Elon Musk predicts civilization may collapse by 2050 and the reasons may surprise you

Tesla and SpaceX CEO Elon Musk is very worried about what the future holds for mankind, and he says a coming “population bomb” may well lead to the collapse of civilization by the year 2050.

Late last week, Musk ran across a tweet suggesting that the current world population of 7.7 billion people will grow to 9.3 billion over the next 30 years. In response, Musk noted that the danger facing us isn’t overpopulation, arguing that an aging world population and reduced birth rates are the real threat:

This isn’t the first time Musk has sounded the alarm regarding what the future holds for us. In 2017 he read an article in New Scientist that prompted him to speak out on the topic:

That article, according to Futurism, presented a dystopian view of what might happen as the world’s population ages:

“The article argues that decreasing fertility rates are indicative of the world’s population slowly imploding rather than exponentially rising — a trend that will continue until we reach some form of crisis point. As it stands, half of the world’s countries have fallen below the replacement rate for developed nations (which is, on average, 2 children per woman). If this trend continues on, countries like Germany and Italy will see their populations decrease by half over the next 60 years.”

Musk made it clear that he too wasn’t exactly bullish on what awaits mankind. He discussed the issue with CNN:

Musk has also warned that artificial intelligence (AI) is a very real threat to human existence, as Vanity Fair reported in April of 2017:

“In a startling public reproach to his friends and fellow techies, Musk warned that they could be creating the means of their own destruction. He told Bloomberg’s Ashlee Vance, the author of the biography Elon Musk, that he was afraid that his friend Larry Page, a co-founder of Google and now the C.E.O. of its parent company, Alphabet, could have perfectly good intentions but still ‘produce something evil by accident’—including, possibly, ‘a fleet of artificial intelligence-enhanced robots capable of destroying mankind.'”

So which will it be? A population bomb or Terminator-type cyborgs who decide to eliminate mankind from the face of the planet? Either is terrifying, but it’s far too early to know how things finally end for humanity. Should we be seeking answers to these problems? Of course. But what exactly can be done, and what are the consequences of actions we might take to alleviate such possibilities?

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