Researcher discovers a huge Pyramid in Antarctica using Satellite Images

According to Vicente Fuentes, a vivid researcher there is in fact at least one pyramid hidden beneath the vast sheet of Ice on Antarctica.  According to Fuentes, the satellite image could prove to be the ultimate evidence of a pyramidal structure located on the main ridge of Antarctica.

This would mean that in the distant past, when Antarctica was much different than it is today, ancient civilizations could have developed on the now-frozen continent, leaving behind marvelous constructions, telling the story of a time, when our planet was inhabited by different civilizations, at a completely different time, omitted by history and mainstream researchers.

A comparison of the alleged Pyramid of Antarctica (left) to the Great Pyramid of Giza (right)

In the video, Fuentes goes through the main characteristics of the Pyramid and other structures that could be located on the vast sheet of ice, making comparisons to the Great Pyramid of Egypt.

Check out the coordinates of the anomalous structure: 79°58’39.25″S / 81°57’32.21″O

The idea that there are Pyramids hidden at Antarctica goes back several decades. While Skeptics remain unconfident, suggesting that these structures are mere natural formations, satellite images and accounts of people traveling there tell a much different story.

The idea that these pyramids exist has caused speculation regarding what Antarctica was like in the distant past, some suggest, it wasn’t always as cold as it is today, and interestingly, scientific research seems to prove that Antarctica was very different in the distant past.

According to a research from 2009, scientist studied the icy continent collected samples and came across pollen particles in Antarctica suggesting that the ecosystem of Antarctica was very different in the past, pointing that the summer temperature reached around 20 degrees Celsius at one point.

“Go back 100 million years ago and Antarctica was covered in lush rainforests similar to those that exist in New Zealand today.” –Dr Vanessa Bowman

In 2012, another team of researchers managed to identify 32 species of bacteria and 2,800-year-old halophile microbes in water samples from Lake Vida in East Antarctica. The permanent surface ice on the lake is the thickest non-glacial ice on earth.

According to researchers, during its long history, Antarctica was located farther north and experienced a tropical or temperate climate, meaning that it was covered in forests, and inhabited by various ancient life forms. What does this mean? Well… given the little we know about the life on our planet in the distant past, it is likely that people lived on this now, icy continent and developed as a society just like people did in Africa, Europe, and Asia. Even though this is something considered as unlikely by mainstream scholars, the only way we will know for sure the secrets hidden beneath the ice is by exploring the continent and allowing society to see the results.

If we go back to Africa, we know that Scholars and Egyptologists have long suspected that the Sphinx is much older than believed, possibly even over 10,000 years old.

These theories are supported by the discovery of water erosion on the gigantic Sphinx, which according to scholars tells the story of extreme climate change in the distant past.

This means that if the climate in Africa and other parts of the world changed drastically,  it is possible that the same thing happened in Antarctica in the distant past. If researchers manage to prove that the pyramids of Antarctica are man-made structures, the discovery could cause a major revision of the history of humanity.

But myths and speculation about Terra Australis date back to the antiquity. Around 350 B.C. Aristotle wrote in his book, meteorology, about the Antarctic region. Marinus of Tyre, a Greek geographer, cartographer and mathematician used the name in a world map of the second century A.D.

People believed in the distant past that a landmass called Terra Australis existed; a giant continent located in the southern parts of the planet which was there to provide a “balance” for the northern lands of Europe, Asia, and North Africa. This idea existed since the times of Ptolemy, the first-century A.D.

Source Image Credit: Vicente Fuentes /YouTube

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  1. I have recently discovered that there are 9 gravitational electric field lines of magnetism. 3 across the horizontal plane and 6 along the northern polarity. The 3 lines create 120degree angle on spiral galaxies, hurricanes ‘arms’, hexagonal crators on the moon. The 6 which aim northward create hexagons in the geology of planets and moons. See Saturns north pole for the best example. All planets and moons have hexagons where the force of electricity acts on atoms. Our earth has 120degree angles on its ancient north pole, see Greenlands western shore and Canada eastern shore, Newfoundlands northern shore, Norways western shore and move the plates back to their past position to reveal a hexagon or pentagon. A pentagon may a pear because the Earth it spinning to the 6 northern field lines cross. Earth’s south pole is hexagonal. Notice how the weather conforms to a giant hexagon/pentagon around antartic a.

  2. Converted to lat/lng: -79.9775694, -81.95894722222222
    It can be used directly in google maps

  3. Hello Everyone,
    I also feel that ancient earth and people were very advance than us. I was reading in curse of king tut that a last stage of incurable disease ill boy saw into king tut’s mummy eyes and miraculously his disease disappears.
    I spoke to some very well known Egyptologist regarding this they still don’t have answer if it.
    as well as I am also disturbed by a dream since 3 years where Jesus looking like person with big closed eyes made up of sun rays, tells me to “GO THERE” and I see myself to a desert and he leaves me and goes to mid of three star, that time I was unaware about those three star latter on I able to know in dream that its a belt containing three star then I search on internet belt containing three star then I able to know its a Egyptian god I think orion or osiris
    I asked about this dream to Egyptologist in UK that time also she was unanswerable she only told that god won’t reincarnate on earth again but my question that the person in my dream is oval headed long beard and hair looks like Jesus. it can’t be my psychological question but I am neither interested nor connected by any means with Egypt or Jesus.
    still my dream is unanswerable that’s different part that those dreams have series where i asked that there is only sand and black rocks no water no food none of my relative so what I’ll do there? so that person reply you go there I’ll give you everything.
    after so much research I feel that it would be connected with one world government but still I am not connected with that also.
    I am also waiting for someone to guide me on this.

  4. someone needs to stand up to the main stream defending diying ideas. I would like suggest that the hexagon shapes we see in crators, hurricanes and atop Saturn is more simple than we realise, magnetism has a centripetal vortex which pulls matter closer together, the tightest formation under pressure results in packing atoms into hexagonal close packing or geometric placements, around a single point, this create hexagons in the geology or atmosphere of the planets with a strong enough magnetic core. All planets have hexagons in their north poles geology as can be seen with the naked eye on all of nasas photos (just look for them). Find a facebook page called electric field lines to see what I mean. Ken wheelers book, ‘uncovering the secrets of magnetism’ explains all we need to figure out what’s going on in all of nature, cosmology and the attempts of particle physics. the mainstream is embarrassed and faulty in all of its conclusions.

  5. if this is a man made pyramid, it is ten times bigger than the giza and built onto a mountain face. using this pattern recog method I have identified thirty other pyramid in the area.

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