Humans have foreign Genes that did not originate from our Ancestors

  • Experts believe that we acquired essential ‘foreign’ genes in the distant past

A research study from BioMed Central has uncovered new details regarding the transfer of genes in a specific environments, suggesting that in reality, an environment is extremely critical to the ‘evolution of a species’ and can affect the way that a species develops.

Researchers are talking about Horizontal Gene Transfer or HGT. The idea about HGT is that genes and DNA can be transferred between different species living in the same environment. His idea is extremely popular in relationship to single-celled organisms but is contradictory to our previous model of evolution which basically states that species would only evolve from genetic information that passed down through the lineage of species and not in cross pollinate between other species.

“We may need to re-evaluate how we think about evolution” – Lead author Alastair Crisp from the Department of Chemical Engineering and Biotechnology at the University of Cambridge


Lead author Alastair Crisp from the University of Cambridge, UK, said: “This is the first study to show how widely horizontal gene transfer (HGT) occurs in animals, including humans, giving rise to tens or hundreds of active ‘foreign’ genes. Surprisingly, far from being a rare occurrence, it appears that HGT has contributed to the evolution of many, perhaps all, animals and that the process is ongoing, meaning that we may need to re-evaluate how we think about evolution.”

This study, like previous studies suggests a possibility that something interfered in the evolution process of the human species, something that many believe is “Alien” in origin. As some researchers suggest, the abrupt process in the evolution of mankind can be perfectly explained by genetic manipulation from otherworldly beings who directly interfered with the evolution process of our species.

According to a report from the University of Cambridge in the United Kingdom:

“In humans, they confirmed 17 previously-reported genes acquired from horizontal gene transfer, and identified 128 additional foreign genes in the human genome that have not previously been reported. A number of genes, including the ABO gene, which determines an individual’s blood group, were also confirmed as having been acquired by vertebrates through horizontal gene transfer. The majority of the genes were related to enzymes involved in metabolism.” (source)

Vladimir I. shCherbak of al-Farabi Kazakh National University of Kazakhstan, and Maxim A. Makukov of the Fesenkov Astrophysical Institute, theorized that an intelligent signal embedded in our genetic code would be a mathematical and semantic message that cannot be accounted for by Darwinian evolution.

Writing in the journal Icarus, they assert: “Once fixed, the code might stay unchanged over cosmological timescales; in fact, it is the most durable construct known. Therefore it represents an exceptionally reliable storage for an intelligent signature. Once the genome is appropriately rewritten the new code with a signature will stay frozen in the cell and its progeny, which might then be delivered through space and time.”

The implications of these scientific findings reinforce claims by other individuals and observers that claim to have had contact with aliens that look like humans. Human-like aliens could have provided some of the genetic material necessary for human evolution.

“ This interpretation leads them to a farfetched conclusion: that the genetic code, “appears that it was invented outside the solar system already several billions years ago.” This statement endorses the idea of panspermia, the hypothesis that Earth was seeded with interstellar life. It’s certainly a novel and bold approach to galaxy conquest if we imagine this was a deliberate Johnny Appleseed endeavor by super-beings”

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