Former NASA Astronauts reveal ‘there is alien life all over our universe’

As technology and space travel advance, the notion of alien life existing elsewhere in the universe is becoming more and more powerful. Now, one NASA astronaut has come forward saying ‘there is life all over our universe.’

Are you ready for DISCLOSURE?

It’s completely arrogant for mankind to think we are the only living species in the ‘infinite’ cosmos.

The 21st century can be considered as the birth of the disclosure movement. In the last couple of decades, an incredible effort has been made to come to the bottom of the UFO phenomenon and Alien life.

The staggering amount of astronauts, scientists, Miliary personnel and government officials who have come forward speaking the truth about alien life in the cosmos is hard to count.

Now, former NASA astronaut Leroy Chiao has opened out about alien life saying that it is ‘arrogant’ to think we are alone in the universe. Interestingly, Chiao’s speculations and those of countless other people may be confirmed by the discovery of exoplanet Proxima B, where scientists speculate life may have developed.

The former NASA astronaut disagrees with experts who say that alien life forms will be discovered in the next two decades.

After spending 230 days in space, NASA’s astronaut Leroy Chiao has said it’s completely arrogant for mankind to think we are the only living species in the ‘infinite’ cosmos.

In a recently posted article, the former NASA astronaut talk about Proxima B, confirming his suspicions that alien life is out there.

Interestingly Chiao warns that the existence of alien lifeforms could mean that Earth may not have a bright future ahead.

Writing in popular magazine, Chiao said: ‘The possibility of extraterrestrial life has fascinated humans since our own awareness that such a thing could exist, and with the recent discovery of a possibly Earth-like planet around a star in our cosmic backyard, tantalizing new questions are being raised about the possibility of finding life elsewhere in the universe.’

Chiao is one of the few people on Earth who ahs had the privilege of going to space and living in space for an extended period of time.

The former astronaut was one of the commanders of the International Space Station and complete four mission in space and had the opportunity to perform SIX spacewalks during his 15-year-long career at NASA.

Interestingly, Chiao believes that the discovery of exoplanet Proxima B, in the Proxima Centauri system may be one step closer towards finding out we are not alone in the universe.

Proxima B has been dubbed by many as the second Earth. The exoplanet is located just at the right distance from its star in order to have liquid water which in turn means it could also be home to alien lifeforms.

‘Measurements indicate that Proxima b is a rocky planet, just slightly larger than Earth, orbiting the star at the right distance to be able to support liquid water on its surface, and thus perhaps life,’ wrote Chiao in the article.

While Proxima B may be remarkably similar to Earth, it also is entirely different explains Chiao.

In the article, Chiao indicates that ‘the planet’s orbital period is only 11 days, and it does not rotate on its own axis. Also, the radiation environment is estimated to be much harsher than that for Earth. Still, scientists say some kind of life count exists there.’

Writing about Alien life, Chiao states:

‘I believe that life is always starting in some parts of the universe at the same time that it is dying out in others,’ he shares. We don’t know about each other, simply because the distances are so vast. We won’t easily find evidence of alien life around another star, especially those that are hundreds of millions of light-years away, or more.’

However, Chiao isn’t the only one who thinks we arent alone out there.

In 2014 as scientists met with Congress, Seth Shostak, a senior astronomer at the California-based Search of Extraterrestrial Intelligence Institute told the U.S. said that “At least a half-dozen other worlds (besides Earth) that might have life are in our solar system.”

“The chances of finding it, I think, are good, and if that happens, it’ll happen in the next 20 years, depending on the financing, added Shostak.”

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