50 amazing images of the Russian megaliths—Evidence of advanced ancient tech?

While we are aware of the existence of MASSIVE megalithic structures around the globe such as Ollantaytambo, Teotihuacan, Sacsayhuaman, and even in parts of Egypt, the truth is that there are countless other megalithic sites scattered across the globe. Interestingly, some of them can be found in Russia, and feature countless curious stone formations that experts cannot overlook.

Evidence of an advanced, now-lost technology that allowed its mystery builders to cut with laser-like precision and transport massive rocks weighing over 100 tons in weight?

If we travel to Vattovaara Mountain we will find many oddities.

As the glacial ice retreated about 10,000 years ago, it left behind strange boulders, known to locals as Seida, Seyda or Seid, some of them, however, resemble objects that may have been tampered with, shaping them into the curious megaliths we see today. Many people still question the natural origin of Vottovaara boulders.

Image credit: Weird Russia

Image credit: Weird Russia

Image credit: Weird Russia

Cut with such incrd3eible precision. What do you think? Image credit: trinixy.ru

Image credit: trinixy.ru

Image credit: trinixy.ru

Perfectly sawed blocks tightly placed next to each other? It is hard to imagine ancient ancestors with a copper chisels doing something like this, right? Image credit: trinixy.ru

Check out this perfectly smooth wall. Image credit: trinixy.ru

Oh look, a perfectly shaped sphere like the one’s found in Costa Rica and Europe. Image credit: trinixy.ru

Look at that precision. Image credit: trinixy.ru

If we travel to Mountain Pidan, we will find more unsettling megaliths, shrouded in complete mystery. Referred to in modern-day as Gora Livadiyskay, this mountain features several extremely interesting megaliths.

Some of these rocks from a distance may seem totally natural. Image credit: trinixy.ru

However, upon closer inspection, you realize there is more to them that anyone ever thought. Image credit: trinixy.ru

Perfectly straight lines, as if these stones were part of different structures in the distant past. Image credit: trinixy.ru

What kind of tools could have split these two rocks? Image credit: trinixy.ru

If we go to the Perm region, we’ll come to a place called Stone Town. According to experts, the megaliths were shaped in the distant past thanks to the Permian Sea, which flooded the area. Erosion and different conditions eventually gave rise to some of these staggering shapes. However, there are many who remain convinced that there is more to the area than just natural erosion. Let’s take a look.

Image credit: trinixy.ru

The smooth sides of the megaliths seem as if they were split artificially. Image credit: trinixy.ru

What do you think? I guess some of these features can be attributed to erosion, earthquakes, and other phenomena, but there are other features which simply put, defy logic. Image credit: trinixy.ru

Are these features the result of mother nature?  Image credit: trinixy.ru

Here’s one of our favorite sites: The Megalithic Site Of Gornaya Shoria, Russia.

Deep in the Siberian Mountains, an ancient megalithic site has been discovered and, believe me, it is mind-blowing. Located on Mount Shoria in southern Siberia, this site contains huge blocks of stone with flat surfaces, right angles, and sharp corners resembling cyclopean masonry. The super megaliths were found and photographed for the first time by Georgy Sidorov. The site was explored for the first time in 2013.

While the Pregnant Woman Stone of Baalbek is considered to be one of the largest if not “the Largest” single stone used in an ancient megalithic site with a weight around 1,500 tons, if researchers conclude that these megalithic stones are work of ancient man, it would rewrite our history making this ancient megalithic site house the largest stones on the planet.

According to preliminary reports, it is estimated that some of these gigantic granite blocks weigh around three to four thousand tons, and that’s heavy. What makes this site even more interesting is the fact that this extremely heavy blocks of stone have been stacked up to forty meters in height. Conventional archeology will have a hard time explaining these strange structures.

Photo credit: Georgy Sidorov

There is another megalithic site that resembles GornyaShoria. Near the Amur river, at Nijnetambovskoïe, we find some curious stone structures.

covered in thick layers of vegetation, some of these stones remain hidden from sight. Image credit: trinixy.ru

Upon closer inspection, curious patterns are seen. Image credit: trinixy.ru

Artificially carved? Image credit: trinixy.ru

A massive megalith. A large block of megalith. Image credit: trinixy.ru

A massive block of stone placed on top of small stones. Better seismic resistance? Image credit: trinixy.ru

Image credit: trinixy.ru

Another curious site is the cave at Kabardino-Balkaria. with an approximate depth of around 80 meters, the enigmatic cave offers incredible stone structures in its inside. Composed of different ‘chambers’, the cave features highly polished granite megaliths that according to those who have entered it, were made artificially.

The descent into the cave. Image credit: trinixy.ru

I wouldn’t want to squeeze through this. Image credit: trinixy.ru

Yeah, definitely not. Image credit: trinixy.ru

But the surface of the stones looks really nice. Image credit: trinixy.ru

Triangular-shaped blocks? Image credit: trinixy.ru

Are there any tool marks here? Image credit: trinixy.ru

Evidence of ‘joints’? Image credit: trinixy.ru

A better look. Image credit: trinixy.ru

Mother nature… or something entirely different? Image credit: trinixy.ru

Hmmm that’s strange. Image credit: trinixy.ru

Look at that perfection… Image credit: trinixy.ru

Here’s what the cave actually looks like:

Image credit: trinixy.ru

Image credit: YouTube

Image credit: YouTube

Image credit: YouTube

So what do you think? Are any of these images proof of advaced technology in ancient times? Were all of these megaliths created naturally? Or is there another exlpanation to it?

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