologists, has now changed his mind on the oblate spheroid and now says that the earth is more like the shape of a pear. Would that be a pearoid on steriods? I guess if you are going to tell a lie, make it a good one! Neil Tyson DeGrasse is an idiot actor and shill.

      1. Yes, you don’t have much to say from reading your comments. Maybe it would be better not to keep making such a fool out of yourself.

        1. The earth is flat… exactly as God created it, with a dome that covers it, the sun, moon and stars within the dome. The (flat) earth is all that God created. Time to wake up!!

      2. No he isnt. He’s about four million times smarter than you. How can you honestly believe the shit youre spouting, it’s insane

          1. Stephen Hawking is a shell of a man sitting in a wheelchair. They (scientists) say what they want to say through a speech box and you believe it is from Hawking.

      3. Calling people names doesn’t take much intellect… seeing that is all that you seem to be able to do says a lot about you.

    2. Nope!! The flat earth theory is utter bilge and studying the matter will only serve to make a person stupider.

        1. Wow Steve I didn’t know you were an expert in the field of being stupid.

        2. My sarcasm is advanced and I know you probably don’t understand irony

  8. There is a moon
    It does not orbit the earth
    The earth is FLAT
    The earth is not an oblate spheroid, nor is is pear shaped.
    It is not older than 6000 years
    And YES, there is a FIRMAMENT.
    Cosmology is dead… the truth of God’s creation shall continue to spread.

      1. No, this is your post… evidently of how you live and behave.

    1. Look, you are entitled to your opinion. You are also entitled to post your opinion. What you are NOT entitled to is trying to change my belief. As such, I believe you are a whack-a-doodle, as are all flat-earthers/hollow earthers and climate changers.

      1. To be featured….why….I’d be famous…like….like….that one guy who was married to that chick who was in that movie with whats his name…you know that guy who once played chess internationally but then had to stop because he got that one girl pregnant in Barcelona….damn, I can’t recall his name.
        Anyway,…yeah, that famous.

        1. Listen my friend…we disagree on things yes…but I am proud to call you my friend because other than certain philosophies between us, I’d still hang out with you, mate. And I mean that.

          1. I know that…and the wisdom that is me recognized it and let it slide.

      2. To feature what exactly? From what I am reading there is not much substance to any of his posts or your postings. Birds of a feather I guess!

        1. Not only do I have zero substance, I also have DIFFERENT zero substance. You just keep repeating the same zippity. See the difference? It’s better to say something different than repeat the same crap over and over and over.

          1. Stanley… really now! I know you are what… 28 years old? Why must you post such immature stuff?

      3. Hahahaha!!! Well I do see that S64 is including climate changers… that’s what your people spoon feed you and you don’t believe in climate change? There might be hope for you yet.

    2. I saw a night launch on cocoa beach once….on acid….and yeah, the Earth was round.

    3. Oh really? I would like for you to post your credentials Mr. Rocket Aerospace Man. It’s good to know that you know that launches aren’t “staged”. Any rocket that is launched does indeed go “downrange” and eventually right into the ocean. Good luck with that “tell all” camera you guys make! Funny I haven’t ever seen footage from that perspective. You should post some footage so everyone here can see the rockets go into “space”.

      1. Have you not?? I find that very difficult to believe. What i find even harder to believe is your utter stupidity

        1. Is that all you people can offer? Calling someone stupid because you can’t think of anything else to say?

          1. Stanley, I may have called you stupid in the past but I had good reason to do so.

          2. And… that makes you a hypocrite. Apparently that doesn’t bother you.

          3. Having read your comments it’s obvious you’re not stupid. However the flat earth theory is you’re attempting to validate is stupid, very stupid

      2. Yes I take back the earlier comment about not seeing a camera from that perspective. I have seen that on amateur rockets and balloons. I see that the rocket got about 20+ miles or so up into the atmosphere and that was it… not enough to get it to proposed “low earth orbit” of anywhere from 99 – 1200 miles. Good video.

        1. Here’s one for you Angry Tom… google Flat Earth… 93 million miles
          away my ass… seems like that little balloon can get just as high as
          your rocket. Satellites? I don’t see them. Spherical earth? I don’t see
          it. Local Sun? Yes, I do see that. Flat earth? Yes, I see that also.

          I did you the courtesy of watching your referenced video, now you do the same for my referenced video.

          1. The balloon was about 20 miles high… the reason I chose this video is so you wouldn’t have any distractions. Also note if the camera was going downward, it appeared to curve… however, when it was going upward the image reversed the curve which, if you are familiar with cameras, this would denote that when still the image would be flat. I will continue to watch the vid you provided and others as they were very interesting. I hope you do the same with the video I provided and others like it. We both might learn something.

            This is the last post I will have in this discussion. I appreciate that you took the time to watch the video.

          2. Jake, in order for you to see satellites, you must first tilt your head back.

    4. I had one of these morons tell me that the reason the horizon appears to be curved when i’m on a flight is because the windows are intentionally made convex. Retarded!!! Have you noticed that when you ask a flat earther why the powers that be would perpetuate the deception they start saying things like…

      “I dont have to explain myself to you”
      “If you’re too stupid to understand etc”
      And so on but they can never seem to come up with an answer

      1. “, it usually tends to be the work of Satan, who delights in our mass deception”

        I do indeed. Now dance, my minions!

      2. Yes Satan, adversary, formerly known as Lucifer, is in control of the governments of this world and the deception of the masses. Simple minds like yours could never understand.

        1. In Jake Jackson’s small brain, saying something makes it true!

          1. Jake, Stanley and myself go back a while… it’s always hilarious when Stanley shows up!! He is a riot!!!

          2. You and Jake now each other? Do you guys get together in your mom’s basement with your tinfoil hats and flashlights?

          3. What does that mean “now each other?”. No I don’t live with my mom like you do Stanley. Jake and I get together online to laugh at your famous one liners!

          4. Oh no! You are going to start pointing out my grammar errors? Seeing how you two muppets are on a science forum, YOU are the laughing stock here.

          5. Considering the source, SteveM had every right to ask you what you meant by “now each other” because he understands your mental state.

          6. Considering SteveM answered the question, I guess he must have known exactly what I meant.

      3. Well, I don’t want to fly with a pilot that plans to land a plane on a globe spinning at 1000mph. How do they compensate for that?

        1. “How do they compensate for that?”

          -They don’t. The air that the plane if flying through, spins WITH the Earth. Get smart Steve.

          1. Hmmm… did you learn that in a 9th grade science class? My stepson says that’s where he learned the same thing.

          2. Your stepson is obviously a lot smarter than you are. Why don’t you try to prove us wrong?

          3. I thought he was being sarcastic. My 8 year old can answer that question

          1. Silly boy. I just cannot be bothered arguing this ridiculous point with you anymore. I have the entire weight of the scientific community behind me and you have a nice group of basement dwellers and a Bible. Yay god

        2. Someone will probably say the air spins with the earth as it does with a spinning top. LOL… You just have to laugh at some of this stuff.

    5. I know a few geologists who might disagree with you. If all there is up there is the firmament how do you explain deep space probes, a scientific conspiracy?

      1. It’s all a conspiracy, and geologists are in on it too! they just want to disprove God so they can sin and do whatever they want without going to heII. (sarcasm)

      1. Oh my Jake… Stanley has finally showed up with his famous one-liners!

  9. The Bible tells us in no uncertain terms, the design of the Earth in the Book of Genesis.
    It unmistakably describes a domed plane ,within the “circle of the earth.” It nowhere could be construed to describe a 1000MPH spinning ball Spiraling through space.
    Not in the Bible at all. Only on your TV have you seen “evidence” to support the godless narrative.

    Now, I first noticed something along this widely ridiculed subject in 1982, when my USMC battalion was flown from southern California to Okinawa,Japan. It was a six month rotation back to stateside.We flew both ways and refueled on a three hour layover in ANCHORAGE ALASKA each way. I had a little problem with this.
    I had checked the globe and the shortest distance should have took us to HAWAII.
    It did not make sense at all.

    While on “The Rock” I as a field radio operator, was put through Tactical Air Control school. At the time it was a brand new thing for the USMC ,and I was one of five individuals hand selected from a comm platoon of about 100 guys. We were the comm link from the ground to the air for all kinds of air support, fixed wing and helicopters. We had to learn land navigation by map and compass, plotting approach headings and escape vectors and relay that info to the pilots. I dug a little deeper some time later on the subject of naval navigation, and found that you had to use a flattened version of the world map, or you would be way off course or possibly run aground.

    You can’t book flights to this day, that fly non-stop from Australia to Chile. It always has to stop in the US.
    It is not the only flight path example that exposes this.
    f you take a straight edge and place one end on Southern California and Okinawa on the biblical model, your path takes you right through Alaska.

    Look at the flag of the most certainly damned United Nations; it shows the basic design correctly laid out, but the Antarctic on the UN flag is a wreath or laurels.
    The first Time Antarctica was circumnavigated it took over three years to complete the journey. They did it in sailing ship in the 1500’s.
    To this day, they still have to use sail powered vessels to make the voyage today. It’s simply that remote from the rest of the world.

    consider this;
    **In 1773 Captain Cook became the first modern explorer known to have breached the Antarctic Circle and reached the ice barrier. During three voyages, lasting three years and eight days, Captain Cook and crew sailed a total of 60,000 miles along the Antarctic coastline never once finding an inlet or path through or beyond the massive glacial wall!
    Captain Cook wrote: “The ice extended east 57 and west far beyond the reach of our sight, while the southern half of the horizon was illuminated by rays of light which were reflected from the ice to a considerable height. It was indeed my opinion that this ice extends quite to the pole, or perhaps joins some land to which it has been fixed since creation.” **-Excerpt from the Flat Earth Conspiracy, by Eric DuBay (Conspiracy to hide that facts from the public)

    I think the purpose of this is to fool as many as possible with todays lame stream crap, then after the “last war” the UN can come out and say, “see? WE showed you the truth first. Follow us!
    After all, even Jesus said the deception would be so great, that if possible even “The Very Elect” would be deceived.

    Just go outside and check the moon in it’s cycle throughout the month.
    You can do this during the day, sometimes 2-3 hours before sunset.
    I have seen the “shadow of the earth” on the moon 2-3 hours before the sun “sank” over the horizon.

    There ain’t no way the place I was standing on was between two heavenly bodies in the sky, while casting a shadow “of the globe” on the moon.

    In the end, we gotta decide who to believe. It gets easier when you look at the evidence.

    1. Evidence… exactly right FreeMann9! It doesn’t take too much research to break through the lies to see the truth of God’s creation. It’s all there for anyone interested to find. The lies of cosmology and science will soon be exposed and the truth of God’s creation will be brought before the world. Then the world shall know the truth of the Bible, creation account and the Son of God, Jesus, who was sent into this godless world as a ransom for our sin.

      1. There is no reason Science and the Bible cannot corroborate and co-exist each other.

        1. Science is directly opposed to God and always has been… Big Bang, cosmology, evolution, geology and many other fields attempt to hide God by offering up outlandish conjecture and theory, which by the way, people slurp up as absolute truth just like a dog licks up it’s own vomit. They know of the deception they are perpetrating and push it to the absolute extreme… billions of galaxies and trillions of suns and planets make the earth pretty insignificant. They want to separate man from his creator and will someday answer for what they have done.

          1. No. Religion has hindered the scientific progression of the human race for hundreds, if not thousands of years. If the church had its way we’d all be living in caves worshipping an imaginary god and touching little boys

          2. Stone age? There was never a stone age. Observable results? Observe the sun and moon… not as far away as you were told huh? The sad thing is you believe what someone tells you they observed without questioning how they observed it. Now if that person’s intent was to deceive you, you would be in a heap of a mess.

          3. Show me a picture of the spherical earth taken from space. There are none.

          4. There is not one single picture of earth from “outer space”… man, you are really indoctrinated.

          5. Jake says all the pictures of the round Earth are All fake. I guess that means it’s true.

          6. I did… there are many pictures. None of them are the same. Did the USA really grow twice as large in a single year??????? So much for that huh?

          7. Did the Earth grow 2x in one year? Or is it that you just don’t know squat about photography? Lol

          8. I think you got it backwards buddy; RELIGIOUS ldiots have always been opposed to science, because it goes against their silly Creation Fable.

          9. Now Stanley… you know if you are in a life and death situation that you will call out for God to save your soul… be truthful.

          10. Now SteveM… you know your IQ is below that of the average child… be truthful.

    2. I still question the ball earth theory at times, but the shadow on the moon that creates the various moon phases is not the shadow of the earth. The light and shadow of the moon, as seen from earth, is from the angle of our view from earth as the sun hits the moon, and changes as the moon proceeds through its monthly course in deviation of the ecliptic plane and the earths equatorial plane. This is the theory anyways. When the shadow of the Earth falls on the moon, which happens only twice a year, is when lunar eclipses occur.

      1. The moon is self-illuminating… it travels above the earth, not around the earth. The phases of the moon are of the moon, not the shadow of the earth. If the (flat) earth is on a plane, and the moon overhead, this could never happen.

        1. No the moon is not self illuminated it’s only looks that way, it is illuminated by the sun the same way our earth is and all the other planets in the solar system, If it was self illuminated then how do you explain the eclipse then why would it only go dark at that time and no other ??

          1. Good point. Self illumination explains an internal source of light…which apparently gets turned off during an eclipse by Matthew Looney.

          2. Yes, the moon is self-illuminating… it is exactly as Jake has explained. Science has attempted to explain the eclipse as the earth’s shadow coming between the sun and moon. If the moon is overhead, as is described in the creation account of Genesis and evident with observation, then that of course is wrong.

            Who knows? What causes the phases of the moon or the darkening? It is as God has prescribed it to be and the phases of the moon are just that… phases. The Book of Revelation decribes a time in with the sun will be darkened and the moon shall not give her light. This will not be an extended “eclipse” but rather what God has commanded.

          3. Wow you really are deluded, it’s the moon that comes between the sun and earth that caused the eclipse. For you to say it’s the earth shadow is an impossibility, there is not more then 1 light source within our galaxy capable of creating a second shadow to throw back at the moon when it is directly in front of the sun.

          4. And you know this how? Science told you? Ha! The earth is flat, the sun and moon circle overhead. You need to do some serious research.

          5. Not only science but simple observation, If the world was flat we would have no such thing as a horizon the tides weather etc

          6. Alright if it’s that laughable I’ll start with an easy question for you what causes your shadow?

          7. I don’t think weed alone can account for that level of stupidity.

          8. I know people that do a lot of hard drugs, and they aren’t nearly as stupid. Getting closer though.

          9. Who told you you live in a galaxy and why do you believe such a thing? The earth cannot cast a shadow on the moon that is circling overhead (locally) with the sun.

          10. I wish I could just get one straight answer from…. well, from anyone participating in this discussion.

          11. We have tried but you guys are so narrow minded I’m surprised you can see past your nose

          12. You wouldn’t know what a straight answer was, if one sat on your face! You can SEE our Milky Way at night. Open your eyes. The moon doesn’t “circle overhead”, that’s why the Moon sets and rises over the horizon. Get smart.

          13. Good grief Stanley… I get tired of reading the same thing over and over from you. Be original at least.

          14. Careful man, you are going to make Jake’s head spin right off his shoulders!

    3. A dome with edges and corners? How does that work???

      Is there some law that I am not aware of, that mandates airlines fly the shortest routes?

      Well if Earth maps and the UN flag are flat, that MUST mean the Earth is flat too!!! LOLOLOl

      The shadow on the Moon you are seeing, is the Moon’s shadow. Get smart.

      In the end, it’s easier to believe in the flat Earth, after doing a massive amount of LSD.

  10. Holy Hell…I forgot that 6K year argument they bring up. What a bunch of hooey (not to be confused with Gary Hoey)

    1. Ahhh, good, someone got that. And yes, Heavy Bones was very good !!

  11. Wow Ivan…congratulations on finding the “hot button” issue.

    1. yeah..but it definitely made for fun reading…so there is that.

      1. No!! Let the hatred flow, we have to make a stand against these morons

        1. I find flat Earthers to be the most frustrating to deal with. They absolutely will not see reason. I should calm down

          1. Believe me, people who believe what they have been spoon-fed by the science and cosmology are the hardest headed people to deal with. To get them to see the truth of God’s creation you have to first pull them away from the tit… and they cry like babies until you get them to stand on their own and open their eyes.

          2. Utter crap but by all means continue believing it. Just don’t expect me to catch retard

          3. Don’t worry… I will do just that. You just keep walking blindly in this web of lies that science feeds you each and every day… one day you might look at something they feed you and recognize there is no truth in it.

          4. Like religion? Already there dude. I’ve seen the curve of the earth but I ain’t seen god

          5. You can’t find God with religion… I’m glad you have seen the curve of the earth. The first man to reach the “stratosphere” said that the earth appeared flat, with upturned edges. Have you been to the stratoshere?

          6. Well now… I’ve done a lot of flying myself but never noticed a curvature of any kind nor do the pictures I have taken depict a curvature. Anything else?

          7. I guess the only thing to do is shoot you retards in to space and you can see it for yourself

          8. In order to see the truth of God’s creation, you must first slam you head into a brick wall 6,019 times.

          9. It didn’t take that many times for me Stanley… however you are a little hard-headed. LOLOLOLOL!!!!

          10. After reading Jake’s comments for the last couple days, I’m with you. We’re living on a pizza….that’s melting….and instead of a cheesy crust, it has LED’s infused in it….religion doesn’t exist…but yet God created the lights. Confused… That seems to be the gist.

        2. Hatred? That’s not very nice. We are simply here with the TRUTH of God’s creation and you fail in your attempt to understand that.

          1. Even the Bible says the earth is a sphere. Read Isaiah in that nonsensical pamphlet and it says, unambiguously that the earth is a sphere. Also lay off the lsd

          2. There is not one instance in the Bible that calls the earth a sphere.

          3. “. “It is He who sits above the circle of the earth, and its inhabitants are like grasshoppers [etc.]” Isaiah 40:22 (NKJ). When Isaiah wrote this verse he used the Hebrew word “khug” to describe the shape of the earth. Although this word is commonly translated into the English word “circle,” the literal meaning of this word is “a sphere

            Eat shit!!

          4. If I draw a circle on a piece of paper, do you call that a sphere? If I show you the face of quarter from a distance would you call that a sphere? Perhaps you should clean up your language and not resort to such degradating speech as to tell someone to eat dung.

          5. I said shit. First indicator of a nutter is when they get offended by “potty mouth” but are ok with war famine and disease because it’s “god’s will”

          6. It actually takes a brave individual to break away from what you consider absolutes in your life and consider things from a different perspective.

          7. Here you are using scripture in trying to explain your position and then you tell someone to eat shit? Maybe you should re-think that…

          8. I’m attempting to point out the madness using things you people might understand. I’m not closed minded I just can’t deny the evidence and you guys must be stopped

          9. Bible mention “corners” and “edges of the Earth” many times.

        3. This will not go away and will not die. Perhaps you should examine what you so willingly absorb as truth for the scientific community. It only takes a moment of recognizing something isn’t truthful for the whole deception to fall apart.

          1. Really? Where is the evidence that scientists or cosmologists know what the composition of a star is? How could they know that if no one has ever been to one? That should be easy enough for you to find.

          2. I don’t want a link, I want you to tell me how they would know the composition? The Book of Enoch describes them as luminaries… LIGHTS… not burning balls of gas or nuclear reaction. They are lights. God made them, named them and placed them within the firmament.

          3. I don’t care if it’s “canonized” by the catholic church or not. A lot of inspired writings are not canonized. That being said, the Book of Enoch is a book for our generation.

          4. I don’t have a religion… nor will I be a part of any “religion”.

          5. Angry Tom, what does religion have to do with being a Christian… as we saw in the days of the Sanhedrin, they were convinced their way of religion was pleasing to God. Jesus, however, told them they had it all wrong.
            You don’t have to participate in religion to be a Christian, a follower of Jesus Christ. I have no religious affiliation but I am a Christian.

          6. I actually sent Pony a link to an article ON THIS SITE…and it got denied. So it’s not just outside links that don’t work.

          7. My, my… I hate to burst your bubble there Angry Tom, but most of the science and cosmology “facts” are nothing but lies.

    2. Yes, the flat earthers showed up because of the absurdity of the article. Expect more and more as others awaken to the deception that has enshrouded the population of the earth. The gig is up and the truth will be presented to the masses. It is all about to crumble and then your “party” will be over.

      1. Oh no! Tell me more, oh great and wise one! What should we do?

      2. Certainly not everyone there Angry Tom… but you can bet that all flat-earthers KNOW that believers of the globe earth, solar system and ever-expanding universe are DECEIVED. I’m not going to call you an idiot because of something your eyes are not opened to, but definitely deceived.

        1. Actually it is very hard to present this to so-called Christians… they were, as everyone else, indoctrinated into this deception. To then present something that is contrary to what they consider absolutes provokes a defense response just as you see in these discussions. It’s natural of course, to not give the flat earth any consideration… even as little children we were taught to laugh at people who at one time considered the earth to be flat… the fact is, those people KNEW what God’s creation was. It wasn’t until the Copernican theory was adopted into cosmology and science that the deception we see now was perpetrated. It has been taught to generations now and we take it as absolute truth… even Copernicus said that his THEORY was not to be believed as truth.

          When a person is deceived, how do they ever know they were deceived in the first place? If you did no discovery into what the deception was, you would never know the difference. It’s not that our arguments don’t hold water, for there is plenty of compelling evidence for flat earth, it is that people cannot or will not admit they have been deceived in the first place. Some (so-called) Christians think that God would have revealed it to them because they loved God and God wouldn’t leave them in the dark. The quandry with that is even when God places someone in front of them with the truth, they ignore or reject it.

          Unless a person’s eyes are opened or unless a person questions everything that science presents as truth and sees the absurdity in many of their claims, they will continue to reject the truth of God’s creation. For me it took only one instance of doubt in a claim made by science, that set me on the path to discover the truth. The first image I saw, the one I use as my profile pic, to realize the beauty and complexity of God’s creation. It only takes one question to begin the journey.

          1. What is critical thinking? Did someone tell you that you are a critical thinker? They lied to you. From what I’ve seen, you have nothing to offer.

          2. Remember when your mother told you that the big bus broke down, and you had to take the short bus? She was lying to you.

          3. Really Stanley? Your mother should have whipped your butt a lot more when you were a child… maybe you wouldn’t have turned out to be such the obnoxious person you are now.

          4. Your mother should have aborted you. The average IQ of the population, would be just a litter higher now. Funny, how you think I’m the obnoxious one, yet you are the one trolling science websites with your Flat Earth BS!

          5. Yes you are obnoxious… just look at your statement. You think my mother should have murdered me in the womb? You think that’s cute?

            You’re a sad little man Stanley, who must think you’re ahead of everyone on the “IQ” scale… that’s certainly laughable. You downgrade everyone else as being stupid… maybe it’s a good time to look in the mirror. As God is my witness, I have never seen anything that you have posted that even remotely suggests that you are anything other than AVERAGE OR BELOW and that is giving you the benefit of the doubt considering all of the absolutely stupid comments you have posted. That is the truth Stanley.

            You are a foolish 28 year old manchild that hasn’t fully matured yet. At this point, you should seriously consider a thorough examination of your life and your character.

          6. Yes Jake, you are a hypocrite… just look are your statement. No, Jake, abortion is not murder. And no, I never said it’s cute. I think the world would have been better off without your stupid ass in it.

            Aww, you think I’m a sad man? I’ll pencil some time in later to cry about it. I don’t downgrade “everyone else”, only Flat Earth, Creationist Retards like yourself.

            “I have never seen anything that you have posted that even remotely suggests that you are anything other than AVERAGE OR BELOW”

            -That’s okay, I wouldn’t expect a retard to be able to identify an intelligent comment anyway.

            I’m not 28, and I’m a hell of a lot more grown up than you are. At this point, you should seriously consider getting some professional help in dealing with your chronic brain injury.

          7. Yes Stanley, abortion is MURDER… you’re much more of an idiot that I believed you to be.

            I said “sad LITTLE man”… meaning there isn’t anything of substance in your character.

            Like I said… AVERAGE or BELOW…

            If your not 28 years old, you’re somewhere close… unless you lied about your age in precious conversations. I really don’t care how old you are, you act like a 12 year old idiot…

          8. No, Jake Jackass; in order for it to be murder, there would have to be a victim.

            I said “retard”… meaning you’re stupid.

            Like I said… meaningless coming from a RETARD like you.

            “unless you lied about your age in precious conversations.”

            -No Jake, you are having delusions again. And again Jake, being called an idiot by someone who thinks the Earth is flat, is meaningless.

          9. What do you think abortion is?? You think the baby in the womb is not a victim??? Do you understand what abortion is? THEY CUT THE BABY UP IN THE WOMB WITH A PAIR IF SURGICAL SCISSORS. You think there is not a victim?? What a sad excuse for a person you are Stanley. You’re a pathetic slime ball….

          10. There is no such thing as a “baby in the womb”. Just more scientific ignorance from Jake Jackson. Abortion is the termination of a FETUS. Fetuses are INSENTIENT. They are no more conscious, than the salad I had for dinner last night. Tell me Jake, are those poor little vegetables, murder victims too? What a pathetic excuse for a brain in your head Jake. You’re a waste oxygen…

          11. I really can’t believe you are so stupid as to write a comment like you just wrote. Wow! I have known people like you, but they are usually few and far between. What do you think is inside the womb? It is a BABY!!! You think fetuses are insentient? I think that you possibly are insentient considering the magnitude of stupid you just displayed for everyone to see. You shouldn’t ever comment about a “pathetic excuse for a brain” because you are indeed lacking for a brain yourself. Abortion is indeed murder… just because you fail to understand what it is shows how immature and uninformed you really are.

          12. Being labeled “stupid” by somebody who thinks the Earth is flat, is just hilarious. No, fetuses are not babies. A fetus becomes a baby when it is BORN, you fucking retard. I suppose you think an egg is a chicken? Yes, early term fetuses are insentient. I suppose you think they are not? I’m sure you won’t provide any evidence for that, seeing how you are only capable of dumb assertions.

            “You shouldn’t ever comment about a “pathetic excuse for a brain” because you are indeed lacking for a brain yourself.”

            -Wow, another ‘I know you are but what am i’ comeback. More brilliance from SteveMoron. You really do have SHIT FOR BRAINS!

          13. Flat Earther says I’m delusional. Oh the irony! LOLOLOLOLOLOLOOLOL!!!

          14. Indeed there is a victim. It is a ruthless termination of life within the womb. Sadly, there are a couple of generations that have been taught that abortion is just the termination of the pregnancy, a removal of an unwanted mass in the womb. Often there are complications for the mother as well, including death. The sanctity of life has been discarded and replaced with conveinence. Everyone reading this should read the book titled “Lime 5” for a real and in-depth look at abortion… it will certainly change your outlook and bring into focus just how brutal and ruthless abortion is.

          15. You should really watch calling people “retard” and “stupid”. From what I have seen in conversations with you, you are scraping the bottom of the barrel of intelligence and reason.

          16. Oh right, you think the Earth is flat, but you think I’m the one lacking intelligence? LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL!!!!!! RETARD!

          17. Of course the Flat Earth is truth in your fantasy world! LOLOLOLOL!! YOU DUMB FUCK!

          18. Only if the mirror is big enough to view you standing next to me, you DUMB FUCK!!!!

          19. Well… I see that your vocabulary is reflective of the level of your intellegence… in the gutter!! Sad…

          20. You obviously fail to see the irony, of insulting somebody’s intelligence, while also claiming that the Earth is FLAT! LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL!!! FUCKING RETARD!

          21. Have you reached the point where your usual lack of constructive conversation has crumbled to the point of using absolutely useless descriptors? Are you on the floor kicking your feet like a two year old? LOL… sad…

          22. You reached that point a long time ago, you FUCKING HYPROCRITE!!! Lol.

          23. Nice Jake… only a fool would have a negative comment about what you have written. I’m sure everyone will look past Copernicus… they won’t touch that subject.

          24. It takes a leap of faith to believe a book written by man about an invisible all powerful God…. It’s pathetic and yet you out a wet paint sign on a seat and 90% of the population have to touch it to verify it’s correct lol it’s says so much for populations as a whole

      3. The deception is foretold in the Book of Revelation… that the whole world would be deceived, even the very elect, if that were possible. What is that deception? Many believe, since waking up to the glory of God’s creation, that the deception is to hide the creation, thus taking God out of the equation and promoting the Big Bang, solar system, ever-expanding universe, evolution and other godless ideologies. Why would a person ever believe in God when science gives them all of the answers, however big the lie or conjecture may be. Science has become a religion and is directly opposed to God. That is their gain, to keep people from knowing their loving creator and the absolute wonder and glory of his creation.

          1. Begone, evil science shill! 🙂
            The answer was clear, without insult and name calling and I appreciate that. I don’t see science in the same way, but I am not religious. Looking at it from another viewpoint might be a good thing? We can maybe understand where the disconnect comes in….

      4. How is it that the blind are calling the flat-earthers sheeple? I believe that term would describe those who blindly follow rather than the truth seekers.

          1. Trend backwards? If knowledge is tainted with lies and deception then what good is it? How about we trend back to the truth of God’s creation?

          2. As you are so enlightened and godly whats your opinion on homosexuality?

      5. I’d love for the the flat tards to go up against bill nye and that Tyson guy

        1. I bet he would jab a pencil in his own eye, trying to argue with these Retards.

        2. They think neil degrasse tyson is a paid actor and shill and that Stephen Hawking doesnt say the things he says and that scientist who are in on the conspiracy are actually talking through him. You cannot argue with that level of stupid

          1. Voted for Trump…no doubt! Unless of course he’s British in which case he voted for Brexit. Either way. Just sayin’ Of course they are protected by law here in America. It’s called the Americans with Disabilities Act!

          2. Ummm! I voted out of Europe. Bit of a touchy subject here in the uk but the bones of it are that it’s good for the wealthy but for people on the lower end of the earning spectrum (like me) it’s not so great. It’s very difficult to get a job as all positions are filled by cheaper, imported labor. Now i’m not blaming immigrants as they are just taking advantage of the situation but the whole thing is geared to benefit the rich rather than the average working man.

          3. I am certainly no expert on the EU, but in theory at least, it does make sense. Clearly there are important issues that remain unresolved. Like many “great” ideas the practical application of them often brings unexpected consequences and those consequences must be met with imaginative thinking and most importantly, I think, a firm commitment to the original concept. The UK, for example had been a member since 1973. That represents an extended commitment to the EU that is obviously far more than simply a probationary “try it on for size” arrangement. It seems to me that the vote to leave the EU was more emotional than practical. I’ve always been inclined to think that you shouldn’t send your car to the junk yard just because it needs new brakes and a tune up. I also realize that since I have no dog in this fight, my opinion amounts to a fart in a wind storm. Just sayin’

          4. Wow I’m annoyed I missed that conversation it would have been good for a few face painting exercises lol

          5. Yes, that is exactly what we believe. As fas as level of stupid, maybe you should look in the mirror son because it’s written all over your face.

          6. He’s back! Cease your nonsense, we all had a good laugh at your expense but it’s getting old now

        3. Hahahahahaha! So you want us to go up against a couple of shills that are absolutely horrible actors and morons? Bill Nye looks like a bad version of PeeWee Herman and Neil Tyson Degrasse brings nothing to the table except for a “pear shaped” spheroid earth. Do you people actually believe this crap?

      6. Hey fuzzy should I stir them even further with the theory that God is actually the devil and that the devil is God?

    3. I wonder how they all suddenly appeared. There must be a forum where they all hang out……WE HAVE TO FIND IT!!!!

      1. And what would you do? Bring your space science into our area? Lol… don’t you people understand that we have been living the lie just as you? Is there anything you bring to the table that I haven’t believed in the past? Very doubtful… I was as indoctrinated as you… believed the very same things. Now I / We know that it was all a LIE. There is nothing you can offer.

        1. So now you feel the need to spread you BS on science forums? Go hang out with your FlatTard friends.

          1. I do get quite a kick out of it… lol. You people absolutely freak out when you hear the truth of God’s creation!!!

      2. They go around proselytizing on all the science forums. I see both of them (SteveM and Jack Jackson) over on EarthSky, spreading their stoopid Flat Earth / Creatard bull.

  12. Flat Earth???? Oh Man! I’m just going to guess here…favorite food? Pizza! Gotta Be!

      1. I’m thinking meatballs are definitely out! Now that I think of it that includes spaghetti! That whole “string theory” deal just can’t be digestible. Wait….was that a pun? Shit!.

  13. Ivan i commend you on this article. Check the comments though, it’s gold

  14. I have enjoyed the conversations everyone! I am out of here for now but I’m sure we’ll see each other soon enough! Cheers!

    1. He wouldn’t use a spirit level it’s too religious and such a holy item to them as it only proves that the earth is flat and the bubble is God’s fart trapped to prove his existence

    2. Enjoyed it too SteveM… it’s like stirring up a hornets nest huh? The moment you call into question the indoctrinated beliefs they all share, they start blowing the attack horn. It’s funny to watch. It was what… 10 on 2? Then Stanley had to show up. I know you two might be friends but how can you put up with him? LOL. I’ve seen one or two points made that were actually good. Those points might lead someone to question what they believe. I think the author of the article might be on the edge of discovery himself… there are some clues in his article that things might not be as accurate as NASA or cosmology has propagated. Soon the whole of the earth will see God’s creation for what it is… maybe even some of the people in this discussion. See you next time!

  15. Thought of the day regarding all these overly religious types.. Why do they want me to join there religion and hand over all my wealth to there God for my salvation when after all if it’s true that God created everything why the Hell would he want what’s mine? After all is not one of the ten commandments thall shall not covet?? Which means basically that the churches want my goods which goes directly against this cardinal rule? That is all…

  16. I am out of here… I want to thank you all for an interesting discussion. Maybe next time we can dispense with the childish name-calling and discuss this subject as adults… including you Stanley. 🙂

  17. Just an idea to ponder upon. – Any planet in the universe that habour a civilised life form has a moon or a few depending on the size of the planet. Most moons actually are inhabited especially the ones orbitting planet with hostile environments

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