Ancient UFO? Painting from 1710 depicts huge flying-saucer shooting down rays of light

Is this one of the most incredible ancient UFO paintings ever created? Painted in 1710, the Baptism of Christ by De Gelder depicts what many believe is a giant hovering UFO, shooting beams of light onto Jesus. Ufologists believe this is one of the most conclusive pieces of evidence of unidentified flying objects hundreds of years ago. 

Is this an ancient disk-shaped object?
Is this an ancient disk-shaped object?

Created by flamboyant Dutch artists Aert de Gelder in 1710, The Baptism of Christ according to many depicts, a mysterious disc-shaped UFO with rays of light emanating onto Jesus below.

Aert de Gelder was without a doubt, one of Rembrandt’s most talented students who according to many researchers gave him unfettered access to the many censored and secret artworks and literature of the Vatican’s secret archives.

Many believe that this is why the painting created in 1710 by de Gelder, and many of his other pieces, reveal small fragments of hidden knowledge, with the Baptism of Christ being the most notable of them all.

The painting created in 1710, according to Ufologists undoubtedly depicts what is known today as a flying saucer,  a mysterious UFO depicted with rays of light emanating onto Jesus below.

UFO or not? Many believe that de Gelder represented a ‘Dove’ and not a UFO like many others believe.

The Bible cites the Baptism of Christ in the following manner:

Matthew 3:16

16 “As soon as Jesus was baptized, he went up out of the water. At that moment, heaven was opened, and he saw the Spirit of God descending like a dove and alighting on him.

17 And a voice from heaven said, “This is my Son, whom I love; with him I am well pleased.” (source)

However, these enigmatic objects are not only seen in the art created by Aert de Gelder, in fact, there are also numerous other ancient pieces of art that just as the Baptism of Christ by de Gelder, depict enigmatic flying objects that are unlike anything humanity knew existed in that period of history.  In fact, UFO’s were apparently very popular in much of the paintings created in the Renaissance period just before the Fren Revolution, after which the Vatican all of a sudden became threatened by such art and began censoring it.

Many modern researchers believe that there are numerous other pieces with similar depictions that are being kept safe away in the Vatican’s enigmatic archives.

However, let’s think about the mysterious depictions created by artists hundreds of years ago, before the industrial era, before flying machines and ‘modern technology.’

What could have possibly existed in the time Jesus walked on Earth, which was of great size, ‘saucer-shaped’, could fly, and ‘shoot’ rays of light to the surface?

The way many Ufologists see it, De Gelder depicted the ‘spirit of God’ descending from the heavens while illustrating it looking like a modern-day flying saucer, illuminating Jesus, who was standing on the ground below the flying object.

According to modern paintings of the ‘Baptism of Christ’, the moment is depicted through a ‘dove’ descending from the sky, above Jesus’ head, just as nearly all of the biblical baptism stories describe the descent of what is known as the ‘Holy Spirit’ onto Jesus.

Biblical scholars indicate that the Hebrew word for ‘Dove’, YVNH is in fact eerily similar to the spelling of the word YHVH—the Hebrew word for God. The primary difference, in this case, is the letter N (nun), which contrary to popular belief, does not mean  “bird” but rather “a winged messenger.”

While many people still aren’t convinced of the paintings and what it represents, there are many who firmly believe that the flamboyant Dutch artists depicted, not a dove like many believe, but a disk-shaped object hovering above Jesus.

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