Mathematicians state that “self-replicating” Alien probes operate in our solar system

A new statement from two mathematicians from the University of Edinburgh suggests that “Alien probes” might operate in our Solar System.

All of a sudden, the (in)famous Black Knight Satellite might be a reality? One that is supported by science.

Alien space ship 2

According to scientists from the University of Edinburgh, there are possibilities that “self-replicating” robotic alien spacecraft are venturing into our solar system. If this turned out to be true, these probes would be the product of such highly advanced technology to our understanding, that these probes would literally appear invisible to human perception, researchers said. And it isn’t that far-fetched, is it? The idea that somewhere out there are alien civilizations which are so advanced in every aspect, that we could not even see their existence in our reality.

The mathematicians used computing power to inform their predictions, which might not sound out of place in a sci-fi novel. The two mathematicians analyzed the possibility that probes could travel through space in a study published in the Journal of Astrobiology.

In their work, Duncan Forgan and Arwen Nicholson affirm the possibility that highly advanced alien races are taking advantage of the gravitational field of the stars to speed up “their” spacecraft traveling through space. Interestingly, this “technique” would not be something exclusive to highly advanced alien beings: in fact, we use this technology for our own spacecraft. For example, the Voyager probes are making use of the gravitational field of the planets to gain speed through space.

According to a mathematical analysis, a fleet of alien probes, with highly advanced technology could self-replicate constructing new realities for themselves, making use of cosmic dust and gas, dividing into parent and child probes which would set off to explore a different star, in their goal to look for signs of life and so on in their never-ending journey through the universe.

This technology is so advanced that these “alien” probes could explore any galaxy in a relatively short time. The researcher made by Duncan Forgan and Arwen Nicholson coincides with a study made by Jacob Haqq-Misra in 2011, where it is suggested that extraterrestrial objects could exist right now in our solar system without our knowledge. These objects are so advanced technologically speaking that we couldn’t even identify them even if we wanted.

The scientists said: ‘We can conclude that a fleet of self-replicating probes can indeed explore the Galaxy in a sufficiently short time…orders of magnitude less than the age of the Earth.’


Journal of Astrobiology

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  1. Whoaaa….! didn’t know that….I’m only 4,8 million year old myself…….:)

  2. They’re pretty much everywhere throughout the Infinite Living Free Universe, and are referred or called many names like: Living Ships, Ethereal or EBE-Guardians/Sentry’s, Critters/(EBEs) and can be seen in our night skies as the beautiful Stars that produce infinite colors and energies beyond comprehension, and can been seen thru Infra-red film or photography, as most skywatchers know they are not true stars, but something else? I know a bit more than most, about these beautiful Jewels of the Night Sky, and have learned several names and terms about their presence throughout Earths Atmosphere…
    ((Trevor James Constable(TJC) and his Amazing Book:(The Cosmic Pulse of Life) all about EBEs/Living Ships))…
    They’re called(Believe it or Not) “Living-Ships”, Guardian-Ships or Ethereal Sentry’s…which can literally become anything at will…but within their most basic form are these incredibly beautiful Jewels of the night sky…and are On-Guard/Sentry’s…literally monitoring the Earths surfaces(Above&Below) all areas of our skies and atmosphere, as they’re searching for various infiltrations, interferences and warnings from various dimensional and Inter-dimensional realms and Realities beyond the comprehensive scope of belief and understanding…but they’ve always been here, and always will until we have evolved into the greater realms of Spiritual / Cosmic Growth and Progression, to an eventual level, recognized by our Guardians, as acceptable to be invited into the Galactic community, as Universal Citizens and Star Travelers~*
    The Living/Guardians in their more basic form are known as another form of (EBEs)Ethereal Biological Entities” highly evolved and advanced, they can literally travel into any Dimensional and Inter-dimensional realm or reality “At Will”…and can become anything of Biological or Ethereal, any size or shape, by simply willing it…they are of “Service” to the highest in vibrational areas of Creation…they can manifest or become a Mother Ships(At Will), and create living areas and service all areas of consumption and the needs, for all races, no matter what their needs, they’re truly remarkable, and of Perfection…!!!
    (Please No Closed Minded Haters, or Attacks)

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