Over 26,000 People Want to Drink ‘Juice’ From Inside The Black Sarcophagus In Egypt

Juice? Really? They called it juice.

Not long ago we reported about a stunning discovery that had been made in Egypt.

A massive granite sarcophagus was found by experts 16 feet beneath the surface. The black granite Sarcophagus is 185 centimeters tall (6ft), 265 centimeters long (8.6ft), and 165 centimeters wide ( 5.4 ft.), and was found in Alexandria Egypt.

It is considered the ‘largest’ granite sarcophagus ever discovered in Alexandria, and some people even thought it was the burial tomb of Alexander the Great.

A recently unearthed granite Sarcophagus in Alexandria
A close-up of the unearthed sarcophagus.

The massive sarcophagus had remained buried beneath the surface, unopened and untouched for around 2,000 years.

Then, not long ago, experts from Egypt decided to open it up and see what’s inside it.

Upon removing the lid, researchers were up for a surprise, as it turned out that the contents of the sarcophagus were not something the had anticipated.

According to Luxor Times Magazine, researchers found that the granite sarcophagus was filled with sewer water and three skeletons. Experts say that the bodies are probably those of warriors, as one of the skeletons appears to have a wound that is the result of being hit by an arrow.

And while experts have moved onto studying the skeletons and identifying them, a group of people created a petition to drink the liquid found in the tomb. It’s a joke. I hope.


This request has already collected almost 20 thousand signatures.

The title of the petition is: “let people drink the red liquid from the black sarcophagus“.

Bottoms up…


In the description, written in a sarcastic tone I assume (and hope), the text says:

“We need to drink the red liquid from the cursed dark sarcophagus in the form of some sort of carbonated energy drink so we can assume its powers and finally die.”

The note is addressed to the “King of the Skeletons, in Egypt.”

Since it was found, the sarcophagus is the center of attention.

The juice people are willing to drink is actually sewer water and other things that you wouldn’t really want to end up drinking.

Featured Image Credit: The Mummy, Movie.

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