5 ‘Strange’ Skulls That Science Cannot Explain

Nearly in every corner of the globe, someone has managed to find or excavate mysteries skulls that defy explanation.

Whether these mysterious skulls are of human origin or not, is an ongoing debate among skeptics, researchers and those who firmly believe that the mysterious skulls, which do not resemble any human species, are in fact of extraterrestrial origin, and as such, can and should be interpreted as the ultimate evidence that proves that our planet has been visited by beings, not from Earth.

This is why in this article, we bring you of the most amazing skulls ever discovered on Earth that hint to a possible extraterrestrial origin.

The Paracas skulls


In the barren landscape of the Peruvian desert, in 1928, archeologist Julio Tello made one of the most mysterious discoveries when he uncovered a complex and sophisticated graveyard under the harsh soil of the Paracas desert.

Tello discovered a set of controversial human remains that would forever change how we look at our ancestor and our origins. The bodies in the tombs had some of the largest elongated skulls ever discovered on the planet, called the Paracas skulls. The Peruvian archeologist discovered over 300 mysterious skulls which are believed to be at least around 3000 years old.

As if the mysterious shape of the skulls wasn’t weird enough, a recent DNA analysis performed on some of the skulls presented some of the most enigmatic and incredible results that challenge everything we know about the origin and human evolutionary tree.

The cranium of the Paracas skulls is are least 25 % larger and up to 60% heavier than the skulls of regular human beings. Researchers firmly believe that these traits could not have been achieved through head bindings as some scientists suggest. Interestingly, the mitochondrial DNA, which is inherited from the mother, showed mutations that were unknown to any man, primate or animal found on planet Earth. The mutations present in the samples of the Paracas skulls suggest that researchers were dealing with a completely new ‘human-like being’, very different from Homo sapiens, Neanderthals or Denisovans.

The Rhodope Skull

Alien Skull Bulgaria

Discovered by a 38-year old resident of Plovdiv, ever since its finding, no one has been able to offer conclusive details about what the mysterious skull is. Dimiter Kovachev, the Director of the Paleontology Museum in Asenovgrad, is positive that the discovery is no fossil and has no analogy” or resemblance to any hominid skull known to science.

The anomalous skull weighs only 250 grams, it has six mysterious cavities which according to UFO enthusiasts, could belong to the creatures ‘sensory organs’.

According to the skull formation, the creature to which the skull belonged could have had up to six eyes, or another set of ‘unknown organs’. The most mysterious feature of the Rhodope Skull is that it lacks a mouth.

The Sealand Skull


It is one of the most controversial artifacts discovered in recent years. The Sealand Skull has raised numerous questions that science cannot find an answer to. Strangely, few researchers have shown interest in analyzing the mysterious artifact, perhaps because they are afraid what they might find out, something that could change the way we look at human origins and our entire history.

It was in 2010 that the skull was first examined at the College of Veterinary Medicine in Denmark. The researchers concluded that they were not able to solve the mystery nor provide anything that would explain to what species it belonged to.

“Although it resembles a mammal, certain characteristics make it impossible to fit into the Linnaean Taxonomy”, scientists said. Since researchers were unable to provide further details and the question regarding the Sealand Skull were many, the skull was sent to the Niels Bohr Institute in Copenhagen. Carbon dating revealed that this mysterious being lived between 1200 and 1280 BC.

Prehistoric Bizon Skull with bullet hole

uro disparado

The remains of the bison that has a bullet hole in the cranium are displayed at the Museum of Paleontology in Moscow, you can see a perfectly round hole that was supposedly caused by the impact of a projectile launched at high-speed.

Researchers believe, even though they never found the remains of the projectile, that the hole in the cranium was caused by a bullet caliber similar to the ones we use today. Even more strangely, this animal is native to the region of Yakuzia in Eastern Siberia and lived in the region over 30,000 years ago! So what did we miss in history? Is it possible that highly advanced civilization existed thousands of years ago? Before our “modern history”?

Russian Alien skulls


According to reports by Russian newspapers, the mysterious skulls were found in a cave on Mount Bolshoi Tjach nearly two years ago by a group of explorers led by ethnographer Vladimir Melikov.

According to Melikov, the creature of one of the skulls was unlike anything known to man, and it walked on two legs. Melikov states that among the most mysterious features of the skulls is the absence of cranial vault and jaws.

The eye sockets are unusually large having facial features resembling humans. Even when compared with the skull of a bear, it’s hard to think that you do not have in your hands the remains of an alien creature, said Melikov.

Paleontologists in Moscow weren’t too excited when they received photographs of the mysterious skulls, they merely acknowledged that the skulls are unlike anything they had ever seen, suggesting that the skulls could have been submerged and exposed to sand for long periods of time, something that could have altered the shape of the skulls, but, if this were the case, how can we explain the nearly identical ‘deformations’ in both skulls which seem to follow similar patterns?

Even when compared with the skull of a bear, it’s hard to think that you do not have in your hands the remains of an alien creature, said Melikov.

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    1. Starchild skull is from a human suffering from Pfeiffer syndrome, aka clover-leaf skull. Prince’s only child died of this.

      1. I feel like the starchild skull would be a person with treacher Collins disease, but the fact that the skull is thicker also has larger brain cavity, and that DNA comes back of non human makes you really wonder

  1. Well I don’t care who chimes in and says stop. These are proof that the fallen angels and their offspring were not of this world to begin with. Genesis 6 says they came down to begin with because they found human women rather attractive,and wanted to be with them. In other books like Enoch it does go on to say they defiled themselves with animals; The Giants that is. It makes perfect sense that Angels which were the watchers of us; much like Guardian angels that many religions talk about, that when they gave up their Immortality, they were not quite human to begin with. So when they mated with human women it makes sense their offspring would be Giants, and superhuman to begin with. Then when the offspring defiled themselves with animals these are that offspring I believe. Which is where our stories of Mermaids, demons, Minotaur, Hydras, Centaur, among others came from.
    it’s said in Enoch that the Fallen ones were the ones responsible for teaching us all this science and medicine and stuff, but before you congratulate them that stuff wouldn’t have been needed if we were immortal like we first were.
    regardless ancient aliens or God or a bit of both until one comes to disprove the other this is what I believe in and will try to educate people on.

    1. Belief in God and the flat Earth is obviously fanatical and childish. Time to grow up. These so called demons and angels are nothing more than beings from other worlds. And this god is nothing but the energy of the universe.

      1. Never said Flat earth, and your the one being childish for adding in what I never said of even believe in. It’s childish to say God doesn’t exist, it’s foolishness and antichrist like since to not believe in God, one would have to deny Christ.
        As a watcher and knower of truth and, helping fulfill prophecy I’m just trying to pass on knowledge that God wants brought out in the last days.

  2. There are only two things a person can believe in. Either they believe in an Eternal God, or they believe in Eternal Hydrogen atoms. Both are based of faith.

  3. There are strange things that don’t fit the Scientific world. Just because it doesn’t fit doesn’t fit, doesn’t mean its not worthy of Scientific analysis. Unfortunately Science has become politically correct; and often truth is an inconvenience.

    1. Patriot below has part of it… this is another part- those generally believed as from other world arrivals, are actually earth seeds. Over 3 billion years, the earth man or human had many forms, evolving from the water and twice evolving off the earth. In the future a clone race existed that also was human derived. It all started here, so is of course the only place and hope for us to fully realize. Those looking at the e.t. are looking at human ancestors. It is the human that saved all time loops from what had transpired when cloning became so popular that the creator human race was a tiny percent. The human had become advanced enough to successfully take 144 into a time leap. For 8,000 years this civilization mixed with primitive races who mistook them for gods. 300 defectors left their families to act as royalty to the developing 12 root races. Animal geneticists began all sorts of cause and effect experiments. But it was humans..always humans that are the cause and source of our difficulties, and never invaders . The onus is upon we humans, now in form to take responsibility, take charge, and place the history inside our dominion of awareness, and begin at last to create the goodness that is what this world is meant to offer.

  4. The Rhodhope one is not a skull..(if it is maybe its monitor aliens and thats why they wear those funny hats upon graduation,to copy this race of teachers)..the Russian ones seem to be wood not bone..the Sealand skull is important,a watcher skull perhaps

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