NASA used Codename Santa Claus for three UFOs during moon landing

According to statements from a former NASA contractor, there were, at least, three flying saucers on the moon during one of the NASA moon landings. Sadly, like many other things, these mysterious UFO sightings were covered up.

Donna Hare who claims to have worked for computer and engineering contractor Philco-Ford during the early 70s, in NASA’s photo labs on and off the site of the group’s HQ states she had high clearance which allowed her to access parts of the building know internally as ‘building eight’ allowing her to get in touch with a series of “high ranking officials who leaked her information in secret over lunch”.


Ms. Hare claims in a video testimony to have acquired information from NASA officials who wanted to disclose information about the existence of Unidentified Flying Objects but were threatened with the loss of their pensions and forced to sign gagging orders.

Making strong claims, Hare states that one of her contacts who spoke out about the information had “disappeared off the face of the Earth”.

Are also claims that she was informed by several sources about Unidentified Flying Objects and that during one of the moon landings astronauts discovered THREE Alien Spaceships that had landed on the surface of the moon when Astronauts touched down on the surface.

According to statements from Hare, one of her contacts worked in an ‘off limit’ area where landing astronauts were ‘debriefed’ after returning to Earth.

“This man was in quarantine with them and was part of their debriefing. He said a lot of then talked about their experience of these crafts following them,” said Hare.

“I believe there were three of them on the moon when they landed and I believe that the code word for them was was Santa Claus.

“Some (staff) that wanted to talk were threatened and if they wanted to talk they had to sign papers not to talk or they had their retirement taken away,

“I started asking questions of certain people. I would take them away from the site and we would go to lunch.

“Alone they would tell me things and then say if I ever said they had they would swear I was lying.

“One gentleman I knew who said there were the crafts on the moon just disappeared, I can’t find him,” she added.

Ms. Hare also claims that she witnessed one NASA image displaying a UFO being airbrushed by one technician

“One gentleman I had been friends with pointed my attention to an open area of a mosaic, a set of panels put together to form a larger picture,” said Hare.

“I saw a round white dot and asked is it a dot of emulsion.

“Grinning he said a dot of emulsion doesn’t leave round shadows, then I saw a round shadow over trees. “I said is this a UFO – he was smiling I can’t tell you that but Ii knew he meant it was, but he couldn’t tell me

“He said well we always have to airbrush them out before they sell them to the public.

“I was just amazed they had a protocol in place for getting rid of UFO’s in pictures,” she added.

Event though many claim that these accounts are just part of an elaborate hoax easily debunked, Ms. Hare claims that all her accounts are true and that she has nothing to hide.

Hare isn’t the first person to claim to have worked for NASA while speaking out about UFOs and Alien life.

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