Ancient Kailasa Temple exposed: 60 Mind-bending images of a temple carved out of a mountain


The temple itself was built out of a single rock, 164 feet deep, 109 feet wide, and 98 feet high, making it ONE of the BIGGEST MONOLITHIC structures on the planet, carved out of a single rock.

Numerous ancient sites around the globe are evidence that thousands of years ago, ancient cultures spanning from America to Asia had incredible knowledge in a number of fields.

Just as many ancient civilizations had staggering astronomical knowledge thousands of years ago, they perfected their cultures in numerous fields. One of those is engineering and architecture.

The  Kailasa Temple at the Ellora Caves in Maharashtra India has fascinated researchers and tourists for centuries. This intricate temple suggests—according to many authors—that thousands of years ago, ancient cultures were far more advanced than what mainstream scholars are crediting them for.

Thousands of years ago, ancient builders were able to quarry supermassive blocks of stone—some of them with a weight of over 50 tons—transport them to various construction sites, precisely shape incredibly hard rocks like andesite, and put into position massive blocks as if the entire process was a giant puzzle.

Proof of their advanced skills is the Kailasa Temple which symbolizes Mount Kailash, the home of Lord Shiva, one of the most important ancient Hindu deities.

According to experts, the Kailasa temple is the 16th from a total of 34 caves which were literally carved out of the surrounding rock.

Mainstream scholars tell us that the ancient caves were built sometime around the fifth and tenth centuries AD, but many others disagree suggesting the caves are much older.

H.P. Blavatsky and M.K. Dhavalikar are just some of the authors who agree that we are looking at serious ancient stuff. M.K. Dhavalikar, who was a notable Indian historian, and archaeologist, author of the book ‘Ellora’, suggests the shrines and the Kailasa temple were not excavated at the same time but are the result of a construction process that belongs to a number of different periods.

But it doesn’t really matter that much how –exactly—old these ancient structures are.

What baffles experts is their incredible precision and design.

It seems very plausible that whoever built these fascinating caves thousands of years ago surely had more than just ordinary hammers, chisels, and picks.

The Kailasa temple in Ellora, Maharashtra, India is a MEGALITH carved out of a SINGLE rock. It is considered as one of the most remarkable cave temples in India, mostly because of its humongous size, architecture and sculptural implementations. In other words, it is one of the many places on Earth that proves how ancient societies—around the globe—were extremely advanced in various fields, possessing a knowledge that allowed them to erect—or carve—mind-bending structures that have remained standing for thousands of years after their creation.

Images by:


Nitin Goje Photography

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  7. During old ages, Faith, and Religion were a mandate in some parts of Europe, Asia, and Middle East, therefore amazing things were created by mostly 1) Loyals. 2) Volunteers. 3) Low Wage Workers. 4) Slaves. 5) Prisoners. 5) Poor Society. 6) Neighboring Countries Friendship Assistance.
    Archeological Designs and Engineering were Astonishing, surely Wild Imagination was needed, and many High Skilled Craftsmen were at work, while Wild Animals such as Elephants, Camels were used to move heavy rocks.
    Simply Magnificent.

      1. Like a Chariot pulled by horses, elephants were tamed to do the hard work. Even today, elephants are used to move huge tree trunks in Kerala. Camels were probably used in the deserts; but India had abundant wildlife and hundreds and thousands of elephants for sure. If you have netflix, there is a documentary available about these archaeological wonders, that’s worth watching. More specifically, watch the portion about Tanjore Brihadeswara Temple (aka ‘The Big Temple’) and how they were able to move a 60 tonne single rock/boulder to the top of the 261 ft tower using a 6 kilometer long ramp using elephants and people!

    1. Verification of your statements? How many people over how many years with chisels and picks. Really??

  8. Anyone who says they built this with hammer and chisel is telling porky’s.just go on Google Earth and go look at these structures, amazing,just amazing.

  9. Okay, I cannot take seriously an article that continuously talks about “building a cave.” You don’t build a cave. It’s either already there or you DIG it.

  10. The secret (to building a civilization) is to bang the rocks together–Hitchhiker’s Guide To The Galaxy. This is just more proof that if you get enough people to chip away at the rock long enough, anything is possible. Nature built the Grand Canyon using nothing but running water. Glaciers built the Alps. Ordinary people built the pyramids with just their hands. No space aliens or magical technology required.