Scientists are working on antigravity research that could lead to warp speed travel

Anyone who has ever watched the original “Star Trek” television show will be familiar with the idea of warp speed.

At some point during the show, Captain Kirk would turn to Lt. Sulu and give him an order to engage the warp drive of the Enterprise, making it travel at the speed of light:

But that’s just science fiction, right? Well, maybe. But one day it might well be reality according to scientists working on antimatter and antigravity at places such as CERN, the European Organization for Nuclear Research.

What is antimatter?

To understand antigravity and warp speed, you first have to understand what exactly antimatter is. As Ancient Origins explains, it’s essentially what it sounds like: The opposite of matter itself:

“As the mirror version of regular matter, anti-matter particles carry the opposite charge of their counterparts. So while the electron and proton that determine atomic structure feature negative and positive charges respectively, the charges of a positron (the antimatter version of an electron) and antiproton (the antimatter version of a proton) are the reverse. Consequently, when matching particles of matter and antimatter meet, the result is mutual annihilation, with both particles being converted to pure energy.”

A look inside of CERN, which is the largest particle physics laboratory in the world. (Via YouTube)
Antigravity, cousin of antimatter

Antigravity is a concept found often in science fiction, and it means the opposite of gravity, which keeps us all fastened to the Earth without floating away. Clearly, we can’t duplicate such a concept in a typical lab, but once again CERN is already doing experiments on antigravity.

If that doesn’t satisfy your curiosity, there’s also the theory that antigravity was discovered years ago (we may have even taken it from alien spacecraft!) and is being hidden from the public:

“For many years, rumors and conspiracy theories have been bouncing around asserting that the secrets of antigravity have already been discovered by the United States government. During the 2001 Citizens Hearing on Disclosure , whistleblowers with connections to the military-industrial complex claimed that extraterrestrial craft using antigravity propulsion systems had been retrieved from crash sites and reverse engineered for human use.”

Whoa! That’s a wild concept. And if it’s true, then it suggests that warp speed technology of the type seen in “Star Trek” exists and might be one of the many mysterious things being kept on the down low at Area 51:

“For many years, credible witnesses have reported seeing gigantic black triangles floating silently and swiftly above their heads in the United States, Belgium and many other locations, apparently under the control of technology capable of defying gravity. Many believe these are experimental aircraft, quite possibly based on alien technology, which have been built in secret black projects undertaken at Area 51 or other hidden sites.”

Is this what an warp speed spacecraft would look like? (Via YouTube)

But let’s step back and take a more sober look at the idea of warp speed, which to the best of our knowledge doesn’t yet exist. That doesn’t mean, however that we can’t one day achieve such a technological advance, and if we do, it would enable us to travel the universe at speeds our minds can barely conceive of. We could explore the cosmos and find out once and for all if we are indeed all alone in the universe.

For now, we’ll have to content ourselves with the cool visuals found in great sci-fi movies and television shows. And Mr. Sulu will just have to cool his heels for a bit longer and let the scientists at CERN work out a solution to the warp speed equation.

For more on antimatter, watch this informative video:

Featured Image Via YouTube Screenshot

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