Experts Open Massive 8.6-Foot Granite Sarcophagus And Find Something Totally Unexpected

The mysterious sarcophagus discovered in Alexandria not long ago was finally opened by a number of officials from the Ministry of Antiquities, led by Dr. Mostafa Waziry and Dr. Aiman Ashmawi.

Spoiler alert: it’s not a cursed mummy nor is it a giant.

The sarcophagus discovered in Alexandria raised controversy in the media prompting a number of questions.

The sarcophagus—buried nearly 20 feet beneath the surface—remained shut for millennia.

Experts opening a sarcophagus discovered buried in Alexandria, Egypt.
Experts opening the granite sarcophagus. Image Credit: Luxor Times Magazine.

An unexpected discovery

Experts had hoped that the sarcophagus belonged to a nobleman from the period.

“We are hoping this tomb may belong to one of the high dignitaries of the period,” said Ayman Ashmawy, the head of ancient Egyptian artifacts at Egypt’s ministry of antiquities before the opening of the sarcophagus.

Researchers working on the granite sarcophagus found in Alexandria.
Experts opened the sarcophagus on site. Image Credit: Luxor Times Magazine.

“The alabaster head is likely that of a nobleman in Alexandria. When we open the sarcophagus, we hope to find objects inside that are intact, which will help us to identify this person and their position.”

Experts opening a granite sarcophagus discovered in Alexandria.
Experts were left surprised by its content. Image Credit: Luxor Times Magazine.

However, turns out the contents of the sarcophagus were not something researchers had anticipated.

According to Luxor Times Magazine, researchers found that the granite sarcophagus was filled with sewer water and three skeletons.

Alexandria Sarcophgus opened by Luxor Times 014
The sarcophagus contained sewer water and three skeletons. Image Credit: Luxor Times Magazine.

“Preliminary examination suggests the skeletons belong to 3 army officers, one of them his skull shows an injury of an arrow,” said Shaban Abd Monem, a specialist in mummies from the Ministry of Antiquities.

The three skeletons will be taken to the Alexandria National Museum where experts will perform further studies and dating.

The sarcophagus will be restored and moved to the museum.

The massive sarcophagus weighs around thirty tons and is 185 centimeters tall (6ft), 265 centimeters long (8.6ft), and 165 centimeters wide ( 5.4 ft.).

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