Spain’s Ancient Astronaut? Not so “Ancient” after all

The Salamanca Astronaut sits on the façade on the entrance to the New Cathedral, Salamanca, Spain. (Marshall Henrie/Wikimedia Commons)
The Salamanca Astronaut sits on the façade at the entrance to the New Cathedral, Salamanca, Spain. (Marshall Henrie/Wikimedia Commons)

In Spain, at The New Cathedral- “La Catedral Nueva de la Asunción de la Virgen“, some claim a figure of an Ancient Astronaut is present, and it isn’t an Ancient Astronaut but a real modern day one at that.

Its main entrance consists of 3 arcs, each leading to the 3 naves (sections) of the church. All three are richly carved. Two of the main architects of the cathedral were Juan Gil de Hontañón and his son Rodrigo Gil de Hontañón in 1538.

The Cathedral was constructed between the 16th and 18th centuries in two styles: late Gothic and Baroque. Building activities began in 1513, and the cathedral was consecrated in 1733. It was commissioned by Ferdinand V of Castile of Spain and was declared a national monument by royal decree in 1887.

At the door of Ramos, facing North just in front of the Palace of Anaya you can see the strange figure of what appears to be an Astronaut on the left side. Ancient Alien theorists have come forward stating that it is one of the best found pieces of evidence actually proving that Ancient Man had contact with Extraterrestrial beings, who were very similar to our Astronauts, and everything is fine until you realize that this piece of Art was actually placedrecently” in 1992, when authorities decided to restore the “Puerta de Ramos” that was deteriorated by the passage of time. So, even though it might be shocking at first, the Astronaut wasn’t there always.

A 2010 photo of the damaged astronaut. (Rastrojo/Wikimedia Commons)
A 2010 photo of the damaged astronaut. (Rastrojo/Wikimedia Commons)

The figure of the astronaut is a bit strange given the fact that it is located in a religious building, but even the Vatican has come forward stating that extraterrestrial life if it does exist, does not contradict the belief in God, so I guess it makes this a bit easier to understand.

During this restoration, the astronaut was carved in stone, specifically in 1992 by stonemason Miguel Romero( although in some text it appears that the restoration was overseen by Jerónimo García de Quiñones), following the tradition of incorporating contemporary elements in each restoration. In September of 2010, the Astronaut’s right arm was damaged by vandalism.

This Astronaut resembles other similar stone carvings that have been found all over the world, and some of these figurines of “Ancient Astronauts” look very similar if not Identical to the one placed by the Door of Ramos.

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