Lost Ancient Inca City discovered in the middle of the Peruvian Jungle

The legacy left by the ancient Inca Empire is so vast that even today there are traces of this pre-Columbian civilization waiting to be found.

And as history always teaches us, there’s always something new to be found, new to be learned from our ancestors, and four independent explorers have come across just that in the Peruvian Amazon; a lost piece of history that promises to teach us more about the Ancient Inca Empire.

According to the newspaper Correo, the lost Inca city was found by explorers from the province of Calca in Cusco who were encouraged to undertake the long trip to the location of the lost city, some four days of walk from Sacramento.

Javier Paso, Benancio Encalada, Belisario Alvarez and Justo Puma are the people who, encouraged by local authorities and their spirit of exploration and research, embarked on a journey that eventually took them almost two weeks, from their hometown to what they baptized as ‘the entrance to Paititi‘.

Ancient Lost City of the Inca 3
The explorers who found the ancient city believe it may be the legendary lost city of Paititi. Image Credit: Correo

“It’s scary in there, it’s not easy, it’s dark, it rained and the city can’t be seen just like that… To get there we had to travel three hours from Calca to Quebrada, three more to Sacramento and then walk for four days, first, we had to go up the mountains and then down the plain, it is a very difficult and complicated terrain, “said Paso.

The four travelers uncovered the existence of buildings similar to those of the Inca civilization, including walls, terraces, and even houses.

“We call it the Lost City “, although we hope professionals can tell us what its really called and tell us exactly what it’s all about,” said Javier Alegre, mayor of the town of Qorimayo, who suggests that the recently discovered city might correspond to the mythical Inca city of Paititi, said to exist somewhere in the Peruvian Amazon in the Andes.

Ancient Lost City of the Inca 1
The ancient City is located in a very isolated area. Image Credit: Correo

“We already knew of this place thanks to stories that our grandparents told us and were passed on from generation to generation, we cannot say that it is the ancient city of Paititi, but we think it may be the entrance to Paititi,” added the mayor.

The expedition was coordinated with the National Service of Natural Areas Protected by the State of Peru (Sernanp) and the Decentralized Culture Directorate of Cusco.

However, so far no expert reports have been issued on the mysterious origin of the citadel in the Peruvian jungle.

What is the ‘lost city of El Paititi?

Paititi is a legendary Inca city or utopian rich land. It allegedly lies east of the Andes, hidden somewhere within the remote rainforests of southeast Peru, northern Bolivia or southwest Brazil. The legend surrounding Paititi in Peru revolves around the story of the culture-hero Inkarri, who, after he had founded Q’ero and Cusco, retreated toward the jungles of Pantiacollato live out the rest of his days in his refuge city of Paititi. Other versions of the legend see Paititi as an Inca refuge in the border area between Bolivia and Brazil.

Ancient Lost City of the Inca 2
The explorers who re-discovered the ancient city found buildings similar to those of the Inca civilization, including walls, terraces, and even houses. Image Credit: Correo

Near the alleged location of the ‘lost city’, there is an indigenous population in voluntary isolation. This has made expeditions quite difficult as these can become illegal and even risky if one does not acquire all the necessary licenses in order to go through with the trip.

(H/T Diario Correo)

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