Is this really a 300 million-year-old screw or just a fossilized sea creature?

There are numerous archeological discoveries that science cannot understand. We have come across countless findings that have ended up as being just that, findings that have caught the attention of researchers but have yet to be accurately explained. Like the infamous 240-million-year-old microchip, this miniature screw is most likely another curious crinoid.ByZuRUnCcAAENzH.jpg-large

Russian scientists found the anomalous ‘artifact’ by chance as they were performing analysis after the fall of a meteorite in the Kaluga region when they came across a mysterious object that resembled a modern-day screw.

Scientists were baffled and did not know what to think of it. Did it come from space? Is this screw proof of ancient civilizations that inhabited Earth millions of years ago? Or is it just another fossilized creature?

The fossil surrounding the screw is around 2 cm long. It was discovered in a scientific expedition that was performed by a group called the Kosmopoisk group, which is scientific research group responsible for conducting UFO related research, cryptozoological research, and paranormal pseudoscience.

Initially, they suited up and went to search for the remains of the meteorite that impacted the Kaluga region in Russia. Suddenly, they came across the screw, and incredibly, after paleontological analysis, it turned out that the age of the “stone” was somewhere between 300 and 320 million years. The artifact was analyzed using X-Ray technology, which provided researchers with another shock, allegedly another screw was present inside it.


Many scientists have tried explaining the origin and details of the “screw”, some have proposed that it could be the remains of a Crinoids (Marine animals that make up the class Crinoidea of the echinoderms). Many refuse to believe we are looking at Crinoids even though this is the most accurate explication.

The theories as to what this object is are many. Skeptics are having a field day and they love to debunk discoveries like this one, offering a much simpler answer, suggesting that it’s nothing, probably the remains of an old factory, vehicle, or anything else that can make you, the reader look elsewhere for answers, without paying much attention to details such as the age, and region where it was found.


So what is it? A screw that proves that extraterrestrial life was present on Earth millions of years ago? Or is there a possibility that it might be evidence of ancient civilizations in the past that possessed very advanced technology? How is it possible that a screw could have survived ‘intact’ for 300 million years? What is its metallic composition? These are several of the questions that still need to be answered in order to get a full picture of what this object really is. Like many other curious findings, this may be just another fossilized Crinoid.

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  1. aaand once again, a fossil of crinoid, this time the inner mold. Those fossiles are common, how on earth can you miss something as obvious as that…

  2. It’s not really a “screw”. It just has rings around it. That doesn’t imply intelligent design.. it suggests organic.

  3. “some have proposed that it could be the remains of a Crinoids [..] This theory
    was discarded due to the fact that the screw is much larger than the
    average size of these animals” No. Crinoids can be many metres in length.

      1. And? Your point is? I said “Crinoids can be many metres in length” I didn’t say they all are.

  4. Hey Ivan, proof read much? It certainly doesn’t appear so! Fuck me people these days can’t fill a note pad without a plethora of errors. Thats acceptable, but disregarding them is not. Failure to publish 3 minutes of reading that is free of error displays nothing but laziness & a big lack of pride! People used typewriters to compose hundreds upon hundreds of thousands of words sanz error. If they did fault, they had the self respect and pride to fix it before publishing.
    For the “screw”, it looks an afwul lot like some kind of art, or an organic form. Why would people with technology to form threads in metal be fooling with rocks? What function does a 2cm fine threaded screw have embedded in rock? Why hasn’t the metal fallen to time? Mountain ranges have risen from the earth, and been worn down to a fraction of their original size in that time. A fastener of that size is more of a plug anyhow. And assuming there is no head because nothing was mentioned, how is it even considered a screw? It lacks the right geometry to function on Archimedes principal.. the picture second from the bottom resembles a bunch of tastefully colored pipe cleaners wrapped around hell, I don’t know, more pipe cleaners.. Surrounding & seemingly hiding something is what looks like a fleece tapestry of space & stars.
    With the careless spelling taken into consideration, its probably a bunch of BS created for click bait purposes……

    Oh, just to be clear, it was a group of Russian scientists who discovered the supposed screw correct? After reading that statement for the 3rd time in 60 seconds I still wasn’t sure if Russian scientists discovered the object..

    Try harder please….

    1. You forgot punctuation after “fuck me”, between “words” and “sanz errer” (sanz is not a word BTW), “Mountain ranges have risen from the earth, and been worn down to a fraction of their original size in that time.” – improper sentence structure, and that’s just a few that cry out for grammar repair.

      1. Now that’s more like it! I figured I’d use my voice reader and give you a hay day. Not only does it misspell an enormous quantity of words, it refuses to heed my commands for punctuation. So I end up looking like an illiterate. “Sans” is the word.

  5. Maybe it is a bolt from space dump that melted together with a meteorite, when it entered our atmosphere.

  6. I think scientists are wrong about much of human/earth history. I doubt we’ll ever know the full truth when our scientific community remain entrenched in a limited ideology regarding these matters.

  7. It needs to be “screw-tinised” for further studies. 🙂

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