Before the Big Bang another universe existed, and a new one will emerge after ours collapses

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According to researchers, the universe cycles through four distinct phases. The new theory proposes that another universe ‘existed’ in a different  “cosmological phase.” Basically, this means that before the Big Bang there was another universe that existed, and a new one will emerge after ours eventually collapses.

A team of mathematicians has applied quantum mechanics to cosmology in order to come up with a new scientific theory that tells us more about the Big Bang and the creation of our universe.

Canadian and Egyptian mathematicians have developed a new scientific theory that seeks to explain what existed in the universe before the Big Bang. Researchers have proposed that the universe cycles through four distinct phases. The new theory proposes that another universe ‘existed’ in a different “cosmological phase.”

Experts claim that the universe expands rapidly, but, according to new equations fo the theoretical model, a change will occur motivated by quantum mechanics which will eventually bring a halt to the entire process. This makes the universe shrink to a point close to infinity before expanding again.

According to Mir Faizal, one of the authors of the study, scientists managed to combine quantum mechanics and cosmology by using a modified version of the generalized uncertainty principle (GUP).

Faizal concludes:  “In our cosmological model the universe did not start with the big bang, but there was a phase transition from one phase of the universe to another.”

“This is possible because the universe can exist in four different phases like ordinary water can exist in three different phases. Just as we can know about the properties of ice, by studying water which has formed from it, we can know about pre-big bang cosmology by studying the physics of this universe.”

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“Using our cosmological model we can study the physics of the cosmological phase before the beginning of our universe.”

Thanks to the newly proposed model, researchers were able to study the state of the universe prior to the big bang.

Their equations predict that the expansion of the universe will eventually stop and soon after a contracting phase will occur.

“When the equations are extrapolated beyond the maximum rate of contraction, a cyclic universe scenario emerges. Other cosmologists have suggested a big bang and big crunch scenario – but those model have singularities.”

“Singularities are bad in physics as they indicate a place where the laws of physics break down, and at such places, one cannot use physics to get meaningful results. This new cosmological model does away with such singularity. The big bang singularity can therefore also be avoided by using the modified GUP-corrections to the cosmology.”

“No one draws any philosophical or theological implications of a finite or an infinite spatial dimension, and time is just another dimension, so why should it be treated any differently. In any case, I do not believe in a God of gaps, with big bang being a big gap, but in a God who made the mathematics describing reality so perfectly that there are no gaps, not now and not at the big bang.”


Non-singular and Cyclic Universe from the Modified GUP

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  1. The Hindus talk about the day and night of Brahma where the universe exists and nights where the universe does not exist.

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