North Carolina Man Gets UFO Sighting on Facebook Live Video

Unidentified Flying Objects – UFOs – have been in the news a lot recently. From when the Pentagon decided to change the rules on reporting UFOs to the Mexican Air Force videoing UFO sightings and even the U.S. Navy reporting recent sightings, UFOs have been seen, and many think they should be believed. Now, a private citizen reports his own UFO sighting, and he just happened to get it on video.

Daniel Patterson, a man from Liberty, North Carolina, claims that he has a video of a UFO in real-time and not just any video. It was a Facebook live video. In other words, he was already capturing something on video in January of 2019, when he just happened to capture the UFO too.

According to Patterson, he wasn’t even paying attention when he captured the flying object.

ufo sightings, MUFON
Image: Screenshot via YouTube Video

Instead, he was taping something about the universe when “something whizzed by his head.”

It was only when someone else brought the object to his attention that he looked to see what it was on the video. He said:

“I didn’t know it was there it was brought to my attention by someone else that’s on in the video and said, ‘Hey Dan, did you see the UFO?’ and I said no.”

See the video below or at this link.

For North Carolina, this isn’t an unusual experience.

According to the National UFO Reporting Center, North Carolina sees about 3,000 reports per year of UFO sightings. Although the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) says the method they use to track UFOs and reports is “more scientific.” MUFONs North Carolina State Director, David Glidewell, says that he analyzes photos and videos of reported UFOs in addition to training people to do the same. Often, he says, what people think are UFOs turn out to be airplanes, birds, bugs, drones or even lens flares – glares on the camera lenses.

He went on to say:

“But there’s about two to three percent of the cases a year that there is actually something that’s really strange. You look for those golden nuggets.”

One recent report from North Carolina, posted on the MUFON website, is classified as “unknown-other” that notes:

“…A low-flying, square-shaped object that moved directly overhead according to testimony in Case 91103 from the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) reporting database.”

According to the notes, the person – MUFON calls them witnesses — who reported the object said they were driving to work just after 11 p.m. EST when she saw bright lights. The witness said they thought it was someone’s house in the mountains. But the closer the witness got to the mountain, there was a “separation between the lights and the mountain.”


“It was very low and didn’t make a bit of noise. It was wide cause there were a light on each end and also about six-to-eight in the middle. I couldn’t tell if it was long cause there were no lights. It wasn’t fogy but this was really weird.”

The statement goes on to say that there wasn’t any fog in the area, but there was some around the object, and that:

“I say fog because I couldn’t smell any smoke. It wasn’t thick and I could see the lights clearly. It floated in a straight line from when I first noticed it and where I stopped, it floated right over me.”

The witness then attempted to get a picture of the lights but reported that the phone didn’t have data, so it wouldn’t work. Instead, the person drew a picture and described what they saw.

ufo sightings, ufo description
Image via MUFON

For Patterson, however, seeing the UFO on the video was something of a “spiritual experience.” Or, he said, maybe it’s some sort of technology that’s not privy to us, and “maybe something from history that’s been kept a secret.”

MUFON is currently investigating Patterson’s report but has yet to determine what, if anything, was on the video. Whether it is a true “unidentified flying object” that is unknown to humans or something that glared on the lens of the video camera, one thing is for sure. The alleged UFO sightings are strange occurrences, and the increased reports indicate that they’re happening much more frequently. This is probably enough to make anyone question the existence of UFOs and extraterrestrial life, even the most die-hard skeptic.



Featured Image: Screenshot via YouTube Video


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