Jaw-dropping! This is Earth compared to the rest of the Universe


It is simply put, one of the best graphic representations of what’s really out there.

“There are more stars in our Universe than there are grains of sand on all the beaches on Earth.”

There are 100 to 400 billion stars in the Milky Way and more than 100 billion galaxies in the Universe – maybe as many as 500 billion. If you multiply stars by galaxies, at the low end, you get 10 billion billion stars, or 10 sextillion stars in the Universe–a 1 followed by 22 zeros. At the high end, it’s 200 sextillions.

The size of the universe is beyond comprehensible, and if one thing is true, then it’s that we have greatly underestimated everything about the universe.

The ‘limits’ of the Universe visible from Earth are at a staggering 46.5 billion light-years in all directions. That is, a diameter of 93 billion light-years. A light year is equal to 9.46 trillion kilometers. The calculation is huge, and yet, it is only the part of the Universe that we can see.

The universe encompasses everything known to us: matter, energy, space and time. The scales in the universe are so large that we cannot even imagine them.

Currently, it is impossible to know the exact size of the Universe. It could even be infinite, though it does not seem likely.

Not knowing what shape it has doesn’t help much since we cannot calculate its size either. In addition, it continues to expand. We only know the size of the Universe visible from Earth.

The truth is that everything related to the universe—consequently everything inside it— is a mystery.

If the Universe is only about 13.8 billion years old, how can there exist more distant objects in it? It is not possible that they have moved faster than the speed of light, right? The answer lies in the inflation of the Universe. In physical cosmology, cosmic inflation, cosmological inflation, or just inflation is a theory of exponential expansion of space in the early universe. The inflationary epoch lasted from 10−36 seconds after the conjectured Big Bang singularity to sometime between 10−33 and 10−32seconds after the singularity.

According to experts, inflation is the origin of everything: of space itself, of time, and of all physical laws, including the limit of the speed of light. Everything is created by inflation itself. So the inflation of the Universe is not subject to the limit of the speed of light. Inflation creates new space between objects and distances.

So far astronomers have used different models to determine the size of the cosmos. One model suggests that if the universe is expanding at the speed of light during inflation, its size should be 10 ^ 23 times larger than the visible universe.

There are other models that are based on the curvature of the universe to determine its size: if it is closed (as if it were a sphere), flat or open. In these last two cases, the universe should be infinite.

Now, what if there are several universes, and not just one? Mind-blowing!

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    1. There isn’t a God like Jesus. If anyone made us it is another civilizations species (Aliens)
      Today we are on are way of becoming God’s. We manipulate DNA. We can clone, we have interest in science and we are constantly wanting to discover and build things. Eventually we will also make a living species of some sort. This could explain the visitation from aliens and why they abduct us and run test. Possibly messing with are DNA to make us better. They are keeping a close eye on there experiment…..us.
      The first humans on earth left us with evidence. Piramids, writing on walls and a bunch of strange books lying around. It makes sense that they would of known who made us since they are the first ones made. They we’re given technology also. Anyway, my point is that Jesus doesn’t exist or any Hocus pocus God

  1. I am now believing that all of this universe hype, is bull. How do you gain control of a person a state, or a country…, or in fact…, the world? You make up fantastic lies…, with so much amazing detain…, and scattered evidence…, that the lie is very difficult to refute. It is a way of creating cognitive dissidence. All the stories about aliens from so many different sources…, and places…, is an attempt to make us ready to believe anything. Look at the history of governments…, and the locust who own them…, they ALWAYS LIE. They thereby create their control over us. I doubt that there is a universe up there. Let it be proven first. We simply believe the lie as long as it is repeated frequently. We need to be smarter than to believe everything we are told. We are thought of as the “herd”…, by these world owners. Would you tell your yearling calf that when they get fat enough…, you will slaughter them for their steaks…, and ribs? I have heard rumors that the elites…, can create a hologram in the sky…, to make us believe that we are being attacked by aliens. I refuse to believe it. I have come to realize that only governments…, and the wealthy stand to gain anything due to war…, in which we common folks die…, because they talked us into WAR…,for their own gain. I don’t know about you…, but I am nurturing a HEALTHY REFUSAL TO JUST BELIEVE THEM.

    1. What the actual hell are you on about?
      WHY would anyone need to lie?
      We knew this shit way back, you think that the conspiracy started way back then?
      Idiots like you are everything that is wrong with the world.

      1. Ise a gwumpy wabbit since RM went to bed 😉
        P.s. Hollow earth on LV. Could be fun later!

  2. I love a good disagreement…, it helps to remove the rust from the brain. And I am surprised that you even paid attention to my comments.But in case you haven’t noticed there are quite a few folks who doubt a tinfoil spacecraft can survive an attempted penetration of the Van Allen belt. There is also no fully accepted explanation of why the moon rings like a bell…,when impacted by a “space vehicle”. and also I can’t understand why the south pole is shielded from entry by anyone except a world approved team of researchers. And why was it necessary to have an agreement by ALL of the major world nations of non-disclosure about Antarctica. And why are we not in communications with the claimed people inhabiting the inner Earth…, that was reported by Admiral Byrd many years ago? Also there were reports of flying saucers through history…, yet even unto this date there is no “official”disclosure? I am simply unhappy because of the deceit of non disclosure. I am not satisfied at being a member of the “herd” I simply want answers…, and wish I knew all of the correct questions.

  3. The answers are not hidden…, but they are restricted to those only…, who know the correct questions.

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