NASA’s Curiosity Rover finds Alien ‘worm’ on the surface of Mars

Many people believe that even though the surface conditions of Mars are far too harsh to sustain life, there is life beneath the Martian surface. Could this image be the evidence everyone is looking for?

Optimized-1 Mars Worm

A recent image beamed back from mars has caused great debate and confusion among believers and disbelievers of life on Mars. The image beamed back to Earth from Mars shows what ufologists are calling an ‘alien worm’ on the surface of the red planet. The original RAW image, available here, shows what appears to be a mysterious protrusion on the Martian surface, which according to UFO hunters is another crucial piece of evidence which suggests there is life on Mars.

The mysterious image is yet another strange photograph that indicates, according to many believers in the Theory of Alien life on Mars, there are living organisms on the red planet.

This theory has become more acceptable after NASA released statements that there is liquid flowing water on the surface of Mars.

The fact that in the recent past, NASA has registered anomalous spikes of Methane on Mars could be another crucial piece of evidence that suggests there are living organisms that can survive the harsh conditions on Mars.

On Earth, 90% of all methane in the atmosphere is produced by living organisms. Curiosity captured traces of methane on the Red Planet and scientists believe this could point to the presence of life on the red planet, at this precise moment, although there are other possible explanations. For now there is only one thing clear, something is causing methane levels to multiply up to ten times and then back down drastically.

Does this mean Mars has  living organisms? Well, it could indicate it, but doesn’t necessarily have to. We can’t know for sure unless scientists get their hands on actual material from Mars.

If you compare the methane levels on Earth and what causes them here, then yeah, it’s quite possible to say many Ufologists.

his photo of a armored worm is 100% proof that life, even though small, still exists on Mars. Scott C. Waring
his photo of an armored worm is 100% proof that life, even though small, still exists on Mars.
Scott C. Waring

Now add to all of the methane conspiracy the fact that Mars actually had huge oceans, rivers and lakes, and the chances are actually pretty high that there is something that is producing methane spikes on Mars, and that something could, in fact, be living organisms, and the image beamed back by NASA’s curiosity rover could be evidence of such living organisms.

Perhaps the biggest mistake scientists have made when searching for life elsewhere in the universe is to assume that life on other planets needs the same elements to thrive as life on Earth. It is very possible that there are ‘alien’ organisms on Mars, and moons in the solar system that can thrive and survive without the use of oxygen or water.

Just because we need these elements doesn’t necessarily mean other alien organisms need them as well.

The discovery of the ‘worm-like’ creature on Mars comes shortly after other findings chuck the internet last year when ufologists discovered what appears to be a ‘crab-like’ creature on Mars.

While some of the images from Mars are probably just nothing more than tricks of lights and shadows, some of them are certainly interesting and are worth investigating further, one of those images is the worm-like creature found by ufologists who firmly believe, life on Mars can thrive underground.

Not long ago, Dr Nora Noffke, who spent 20 years studying fossils of early microbes, said formations in the Martian rocks looked very similar to those found on Earth – formations created by microorganisms.

Pareidolia or not, Mars continues to baffle researchers and ufologists alike and many believe that it is just a matter of time before we stumble upon solid evidence supporting claims that there is life on the red planet.

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  1. What did the scientists have to say about this?? Glitch in the cameras again??

  2. The restaurant on Mars has closed – excellent cuisine, but no astmosphere.

  3. How is this a worm? Rock, prehuman artifact or even a glitch are more plausible. And if it is a worm, hate to know what that thing eats.

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