Before the Big Bang there was another universe

“The Big Bang is not really the beginning of the universe, it is just a phase transition.” Before our universe, other universes existed, and a new universe will emerge after this one.

A new scientific theory proposes that before the Big Ban, another universe existed. Furthermore, another universe will emerge, after our universe eventually collapses. The new cosmological models offers new insight into what may have existed before the great expansion.

It is believed that some 13.7 BILLION years ago, our universe came into existence after the Big Bang. However, what existed before the Big Bang? Was there anything at all present? Furthermore, is it even possible to address this question at a scientific level?

A team of scientists may have come up with a fascinating new model of cosmology in which they explain our universe is part of a cycle of many universe. Each and every one of those universes contains its very own expansion phase and contraction phase.

The study, published in the pre-print server, looks at what existed prior to the big bang and allows a creation of a pre-Big Bang cosmology.

Speaking to IBTimes UK, Mir Faizal one of the scientists who participated in the study said:

“Our space-time is only an approximation to some purely mathematical theory describing reality, and the geometry of space-time emerges from this theory. Just as the geometry of any solid material objects emerges from atomic theory. It is meaningless to talk about the geometry of a solid object at atomic scale and it is also meaningless to talk about the geometry of solid object at such energies when they will melt.

“In the same way, it becomes meaningless to talk of the geometry of space-time below a certain length scale and beyond a certain energy scale. However, the fact that the geometry of space-time is bounded by a minimum length and a maximum energy can be used to study quantum gravitational effects on cosmology, and doing this we have been able to study the pre-Big Bang cosmology”.

In the study researchers wrote:

“The equations imply that the expansion of the universe will come to a halt and then will immediately be followed by a contracting phase. When the equations are extrapolated beyond the maximum rate of contraction, a cyclic universe scenario emerges,”

“The Big Bang is not really the beginning of the universe, it is just a phase transition,” Faizal said. “There was a phase before the Big Bang, there is the present phase, there will be a phase after this and then will yet another fourth phase. Then a new Big Bang will occur. So, the universe exists in four different phases, just a water exists in three different phases.”

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