Researchers discover the largest structure in the universe, and its huge!

 Scholars have discovered a giant empty space in the universe where there are 10 billion galaxies missing. This incredible discovery could provide the first evidence for the existence of exotic physics which are absolutely unknown to modern science. The expanse is being called the “supervoid” and measures a staggering 1.8 billion light years across!

 The discovery was made by a team of international astronomers who came across a super empty space of 1,800 million light years while studying a huge area of space, extremely cold and rarely empty. This region is located relatively close to our solar system, approximately 3,000 million light years away and  according to scientist István Szapudi, head of the team, “This is the largest single structure ever identified by humans”. The cold spot was discovered in the super empty space about ten years ago when it stunned the scientific community, since the accepted Big Bang theory does not provide cold areas of similar dimensions. Now, this new study helps explain the ‘cold spot’ from the perspective of a giant hole in its center, which, in turn, drains the energy of the light passing through it.

 “In combination of size and emptiness, our supervoid is still a very rare event. We can only expect a few supervoids this big in the observable universe.” Kovács said.
It is not an empty space in the strict sense of the word, but it is a giant region, believed to be up to 20 percent more empty than other areas of the universe, where, according to the conclusions of astronomers there are around 10,000 galaxies missing.
“It just pushed the explanation one layer deeper,” said Dr Roberto Trotta, a cosmologist at Imperial College London to the guardian. “Now we have to figure out how does the void itself form. It’s still a rare event.”
“The void itself I’m not so unhappy about. It’s like the Everest of voids – there has to be one that’s bigger than the rest,” he said. “But it doesn’t explain the whole Cold Spot, which we’re still in the dark about.”
Mysteriously, beyond these scientific” explanations, it is still not possible to understand completely how this structure was formed, which has led to debates about the possibility of the exact of “exotic physics” which are unknown to modern-day science.
Another reason why structures like this exist could be due to the increasing expansion of the universe, where, photons while traveling across this space reduce their speed and consequently “go cold”.
Most importantly, structures like these could prove to be tangible evidence of the existence of dark energy.

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  1. My question to these unfounded claims is this… if our fastest known method of calculation is the speed of light then how can we even see or know about something that is 300 Million light years away? It would take at light speed 300 Million years to get there and then another 300 Million years to get back. Even our radio telescopes don’t move as fast as the speed of light. And I am pretty sure we cant see objects 300 Million light years away. They expect us just to believe these claims and their pretty artists rendition of what they believe it looks like. I call bullshit…

    Fun fact: every photograph of every planet except for our Moon, Earth and now Mars is a fake picture. Every photo of every galaxy is fake, all of these are produced by an artists rendition of what they believe it looks like. Astronomy is purely based on Mathematics only. Everything else are pretend pictures and taught to us as the real thing. When I asked why cant we go to the moon and take a photo of Earth… the answer to this was apparently all you could see is space junk. Do they not even know how big the world is? Even if you had 100 thousand space missions that left debris, there would be no way that you could see that as an obstructive view of Earth. These so called astronomers and NASA expect everyone to just believe anything that they say at face value. I am astonished that we have let this go this long without asking hard questions and calling them on their bullshit.

    1. The Universe is older than 300 Million years, so the Light from that spot had time to reach us so we can view it.
      You can see and make pictures of the Moon, right? So i think the inverse is possible too, any garbage floating around is not big enough to hide the Earth.

      1. Yes but if an object is 300 million light years away, the object would be not visible to us even with reflection. No different then if I used a torch and told you to stand 1 kilometre away you would have a hard time seeing it because the object would be too small too see. So we are talking 300 million light years. Impossible to see this object even if it was 10 times larger than our sun. The point of light would be so small we wouldn’t be able to see it.

        1. that’s why we have all these crazy things that magnify that light called telescopes. so many of them. all different kinds. little ones that let us see other planets from our backyards, and giant ones that let us see things beyond our wildest dreams. and yes, we can see light that is that old coming towards us, that has been heading this way for all those years. however whatever we are seeing may very well be long gone by now, as we are seeing it as it was millions of years ago, not what it is now.

          1. If we can’t use this so called technology to take photos of our planets in our solar system then how are we to believe that they can do that considering every photo is a computer generated picture not even a real one. I call bullshit and I am no longer a sheep like the rest. We are being lied to…

          2. sorry but there are real pictures of other planets, yes most you see in colour are computer generated but there are some that are not computer generated. i don’t know where you get your information from but it isn’t correct.

          3. I am afraid you are completely mislead. Ask any astronomer or NASA and they also teach you in University that there are no pictures from telescopes of other planets and they are all renditions of what we believe it looks like. The only pictures we have taken so far are from satellites sent out into our solar system. So if you want to push this topic you should do some research and give credible evidence.

          4. exactly, the pictures i linked you to are taken from satellites sent out into space as they pass these other planets. the pictures do exist and you just said so yourself so idk why you are saying there are none. contradiction at it’s finest. there are also telescope pictures but they aren’t the detailed fancy ones you see drawn in books, they just look like dots basically and you can’t see any details on them. i’m not the one contradicting myself so maybe it’s you who should do some research. also try googling pictures taken through telescope and you will see there are actually tons out there but again, they don’t show planets in detail but you can still see that they exist out there.

          5. Read back your comments it has always been about telescopes. Obviously you’re a sore loser, baa baa sheep always follow the flock.

          6. try google, you will find some pictures for yourself. what i said was that you can see other planets and things beyond through telescopes, not that the high quality pictures came from them, just that you can see they are there, and that yes there are pictures of other planets besides earth that are real pictures taken with satelites. there are also pictures of other planets taken through telescopes but they are not high resolution. anything you can see through a satellite you can get pictures of. your comprehension skills are horrible, troll.

          7. Sure, you bring no evidence except for google it. You do realise that the internet is 95% fake. Obviously that is where you get your facts from. Bahahaha

          8. My, my. I do believe we’ve spotted the Troll, ladies and gentlemen. *slow clap*

            [Insert sarcasm here]

          9. People who try and look intellectual like yourself with no evidence to backup anything is normally called a sheep. Wake up Sheep…
            Your intelligence is dropping…

    2. My friend I could not agree more with you!!! Mainstream science is a circus of information. I’m quite aware that these space images are no more than computer animations. If the universe was the way mainstream science says a lot of things should not happen and our reality would be totally different. But most of people don’t have critical thinking. Let them keeping in darkness. By the way I don’t have any religion.

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