Ancient texts reveal Jesus Christ was not Divine

According to reports, letters which have emerged apparently written by the ‘Family of Jesus Christ’ and those who were closest to Him in the years after Christ’s death reveal Jesus being a mortal man. The ancient texts clearly portray Jesus Christ as a human and recommend people to follow not Christ, but his teachings instead.

The notion that Jesus Christ had several younger siblings has become widely accepted in recent years.

According to James Tabor, a professor in the Department of Religious Studies at the University of North Carolina (USA), a series of letters written by Jesus’ brothers shortly after his death would prove that the Christian messiah was not divine as history tells us.

Tabor explains his particular interpretation of the life of Jesus Christ in the documentary “The Secret Family of Jesus.”

The scholar bases his hypothesis on the letters allegedly written by James (James) and Judas (not that one), two of Christ’s various biological brothers, in the first century AD, describing the Nazarene as a spiritual master, but making no reference whatsoever to His divinity. Neither does the ancient texts mention Jesus’ death on the cross, which is considered the fundamental pillar of the Christian faith.

Furthermore, the historian claims that Jesus Christ himself was concerned about the religious nature of his preaching.

A letter from his brother Judas shows how his disciples were tired of a divine origin being assigned a to the teacher.

“I think Judas really says do not listen to all those new things and fight hard for the original faith that was given to them,” explains the professor.

He said: “The thing about the Book of James, it’s the teachings of Jesus, not the teachings of Jesus. James passes on what he got from his brother – you could say it has no theology.

“Doesn’t mention the cross of Christ, doesn’t mention the blood of Jesus, and doesn’t mention forgiving sins through believing in the Lord – nothing like that.”

Furthermore, one of the earliest Christian books ever written –the Didache or the Teachings of the Twelve Apostles— believed to have been composed when Christ’s surviving family was alive during the first century AD, also portrays Jesus Christ as a human and recommends people to follow not Christ, but his teachings instead.


Interestingly, the Didache does not make reference to the Virgin giving Birth, the resurrection, and most significantly perhaps, Jesus as God, rather as his servant.

In addition, the ancient text also details early Communion where there is NOT detail whatsoever of bread and wine being the blood and body of Christ.

It is firmly believed that the early Christian church hid these books for centuries in order to push a different story of Christ.

However they apparently they missed one. In the Bible, a letter from Jude –one of Christ’s brothers— suggest that people who knew Jesus personally were growing tired of the followers who had jumped onto Christianity and were pushing the divine agenda.

The text written by Judas reads:

“These are grumblers, malcontents, following their own sinful desires. They are loud mouth boasters flattering people to gain advantage.”

Mr. Tabor concluded: “[Jude is] getting very worried and he’s telling the little group that will still listen to him – I think in effect he’s saying ‘don’t listen to all these new things that are coming along. You fight hard for that original faith that was delivered to us’.”

More than two millennia after His passage through history, the truth behind Jesus Christ and his life, continues to generate controversy among the specialists.

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  1. While all of this is true, Jesus never wanted to be worshipped… the point is not that he was not Divine, it is that we are ALL Divine. Connected in Oneness.

  2. Well, it’s “Dr” Tabor not “Mr” Tabor, and he is an excellent author, perhaps the best in this field.I have several of his books and love ’em!

  3. That’s all interesting, but there have been documentaries about various books not included in the King James Version. Apparently it became very popular to fake texts, and plenty of them have been proven fakes. There’s plenty of stories about various groups wanting to discredit Christ, so in addition to writing bad fan fiction people also wanted to claim he was not divine. Even the Quran of Islam mentions Christ, but claims he was only a prophet and not the son of God. So there’s plenty of texts floating around to both support and contradict any claims about Christ. Trying to point to a couple of letters and use those as proof is futile.

    1. When you move over to Islam and Mohammed there are text written by Muhammadans stating that he was a sex fiend – seriously- he had sex with anyone he chose and no one was allowed to say anything against him. You children 3 – 6 years old. Some males as well, yes MALES. It is shocking. All religions it seems are social control tools meant to keep populations in line and pitted one against the other for profit! FYI I have been through most of the major religions before freeing my mind to see the truth of it’s usefulness, and the pitfalls as well. Time to move past it. The Golden rule will suffice to keep everyone on the true path. “Treat other’s as you would yourself be treated!” no more no less.
      “Strive always to help other’s and bear no malice to youre brothers/sisters.”

  4. The entire argument here can be summarized by “absence of evidence is evidence of absence.” Basically arguing against the divinity of Christ because some ancient texts do not specifically mention it…. but then again those same texts make no specific denial of divinity either…..Basically, they use circular logic in the “absence of evidence is evidence of absence” argument. That alone utterly discredits the author’s conclusions.

    1. Same can be said about the bible then. There is absolute no evidence what so ever to support anything in the bible, (except the bible itself). So the “absence of evidence is evidence of absence” utterly discredit the whole bible.

      1. Not so….There have been discoveries throughout the centuries that sustain Biblical stories: The walls of Jericho, Sodom and Gomorrah, The Dead Sea Scrolls, the Exodus, Giants on Earth, Abraham, Joseph the Pharoah… to name a few.
        So stop with your Atheistic vomit with the “No Evidence” rhetoric. Believe what you want, but don’t try to tell us The Bible is utterly discredited.

        1. Ah, but you see. That in itself is no proof at all. It in no way means that what is reported to have happened in these places actually did. Oh look, there is a Jerusalem… everything that is said to have happened there must have cause see, there is the city.
          BTW there is no proof of “the Exodus”, Abraham, Joseph and the “Pharaoh”……all these are just mentioned in the bible, there is no verifiable physical proof what so ever.
          Here is something to think about…..why is there no dates in the bible??
          If there were then what is said to have happened on that said date then could have been verified. But now it cant cause there is no date and all is wishful thinking and conjecture.
          Why is the Pharaoh not named in the bible…??? Same as above. If it said the Pharaoh Seti 1…then everything else could be verified.
          And round and round we go.

  5. You won;t find me ONE devil or demon
    that can stand up against the Anointing of the Anointed One_Yeshua.
    There is no other Name that can do that.
    He, Yeshua, backs up “His” words with signs following.

    Those who personally know Him, know who He is.
    Simple, it is still a Personal relationship, not a Book relationship.

    How many have come to know Him throughout history without
    ever reading a book ?

  6. God has no parents
    Jesus prayed ‘Father why have you forsaken me’
    Jesus couldn’t have been God.

  7. All I can tell you is the Spirit of LIGHT that appeared in my room gave me a burst of INTENSE LOVE. I thought it to be CHRIST. I read three books on the “Shroud of Turin” and that was proof of Jesus Christ as Christians ‘know’ him. Seeds, minute spores indicate Jerusalem as the origins of the shroud since they are only found in that immediate area. Lots of things we need to ask the Lord when we face Him. ????????

  8. The reason there is no mention of dying on the cross is the same as with Osama bin Laden, the Romans were clever enough not to create a martyr, instead Jesus was sent to the furthest garrison of the Roman army, in England, where he eventually died.

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