Has a parallel universe opened? Mysterious floating city reappears in the sky

Is it possible that a parallel universe has opened on Earth? Mysterious floating city reappears in the sky creating confusion among residents in California

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After several reports of ‘floating cities’ appearing in the skies around the world, another incredible similar sighting has been made by people claiming a ‘portal from another dimension’ may have opened above Earth.

Not long ago, in 2011, hundreds of people from the small border town of Dulali in Darazo, Nigeria, claimed to have seen a huge ‘flying city in the sky’. “The giant floating city” appeared out of nowhere, the entire city was surrounded by a thin cloud, it flew very close to the ground, through these “clouds” witnesses claimed to have seen beautiful large buildings, towers and the sound of machines originating from the city.

After the Nigeria sighting, another one took place on October the 7th, 2015. In the streets of Foshan, people watched in amazement as a giant city appeared out of nowhere.

According to media reports, thousands of people stood still, watching the ‘ghostly city’ in what has been the second apparition of a ‘flying city’ in China. The mysterious ‘city’ was reported to have giant skyscrapers and other smaller buildings that are ‘clearly’ visible in the image according to social network users. But back in 2011, a colossal structure that clearly resembled a giant city was spotted over the city of Huangshan in the southern Anhui in China.

Now, the latest sightings made by residents of California show images of the sighting that appears to be nearly identical to that of China in 2015. So far, three theories have been proposed as to what the mysterious sightings might have been: Either it is another elaborate hoax, a government conspiracy or it is in fact, a portal to another dimension.

However, the most mysterious part of the sighting that took place over California is the fact that it is nearly identical to the one that appeared over China in 2015.

Interestingly, many people believe that the mysterious appearance of ‘floating cities’ above Earth might be caused by the mysterious experiments taking place at the LHC ‘atom smasher’ at the CERN center in Geneva, Switzerland. So far, scientists have been firing up the ‘atom smasher’ to its highest energy levels in a bid to find or even create, miniature black holes. According to scientists from the project, not only is it possible to create mini black holes, but gravity from our own universe may leak into a ‘parallel universe.

Due to these statements, many people around the world believe that experiments such as those at CERN might create a never-before-seen phenomenon on planet Earth. An example of this phenomenon might be the numerous mysterious ‘floating’ cities that have been seen all around the planet.

Fata Morgana, you say?

A Fata Morgana is a form of mirage that can be seen on land or at sea, in polar regions but also in the desert. This type of optical illusion is Mother nature’s way of saying: It’s magic. A Fata Morgana mirage can involve almost any kind of distant object, including boatsislands, houses, flying pigs and why not… huge flying cities. 

Fata Morgana occurs because rays of light are bent when they pass through air layers of different temperatures in a steep thermal inversion where an atmospheric duct has formed.


YouTube channel called FaceLikeTheSun, says it has debunked the Californian image.

The narrator in the video said: “I threw this into Photoshop and I am real sceptical.

“I think this is fake because because I looked at the angle of the city and everything else.”

“I overlaid the city from China and it is an identical match, even some of the cloud formations are the same. There is a kind of a little dip in the cloud on the China one and the same dip on the Orange County one, which leads me to believe this is doctored footage.”


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  1. If the same guys are running this program as are running the time travel program,……………..
    ( you know the guys that leave wrist watches in ancient tombs, the ones that left the laptop in ancient greece, or those guys that dont know what to wear to bridge openings- those guys)
    we’re fucked!!

  2. I have personally witnessed over a dozen of so called visions. In daylight, afternoon, and night. I seems to make no difference as to the time of day. Recently I drove my car right downtown (in a large city) with a female passenger in the passenger seat. I immediately seen at least 500 ISIS men and woman in full dress in front of my car. They wore
    black and white flowing robes with long swords, my car was 5-feet away from all of them. I viewed all of them close up, I could touch anyone of them. They were enclosed in an ancient ribbon (white hexagon shaped, enclosing them inside. They had a police escort on motorcycles, I viewed the constables 3 to 5 feet away, I seen their head helmets top shield displaying computer data. What I am saying to you is the city in the sky is the same thing, a vision. How I got involved in this vision was a direct spin off from other life living here on this earth. I accidently came in contact with not one, but many life forms. I have been accepted by them as long as i do not interfere, only observe.
    They are masters of deception, the actual vision is an illusion, but they have honed the technology to make it look as you are seeing people moving and speaking to you close up. Same thing applys to the city in the sky.

    1. I would love to talk to you in depth some more about your sitings.. I’m very interested in what you have seen and experienced.. Please get in touch with me… Terrylee
      Email…. oldsexy50@gmail.com

      Thank you in advance

    2. I would love to talk to you in depth some more about your sitings.. I’m very interested in what you have seen and experienced.. Please get in touch with me… Terrylee
      Email…. oldsexy50@gmail.com

      Thank you in advance
      This message is for. Snakepeople

      1. Terrylee, I would be pleased to answer your questions.

  3. fake…in California everyone got an mobil phone…if it aint filmed…its fake…

    1. You’re absolutely right. But the CIA is being ran by somebody that belongs to another organization, outside of America. My studies lead me to believe that it’s the Pope n the Vatican behind the struggle for world dominance. Even if that means committing mass genocide on the human race… But hey, who am I but a guy who creates his reality out the illusion we were lead to believe. Lol

      1. I love how you start off with ‘Too bad you can’t understand how ludicrous you sound , Brandon’…….. and then proceed to give the most inhorent, narcissistic delusional rant ever. Man I love the internet sometimes.

        1. Asbestos magic pajamas?? lol…a little late, and not even sure what the fuck that means…… but at least you came through as I expected though….with more incoherent babble, and very little to actually say

    1. I was just going to say that. Most people believe that my tin hat failed, when I tell them about. Blue Beam project????

  4. I wonder why there is only one photo taken by one person? This photo even has two persons pointing at it, looking like it was a setup for the photo. And No video? Such a phenomenon would have attracted attention from many people. Thus, the FaceLikeTheSun could be right, likely fake.

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