Ancient Aliens On Mars? Do These NASA Images Show Statues On The Red Planet?

Mars continues to surprise UFO hunters around the globe, who are convinced Mars was once inhabited, and the evidence is right here.

Thanks to the countless images beamed back to Earth from NASA’s Curiosity, and Opportunity Rover, we’ve been able to explore Mars like never before.

Despite the fact that we have learned a lot about Mars, that it was a planet eerily similar to Earth, with Rivers, Lakes, Oceans, and even an atmosphere, there are many mysteries waiting to be revealed.

After going through a vast number of images posted by NASA in their online archives, UFO hunters claim to have spotted a mysterious ‘artificial’ structure on Mars. More precisely, they say they’ve spotted a statue on Mars. And not just an statue, the statue of an ‘Ancient Alien God’. A video posted by YouTube user UFOvni2012 raises a number of questions about certain features on the Martian surface.

But is it really proof ancient aliens landed on Mars? Or is this image just another one of the countless images from Mars that only look like something familiar because of our brain playing tricks on us?

If you ask Dr. John Brandenburg, a former NASA employee there’s more to Mars than what we’ve been told, and UFO hunters claiming to have spotted artificial structures on Mars aren’t crazy.

Dr. John Brandenburg, a plasma physicist who got his degree from UC Davis and who has seemingly had a distinguished career as a scientist argues that Martian life was purposefully destroyed with nukes; “Mars xenon is found to closely match the component in the Earth’s atmosphere produced by Earth’s nuclear weapons programs, both hydrogen bomb testing and plutonium production, both of which involve large amounts of fission with fast neutrons. It is found that Mars xenon can be approximately by a mixture of 70% Nuclear Testing xenon, mixed with 30% natural Earth xenon, suggesting that Mars xenon was similar to Earth’s before a large nuclear event altered it dramatically.”

However, Albert “Bert” Newton Stubblebine III a United States Army major general whose active duty career spanned 32 years also spoke out about Mars, and what’s really there.

Albert “Bert” Newton Stubblebine is credited with redesigning the U.S. Army intelligence architecture during his time as commanding general of the U.S. Army Intelligence and Security Command (INSCOM) from 1981 to 1984, after which he retired from active service.

According to General Stubblebine; “There are structures on the surface of Mars. I will tell you for the record that there are structures underneath the surface of Mars that cannot be seen by the Voyager cameras that went by in 1976. I will also tell you that there are machines on the surface of Mars and there are machines under the surface of Mars that you can look at, you can find out in detail, you can see what they are, where they are, who they are and a lot of detail about them.”– Dolan, Richard. UFOs And The National Security State: New York: Richard Dolan Press (source 2)

The statements made above really make you wonder whether it’s actually possible that some sort of intelligence existed on Mars in the distant past, and how not everything may be pseudoscience after all.

This is why the following image snapped on Mars is regarded as one of the many smoking guns which proves the surface of Mars is covered in ancient ruins of a once great ancient civilization.

Here’s the link to the raw image: (copy and paste it into your browser).

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