Indonesian man finds bizarre ‘alien’ creature hanging from his ceiling

Hari Toae was minding his business one day at his house when he suddenly saw something downright alien hanging from his ceiling that immediately caught his attention, so he grabbed his cellphone and took a video of the bizarre sight:

What in the world is that thing? LadBible notes:

“Toae said the home intruder ‘looked like an alien’ and he reckoned it had infiltrated his place to get shelter from the rain.

Speaking at the time, he said: “I will let it stay in my house, but only for the night. I don’t want it to scare my guests away.

“It’s not something I’ve ever seen before. I don’t think it comes from this neighbourhood.”

Actually, it turns out the odd-looking creature is native to Australia and Southeast Asia, so it was indeed where it was supposed to be. Its name is Creatonotos gangis, a moth:

“The species has wings and four tentacles, known as scent organs, which are used to produce pheromones to attract mates.”

Keep in mind the moth doesn’t always look like it did when Mr. Toae spotted it hanging from the ceiling. It’s actually quite a beautiful insect.

Creatonotos_gangis (Image via Wikimedia Commons)

You probably wouldn’t be very freaked out if you ran across this interesting moth. Here’s another view of it:

(Image via Wikimedia)

Of course, even if the “alien” from Indonesia did wind up being a completely new species, that wouldn’t be a big surprise, either. Just last month a new species of cat was discovered on the island of Corsica:

“The cat-fox cross looks like a slightly larger domestic cat but has now been given scientific recognition as its own distinct species.

“There are reportedly just 16 of the cats on the island, so now wildlife experts are attempting to make them a protected species.

“The cats are around 90cm (35inches) from head to tail and outwardly resemble a regular moggy – but they have wider ears, short whiskers and ‘highly developed canine teeth’.

“The cats, which are known on the island as Ghjattu volpe, have striped front legs and tails, dark back legs and a reddish stomach. They also have dense fur, which acts as a natural deterrent to fleas and ticks.”

And they’re a whole lot more cuddly than the thing Hari Toae saw hanging around. See more of the cat-fox in the video from CNN below.

Featured Image Via Screenshot

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