Ph.D. Student’s Thesis presents “Scientific evidence” the Earth is flat

Yeah, it’s not a joke. A Ph.D. Student has presented a thesis claiming the Earth is FLAT, stationary, the center of the universe and only around 13,500 years old. Yup, you read right. The thesis was submitted to two assessors, thus passing the first stage of approvals.

earth space
A view of Earth from Space. Credit: NASA

The idea that the Earth is ‘Flat’ is, in fact, a relatively new theory. In fact, before anyone came up with the idea we live on a flat plane, people knew very well the Earth was round.

Even though there are countless images of our planet, and numerous videos which have been recorded from space, there are still some who argue the Earth is in fact flat.  One of them is a Ph.D. student who rocked the Arab scientific community when she presented her thesis claiming the Earth is FLAT, stationary, the center of the universe and only around 13,500 years old. Yup, you read right.

Not only did she suggest we live on a flat Earth, she also rejected scientific theories presented by Newton and Einstein, astronomical discoveries made by Copernicus and Kepler, the Big Bang theory, atmospheric and geological activity, most of modern climatology, and basically all other scientific teachings made in the past.

According to an article written by the Gulf News, the student presented her thesis after a staggering five years of work. Eventually, it was submitted to two assessors, thus passing the first stage of approvals. The reports were expected soon, for the thesis defense to be scheduled.

This ‘shocking’ doctoral thesis suggests that the planet we live on is flat, very young and that it remains stationary in the MIDDLE of the universe. Furthermore—if that wasn’t enough—the thesis claims that the Sun has an average diameter of 1,135 kilometers and NOT 1.4 million km. The moon has a width of 908km, and are located 687 and 23 times closer to Earth respectively. In addition, the thesis claims there are 11 planets and STARS in the sky are LIMITED in number and have a diameter of 292 kilometers and not millions of kilometers.

In the meantime, the President of the Tunisian Astronomical Association somehow managed to get his hands on a leaked copy of the thesis, proving it was not a hoax and posted in on Facebook.

As noted by Gulf News, many people consider these claims ridiculous, and scandalous since the thesis firmly rejects ALL modern science. Others, however, have found it extremely disturbing since the thesis was written by a Ph.D. science student, and the professor is the ‘highest’ in academia.

Furthermore, Gulf News adds: “Indeed, we find in the conclusions of the thesis clear indications of this stand and approach, expressions such as: “using physical and religious arguments”, “also proving the world scale of [Noah’s] flood”, “proposed a new kinematic approach that conforms to the verses of the Quran”, “the roles of the stars are: (1) to be ornaments of the sky; (2) to stone the devils; and (3) as signs to guide creatures in the darkness of earth”; and finally “the geo-centric model… accords with the verses of the Quran and the pronouncements of our Prophet.”

Source: Ph.D. thesis: The earth is flat

Image Credit: Shutterstock

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  1. In latin language for thesis of this student can be said: ‘stultorum infinitus est numerus’.

  2. So on top of being clinically retarded, this person can also apparently switch genders depending on what paragraph you read.

    This site could really use a proofreader.

    They could end up like this guy- Mentally Challenged WITH a PHD.

    1. or they could become mindless drones and belief fairy tales like spinning ball earth; which directly contradicts everything they’ll ever see, experience, measure, and observe their entire life. yeah, that’s not mentally challenged at all LOL

      1. What is your evidence that the earth is flat? Lets hear it so I can debunk you.

  4. This is another tool of the muslim savage to bring us back to medieval times.
    its called IGNORANCE.

    1. it’s biblical truth, the crappy quran copied the real word of god in some places. you life on a flat earth, and Jesus is above on his throne watching everything at once. let it sink into your brain

      1. No because it’s retarded. Bronze age mysticism has no place in the modern world

  5. I’m pretty sure this article is fake, perpetrated in an attempt to make the religious – in particular Muslims – believe that there is scientific evidence to support their beliefs. Seriously, if you have to make stuff up to convince people your religion is real, what does that say about your religion? Lol
    On the other hand, if it is actually a satirical article, the author failed. There wasn’t enough evidence of it being satirical, and people will spread it around as proof of religion. Reprehensible, to say the least.

  6. *Sigh*. The Earth is not flat. I cannot believe this is 2017 and i have to point that out. Where are the flat earthers? They are very entertaining

    1. If the Earth WAS flat, cats would have pushed everything off it by now.

    2. it is flat. it’s amazing that people like you just believe what you’re taught through books and cgi, and take it like gospel. all the while that information directly contradicts your everyday personal observations and experiences. jump up and hi 5 yourself for not thinking for yourself.

      1. Wonderful!! I fly a lot for my shitty job and have seen the curvature of the earth on numerous occasions. Please explain

        1. HAHAHA windows cause a fish eye effect, look through the same window when on the ground and look at something that you know is level and tell me what you see then

          1. You can’t honestly believe the earth is flat. Ok, you ever see a ship come over the horizon? It doesn’t just appear

    1. In reply to Beetelgeuse’s brilliant analysis, “When they start calling you names, you will know you have won the argument.” Thank you B for the confirmation. 🙂

  7. Dear Publisher/Writer of this Article.. Ancient Code (you even have a pen name of ancient yet you don’t even know ancient things)

    “Even though there are countless images of our planet”
    – like what countless images?? CGI? Computer Generated Images? Photoshop by Mr. Robert Simmon of NASA? Yup you heard it right ! Mr. Robert AKA Mr. Blue Marble really told that EVERYTHING you see, GLOBE PICTURES are ACTUALLY PHOTOSHOP. Hahaha! That reaLLy came on his tongue and mouth.

    “and numerous
    videos which have been recorded from space”
    – like what videos from space?? everything are all Video Edited dude, all videos you see are edited and done on studios (“space may be the final frontier but its made on a hollywood basement” – red hot chilli peppers), yup you heard it right! starwars, startrek, interstellar, etc. all of those are videos from space and of course edited ! because if they are not, i bet they really filmed starwars on space right?? Other videos you see from space are manipulated by FISH EYE Lens to represent the curvature of the earth, you know what’s fish eye lens? probably not. Because you came to create this article w/o further research and made your article unreliable thus making you uncapable of declaring truth on your articles or reports. You don’t even know that Niel De Grasse Tyson on his 2007 interview that the earth is not actually a sphere, but its oblate spheroid, somehow pear-shaped he even said that lol hahahaha. Now its 2017, there are still no oblate spheroid earth or pear-shaped earth, all are all perfect sphere shaped earth.

    “there are still some who
    argue the Earth is in fact flat”
    – don’t even think why there are those because up to now, you only say what others say to you and don’t say what actually from you, from your own research, own experiment, own experience. all you have is the dictionary knowledge of other people that had been embedded on your education. your not a free thinker at all.

    “The idea that the Earth is ‘Flat’ is, in fact, a relatively new theory. In fact, before anyone came up with the idea we live on a flat plane, people knew very well the Earth was round.”
    – i thought you were Ancient because your ancient code, fck ! you don’t know ancient? ancient people already knew our world is flat, even all religion does on previous times, not until stupid copernicus told a kids story for kids imagination for kids entertainment, no one came up on the idea the earth was flat. It’s already a given to ancient people that earth was flat, oh give a fck ! study more, research more ! before creating an article tha it will make you stupid.

  8. I understand it’s not cheese at all, but that creamy stuff they put between those lightweight wafers. An elf named Keebler told me that.

  9. Hey now, U. of Bob has some fantastic undergrad studies:
    Marshmallow architecture beginners tutorial
    Cerebral wandering and oblongata renovations for advance money transfers
    Horticultural sausage-ing (yeah, interesting, I know)
    Shoelace hypocrisy studies and aglet deniers 101
    and of course your aforementioned Feng Shue (presented by Elizableth Shue)
    The list is endless…..

  10. Just like this author’s inability to neither PROOFREAD or stay consistent with subject’s actual pronoun..this article is GARBAGE!
    Ancients knew ALL ALONG THAT THE EARTH IS A FLAT STATIONARY CREATION BY GOD..this idea of it not being a globe is NOT shocking..quit spreading lies.

  11. Whoever wrote this did you read what you wrote for number 3? As signs to guide creatures thru the darkness of our Earth. WTF you think people on boats of the seas been using as navigation for hundreds of years you dumb ass

  12. I can tolerate a lot but you just had to go flat didnt you. I’m out, taking back my like, my fb page, my email and anything else of mine. How you like me now?

  13. It’s always the same opening line. And it always serves the same purpose. To marginalize and mock those going against the ball theory. First and last, there is zero proof the earth is a ball and tons of proof It is flat. .Ballers have been fooled not us.we woke up. You remain asleep and unable to see what a know. We’ve seen your side, bought in as everyone did. Them woke up.

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