Incredible images of a Magical Mongolian Tribe that Rides Reindeer and Hunts with Eagles

We can honestly say that the Dukha people who inhabit Northern Mongolia are truly magical. This tribe shares a fascinating connection with the animals and landscape and live in perfect harmony with them, this type of connection is rarely seen in today’s world where we have completely forgotten what it is like to live in harmony with mother earth.


For the Dukha people, living in harmony with the surrounding landscape and animals that share this land is something completely normal, for us, who have probably never seen anything like that it sounds anything but ordinary. That is because we have forgotten many aspects of life that the Dukha people have tried hard in maintaining.

The incredible images were captured by photographer and researcher Hamid Sardar-Afhami and are beyond fascinating. According to reports, the Dukha people hunt rabbits with the assistance of trained wolves and ‘Golden Eagles”. The tribe also hunts wild elk and boar.

However the Dukha are not limited to hunting only. The Mongolian tribe makes delicious cheese and produce extra income through tourism, offering reindeer rides, and crafts.

Sardar-Afkhami, who carries a Harvard Ph.D in Sanskrit and Tibetan Studies, documented the Dukha people in his 10-year journey through Tibet and the Himalayas.

Today there are about 44 Dukha families remaining, which means that their tribe is composed of about 400 people. In recent years, the number of raindeers has fallen, and the Dukha say that if the Reindeer disappear, so will their culture. Dukha lives in yurts made primarily of birch bark that resembled the tepees of Native-Americans in appearance. A large yurt may take the bark from up to 32 trees to make; a medium-sized yurt is made from the bark of 23-25 trees

Check out the magical images photographed by Sardar:
















To learn more about the Dukha people check this book out.


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  1. It is very very sad that we have populated SO densely that we can no longer live in harmony with nature. Sad yet, would we all choose to go back? For, to live “with” nature, like we used to, we also have to NOT use modern medicine, and save everyone like we do. We have to accept what nature gives us. Only the strong surviving. Famine? Most die… etc etc. It seems romantic and all.. but………..there is a down side. I also saw a film about these people and the modern world has so reached them, they say… well, we used to hunt foxes, but now we can’t seem to even find them……

    1. The modern world is destroying the earth. As great as our technological achievements are we have lost the plot as a society. More concerned with the ‘me’ and no consideration for the planet we live on. We need change but sadly it will take world war III to see that.

  2. True Freedom…if only I could escape this cursed PC and the internet…

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